Dragon Ball GT Super.

Chapter 1: Pilaf's blunder. Return of Goku.

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High above the clouds of Earth, floats a large round structure with three ancient looking temples on top of it. With square tiles that somehow make a circle. The main temple was the tallest, with three different entranceways that also had walkways. The two that stood on either side of the main building were basically the same. Also with many different openings. A set of stairs at each of the two smaller temples. The main temple being the living quarters, and entrance to what's underneath the temple. Inside the huge floating structure.





Lights shot out from inside the Lookout, threatening to explode outward, had the solid structure not held it in place. The sound a fierce battle raging from inside, and the battle cries of two warriors were heard from the heavens themselves.




And another bright flash of light shot from the lookout, causing multiple cracks to form on the surface. The floor to the Lookout looked like it had seen better days. With small cracks, the tiles being chipped, and light shining from the cracks made it look extremely unstable. Or, that's what Dende and his assistant Mister Popo through as they ran for cover.

"I know the Lookout sturdy, but-" *CRASH* "aren't they going a bit too far!?" The Guardian of Earth yelled as he went duck under the roof of his temple. The Namekian desperately looking for something to hold on to.

"I know what you mean!" Screamed the assistant from just a few feet behind Dende. Keeping pace with the rookie Guardian with ease. Yet his face still had a nervous look. The man knew he would have to clean this up when it was all over. With a little help from Dende and his magic of course.



"Dah dah dah!" Multiple greenish yellow energy blast shot out from Uub's bare palms, rocketing like heat-seeking missiles towards his master as of 7 years ago. Uub then shot down to some of the giant rocks below and used them to jump straight at his Master.

Uub wears his regular Martial Arts Gi. A pale Green Gi top and pants. A yellow sash to keep the pants up, and bright red tied on boots. He wears his hair in a mohawk, a common hairstyle of his home village.

With his right hand cocked, Uub charges his master. Watching as the man dispatches of the Ki blast with the ease of the warrior he is. This was how it was between Uub and his Master. Uub had never landed a hit on the man since their first encounter at the World Tournament exactly 7 years ago. And that was because the man was going easy on him. Testing his to his fullest extent at the time. Seeing if Uub was worthy of becoming his student.

Ever since, it had been one training session after another. With the man never showing Uub his full power. Why? Because Uub hadn't earned the right to see his Masters full power.

But that would change today! Today, Uub will finally land a hit on his Master! Today, he becomes the warrior the man always knew he could be. It was his goal. And he'd be damned before he hit his master at least once before the spar was over!


A purple aura surrounded Uub's fist as he charged the slightly distracted man above him. The man looked down at Uub with a smirk before raising his palm to Uub. A maelstrom of wind suddenly appeared and knocked Uub away from his target. Yet the youth recovered quickly.

Uub summoned his white aura and shot behind his master, planning on kicking the man from the back. Yet the older man saw the attack coming almost a mile away. With a raised forearm, he blocked the kick without showing any sign of resistance. He brought Uub in close then twirled the Majin Reincarnation straight towards a floating rock behind them.

The Master's hand shot forward, a blue beam of his Ki energy blasting right towards his out of control student, whose eyes had widened at the sight of the blast.

"Crap!" With a burst of speed, Uub was no longer in the beams way. Instead, he reappeared a few feet away from his master. Uub shot two small blast of green Ki at the man, but these were rendered useless as the Master simply swatted them aside.

"You're gonna have to try better than that Uub." The older man said, his voice dripping with confidence as Uub frowned in annoyance.

"Just wait! Today will be the day!" Uub once again charged his Master, his right hand cocked and his left in front of him.

"Then make it!" With a challenging grin, the Master rocketed to meet his student in a brawl between Master and Student.

As the two met in the middle, a huge amount of yellow Ki swallowed them both. Yet the two continued through the insane amount of Ki surrounding them. Not even bothered by the explosion that followed soon after.


"WHAAAAA!" Emperor Pilaf was thrown around in his head piece of the Pilaf Machine. His faithful follower, Shu, in the same position as they were tossed like ragdolls across the Lookouts outer side. The looks of sheer terror on their faces as they easily recognized the screams inside the Lookout.

