Play Fake, Kwami

Chapter One: The Truth Be Told

It started off as the same old routine morning. Marinette woke up in a panic realizing that she was running late for school. Not that this was new for her, but the worse part about this was that today was the first day of school. Of all days, it was the first day of lycée.

You would have thought that this girl would have learned her lessons by now to waking up early, but who could blame her when she's Paris's heroine, Ladybug, dealing with late night akuma battles. Certainly not her.

Floating around Marinette, Tikki speaks up with urgency. "Hurry, Marinette! You'll be late!"

"I'm trying, Tikki. Of all people you know I'm not that big of a morning person." Marinette rushed back.

"Marinette, I'm not a person, I'm a god." Tikki giggled out.

Marinette gives her kwami a deadpan look before rushing back to getting ready.

Throwing off her pajamas, Marinette grabbed a pair of blue jean capris, a red t-shirt, and a thin black jacket. Quickly, Marinette threw her clothes on for the day and sprinted to her bathroom. Looking at the time, she didn't have the chance to put her hair in her usual pigtails, and settled with placing her hair into a quick bun.

Satisfied enough, she placed a pair of black sneakers on her feet and rushed out of her room, down the stairs through her home and down to the bakery. Grabbing a muffin to eat on the way to school, she shouts her goodbyes to her parents.

"Bye, Mama, bye, Papa!"

Waving to her parents, she speeds out of the front bakery's door and rushes across the street towards the school.

In the classroom, everyone was either in their seats or standing in their own little groups, all in their own conversations with one another.

In the front row, Nino was in his seat leaning against the back of the desk chair listening to his music. Behind him, Alya was busy focused on her phone updating or editing her Ladyblog.

Sitting beside Nino, Adrien was leaning back against the desk chair, arms bent behind him as he rests his head against his arms. Taking a breather, Adrien spends the moment in his own thoughts.

'A whole year. It's been a year and Ladybug still refuses to wanting to know each other's identities. Does she really not trust me?'

Adrien takes a deep breath, chest extending out as he releases the built up air. Feeling the tension of stress relieving as it exits his body.

'Just once I wish I had luck on my side instead of this damn bad luck. I wish I knew who my lady was.'

He gets startled from his thoughts when the school's warning bell rings out. Sighing, Adrien leans forward, resting his elbows on the top of his desk, his head resting in his palms when the classroom door slams open to see Marinette rushing inside.

Pausing, Marinette rested her hands on her knees as she takes the moment to catch her breath and recapture the much needed air that her lungs were currently screaming for.

"Girl, there you are! I was worried you were going to be late. Again." Greeted Alya.

Marinette looks up at her baring a smile. "Who, me? Never! It's the first day of school, Alya. Can't be late for that, now can I?"

Chuckling, Alya shakes her head and looks back at her phone and types. Leaning back up, Marinette composes herself and walks towards her seat. Noticing Marinette walking forward, Nino removes his headphones and greets her, Adrien following right behind.

"What up, dude?" Nino says with a smile.

"Morning, Mari." Adrien greets with his model smile.

Looking at the two boys, Marinette greets them in return.

"Morning, Nino." She looks at Adrien, a light blush crossing her face. "Morning, Adrien."

Turning her head forward, Marinette ascends the stairs to her seat and slides in and begins chatting with Alya, talking about their summer and what they did when they weren't hanging out with the other or the boys.

In the front, a smile still adorns on Adrien's face after Marinette left to sit in her seat. He occasionally eavesdropping on their summer and missing everyone.

Remembering his time so far with his friends since he's started school, he's grateful to have close friends like Nino, Alya, and Marinette. Those three were the best and closest friends he has and will ever have, well, other than Ladybug, but no one needs to know that fact. He wouldn't trade them for anything.

His days even got better when Marinette and him got closer over the past eight months. Her stuttering had finally disappeared and both were able to have a full and complete conversation together. It was the best. The better moments being the days that he and Marinette got to spend together while Alya and Nino became busy with each other, doing who knows what. Not that whatever certain activities they do together is a bad thing. He's just grateful those two lovebirds gave him an excuse to hang out with Marinette.

Ah, Marinette.

An amazing, talented, and overall incredible girl. He wouldn't lie, he's always had a little crush on Marinette the day he met her. The more he got to know her, that little crush grew into something more. Adrien only wishes he didn't have Ladybug in his life at the same time. It's difficult having two amazing girls that are important to him and he can only choose one. It's a conflict he deals with on a regular basis.

