"Rwaarrrr!" a frustrated Chewbacca exclaimed.

"I know it's taking forever, ol' pal" Han Solo replied, "but this is as fast as this old rust-bucket will go."

The Bria was Solo's first ship, and although he and Chewy complained about it all the time, they really did like the Starmite-class freighter. Together, they'd been through a lot, and that meant something. Of course not enough that he didn't still want something newer and faster, but at least it meant something.

"Wrar?" questioned Chewy.

"What, you want to stop here? We're already behind schedule delivering Jabba's cargo. Why should we stop?"


"Thanks. I'd forgotten that big Sabacc tournament this weekend. I guess we could make a short detour."

Solo made a slight course correction to bring them into orbit around the planet they were about to pass by. Bespin wasn't anything amazing, and usually didn't even make it onto the Empire Star Charts. But it did have one thing going for it, and that was the best Sabacc tournament anywhere in the outer rim. And Solo happened to have spent far too much of his time developing the skills to be quite good at Sabacc.

After a short trip through the atmosphere, they had nice smooth landing. One benefit of having a ship that slow was that it made it easy to have nice smooth landings. The downside was that even with the nice smooth landings, there were almost always repairs that needed to be made, after just about any journey in space.

"You take care of the ship, while I check in." instructed Solo. "Then meet me at the tourney."