They knew damn well how powerful that one man was. Their new robot wouldn't stance a snowball's chance in hell against their sworn enemy. Even if he didn't go 'Super Sandwich,' they'd still get their robotic butts handed to them!

After the events of the past, the Pilaf gang had grown to the young adults they were when they first met Goku. Each working at Bulma's Corporation as a means to sustain themselves. Yet that wasn't enough for Pilaf, who had always dreamed of world domination. So the young blue man began to plot and plan like the old days. Taking his last loyal follower with him, Pilaf went to the Lookout with a modified Dragon Radar built into his secret robot.

The robot itself was made from two individual robots. The bottom one having boosters for flight, and the head of the robot having suction cups to climb even the tallest of buildings and mountains! Normally Pilaf would have added a bottom robot, but due to… unfortunate circumstances, he was forced to build a two manned robot. A robot perfect for his current mission.

What was the mission? Well he was hunting Dragon Balls! But not just any type of Dragon Balls. No, Pilaf was after the second most powerful Dragon Balls ever made, with the 'Super' Dragon Balls in mind. Dragon Balls that were made looong before the time of Piccolo or Kami. Back when the two were one and the same.

The only complication was that now he had HIM to deal with! The one man in the whole stupid Universe that would always find a way to foil his perfect plans! No weaponry or any type of trap would ever be able to stop that man. But this would change nothing. They would have to be sneaky is all. That wouldn't be so hard, right?

"Master! It's him! He's here!" His furry companion yelled through the intercom on their mechas.

"Shut up Shu! I know what I'm doing!" The self proclaimed Emperor said through grit teeth and sweat.

"But Master, is this all really even worth it!?" The dog man insisted, clearly not liking being up there with THAT man.

"I can't keep living under Mrs. Briefs Shu! Mai may have fallen into their clutches, but I won't be the same!" The blue midget winced in anger as another yell of power came from that familiar voice.

"Yes Master…" The dog man said as he looked at his master with begging eyes. Eyes that were ignored by Pilaf.


Ignorant to what was happening outside, Uub and his Master fought with clear intent. Uub fired off several light green Ki blast at his master before flying to the right. Narrowly dodging his Master's own signature blast. The Kamehameha was something he'd like to stay far away from for now.

Uub looked up, only to find his Master was nowhere to be seen! This caused the young Majin to look around in panic. His Master wasn't someone you'd want to lose sight of in a fight. For that exact reason, Uub made sure to keep his eyes moving. Trying to find the man's Ki signature wouldn't do him any good. The Master was too fast for him to be able to correctly find him.

"Never lose sight of your opponent!" Uub suddenly felt his Master's two fist slam into his back; sending the Reincarnated Majin flying towards the floor. Yet the older man wasn't done. Instead of letting Uub hit the ground, the man grabbed Uub's ankle and slung him into the surrounding debris.

"AHGH!" Uub tried in vein to block against the boulders by crossing his arms in front of his face. His Master had one hell of a throwing arm, thats for sure.

"Your not gonna win slaking Uub!" Came his Master's voice, making Uub's eyes widen in momentary shock. With a jolt of energy, Uub shot in a random direction. This time he kept his eyes on his Master. Didn't want a repeat of his last mistake.

Uub brought quickly cupped both hands to his sides, letting his Ki flow in between the palms. The man's eyes widened for a second, before a full blown smirk made it's way to his face. He cupped his own hands to his sides as well.





Both Student and Master shot their hands forward, both with a fire in their eyes that wouldn't die down!


Two blue beams suddenly shot forward! Both massive beams of destruction met in the middle of both warriors! As the two beams clashed in a battle of power, the raw energy sent a shockwave that could be felt all over the Lookout.


"WHY!?" Dende yelled as he held a large pillar in an fruital attempt at staying in place. Pop was in a similar position as he held the next pillar in a death grip. His eyes wide with confusion,

"WHY DO ALL THESE SQUARES MAKE A CIRCLE!?" He screamed out of nowhere. Dende would have to ask him about that when they weren't in danger of FALLING OFF THE LOOKOUT!

