Chapter 9, Epilogue, Studying the Journal

That afternoon, Roland and Miranda sat in their throne room, studying the journal that Princess Helen had kept throughout the week, while unknowing to them, Madeline and Sabrina were off playing in the garden with Sofia, the rabbits, Clover and Ginger, and their new mousy friend named Stella, who Clover had taken in to raise as his own after her parents were destroyed by a fox. At first, Madeline didn't like Stella, but after she learned that she didn't mean to chew up her favorite stuffed fox toy, they soon became great friends, and Stella was happy to have her back, since to a small little mouse, a week without your friends feels like a lifetime. However, while Sabrina and Madeline were having a grand old time with Sofia and her collection of creatures, poor Nell was lying in bed, sick as a dog. As the sun was starting to set, the royal couple had reached the final page of the journal, after reading over the seven day stay Helen had at her villager's internship.

"Well, shall we go break the news to Helen that we approve of how she did at her week long internship, and I announce to her the news that Peter gave to me before he left?" Roland asked his wife.

"And what news was that again?" Miranda asked.

"About the big dinner we're putting on next Saturday night. I've invited King Peter, along with Mr. and Mrs. Stu and Didi Pickles, and their sons, Tommy and Dil, to a formal dinner event, where we can publically thank them for giving our oldest daughter the ability to do this special honor, and where I'll be presenting Helen with her first medal of villager's internship achievement." Roland explained.

Miranda stood up, noticing how quiet the castle seemed.

"Come to think of it, it is growing near dinner time, and it is awfully quiet, maybe we'd better go check on our kids." Miranda said, stepping out of the throne room, her husband following close behind her.

They were only a few steps out of their throne room, when Bailywick stopped them.

"Your royal hiness, you must take a look at Princess Helen right away, I do believe she might be ill." Bailywick said with concern.

"Right away sir." Roland said, as he and his wife headed up to Helen's room.

On the way there, Miranda quietly peered into Sofia's room, where Sofia, along with Sabrina and Madeline, were quietly sitting on her bed, coloring in coloringbooks, while Clover sat on the window sill next to Stella, the two of them, sharing a plate of carrots and cheese squares. Noticing that everybody there was at peace, she then stepped into Helen's room, where sure enough, the teenage princess was asleep, and had been at this point for several hours. Miranda quietly walked over to the bed, where she placed a head on Helen's forehead, and noticed it felt warm.

"Helen?" Miranda quietly whispered.

The princess's eyes fluttered open, only for a look of pain to cross her face.

"What's wrong?" Miranda asked.

Helen sat up, coughing, unable to get a word out, as tears of pain trickled down her cheeks. As this all happened, she was immediately reminded of a few days ago, when she witnessed this same reaction coming from Tommy. She gasp and covered her face.

"Oh no!" Helen whispered.

"So, looks like you caught what young Tommy had." Miranda said, checking Helen over, including looking into her mouth to see her throat looked red.

Helen slowly nodded her head, looking disappointed.

"Don't you worry, we'll have the royal doctor come tomorrow and hopefully, he'll have a cure for your illness." Roland said.

"Yeah, that blue icky liquid that Tommy had to take." Helen thought to herself, as she saw to lying back down.

"I'll have Bailywick send up some warm chicken noodle soup for you to eat for dinner tonight, meanwhile, Roland, dear, want to tell Helen the good news?" Miranda asked, turning to her husband, who had perched himself on a nearby chair.

"Sure thing." Roland said, clearing his throat and standing up.

"Princess Helen, despite getting sick at the end of your villager's internship, which, is to be expected given the circumstances, your mother and I have finished reading your journal, and it sounds like you surely had your hands full. Two little boys, one of which, being sick, adventurous, going missing by sneaking off to school, getting hurt in the yard behind the house, and getting his head stuck in the banister. Sounds like you had quite a challenging week." Roland explained.

"Not to mention, witnessing this child being upset about, Reptar it was?" Miranda asked.

Helen nodded her head, hardly able to speak at this point.

"However, I see from reading the journal, that this was a very good fit for you. You clearly knew what you were doing, and when you didn't, you didn't hesitate to ask King Peter for help, and you even managed to keep your sisters more or less, under control." Roland said.

"I thought that game of make believe you played with your sisters and the boys yesterday was just, adorable." Miranda commented.

"We also have some more big news. You are going to be honored with a special medal for successfully completing your first villager's internship next Saturday night, at a dinner, hosted by us right here at home, and King Peter, along with the Pickles family, Mr. and Mrs. Pickles, and their boys, have been invited." Roland said.

"Hopefully we won't have to reschedule the dinner, but seeing it's a week away, if you stay in bed and rest, and do everything the doctor says, you should be feeling better in no time." Miranda said.

"Of course I'll do what the doctor says. I'm no stubborn three-year-old boy, I'll take my yucky antibiotic for the ten days, four times a day I'm required to take it, thank you very much." Helen angrily thought to herself, rolling her eyes at her mother, looking a bit irritated.

"Now, you get some rest, Bailywick will be here shortly with some soup." Roland said.

"And no leaving your room. Not only are you sick and need rest, but you've earned yourself some rest after the week you've had. We'll see that Sofia, Amber, James, and Bailywick help tend to Madeline and Sabrina's needs." Miranda said, tucking Helen in and blowing her a kiss.

The king and queen then left the room, closing the door behind them, as Helen rolled over and went back to sleep, as the achy, sick princess, only found comfort in sleeping for the moment, but she wasn't surprised in the least. Surely this was bound to happen, seeing that while Tommy was ill, she took care of him the most. She was pleased that Queen Miranda and King Roland were pleased by how her week went, and how well she handled herself, and she only hoped she'd be well enough to attend next Saturday's celebration, and that it wouldn't have to be post poned. For now though, she decided to get some sleep, feeling overly exhausted from the week she had, both, happy to be home in her own bed again, but at the same time, feeling miserable with this illness she contracted from Tommy, she only hoped she'd be better in time.

The End

Author's Note: The OC of Stella the mouse, belongs to theblindwriter95, just take a look at her latest story of the same name, Stella, and you'll better understand where she came from. Thanks for reading, and I hope to be back with new stories, and updates to other stories, very soon.