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Chapter 14 – I'll be damned!

Mossad collaborated and gave Tim access to their surveillance of the Tel Avi Central Bus Station. As Eyal explained, his agency was piggybacking on IDF's (Israel Defense Forces) surveillance routines. Tim realized they was no way of pinpointing where the kidnappers could be hiding Avi Lavin. Eyal knew it was pointless, they had taken his son in the basement floors: Bunkered room and the small tracker Avi was wearing could not be traced, a dead end!

Eyal talked to his Mossad boss, Rivka Singer. She gave him details on how it went down.

As he hung up, Sharon saw by his eyes that the news was dire.

"It was a professional hit. Rivka, had she not known of the circumstances, would have thought it was a Kidon hit. Nathan is not working alone, he must still have a team Sayams helping him. This complicates matters and it means we can't raid the warehouse."

Gibbs nodded as he asked, "He's BT."

Eyal nodded and explained, "BT – booby-trapped. We take Nathan down and my son will be dead before you clamp on the cuffs! You Americans are not ready for the war Nathan has planned if he's taken into custody. At Mossad every officer goes into a mission with a plan B and it's one where you usually don't come out alive and bring your tormentors with you. The man is far better than I gave him credit: He got to me by threatening my son; came to the US where he could better reek terror; he's a ghost with hands in many dark and greedy pockets and has the ultimate motive; helping his daughter escaping from death. We can't touch him, we can't negotiate, we can't lean on his accomplices…."

Sharon interrupted, "Sorry, I don't buy it. Something isn't right. We find a lead, we're getting ahead and bang, we get slapped in the face. Eyal, are you certain he's in the last stages of cancer?"

"Not 100%, but I believe him. His description of the pain, failing body and pattern of speech … all confirms that he's not a well man."

Abby asked, "Eyal, how can you be sure?"

Ziva answered, "Death knocked at his door a couple of times and every spy is trained in recognizing those signs. He knows Abby, take him a face value."

Sharon was studying Eyal's reactions. His son was in the hands of killers and still he was in control. It was as if he'd given up and accepted fatality as it was dealt to him. She had seen this behavior in Israel still it always grabbed at her at how detached a Katsa (a field intelligence officer of the Mossad) could be.

The Mossad faced deadly terrorist acts on many fronts; religious, political, historical and territorial. Israel was a country continuously looking over its shoulder. For a man of Eyal's rank many missions were ones with orders to kill (execution style), rescue a fallen officer at any cost or take a dignitary out of his homeland to stand trial for crimes he committed against Israel. Dangerous missions where killer instincts were necessary to survive. How could she feel something for such a man?!

To deal with Eyal, she decided to get her 'IRA' training out of the mothballs. In the beginning of her career, Sharon had been tasked with infiltrating a group of IRA supporters in Toronto, Canada. The IRA operated in hostile territory in their homeland, they were more successful in recruiting and financing outside the Island. Sharon was able to uncover bits and pieces but only suspected something might happen in the second week of April 2010. Nevertheless, the little she had, had helped preventing a terrorist act from becoming murderous. On April 12, 2010, the Real IRA detonated a 120 lb car bomb outside Palace Barracks in County Down which was the headquarters of MI5 in Northern Ireland and home to the 2nd battalion, the Mercian Regiment. The fact that the authorities were expecting a hit had caused the bombing to be delayed. It exploded shortly after midnight with no injured or dead. The reason for the potentially lethal plan was the transfer of policing and justice powers from London to Belfast. The transfer of powers was effective on that same night. On preparing for that mission, Sharon had spent six months training to carry a dark aurora, always talk of a stoic outlook for the future, project a detached persona and project the best poker face possible. The character she had to play was very different from her own. Her team had doubts that she'd be able to pull it off, but she had. At the end of those six months, the MI6 Officer graduated with flying colors; she was an IRA militant! Still that mission had not impacted her religious beliefs, her family's history and it was not done in the name of vengeance or retribution. For an Israeli that kind of mission was all of that. The final line is never only a win or lose … it goes a lot deeper for an Israeli spy.

She sided beside Eyal and said, "What can I do to help?"

