Nell's Adventures in Babysitting

Summary: The sequel to The Power to Talk to Babies. Nell is off on her week long villager's internship, as she must care for not only her own two little sisters, but the boys of Stu and Didi Pickles with Peter's help. Learn how it all goes, from her point of view.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from Rugrats, Madeline, or Sofia the First, they're the property of their original creators. I only own any OC's you don't recognize, like Zack and his aunt Celeste, while Peter is owned by TCKing12, Savanna, Samaya, and their family are owned by DemonAloisTrancy, Jesse is owned by Silvergunner, Rosie is owned by Nairobi-harper, and Nell and Sabrina O'Mally are owned by theblindwriter95.

Chapter 1, Introduction, The First Night

Nell POV

Dear Journal,

It is me, Princess Hellen, here with my first entry on my week long villager's internship, as I see to caring for the young toddlers of three-year-old Tommy Pickles, and two-year-old Dil Pickles, with the help of King Peter Albany of the Confederacy, as I care for both, the Pickles boys and my own little sisters, five-year-old twins, Sabrina and Madeline O'Mally. Now granted, I've been taking care of my younger sisters for a long time, but seeing that I'm more familiar with little girls than boys, I see my week ahead being quite the challenge.

I can't recall everything that happened that fine Saturday leading up to the start of my internship, except for sitting in my father's throne room and receiving the assignment, getting this notebook and pen I am using at this time before I head off to bed in the master bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Pickles, and see to calling it a night. And believe me when I say, I am more than ready, to call it a night. I was already tired when Peter was finished with his meeting with my father, that we rounded up his charges, which included not only Tommy and Dil, but siblings, four-year-old Chuckie and three-year-old Kimi Finster, twins, three-year-old Phil and Lil DeVille, and two-year-old, almost three-year-old, Zack Wehrenberg. We all piled into the limo, Peter handed his driver the portal key to get us from Enchancia back to Yucaipa, California, which is where I and my two younger sisters would be stationed for the next week, and seeing that we had a long drive ahead of us, my younger sisters and the seven toddlers accompanying us, all had a good idea. Why not all of us take a nap. One of our charges however, had come down with a bad cold and had one heck of a fever by this point, so it was no wonder we were heading home. I caught me a nap, until I noticed we weren't moving anymore, and Peter shook me awake.

"We're at Boingo Burger, what do you want?" Peter asked me.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes and looked at him, a bit confused.

"Boingo Burger? Is that some, fast food joint?" I asked sleepily, trying to adjust to the light, realizing I was still in Peter's limo.

"Yes Hellen." Peter replied.

"I'll, have what you're having." I replied, very unfamiliar with the place, though I could tell we were getting takeout orders, seeing he hadn't attempted to awaken any of the sleeping toddlers surrounding me, my two younger sisters included.

"That would be, the Boingo Burger, though they put a ton of toppings on it, including dill pickles. While the kids are asleep, so there's no mix ups, do you like dill pickles on your burger? Yes or no?" Peter asked.

"I love pickles." I quietly replied with a smile.

"Any other toppings you don't want, or do you want the burger as it comes?" Peter asked.

"I'll take it as it comes. And what are you planning to order for the kids?" I asked.

"Nine whacky meals, which come with chicken nuggets and French fries, along with a toy in each meal." Peter said.

"Sounds good. I know Sabrina and Madeline will enjoy that. Are we feeding all of these kids, or just my sisters, Tommy and Dil?" I asked.

"I received a text on my phone on our way here from Kira, Chuckie and Kimi's mother. She stated that she, Chas, Betty and Howard, the parents of Phil and Lil, and Zack's aunt Celeste, were all heading to see a movie, and they'd be by Stu and Didi's later on tonight to pick up the kids, so they asked if I would feed them. I'm tired myself, so I asked my driver to swing by the window at Boingo Burger. I'm not one to feed the kids fast food takeout very often, but with Tommy being sick, and the fact that nobody bothered me and Roland during our meeting, I thought everybody deserved a treat." Peter explained.

"Sounds good to me, especially since while I'm sure I'll fix a lot of meals over the course of the week in Mr. and Mrs. Pickles kitchen, I'm pretty tired myself, so good starting meal for this venture." I said.

