The series of today's events started off with a punch to the face. Specifically, the bullies face. These three goon were picking on some boy and no one was stopping them. It only took one punch to knock him to the ground and pin him down.

"Not so tough now are you?" It was more of a statement than a question. Hidaka shot a look at his sidekick – who apparently wasn't going to rescues his friend – that conveyed all the rage he could on his handsome features. It was enough to scare off the poor guy. It was then that a teacher showed up, who signaled Hidaka out as the aggressor and sent him to the principal's office.

In the office, Hidaka was explaining himself to the assistant principal, Awashima Seri. The real principal was giving morning announcements over the intercom.

"It's only three months into the school year and you're picking fights." She cut off Hidaka's protests. "I don't care who started it or what your reasoning is. You are a senior. You should've handled the situation better."

Hidaka looked down, she was right.

"Now about your punishment." She pulled out a sheet of paper from her desk. "Fighting is a big offence. This added with your previous offences results in suspension."

"But that would mean automatic removal from the basketball team. I'm running the basketball booth next week." Hidaka said. "I'll do anything else. Please"

Hidaka was a member of the basketball team. Granted they didn't have real games until next semester. Showing up for practice and participating in school wide events were still required. One of which was next week.

"I'm sorry, my hands are tied." Awashima said.

"Oya, what's going on here?" Poking his head in the office was the headmaster himself, Munakata Reisi. He had finished the morning announcements and made his way over here.

"As much as I agree with Awashima, I also want my students to enjoy everything that the school has to offer."

This was when Awashima started going on about rule enforcement. Hidaka tuned out the rant, letting his eyes fall on the only good thing from this situation, Awashima's lovely breasts. Once her long winded speech was over Munakata cleared his throat. "Well I have come up with a befitting punishment. You are to help out with Student Council activities until graduation."

This caught Hidaka off guard. But it was better than suspension.

"I will notify the council president today and you will start you're duties tomorrow." Curious Hidaka asked why he had to do this until graduation.

"For it would look good on any college application." Munakata grabbed the paper on Awashima's desk and ushered the teen into the hallway. "And maybe it will keep you from ogling at women's breasts. Considering I was going to make your punishment shorter until I saw where your eyes were directed." His smiled was filled with nothing but evil in Hidaka's eyes. Munakata placed the slip in his hands as he patted the teen on the back, telling him to go to class.

That note Hidaka received from Munakata was a tardy slip that excused his lateness for homeroom. Right now it was lunchtime and Hidaka was sitting with his best friend, Goto. He had finished relaying the events that happened this morning.

"That sounds like one crazy morning." Goto said.

"At least I'm still on the basketball team." Hidaka said. "But now my time is going to be consumed by Student Council junk."

Student Council didn't have a very high rating amongst the students at Sceptor 4. Basically, they handled all the club things. Like advertising them and getting them classrooms for them to use. If it wasn't for Student Council no one would know that the chest club went to nationals. Or that there even was a chest club. They also handled organizing the festivals and dances.

All in all Hidaka just didn't want to deal with other people's complaints. The thought alone made him tired.

Hidaka was going to continue voicing his displeasure about the situation when he heard someone call out to him.

"Excuse me."

Hidaka didn't recognize who the person was. If he had to use one word to describe the stranger, the word 'puppy' came to mind.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but I needed to thank you for what you did for me this morning."

"Oh. It was nothing." Hidaka waved his hands. He had been dragged away from the scene so fast he never saw who he was helping. "I'm a senior. Just trying to do what's right."

"In the wrong way sort of." Goto chimed in.

"Then I'll call you senpai." The boy said. Goto quickly shut that down and told the boy to leave that part off when referring to him. Hidaka was a different story. It was his dream to be called sempai. Only it would be from a cute girl, but he was a simple man and would take what he could.

"You can called me Hidaka-senpai!" He said a little too excitedly. "And he's Goto."

Hidaka-sempai, Goto, my name is Kasuhara Tekaru. I just enrolled here, so please take care of me." The boy finally introduced himself. Hidaka motioned for Kasuhara to sit with them. Something had 'clicked' between the three of them and they became fast friends.