He whispered, "Just don't tell me it's going to be OK! You Americans are…"

She cut him off, "I'm Canadian from birth and English by choice; was not going to say that. From experience, I know your son is no more in the equation. You need to figure out Nathan's final plan, get an 'in' with him."

Eyal smiled, "Refreshing for … be it a Canadian or English! My son will always be my priority, but you are right, he's no more an important chess piece at this time."

Tony interrupted, "Eyal, how would you want us to work this? Giving you the lead, I'm way out of my league!"

Eyal smiled and answered, "Sharon, Ziva and I need to 'get back' into the living. Tim, with the help of Sharon's contact, put Nathan under surveillance. From what Abby discovered, he's hiding out in a warehouse NCIS is very familiar with."

Ziva stood, "Eyal, Nathan is trained in the same ways as you and I. At Mossad, we silently observe, study the grounds, put in place a team and then, when everything falls into place, we go for the kill. That's, in a nutshell, what you're planning. We should ask Gibbs, Vance and MI6 for advice. Shake-up the orders of things. Nathan, by what Abby is monitoring, is nervous; he fears we are dead. It has not crossed his mind that we could be playing him. I say we work with that, it's a button we must exploit!"

Eyal pondered Ziva's word and, to her surprise, agreed. "Ziva David, your father would be proud!"

Ziva nervously smiled. Vance joined them. "OK, I arranged for the evening news to show the tapes of when you were picked up by our vessel. You three are official back in the living."

Abby's eyes grew round as she lifted her hand. Tony stated, "Abby speak out, we are not in school!"

"There might be a problem, I have Eyal's device. Do I need to put it back in his wrist?"

Sharon shot up, "Director Vance, could the tapes be docked as to show Eyal was gravely injured. That it is feared that he could lose his arm but for reasons unknown, he does not want to be treated in the US."

Tim answered, "Not a problem, I can tinker with those tapes, director."

Tony asked, "Sharon, where are you going with that line of thinking?

"Nathan will conclude that Eyal would risk losing his arm to save Avi and not let the Americans discover the implant. But if he loses his arm… Nathan will be left high and dry."

Ziva stopped her, "Sharon, Nathan must know something is up! His kidnapping team killed two officers and wounded your asset before taking Avi. We left a loose end!"

"Eyal, do you have a permanent watch on Avi?"

"Yes, I've had eyes on Avi and his mother since I was force out of our home."

Sharon concluded, "Then for the kidnapping team, it was business as usual. They must have known of your surveillance. My asset was taken for an innocent bystander being at the wrong place and wrong time! He's the best for 'blending in.' That may be why he is still alive. If my memory serves me well, a Mossad surveillance team consists of two operatives; one to be on the lookout for outsiders and the other to have eyes and ears on the people needing protection or other. In some case, mostly for dignitaries, there is a third member; a sniper ready to shoot."

Vance replied, "Very good Officer Welby! That is also my understanding. Eyal?"

Smiling Eyal nodded, "Never have I been under such due diligent observations. Mossad has the reputation for ruthlessness, cunning plus they say we excel in disinformation and psychological warfare. I realize MI6 and NCIS can see right through us!"

Tony looked at Sharon, "OK girl, keep going?"

"I've always worked with the saying that if the horse doesn't want to come to the water, we take the water to the horse. Here's a suggestion; we can't corner Nathan but we can make Nathan 'corner himself.' If he's watching the news, he'll hear that Eyal has been wounded and does not want to be treated in the US. He'll know why; at discovering the implant, the US will accuse Mossad/Israel of spying on Americans and voilà a political nightmare is born. Nathan doesn't want that, he needs Eyal under his control. Mossad and NCIS could 'leak' that Eyal is being kept in confinement till the directors of both agencies speak. Nathan is a doctor, he'd know how to treat Eyal's wound and replace the implant. The implant was rendered un-operational when Eyal's arm was pulled and cut by his parachute's cords. All we need is a mock … well … a real, but handmade cut and for Abby to render the implant useless but still be traceable by NCIS. We will also need a diversion to leave Nathan some time alone with Eyal."

Eyal held up his wrist and said, "I'm OK with the plan but the first cut to take out the implant is practically healed. A trained eye will notice that first wound."