"I thought so." Peter said.

"We're almost up to the speaker box where you order Peter." The driver called towards the back of the limo.

"I'd better go take care of that." Peter said, giving me a pat on the shoulder and walking back up towards the front of the limo to deliver the orders to his driver, while I sat back in my seat and relaxed.

A few minutes later, we had our orders and the limo went towards the Pickles residence. Once we got there, I saw to shaking Madeline and Sabrina awake, who were sitting next to me, while Peter saw to waking up everybody else.

"We're here girls." I said.

Madeline opened one sleepy eye and glared at me.

"At home Nelly?" Madeline asked sleepily.

"No Maddie, at Tommy and Dil's. We're spending the week here." I reminded her.

"No! I wanna go home! I want my Elsa doll! I wanna watch My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic!" Madeline cried at the top of her lungs.

I gave her a hug and gently patted her on the back.

"Hush, hush. I packed your Elsa doll, and you know you can watch My Little Pony at Tommy and Dil's house." I said.

Luckily, this got Madeline to calm down, while Sabrina also awoke, and we saw to getting everybody out of the car and heading inside, using a set of keys that Peter had to get inside. The driver bid us farewell, and the limo disappeared out of sight, as we all headed inside, I went and put everybody's food on the table and started looking around for the dinner plates and sippy cups, while Peter placed a sleeping Tommy down on the living room couch, and everybody else came into the kitchen and took seats at the table. Peter came in shortly after that and saw I was having trouble finding the dinner plates, so he escorted me to the correct cabinet, and soon afterwards, we had everybody served, just as I heard some feet tottle into the kitchen. I went on ahead and dished up Tommy's plate and laid it out, in the event he awoke a little while later, though knowing he was sick, I wasn't sure how hungry he'd be, seeing I did vaguely recall him not being interested in the soup he was fed at the castle earlier that day at first. Luckily though, I thought to have Sabrina sit across from him, figuring he'd probably eat, if for no other reason, to impress his lady friend, not making her worry if nothing else, and sure enough, once he glanced in her direction, he picked up a chicken nugget on his plate and started nibbling on it.

Dinner was mostly uneventful, except I had to clean off Dil, who had managed to cover himself in barbecue sauce, and Phil, who decided it would be more fun to wear his French fries in his hair than eat them. At least there was no arguing at the table, and all of the kids more or less, finished the meals we got them, and the chocolate shakes Peter had gotten all of them to go with their dinner.

"How would you kids like to watch a movie until it's time for your parents and gardiens to come pick you up?" Peter asked.

Everybody shouted in excitement about getting to do this.

"So what movie will it be?" I asked.

"Reptar!" Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Kimi, and Zack all shouted in unison.

"The Goober Movie! I want The Goober Movie!" Dil cried.

"No! Frozen!" Sabrina cried.

"Yeah! Frozen!" Madeline cried right after her.

"Then Reptar it is then." Peter said, heading off into the living room to get things ready.

I looked over at my younger sisters to see them looking disappointed.

"Now girls, Reptar did get the most votes. Come on, you never know, you might like it! And we're going to be here all week. I'm sure there'll be plenty of opportunities to watch Frozen." I said with a smile, trying to cheer them up a bit.

They smiled a little and went into the living room, with Dil tagging along behind them, and I saw to cleaning up the dishes, and wiping up anything that spilled on the chairs and floor around where the kids were eating. Peter came back into the kitchen a few minutes later, and pulled out candy from the pantry, the chocolates that look like dinosaurs.

"Thought the kids might like to snack on some Reptar bars while they watch their Reptar movie in the other room." Peter said.

"Well as long as they don't make a mess, I'm okay with it." I said.

"No worries, they're allowed to have snacks in the living room, it's breakfast, lunch, and dinner that isn't eaten in there. The same goes for hot milk, but we'll worry about that for Tommy and Dil after the other parents come to pick up their kids, which should be in another hour from now, based on what time it's getting to be." Peter said, carrying the bag of Reptar bars back into the living room, while I saw to rencing off the last plate and putting it into the dish washer.