Not to far away, Pilaf and Shu were having similar problems. Only staying connected due to Pilaf's suction in his robot.




"GRAAAAAAGH!" Uub screamed with all his no matter how much power he put into his blast, his Master put a little bit more into his. Worst thing was, it seemed easy to the older man. Like Uub's own attack could be overtaken at any time.

So this is the extent of our gap. No wonder I never hit him before. He's just way too damn strong for any of my attacks. Majin or otherwise. So how exactly am I going to… THAT'S IT!

Ubb suddenly smirked. His power spiked as his regular white aura began to get overtaken by a bright red. His eyes sharpened as his breath quickened. His muscles bulged as he winced. He took a quick breath, his eyes locking with curious stare his Master gave him.


The red aura burst to life, and Uub's Kamehameha tripled in size, pushing the other man's back little by the Master just smirked as his power responded in kind. With a burst of his own white aura, the man's Kamehameha pushed Uub's attack right back into it's exact same position. Yet something happened that the man didn't expect.

His beam actually pushed Uub's back to to be more accurate, his Ki blast completely overpowered Uub's. That wasn't suppose to happen. It was only suppose to go half way then even out like he had planned it.

What was Uub up to?

Uub's beam was just barely holding on, being pushed further and further by the Master's own. But something was wrong with this. Even if the man had used too much power, Uub could go much further than only times four. So why stop there when he was being beaten this badly? Unless it was some sort of…

"NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR OPPONENT!" The Master hardly had time to duck as a solid hit made contact with the side of his face. A fist courtesy of Uub and his blazing red aura.

The man's Kamehameha died off as all was silent for that one moment. Uub, after 7 whole years of training, had finally hit his master. IT WAS THE DAY!

Both the man and Uub stared at each other. Looking intently into the others eyes. Right before both broke out into fits of laughter that echoed through the damaged hull of the lookout.

"Yes! I did it!" Uub yelled as he did a quick cheer. His master look at his student with a proud smile. However, with all good things come some bad things.

"Congratulations Uub. You pass!" The man said with a small smile. Uub then looked up at his Master with confused eyes. He passed?

"What exactly did I pass?" Uub asked as he rolled his shoulder blade, checking for any injuries he may have sustained.

"I'll tell you after we eat!"

"Uh… sure." Uub replied as the two began to float to the exit.

"But in all seriousness, you did great today Uub." The man said as he opened the door to the outside.

"Thanks, for everything. Master Goku!"

..Few minutes Later….

"Ahhh, that was the stuff!" Goku said as he patted his stomach, content with the meal Dende provided him.

"Yeah! It was delicious Dende!" Uub supplied as he sat down a few empty bowls. While his pile wasn't anywhere near the size of Goku's, Uub could eat his weight in food easily. And Dende was one of the best cooks he knows of, not including Chi-Chi that one time.

"Hey, it's the least I could do. You guys didn't completely destroy the Lookout this time!" The Guardian said with a smile. The Lookout was much easier to fix when you didn't have go looking for every single floating part. At least this way they only had to fix a few cracks. Nothing worth fretting over.

"Yes, most fortunate Uub won when he did. I'm not sure I could've handled the tension anymore." The man said as he grabbed the empty plates with a smile. Nodding when both Goku and Uub gave him their thanks.

"Speaking of, WHat was it you wanted to tell me?" Uub immediately saw how Goku slumped over at that. Was it bad news? Did he not pass the test with flying colors!?

*Sigh*... "Uub, you did fantastic. Better than I could've predicted. But… we've reached the limit." Goku looked down, not exactly happy about what he was about to say.

"Look, Uub. You've been a fantastic student. But there comes a time in every Master/Student relationship, where the student can't learn anymore from the Master." Goku said with a sad smile. Yet his eyes still looked at Uub with pride.


"That mean I'm no longer your teacher kid. From this day forward, we're equals. Martial Artist that seek only to better themselves for the future!" Uub looked at his Master in shock; taken off guard by the proclamation.