Abby looked at Sharon, smiling and doing a high five they both said, "No problem, we know how to leave no forensic evidence of the first cut!"

Abby added, "It might hurt a bit. We will need to tear the tissues and since you specified no medical aid, you'll be in pain till you meet with Nathan. Wish there was a way to…"

Eyal looked affectionately at Abby. "Do it. My agency is not one for sugar coating actions that must be taken to complete a mission. Have another question; it must be a two-day-old wound, how are forensics going to age it?"

Sharon smiled, "That's also easy. We inject you with a buildup of dead, white blood cells that will immediately attack your body's immune system creating an infection. You, having medical knowledge, made sure your wound was soaking in the cold sea water. The infectious process only started when you were airlifted."

Abby added, "We will use macrophages, a type of leukocyte. They detect foreign bodies and release an alarm system in the form of small, cell-signaling protein molecules called cytokines. Cytokines alert the neutrophils, and these neutrophils filter from the bloodstream into the affected area. The rapid accumulation of neutrophils eventually leads to the presence of pus and a red circle around the 'foreign body.' Plus, it will give a very real fever."

Tony stared at both, "You girls are scaring the hell out of me. If I'm listening well; you could kill or make us sick without leaving any forensic evidences."

Eyal chuckled, "Tony, all here, except Tim and yourself, could do the same."

At seeing their smiling faces, Tony whispered, "Remind me not to piss off any of you!"

Gibbs recalled the team to order, "OK, we use deceptive actions to bring him to NCIS, but what if he's not well enough?"

Eyal answered, "He'll send someone qualified. One way or another, it will be an opening, someone to trace, to talk to face to face. It's more than I've had since the beginning of this shit! Being Mossad and refusing treatment, it would be standard protocol to have me on security watch. In his position, he can't kill or main someone, that would alert authorities to an unwanted presence. I need to meet a ghost as a ghostly occasion! Someone has an idea?"

Tim spoke, "In an hour I meet up with MI6's Samantha. She's presently putting eyes and ears on the warehouse where Nathan is stashed and will set up my cell and computer to her equipment. That means we will know when he or a member of his entourage might be heading towards us. From now and for all present in this building if anybody asks; we are having a debrief in MTAC. The subject would be to discuss what to do with Eyal's orders not to receive medical aid. Eyal would be alone with one or two guards in the conference room with one guard watching you. If Nathan or an associate of his comes, I'm pretty sure one guard can be easy neutralized. As soon as Eyal can speak to his 'visitor,' Eyal would tell him he has 15 minutes to do his thing and then Eyal makes as if he was trying to escape and easily neutralized the guard."

Eyal nodded at Tim. "Very good, but I'd go with 10 minutes. What can we put in the water to attract the 'horse?'"

Ziva spoke, "I'm guessing Nathan has eyes and ears on Mossad, more Rivka Singer. I've been thinking that's how he got to you, Rivka must be bugged. If that's the case, when Director Vance and the team talk with Rivka in how to help Eyal help himself, Director Vance could throw some accusations of Eyal's behavior being suspicious."

Eyal replied, "Had the same thoughts, Ziva. Rivka's office was swept many times since I informed her of my predicament. She's not bugged."

Sharon replied, "Did they think to look for a typical Mossad 'glass?'" ( a special hard to trace bug Mossad uses )

Ziva and Eyal shot Sharon such a look that Tony and Tim took a step back!

"Well, it's your calling card, isn't it? I'm a field forensic operative, when I enter a safe house is it in America, England or Israel, I'm required to sweep it clean, rescue my officers and get the hell out. Saw you craftmanship a couple of times … have news for you guys … we know!"

Eyal whispered, "We knew that you knew … we don't use it anymore. It became too much of a tattletale sign. You've been out of the field for some time, Office Welby. But you might be right on one thing; our sweep team could have missed it. It would be brilliant for Nathan to use our old technology against us! Director Vance could you arrange a secured talk with Rivka? "

"On it as we speak, she should be on line shortly."

It turned out Sharon was right. Nathan had used the old technology and it had gone unnoticed. The team was now sure Nathan was listening.

Ziva spoke, "Eyal, did you call Rivka or she called you from her office."