I then went to get instructions from Peter on where they kept the dish washing detergent, and how to start up the unit, just as I heard a buzzing sound.

"What was that?" I asked.

"The doorbell. Mind answering it while I get the dish washer started, and see to feeding their dogs, Spike and Spiffy, who are outside in the backyard?" Peter asked.

"Not at all." I said, heading to the door and answering it to find a dark haired Japanese woman standing there.

"I'm here to pick up Chuckie and Kimi." The woman said.

"And you are…" I said.

"Kira, Chuckie and Kimi's mom." Kira said.

"Sure thing, they're in the living room, watching a Reptar movie." I said, escorting Kira to the living room, where everybody was still awake, intently watching the movie.

Kira went over to her two kids, gently patting Chuckie and Kimi on the heads to get their attention.

"Come on you two, it's time to go." Kira said.

Chuckie and Kimi got up and grabbed their mother's hand, as I led them back to the door.

"Before you go, I'm Hellen, I'll be helping Peter this next week with the kids. However, Tommy has come down with a terrible cold, so not sure if one, I'd recommend you come back for anymore playdates until he's feeling better, and two, just in case they've caught it…" I said.

"Oh I know. Stuff is going around preschool all of the time. Chuckie had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago." Kira said.

"Well I hope that's not what Tommy has.

"I hope not either and I hope he's better soon too. Also, thank you for watching the kids today." Kira said.

"Not a problem." I said, seeing them out the door.

Curious about this Reptar movie they were all watching, I went and took a seat in the living room in a vacated easy chair, and decided to watch some of the movie with the kids, just as I felt little hands and feet crawl into my lap. I looked away from the TV to see that my little sister Madeline was snuggling with me. Unfortunately, our snuggle time was short-lived, as I heard the doorbell ring again.

"I need to go get that." I said, putting Madeline down in the chair.

"No!" Madeline cried.

"I'll be right back, I promise." I said, heading into the entry hall and answering the door to find a tall brunette woman standing there, carrying a white cane in her hands.

"Hello, I am Hellen O'Mally." I said.

"Hi, I'm here to pick up my nephew Zack. I'm Celeste Wehrenberg, his aunt." The lady said.

"Oh! Sure thing, come on in." I said, stepping aside to let Celeste walk through the door.

Once it was closed behind her, I heard her call for Zack.

"Zack! Aunty Celeste is here!" Celeste called.

Shortly afterwards, the blond toddler ran out of the living room towards his aunt, giving her a huge hug around the waste.

"I'm ready, but I'd really like to stay and watch the rest of the movie." Zack asked in a tiny innocent voice to his aunt.

Celeste knelt down to his level, a look of disappointment on her face.

"I'm sorry sweetie, we really need to be heading home, but you can watch the rest of the movie another time." She said, gently ruffling his hair and patting him on the shoulder.

"Okay." Zack said, as I came over to her.

"Just to let you know, Tommy has come down with a bad cold, so not sure what will be happening this next week." I said.

"Not to worry, I'll plan to leave Zack with Peter this next week after preschool." Celeste said.

"Actually, Peter is helping me this week." I said.

"Well, in that case, I'll talk to my boss at work and the other parents, and arrange to take the kids after school each day." She said.

"Okay." I replied, escorting Celeste and her nephew to the door.

"Tell Tommy I hope he feels better." Celeste said.

"I will." I said, seeing them out the door.

No sooner had she and Zack left and I had gone back into the living room, when the doorbell rang again. Peter had come back into the living room at that point to watch the movie with the kids, but because I hadn't had a chance to sit down, I went back to the door to see a very muscular brunette standing before me.

"Here to pick up the pups." The lady said.

"Let me guess, you're Phil and Lil's mother." I said.

"Yep, I'm Betty DeVille, and you are…" Betty asked.

"I'm Hellen O'Mally, I'll be helping Peter watch the kids this next week while Mr. and Mrs. Pickles are out of town." I said.

"Okay." Betty said, walking quickly into the living room, where she ran up to her twins, who were still intently enjoying the movie.

"Come on kids, time to go." Betty said, grabbing up her two three-year-old children in each arm and carrying a screaming Phil and a crying Lil out of the living room.