When the final bell rings, Ms. Bustier walks into the classroom, placing her belongings on the desk, and begins writing on the chalkboard. As the day's lesson commence, everyone quiets down and turns their focus towards the board as they wait for their teacher to begin.

With the morning part of classes over, the bell rings signaling lunch as students stand up and begin packing their belongings.

"Hey, what's everyone doing for lunch today?" Rose asked everyone with sweetest tone to her voice.

All the students looked up, a few giving a shrug of the shoulder unsure of any plans.

Beaming, Rose continued, "Well, how about we all go to the park by Marinette's place and have a welcome back picnic?"

"That sounds fun!" Alya was the first to speak up. "It'll be nice to catch up with everyone now that summer is over."

Liking the idea, everyone nods in agreement except for Chloe.

"Seriously? Who wants to sit on the grass? I am not going outside to stain these expensive styled clothes. I'm going to go to restaurant with the most exquisite food and comfortable seating."

"No one said you had to go miss spoiled brat." Alix said flatly.

Chloe scoffed. "You all are just jealous." She looks at Adrien. "I'm sure you wouldn't want to get dirty right, Adrikins?" She gives him a smug smile.

Over the years, Adrien has finally realized the person Chloe has become. He will never understand or know what caused her to be this way. In all honestly, he can't stand the girl and her snotty rich girl behavior.

As calm and nicely he can muster, "Sorry, Chlo, but I'm not going. I'd rather hang out outside with friends than the stuffy indoors of restaurants."

Disgusted and annoyed, Chloe marches off, calling Sabrina to follow as both girls exit the classroom.

With the two girls gone, everyone else finally exit the classroom and head to a nearby café and order lunch to go for the picnic.

Once everyone ordered and received their meals, all walked together towards the park by Marinette's home. Arriving, they walk through the gates and begin searching for a location large enough for their group. Finding a nice area on the grass, everyone sits down, forming a circle so all could see one another and begin eating their lunches.

It doesn't take long before the large group of friends start up on conversations.

While eating, the group decide to play a small game to help time pass.

"Alright." Kim spoke. "How about we play Would You Rather."

Everyone gives a nod for the game and Kim picks the topic. With a smile, Kim asks the question.

"Let's begin. Would you rather date Ladybug or Chat Noir?"

"Why do topics always fall on Ladybug and Chat Noir?" Asked Max.

"Because they're the most popular thing out of Paris. Now just accept it and answer the question." Kim shot back. "I'll start. I'd date Ladybug."

For Marinette and Adrien, they weren't sure how to handle the question. They weren't even sure if they wanted to know who would want to date them. Yet, at the same time it could be interesting. All they had to do was not blush at the thought of hearing their alter ego's name.

"Chat Noir. He would seem fun to compete with." Said Alix.

"Ladybug. She seems sweet enough to talk to and get to know." Nathanael added his choice.

"I would also choose Ladybug. She would be resourceful when danger arose." Max added.

"Oh! I would choose Chat Noir. He just looks so sweet and adorable!" Rose said excitingly.

"Ladybug." Ivan and Mylene said in unison.

"Ladybug. She just seems cool." Juleka answered.

"Totally got to go with Ladybug. She's pretty looking." Responded Nino.

"Excuse me?" Alya asked, looking at her boyfriend.

"Whoa babe, it's cool. I said she's pretty, but you're hotter. Like totally hotter than her." Nino shot back to ease his girlfriend.

"That's what I thought." Alya said in return. "But, you're right. I would choose Ladybug as well, she's bad ass." Alya gave Nino a smirk.

Now it was Adrien's turn, but he knew it wasn't much of a debate. "Ladybug, hands down. She's just amazing and incredible."

Marinette cautiously turns her head away, hiding the blush that surfaced on her cheeks. If only Adrien knew that Ladybug was sitting right next to him.

After hearing Adrien's answer, it was Marinette's turn.

"I would have to go with Chat Noir. He's incredibly loyal, humble, and amazing."

"Sounds like you have a thing for him, Mari. With those words and all." Said Alix.

Beside Marinette, Adrien couldn't help with the dark blush that crossed along his features. He couldn't help but feel giddy at hearing those words. It's not often he hears someone say good things about him. Thankfully nobody noticed his red cheeks.