"Ziva … we applied our usual protocol. The one your father put in place ... you of all people should know!"

Ziva sheepishly stared at the floor as Sharon asked, "What usual protocol?"

Eyal smiled, "Well … if I spoke of our protocol, I'd be in the dog house as you are now for speaking too much! I'm not answering that question … get it!"

Sharon twisted her face and had to physically pinch herself to not outright fall into a fit of laughter.

Tim, not following, added, "Eyal, we need to know if your communications with Rivka Singer were breached."

That sent most of them into a bout of laughter, only Tim, Director Vance and Gibbs stayed serious.

Eyal refocused and said, "Tim, this room, MTAC, has the highest level of security and it is where NCIS has secured communications not in your director's office. At Mossad, we also have such protocols which I am not at liberty to discuss."

Tim winced and said, "Sorry, it didn't cross my mind. Really not into this Spies and Secrets thing!"

Eyal answered, "Don't worry, this is new for all of us. Full collaboration with other agencies is rare; I've never worked with all cards on the table. Plus, spies are by nature or training 'guarded,' it's a survival trick you pick up early in your career! Tim, you don't have anything to be sorry for; investigators don't need to operate at that level of secrecy."

Tony instructed his team to proceed as planned;

'Sharon and Abby, take Eyal and … well … injure him! For the benefit of my nerves, could you ask Dr. Mallard to assist you."

Sharon smiled and answered, "Oh we would not be able to do it without him. He's going to supply us with the macrophages."

Tim winced and asked, "Now I'm going to regret this; where is Dr. Mallard is going to get those … Macro something?"

Sharon, Abby and Eyal answered, "From a fresh corpse or discarded blood samples of a corpse!"

Tony exclaimed, "Dead means dead … no oxygenated blood, no more heart pumping. Even I know that with no flowing blood there is no little white cells…"

Sharon explained, "Macrophages survive longer in the body, sometimes several months. Abby must have some blood samples that have been kept at the right temperature."

Dr. Mallard walked in and asked, "Seems my medical knowledge is needed."

Abby explained and he asked, "Could I know why? Eyal doesn't need to have white cells injected, let his own body do its job. If you cut him up, he'll get an infection!"

Sharon said, "Dr. Mallard, we need for infection to be in the wound and his body before the day is over."

"Ah I see! You'd like to create a network of transcription factors and post-transcriptional regulators for an M1/M2 polarization. Interferon regulatory factors, signal transducers and activators of transcription and suppressor of cytokine signaling proteins Wil team up in skewing macrophage function towards either the M1 or M2 phenotype and cause infection. That's brilliant but dangerous. I read of a study that stated that one in two people on the panel had allergic reactions to injected macrophages."

Director Vance and Gibbs rolled their eyes at Ducky's complicated monologue.

Eyal asked, "Was the reaction life-threatening?"

Dr. Mallard rapidly reassured Eyal, "No, no! I'm sorry I alarmed you. It was skin rashes, but severe enough to pull them out of the study. Just wanted you to realize that you might be a bit sicker than you planned."

Eyal concluded, "Abby, Sharon, we proceed as planned. An allergic reaction would only confirm to Nathan that I am not well."

Dr. Mallard shook his head as he followed the group to Abby's lab. As a medical trained professional, it was difficult to accept that a human being was willing to putt himself in harm's way to solve a case … a mission.

Eyal returned with a nasty cut on his wrist and lots of scratches on his arm and neck.

Gibbs pinched his lips, "See they outdid themselves or was a Tomcat let loose in the lab."

Eyal managed to smile as he spoke, "Oh, they had fun at my expense. Abby was reluctant but Sharon made it a game. Hell, I joined in and suggested where to put some of those scratches to make it look 'natural.'"

Ziva looked in Eyal's eyes, "You do realize she has you under?"

"Never, I don't fall for hypnosis. It just doesn't work with me."

Sharon was fighting with herself not to blurt out, 'Yes, yes, I hypnotized you and it worked!'

Ziva faced Eyal as she spoke, "She's extreme extraction Eyal, it's a second nature for her."