"Now come on kids we gotta be heading home." Betty called out over her kids crying and screaming.

"We wanna watch Reptar!" Phil and Lil screamed.

"Maybe if Tommy is better later on in the week, you can come back and watch the rest of it. Or maybe you can watch it this next week at Zack's place." I said.

Luckily, this got her twins to calm down enough so I could have a word with their mother before she saw to leaving, since I wasn't sure if Peter would come to find anybody during the week.

"Just to let you know, Tommy is sick. Celeste Wehrenberg, Zack's aunt has already offered to take the kids after school this week. I found this out though after Kira picked up her kids." I said, before Betty cut me off.

"Don't worry about it I work with Chazzy at The Java Lava. We've got it under control. Thanks for watching the pups." Betty said.

"Not a problem." I said, seeing her and her twins out the door.

I was glad to have that woman out of my sight. She seems nice, but somewhat intemidating, with her loud voice and muscular body, I wouldn't want to make that woman angry if I can help it. Celeste and Kira didn't seem nearly as intimidating, and I felt more comfortable dealing with them if I had to give them a bad report about their kids than I would Betty. Anyhow, I then headed back into the living room, when I glanced up at a clock on the wall to see it was growing late, so strolled over to the television to take the DVD out of the player, to press the eject button on the unit to find the player was empty, and the movie was still playing.

"What the…" I said, glancing over at Peter, who had picked up the remote off of the coffee table and had it pointed at the TV.

"It's a made for TV Reptar movie that's on Hulu." Peter said.

"Oh." I replied, as he switched off the TV, mmuch to everybody's disappointment.

"Hey! Turn Reptar back on!" Tommy screamed, running over to Peter and trying to wrestle the remote out of his hands.

"No Tommy, it's bedtime, you can watch the rest of the movie tomorrow." Peter said.

"No! I wanna watch the rest of it now, and I'm not going to bed until I do!" The three-year-old protested.

"Does this mean we can watch Frozen now?" Madeline asked.

"Nope, it's time for you two to go to bed too." I said.

"But… But… But…" Sabrina and Madeline cried in unison, running up to me and giving me the bunny nose.

"The bunny nose, is not going to work tonight, not even the double bunny nose. Tell you all what, if you all go nicely to bed, everybody can watch something tomorrow. Tommy, you can finish your Reptar movie, and Madeline and Sabrina, you can watch Frozen. And Dil, if there's time, we'll put on that Goober movie you wanted, whoever that is." I said.

"The most annoying goafer on the planet." I heard Tommy mutter, as he, Dil, Sabrina and Madeline headed upstairs.

"Come on, let's go see to showing your sisters to their room, and I'll have you help me get Tommy and Dil's hot milk ready while we let the two boys play for a few minutes in their room to calm down." Peter said, as we followed the four toddlers upstairs, and I saw to getting out Sabrina and Madeline's nightgowns, and led them to where they'd be sleeping.

"You two will be sleeping in here." I said, leading them to the room across the hall from where Tommy and Dil's room was, that I later found out from Peter use to belong to their paternal grandfather Lou when he still lived here.

Peter helped Tommy and Dil get ready for bed, while I did the same with Sabrina and Madeline, and then, we let the four kids play for a few minutes upstairs while Peter and I headed downstairs to get Tommy and Dil's hot milk, vitamins and floride ready.

"Aren't Tommy and Dil getting too old for baby bottles?" I asked, seeing the two bottles before me on the kitchen counter.

"Yes, but their mom let's them have a bottle before bedtime, and I'll let them have one before nap time. They still get a morning bottle if they spend the night at Zack's, but that's a whole other story. Now, both boys get regular milk, but Dil likes vanilla in his, while Tommy prefers Ovaltine." Peter explained, putting everything out on the counter for me to mix together and heat up in the microwave.

He then showed me their vitamins and florride, showing me the piece of paper stating how much Dil should get, versus how much Tommy should get, as Tommy gets more florride than Dil, simply because he was older.

"Why not just have them brush their teeth? That's what I have Sabrina and Madeline do." I said.