"So… what exactly does this mean?" Asked Uub as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Simple. From this day forward, I want you to train. To become stronger than I ever could."

"But how could I ever…" Yet Uub was interrupted by Goku bringing his hand up to silence Uub.

"Don't ever think like that Uub. There will always be a higher mountain to climb. All you have to do is climb my mountain. And don't stop climbing even after you reach the peak!" Goku shouted as he grabbed Uub by the shoulder. Giving the kid his trademarked Son Grin.

"Yeah!" Pumping his fist in the air, Uub found himself filled with new found confidence. If his mas- Friend. If his friends believed he could do it, then he would!

"Great! But first, I think we would both need to visit our families." Goku knew he'd been away a little too long this time. Chi-Chi wasn't going to be happy when he got home, that was for sure…

"Yeah, I haven't seen my mother or father in a long time." Uub added, scratching the side of his cheek in slight embarrassment. Ever since the tournament, Uub had seen less and less of his family. But since his training was done, he could go and spend a few weeks with them! Then go and try to get stronger.


"Yeah Uub?" The saiyan warrior asked as he looked down to ex-student.

"One day, I'm going to beat you! Fair and square!" Goku didn't need convincing. The kid had enough potential that he rivaled Gohan's. The only difference was the Uub had a goal now. Goku had no doubt that Uub would one day rise and take his spot as strongest… well, third strongest he guessed.

"I look forward to seeing you try kid! Just know, I won't be lazing around. I'll be training just as hard as I ever do." Goku said as he raised his fist. Uub did the same, and they fist bumped the other with large smiles on their faces.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

..Pilaf's Gang…..

The two last members of Pilaf's gang entered the lonely temple the the Main temple's right. A small room with a single pedestal in the middle. The pedestal held 7 small round object. The objects in question were covered completely in dust. Making them look like a type of moldy fruit instead of what Pilaf knew them to be.

"WE DID IT!" Pilaf shouted as he hopped up to the pedestal. A wide smile on his face as he stared intently at the seven balls on the pedestal. Shu also hopped up, confused about why the balls looked the way they did.

"Sir, they don't look anything like the Dragon Balls we've ever seen before…" Shu said with doubt. Sometimes his leader could get a little… crazy.

"Ah, but Shu. These are no ordinary Dragon Balls." Taking his sleeve, Pilaf whipped away most of the dust covering one of the balls. Showing that instead of a normal orange star in the middle, was a black star.

"A black star?" The dog man said, confused about the whole thing now.

"You see Shu, after 4 years of using Capsule Corp resources to research, plan, and create this modified Dragon Ball Radar I have found that there are two types of Dragon Balls on this planet!"

"Two? But didn't Kami only create one pair of Dragon Balls?" Pilaf looked at his assistant in annoyance, not really wanting to explain it all. But he wanted Shu on the same page.

"These were made long before Piccolo and Kami split apart. Giving them an abundance of negative energy instead of positive energy. That's why the star is black. To show that this was made back when Kami wasn't a saint. Thus creating these, THE BLACK STAR DRAGON BALLS!" The self proclaimed emperor informed as he began to grab a few more of the Dragon Balls. Stuffing as many as he could in his tiny pockets.

"Don't you think that evil Dragon Balls would have some type of malfunction?" The dog man really didn't like the idea of using the Black Star Dragon Balls.

"Of course not! I'm sure that it only makes the Dragon a bit of an ass-hole. Other than that, I'm sure it'll be just fine." Shu didn't look convinced, but he went along with his Master anyway. They got this far together….

..A few minutes Later…..

The four current occupants of the Lookout walked out of the main building. Uub jogging down the steps as he waves goodbye to his friends. Goku and Dende doing the same as the youth starts to float.

"See ya guys later!" Uub yelled as he summoned his white aura, prepared to shoot off into the sky at any moment.

"You can count on it!" Goku yelled back, giving Uub one last look full of pride. Taking this as his cue, Uub shot away with a white trail of aura following him.