Sharon explained, "Eyal, Ziva is right; you are presently under. Hypnosis is not witchcraft where you do the chicken dance when asked. It's a relax state. The suggestion I gave you was for pain control only. Notice that you presently don't feel the hurt that cut is sending to your brain. If you were not under, you'd feel it, believe me."

At that she rubbed his jaw with her fingers and the jolt of pain he felt forced him to put one knee to the ground.

Sharon spoke, "You are as much in control and clear-minded now than you were a couple of seconds ago. Hypnosis will help you deal with the pain, only the pain."

Eyal asked, "How long can a hypnosis suggestion last."

"All the way up to forever ... depending on what environmental factors reinforce it or fights against it. Eyal, you will be in control at all times. I didn't ask because I wanted for you to see for yourself what is suggestive hypnosis. If I had wanted to control your mind in any other way, you would not have fallen for it. You are right on that point. But simple suggestive hypnosis is not the same. Science has advanced a great deal on that subject. They use it more and more for people who want to stop smoking. Let me put you under again and you'll see."

She squeezed his fingers but he resisted. Looking deep in his eyes, she spoke,

"Go to your own personal safe place Eyal, feel all five senses, the colors around that place, the sun shining in your face, the smell of the Mediterranean Sea (salt, suntan lotions and the flair of a paella), picture the peaceful olive tree your back is leaning on … the salty wind blowing in your hair ... trust me I would never hurt you. Relax and let yourself enjoy your secret place."

Ziva whispered to Tony, "Hell, I'm falling for it as she speaks!"

Sharon squeezed Eyal's fingers again and he breathed deeply. He nodded and whispered that he was pain free.

"Sharon, how in the hell can you do that?"

"I'm not doing anything. It's your mind accepting to help you beat the pain. You will, at some point, begin to feel some pain. Just squeeze your fingers together and imagine the picture of what I just recited. You meet up will Nathan will surely cast off 'the spell.' Squeezing your fingers is not something Nathan would see as suspicious so if the pain becomes unbearable, think of your safe place. It might not work since you're in 'duress' but it's at least a tool in your arsenal for future use."

Eyal bowed his head to Sharon.

It was a strange sensation, he could see and feel the wound, but it was as if the pain had been smoothened. He also realized he could break the spell as needed. 'That girl has many tricks up her sleeve. Sharon Welby is not somebody I'd want to have as an enemy. Would like to know where and by whom she was trained. There is more to her than meets the eye. Don't know what it is but my gut is telling me that she has her own agenda – an MI-6 agenda, that is. Well, I don't have time to drill down on it or her. At this time, she's a valuable asset and I'll use her to complete my mission. Mrs. Welby, you and I have a date afterwards and I will drill down on who you really are!'

Tim received a call from Security that a Mrs. Camille Mullen (Samantha's code name) was waiting for him in the conference room.

Sharon spoke, "Tim, she's a spook (meaning a spy). Don't leave her alone for a minute."

Tony looked at Sharon and said, "She is working for us, isn't she?"

Eyal, Sharon and Ziva chuckled as Gibbs spoke, "Tony and other non-spooks listen up; spies will be spies. Never, and I repeat, never trust a spy that is not a member of your close entourage ... and even then! Ziva could you supervise Tim's meeting?"

"Would be glad too, I need something to occupy my mind!"

As they waited for Tim and Ziva to return, Director Vance left for a meeting, Eyal and Tony were watching the videos of the Central Bus Station that Mossad had sent. Gibbs, Sharon and Abby hovered over the floor plans of the warehouse.

Sharon asked, "Tell me to mind my own business if this is too painful or personal, but where was Agent Todd killed?"

Abby was near tears as Gibbs pulled a photo from a file and placed it on the table. Sharon gulped as she saw the photo of the fallen officer. Abby now had tears coming down her cheeks.

Sharon pulled Abby to her, "You need to focus on the present. Spy training 101: It is a dangerous place, the land of tears. Abby, she's gone, nobody can hurt her, but memories can hurt us if we let them get then blur our mind."

Sniffling Abby asked, "How do you do it?"

"By growing up. Can I be frank with you?

Abby nodded as Gibbs pinched his lips and stepped back. This he needed to see/hear … and also prepare himself to become 'the middle man!'