'Does Marinette really think that about me?'

"What can I say?" Responded Marinette. "It's not hard to imagine what lies under that leather suit of his. One can have use their imagination."

Everyone cracks a smile and start laughing and agree with her statement.

If only Marinette could she what she was doing to Adrien right now. His warm face, the blush growing darker, could possibly match the red color of Ladybug's suit.

Moving away from the game, they all get lost in more conversations, soon everyone realizing how much they need to do these outings with the entire group more.

While Kim was telling a story, Marinette opened her purse to place a cookie she bought from the café for Tikki to eat.

Grabbing her trash beside her in one of her hands, she stands up, moving forward and ready to shut her purse when she trips over one of Ivan's shoes, falling forward. Landing flat on the ground with a thud, all watch Marinette's tumble and witness a little red and black dotted bug like creature tumble along the grass, halting to the center where all can see.

Shooting up on her knees and hands, Marinette looks at her kwami in shock, eyes wide and fearing the worse. Looking around, all her friends stare at the little creature. As Marinette looks back at Tikki, she can see her kwami on her back, eyes open with a toothy smile, arms out, completely motionless like a small toy.

"Uh, Marinette. What is that?"

'Oh god! Please let them think this is a toy!' Marinette internally screams to herself.

Alix is the first to move and picks up Tikki, rotating Tikki around to look at the craftsmanship. Marinette stiffens at the sight of her kwami being picked up and held.

"Wow. Marinette, were did you get this toy? It's totally cool looking." Alix says in amazement.

All the others start gathering around to look closer at Tikki, admiring the toy and detail. Each taking turns holding the creature and smiling.

When Marinette doesn't answer, they all look up to her.

"Marinette?" asked Alix.

"U-uh…I…uh." Marinette didn't know what to say honestly. She had to think quickly for the sake of her identity. "I…I got it from my uncle! Yea that right!" Marinette almost shouted out. "M-my uncle from China. It's a new toy that just started being prototyped two months or so ago. He thought I would like it so he sent it to me."

'Please! Please for the love of god believe this story!'

"That's so cool!" Rose shouted.

"What are they called?"



She couldn't honestly believe her luck. How the hell is she going to survive this? There is no way she can get away with saying it's a kwami. 'Oh you know, they're called kwami and shockingly she's real and helps me turn into Ladybug. No big deal.' Well, it's not like her luck is getting any better.

Taking a deep breath, Marinette exhales as she replies, "Th-they're called Kwamis."

Marinette internally screams at herself. She can only pray that Tikki won't get mad at her later today when they're alone. She will personally make a dozen cookies for her for simply managing holding still for this long period of time.

As some look at Marinette or Tikki, their expressions are full of excitement and completely intrigued. Everyone, except Adrien. Marinette couldn't see Adrien beside her, but his expression was full on shock and completely dumbstruck. Eyes completely wide and pupils shrunken and mouth agape.

His mind had literally crashed and malfunctioned when he heard Marinette say 'kwami'.

'What?! WHAT?! Did she just say what I think she said?! Did she seriously just say that creature was a kwami?!'

Snapping out of his internal shock; the others go back to looking at Tikki when Adrien moves his gaze to look at Marinette. He takes in all her features and begins comparing them to his lady.

Adrien sees that she had the same Bluish raven colored hair, the freckles he absolutely adores running along her cheeks, the adorable face, and finally, those bluebell eyes that he could get lost into and not care if he ever returned. His mind combusted from the entire revelation.

'Holy Shit she's My Lady!'

As the facts come crashing down into place, Adrien literally begins having another malfunction.

As his face goes back to shock, everything begins to make sense to him. Marinette is his lady. Marinette is Ladybug! If their friends weren't around he would no doubtingly jump up with the biggest grin on his face and shout to the heavens that his beloved lady, the love of his life, is his amazing friend, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. How could he have been so blind? And lucky! He was definitely lucky today.

With the overall shock slowly coming to a low, he comes back to the voices as he hears another question be said to Marinette.

"What other designs do they have, Mari?"

Marinette freezes as she as slowly come to halt and at a loss of what to say. Lucky for her, an out had just arrived.

Taking that as his opportunity, Adrien gives the biggest grin as he speaks up, to overwhelmed with joy and excitement to care about hiding his identity anymore, especially with his lady right there.