"The florride is for extra protection, plus, Tommy and Dil can be very stubborn about brushing their teeth, especially if they're not feeling very well, or they're very tired and cranky, so this ensures their teeth stay healthy, and gives them extra protection, if brushing their teeth twice a day does happen." Peter explained.

"Okay." I said, filling the cerrenges with the medicines, that we'd soon take upstairs, and give to the boys.

A few minutes later, we came upstairs to find Sabrina was playing house, pretending Dil and Madeline were her baby and Tommy was the daddy.

"Awe, how cute!" I said, looking at this cute display.

"Look kids, Aunt Nell came to visit!" Sabrina said, escorting me into Tommy and Dil's room, where they were playing.

"Well, Aunt Nell says, it's time for bed." I said.

"Awe." All of the kids cried in unison, just as Tommy let out a sneeze.

"Here Tommy, let's get you cleaned up." I said, grabbing a tissue off of his nightstand, and wiping his nose.

At that moment, Peter walked into the room.

"So, who's ready for a bedtime story?" Peter asked.

"Me! Me! Me!" Madeline cried, jumping up and down in excitement.

"Can I read it to you?" Peter asked.

"We want Nell to read to us, right Nell?" Sabrina asked me.

"Girls, if you don't mind, I'd like to read to Tommy and Dil tonight while they have their hot milk." I said.

"But, Peter has never read to us before." Madeline said.

"Oh come on girls, give me a chance. Tommy and Dil know I'm a pretty good reader, right boys?" Peter asked.

"You're better than grandpa." Dil commented.

"Why's that?" Sabrina asked.

"Yeah, why is that?" I asked, sitting down in the rocking chair in Tommy and Dil's room.

"Probaby because I can finish reading an entire story without falling asleep in the middle." Peter said.

Tommy and Dil nodded their heads in agreement, which was all the proof I needed.

"Come on girls, if you two give Peter a chance tonight, while I read to Tommy and Dil, we'll switch tomorrow night." I said.

"Will you read our Frozen book to us?" Madeline asked.

"Sure I will." Peter said with a smile, leading my sisters across the hall.

Luckily when I pulled out their pajamas, I thought to leave the Frozen book in plain sight on the dresser, so it could be easily found. I then turned to Tommy and Dil, who both brought me a book to read. Tommy handed me a book with the green dinosaur on the cover with a title that read, Reptar Goes to Mars, while Dil handed me one with some orange creature on the cover that said, Goodnight Goober.

"Okay boys, let's take your vitamins and florride, and then you can have your hot milk while I read your books to you." I said.

To my surprise, both boys took their medicine without fussing. I'm not sure if it was because they were tired, not up for arguing, or if I was watching after them, not wishing to look bad in front of Sabrina in Tommy's case, but just the same, I was pretty tired at this point, so was greatful this task went smoothly. I soon gave them their bottles, and read Tommy his Reptar book first. Afterwards, I red the Goodnight Goober book to Dil, and got them both, tucked into their beds.

"Goodnight boys." I said, blowing them a kiss from the door, making sure the Reptar nightlight on the dresser was turned on, when Tommy spoke up.

"Mommy always sings to us at night too." Tommy said.

"Well, what does she sing?" I asked.

"That beautiful dreamer song." Dil said from his toddler bed.

"Hmmm, I don't think I know that song. Will you settle for some recorded music tonight?" I asked, walking over to the boom box on the dresser and finding a stack of CD's next to the player.

"We've got, Lullabies by Sherry Berry, a CD of Reptar on Ice, and something called, Music Class Practice CD's." I said, naming off the titles of the albums that lay before me.

"Sherry Berry!" Tommy cried, sniffling in the process.

Without saying another word, I put on the lullabies by Sherry Berry CD, found the play button on the unit, started up the music, and left the room, closing the door behind me so the music wouldn't awaken my sisters across the hall. To my surprise, I peaked into their room to see they, too, had fallen asleep. Wondering where Peter had gone, and noticing how familiar the voice of Sherry Berry sounded, but not being able to place where I had heard her voice before, I decided not to think much of it, heading back downstairs to find Peter in the living room, looking through the top shelf of DVD's, in search of something to watch. I sat down on the couch, to which he turned his head in my direction, holding something I didn't recognize in his hand.