"As a forensic scientist, you have a role to play on this team and it's pivotal. It is a "Matter of consequence" like Saint-Exupery said to the Little Prince. Not a place for tears and childish behavior. You're very good, a head over my skills, the best I've seen, but you could be better. I gather your too great empathy for others never clouded your judgment, but it will one day, believe me it will. When it does, you won't recover from the consequences of your actions and it will be a very painful fall."

Even for Gibbs, Sharon's word where harsh, he wanted to speak, but Abby beat him to it.

"I am who I am, nobody ever complains…."

Sharon completed, "They like me as I am … yes, I expected that answer. Look, I said my piece, it is up to you to take it or leave it."

Gibbs spoke, "Girls, the case…?"

Abby touched Gibbs's chess with her hand and said, "Gibbs, is Sharon giving me good advice?"

Gibbs rolled his eyes at Sharon, "Abby, you are a wonderful person and we all love you. Sharon comes from a world you would not like or be able to function in."

"Then she is telling the truth?"

Gibbs closed his eyes and answered, "In a way, yes, if and I repeat, IF you were to become a spy. Abby, you can never be a spy and it's OK. I could never be a social worker, I don't have the people skills for it. Sharon spoke as a spy."

Gibbs knew Sharon was about to speak her mind, the piercing stare he shot made her want to be 1000 miles away!

Abby saw the ruse and stated, "Then she's right: At times, I need to grow up and stop wearing my feelings on my sleeve. Show me how to do it, Sharon."

Eyal startled them, "We call it compartmentalizing, but now is not the time or place to have such a conversation. Sharon, maybe you should take your own advice and grow up."

Abby was not one to back down from unfinished business.

"Leave Sharon speak her mind. I might not like what she has to say but if it can help me do a better job and in the end help more people, I will do what it takes!"

"Abby, Eyal is right. You bear your feelings in front of all and I speak too much. You want me to teach you to compartmentalize your thoughts and feeling, I will. Just not now."


Sharon wanted to kick herself, but realized she had to finish what she started. She could feel Tony's, Eyal's and Gibb's piecing eyes on her.

"OK, just a quicky, the rest will have to wait. Your tears for Agent Todd, look again at the photo, Abby."

Abby teared up as Sharon rapidly asked, "Abby, picture this; you happen to see where the shooter is, to save Agent Todd's life you have less than five second to guide her in the direction that is needed to avoid the shot and shout it to her."

Abby wiped her tears and tried to clear her eyes. Sharon spoke, "5 seconds are up and Agent Todd is dead. Now take your time and answer my question."

Abby calmly looked at the photo and answered, "I know from working the case from where Ari shot. Agent Todd needed to take 6 steps to her right and she would have avoided the shot."

"Abby, it took you less than five seconds to come to that conclusion. Answer me this; had you seen a reflexion or a slight shadow before the shot, could you have helped Agent Todd?"

"Yes, if I had seen where the sniper was posted, I could have guided agent Todd in the right direction. It's simple physics!"

Tony puffed, "Simple … you're kidding me!"

Sharon replied, "Abby is right, it's simple physics. As I, she could have figured it out in less than five second. This is what we call 'une mise en situation.' I'm not saying that Agent Todd could have been saved or that this kind of situation could ever happen. Abby, I put you in a situation where your skills and clear mind were needed in a fraction of a second … your tears and emotions got in the way. It could happen in real life."

Abby paired with Tony and even Gibbs was taken aback with what Sharon had just demonstrated. Eyal was still frustrated with her.

Abby spoke, "Sharon, after we Eyal's son is home and safe, I want you to teach me how to compartmentalize. But for now do you have something I could put in practice. Another quicky?"

Sharon smiled and said, "You have a date, partner. For now try this; take Agent Todd and all the souvenirs you carry in your head when you think of her."

Abby closed her eyes and nodded, Sharon continued, "Imagine an open drawer or even an open trunk if the memories are enormous. Put all those memories in it and close the lid. It will want to open again and again, fight it and close the lid again! At one point your mind will win over your emotions. Remember you are not putting those memories in a permanent storage to be forgotten. They are in a drawer that you can open when it is appropriate to do so. Lift your hand when you think you've properly closed that lid!"