"Maybe I can help with that."

Everyone turns their attention to Adrien, Marinette responding as well as her head snaps back to him. All looking at Adrien, they see him with the brightest grin on his face. "As a matter of fact, I have a kwami of my own." Said Adrien.

Reaching into his bag, Adrien can feel Plagg trying to dodge his hand but Adrien quickly grabs Plagg and pulls him out of the bag. Before Plagg was officially taken out, he froze himself into a sitting position like an actual cat would, only to have an angry expression on his face. His green eye bright and pupils partially slit.

Reaching into his bag, Adrien pulls out Plagg, his kwami going completely stiff in his hands. Before Plagg was taken out, he froze into a sitting position like an actual cat would, only to have an angry feature on his face.

Everyone looks at Adrien's and start complementing on how cool and awesome his looked. All amazed with the detail on his kwami just like Marinette's.

"Whoa. Yours is so cool."

"Thanks." Said Adrien. "He's such a grump cat." Only smirking due to this whole situation.

While the others continue talking, Marinette stares at Adrien with complete shock hovering over her features and unsure how to process what had just occurred. Adrien has a kwami! What the hell is going on?!

Marinette's gaze turned to his kwami, seeing the features of the creature looking very much resembling that of a cat, only to look back at Adrien. Adrien's gaze turned to Marinette's, his grin growing wider, his emerald green eyes sparkling with excitement, and gives her a wink.

'That smile. That smile is only seen on Chat Noir.' Marinette's eyes bug out and her jaw drops as realization hits her. 'HOLY SHIT! Adrien is Chat Noir. Chat Noir is Adrien. Holy flipping shit! This cat is so dead!'

"How did you get yours, Adrien?"

Easily, Adrien just smiles and responds confidently. "My father got it for me when he was in China for a business trip. He thought it would make a good gift."

"Damn. You two are so lucky. If I had a way of getting one, I totally would." Said Kim.

All the others nod their head in agreement.

Checking the time; lunch is coming to an end as everyone picks up their trash to toss away and start heading back towards the school.

As everyone leaves, Marinette receives Tikki back and holds her close. With everyone facing forward, Tikki moves and takes a breather.

"That was astounding. I can't believe they all bought that." Tikki spoke as she looks at Marinette, only to see her chosen still completely speechless.

"Well, I found it rather enlightening."

Marinette turns her head to see Adrien standing beside her with the biggest and most exciting grin to ever cross his face, his kwami, Plagg floating on the side.

Her eyes narrow, brows furrowing as she stares at Adrien with a frustrated look.

"You're in so much trouble, chaton."

"As long as you're the one doing the punishment, I purr-sonally don't give a damn, my lady." A playful shit eating grin playing on his face.

Lips thinning, she continues to stare at him, "You're unbelievable."

"You know you love me, bugaboo!" Adrien said jokingly, even though he truly meant it.

Unfortunately, Adrien was right, thought Marinette, but two can play this game.

Swiftly, Marinette grabs Adrien by his shirt, gripping hard as she pulls him face to face, a small yelp emitting from Adrien. A smirk takes place on Marinette's lips as Adrien's features becoming startled, gulping with the intense stare she was giving him.

"You're right. I do love you, mon minou. You are my paws-tively adorkable, handsome kitty cat."

Before Adrien could process her voice and her making a pun, he feels Marinette place her lips against his, sealing both in a kiss.

Before he could respond back, Marinette breaks the kiss and releases Adrien. She takes pride as a smile forms on her face seeing the dumbstruck expression contorting on Adrien's face. She chuckles as it seems Adrien as stopped functioning, completely motionless as he stares out to nowhere in particular.

Marinette finds the reaction adorable.

"Come, chaton. Class awaits us."

With that, Marinette starts heading towards her friends in the distance towards the school.

Blinking, Adrien snaps out of his trance and turns over to look at Marinette. She stops, feeling his gaze on her, and glances back, her head slightly looking behind her shoulder. She gives him a smile, Adrien knowing all too well that look is the confidence of Ladybug, only such a smile like that to be seen on his lady's face, and one that he finds mesmerizing. She turns her head and continues walking.

Letting everything re-sink in, Adrien breaks out in a Chat Noir grin and chases after Marinette.

How could he not? It's only the beginning of more fun to come.