"So, how did it go putting Tommy and Dil to bed?" Peter asked.

"Much smoother than I thought it would, though I do think it did partially have something to do with Tommy being sick, and both boys being tired from the big day they had at the castle." I said.

"Yeah when Tommy's not feeling well, I can usually get him to bed with no problem. Heck, there's even been times when he's the one who falls asleep in the middle of story time at that rate." Peter said, coming over to the couch with the movie he wanted to watch.

"How did my sisters do?" I asked.

"Great! No sooner had I finished reading them the Frozen book, when they were snuggled up together beneath their blanket, and falling asleep. I think they were tired from the day they had together as well." Peter said.

"So, what movie did you want to watch?" I asked.

"Some movie I found on Stu and Didi's bookshelf called, Lady Sings the Blues. From the back of the DVD case jacket, it claims it's about the famous jazz singer, Billie Holiday, and looking at the plastic on the wrapper, it's never been opened. Not sure when Stu and Didi got this, as it doesn't sound like something they'd watch, my guess is either Lou had it here and didn't take it with him when he moved out, or Lulu probably got it as a present for them, and they just, hadn't gotten a chance to watch it, mainly because this movie is by far, not for young children." Peter said.

"I see. Who's Lulu?" I asked.

"Lou's second wife, who he met after he moved out." Peter said, tearing up the original wrapping off of the DVD and placing it into the player.

I was all for heading off to bed, but it was obvious that Peter wasn't ready to go to bed yet, and he was in a way, my mentor for this week, and partner in this adventure of babysitting, so decided to be polite and watch the movie with him. However, as the movie went on, I only hoped none of the kids would come downstairs and see what we were watching, since stuff about drugs and things that I surely wouldn't want Sabrina and Madeline to see came up. The movie was long, but it did have some good jazz music in it, and it was nice getting to do something with Peter, just the two of us to wind down, before we headed off to bed. The movie eventually ended, and Peter put it away.

"Well I'm ready to head to bed, how about you?" Peter asked.

"But where will we sleep?" I asked.

"I figured you could sleep in the master bedroom, and I'll sleep at the opposite end of the hall from you in their extra guest room." Peter said.

"Works for me." I said, heading up the stairs and entering the door at the top right-hand side of the stairs, where I saw Peter had put my overnight bag on top of their made up bed.

Peter then saw to getting ready for bed and heading off to bed himself, and once he was finished in the bathroom, I saw to doing the same. I then headed into Stu and Didi's room, where I slipped into the red nightgown I had brought with me, knelt down by the side of the bed, and said my prayers.

"Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, oh I forget the last part. Anyway, dear God, give me the strength to help me get through this week. Please, don't let my emotions get in the way of being the best babysitter I can be to my sisters, and especially to Tommy and Dil, while their parents are out of town. Amen." I said, just as I heard a phone ring from Peter's room.

Curious, I got up to go see what was going on.

"Oh, I'm sorry, the boys are sound asleep, but thanks for calling to check in and let me know you two made it to your hotel safe and sound." I heard Peter say into the phone from the opposite side of his door.

He was obviously talking to Mr. and Mrs. Pickles who had most likely, called to tell their kids goodnight. Hopefully they can call earlier in the evening the next night, and Peter thinks to tell them that I'm watching the kids too, since I was obviously brought on bored long after they had left for their trip. I was too tired to try to go fool with it right then and there, and looked like Peter was pretty heavily wrapped up into talking with them on the phone, I didn't wish to interrupt. So with that, I think it's high time, I see to ending my first entry, and heading off to bed, as while tomorrow is Sunday, when you're taking care of young children, anything is possible, so better get me some sleep while I can.

End of Nell POV

And with that, she closed the notebook, put it in her overnight bag, turned out the light, pulled back the covers, climbed into bed, and drifted off to sleep.

Author's Note: And there you have it, the first chapter. Hopefully, I'll have more chapters up tomorrow, and oh yeah, I did make a tiny reference to the season 9 Rugrats episode, Hold the Pickles towards the beginning of this story.