Abby opened her eyes and lifted her hands, Sharon took another photo from the file and presented it to Abby.

"Abby, describe what you see, please?"

Abby's description of the photo made Tony and Gibbs winced as it brought back awful memories but Abby didn't shed a tear. She even managed a smile as she asked,

"Sharon, can I talk to my trunk or drawer and tell it to stay shut? I don't like the thought of slamming it shut."

Sharon smiled, "You do what you must to keep it closed when it needs to stay closed."

Tony quoted from the Wizard of Oz movie, "Then close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, 'There's no place like home'. 'There's no place like home'."

Abby and Sharon rolled their eyes and him. Sharon asked, "Gibbs, can I?"

Gibbs nodded and Sharon gently head-slapped, Tony. That fun moment cleared the air.

Ziva and Tim hurried in.

"Boss, you need to see this!"

Tony and Gibbs answered, "What?"

Gibbs smiled and whispered to Tony, "Sorry. It's your call, Boss!"

Tim rapidly brought on screen a video of the warehouse where Nathan was presumably stashed. Eyal notice Ziva's face was greyish. She had seen her brother … that he was sure of!

Tim explained that Camille/Samantha had placed cameras on the building facing Nathan's warehouse. She would add cameras and other surveillance equipment in Nathan's quarters when she had studied/surveilled the target's living habits. It would be dangerous and against standard protocol to do it at this time. She could, with her equipment and by hacking the security cameras already in place, follow Nathan's movement when outsides or from any window of the warehouse. The images would be blurry but good enough for standard surveillance needs.

As the video started, Tim said, "Sharon, Samatha. Sorry Camille is a genius. She was here less than 30 minutes but l learned a lot."

Sharon smiled while keeping her eyes on the screen, "When do you two have a date?"

Tim's face went as red as the apple Eyal was biting.

"We don't have a date!"

Eyal, Gibbs, Sharon and even Tony said, "You're lying!"

"OK, but it's not a real date. She a level 5 Sorceress. She's coming over to my house help me get up to at least 4."

Sharon winked, "Tim, remember Gibbs's words; never trust a spy…"

As she finished teasing Tim, she heard Tony and Eyal swear. Looking at the screen, she saw a woman walk in the warehouse and stepping out 4 minutes 32 seconds later. The woman was the author of the Kraken King… Nathan's daughter.

Eyal spoke, "That I didn't expect. She knows …."

Tony looked around, "Hey, where are Sharon and Ziva?"

Eyal looked around, assured himself the girls were gone and swore.

Eyal said, "People, we've been played!"

Gibbs looked at the screen and nodded to Eyal.

Gibbs called Vance. He briefed him on the surveillance video and the girl's disappearance.

Vance spoke, "Tim, get me Chief Robert Jackson from MI6 on the screen…. N.O.W!"

Tim placed the call and prayed for Chief Jackson to answer. Vance seemed to be in a very foul mood, Tim did not want to be the one to tell him that no one answered.

Chief Jackson appeared on the screen, Eyal spoke but Director Vance put his hand on his shoulder.

"I'll deal with this Officer Lavin, stand back."

Eyal knew he had jumped the chain of authority but at this time, there was no way he could close a drawer or a trunk!

"Chief Jackson, your daughter and Officer Ziva David are missing. Would you by any chance know where they are heading?"

"Yes, but I cannot speak without putting my agents in danger."

Gibbs and Tony both repeated, "Your agents!"

Chief Jackson smiled and rephrased, "Well one of my agents and a borrowed one."

Abby shouted, "Chief Jackson, I am not a spy, nor an investigator, but I want to know what is happening. Are Sharon and Ziva in danger?"

Chief Jackson replied, "I'm presently in an MI6 jet and will be landing at Washington's airport in 7 hours. Director Vance, be assured that your agency and the Mossad where not 'played' as we spy like to say! You'll understand soon enough that there was no other ways of working this very covert and off-grid mission. Many lives were/are at stake. I've personally invited Director Rivka Singer to join us. Just take note that the lives of the MI6 and Mossad officer guarding Avi Lavin are alive and well. Sharon's asset is still watching over you son Eyal. He is in the kidnappers hands but we have it under control. Your son is in on the subterfuge and glad to say that he is playing his role well. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. You'll be proud of how he conducted himself."

Gibbs spoke, "I understand the 'need to know' situation but would like to know why Ziva David?"

Chief Jackson shook his head and replied, "You're good, Mr. Gibbs. Would a job at SIS interest you?! I'm not going to answer that question. You already know the answer!"

At that he signed off.

Eyal swore as Gibbs approved!

Vance risked, "Gibbs?"

"Because MI6 needed two assassins to get a dirty job done; Sharon Welby and Ziva David.

Abby shyly lifted her hand, "Why did MI6 not take Eyal?"

Eyal shifted, he was asking himself the same question.

Gibbs answered, "Because Eyal is an assassin by trade but he's missing a little something; It's an acquired skill, he's not a natural. Ziva and I'm guessing our 'I can't shoot' a living thing' – Sharon Welby are both very well-trained assassins; the bests."

Eyal replied, "That's a new one. I'm usually targeted as a killer and/or assassin."

Gibbs specified, "Yes, but you're missing that special 'something' and you very well know it! Eli David saw it in Ziva as Chief Jackson saw it in Sharon. Sharon recruited Ziva the first day they met. Damn, it was in front of my eyes and I missed it!"

Tim and Tony asked for more detail, Gibbs gave it to them;

"Who discovered that Eyal was in a dire situation – Sharon and Ziva; Who 'discovered' Eyal was wounded – Sharon; who instructed Tim on how to 'hack' the Mossad's grid – Sharon; who discovered Eyal's implant – Sharon and Ziva explained how it worked… I'll skip a couple of 'who's'(there are a lot more) and zoom in on the killer ones; The Kraken King, the twin theory, the dead killer-for-hire and Nathan's daughter … who came up with it all! She had proprietary knowledge…. I rest my case!

Eyal swore again. It was in Hebrew, but all understood!

Vance said to himself, "Chief Jackson, your explanation had better be good!"

Tony asked, "Boss, what do we do? Sharon and Ziva must be going to the warehouse. We could intercept them."

Eyal spoke, "I'm ... well I can't find the words to express how I'm feeling at the moment, but we cannot and I repeat, cannot, interfere with their work. It's the conclusion of an off-grid and dangerous mission. Somehow, that video gave them a 'green light' signal. If Gibbs is right and they are working as 'assassins' for MI6, we could get them killed and my son's life could be over. We have to presume that MI6 has this under control. I don't know much of Officer Welby, but I do know Ziva David. She would never put my son's life in danger or cross me in any way. If she judged that what was at stake was important enough to retake the face of an 'assassin,' I trust that it was warranted. People, we need to believe that they did not betray us. Before trashing them, wait for Chief Jackson's debrief. Sharon was assigned a mission and she brilliantly pulled it off. I look around and realized that she duped a Director, a Marine sniper/spy, a forensic scientist, an MIT graduate/hacker and myself, a senior/seasoned spy. Tony, as I recall, was the only one to mention that she might be playing us. I remember you telling her in my first 'campfire': 'Well, your father said you needed investigators' training I'm realizing Daddy lied or your Director Vance's and/or Gibb's proxy. I'm thinking the later!' You, girl, do not need any training in observation skills. Well done, Tony!"

Vance whispered, "I'll be damned!"

Tony responded, "Can't take any credit. Yes, I said it but it was just words."

Gibbs concluded, "Tony, well done but next time, follow your instincts and drill down more: Rule 36: If you feel like you are being played, you probably are. As for the rest, I agree with Eyal. We wait, that all we can do. I, as Eyal, trust them both."

Tim's head popped up, "But we can follow them on the screen. The cameras are still rolling."

Eyal and Gibbs smiled, Gibbs spoke, "Believe me Tim, your sorceress is now a level 6. You were played, like all of us. Those cameras were dead the second Officer Welby got the 'green light' as Eyal said. She's experienced enough to police her brass (cleaning up). Director Vance, whatever happens, I'd like to keep that one, she's lethal!"

Vance's answer lightened the mood, "Gibbs, she a red head, what did you expect?! Ziva is as lethal, you sure you can handle two of that kind?"

"Look forward to it!" was Gibbs answer.

To be continued!