Goku stood there. Watching as Uub vanished across the horizon. The boy would never know how proud Goku was of him. He was like a third son to Goku. Images of Gohan, Goten, and Uub in one place brought a smile to Goku often. And the fact they were all competent warriors made the Saiyan warrior's fatherly side swell with pride. If there was a threat that he or Vegeta couldn't face, then Goku had no doubt that their children would be more than up for the challenge.

"Hehe, guess I should start heading home to. Two whole years away from my family really makes me miss them. Speaking of, I should probably go now. Maybe I'll stop for a small snake?" The man wondered as he started to make his way to the side of the Lookout.

"We'll see ya later Goku." Dende said as he and Popo went back into their home. Both looking over the lookout with nervous expressions. It wouldn't be fun cleaning up the mess.

"Yeah, you to Dende!" Goku then turned to look down at the planet. His planet. His home. Memories started to flow in Goku's head. From his time living at with Grandpa Gohan, to leaving with Bulma on an adventure that changed his life.

From that moment he and Bulma decided to leave, Goku's life had been nothing but amazing.

He met friends, images of Krillin, Piccolo, Tien, Roshi, Yamcha, Bulma, Vegeta, and everyone else flashed in his mind.

He made rivals throughout multiple universes. Hit and Berrus, along with several others coming to mind.

He even has a family he could be proud of. Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten, Videl, Mr. Satan, and finally Uub. His Grandpa Gohan would be proud of him right now.

He made a number of enemies that drove him over the edge. Zamasu, Black,King Piccolo, and Frieza. People that went too far when it came to him and his friends.

But most of all, Goku had a great life. He was getting higher up in the years, yet his body remained that of a thirty year old. He wouldn't feel old until he was around ninety. Then his aging would finally catch up to him. But Goku didn't care about that, he has all he'd ever wanted.

A fun, adventurous life full of wonders and excitement.

With a smile, Goku then looked out towards his home in Mount Paozu.

"I'm com over there?" Curiosity overtook the Saiyan, as he began to float to the source of the home Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten!" His aura spiked up, and he began to fly away. And he would've been half way there by now, if he hadn't seen a faint yellow glow coming from one of the side temples.

"What's going on

Just stopping outside of it, Goku landed on the ground with barely a sound. The sky suddenly went black, but Goku was already on his way inside. Not noticing the that a giant red chinese Dragon had appeared out of nowhere behind him.

"YES! We did it Shu!" Goku knew that voice. It was one he heard many times while at Capsule Corp.

"Holy moly sir! It's huge!" Another familiar voice said. Now Goku knew exactly who it was here.

"Hey! What are you guys doing here?" Goku yelled as he walked in. Doing a friendly wave as he smiled at the two former evil-doers.

"AAAAHHHHHH! It's Goku!" Shu screamed as he hid inside his robot. Fear taking over as Goku walked ever closer.

"Goku? Oh nononononono! Not now!" Pilaf hopped into his mech suit, jumping onto Shu's bottom part. They knew Goku would never fall to their machines, but they had to-

"Why have you summoned me?" Asked a booming voice of the Dragon. Goku looked up with wide eyes, as the red Dragon easily towered over Shenron and Porunga. Though nowhere near the size of the Dragon from the Super Dragon Balls, that's for sure.

"Holy crap! You look like a bigger, meaner version of Shenron!" Goku blurted out, not knowing what else to say about the massive Dragon.

"I am known as the Ultimate Shenron. Now speak your wish, so that I may return to my slumber." The Ultimate Dragon said, as it's eyes glowed a menacing red. Goku couldn't help but feel that this Dragon felt a little… evil. But it was minor, as couldn't find any reason not to trust the giant Dragon.

"I'm Goku! Nice to meetcha!"

"I do not care, speak your one wish!"

"Hurry up sir! Or Goku will get the wish!" Shu whispered as he looked up at his leader. Pilaf instantly came to reality at Shu's words. If he didn't wish now, then he'd never be able to gain world dominance!

"Oh! You guys have a wish? What is it?" Goku asked as he looked down at the two inside their robots.

Pilaf and Shu began to sweat as Goku looked at them innocently. What were they going to tell him!? That they planned on betraying him and everyone else!? That they still wished to rule the world!? No, they needed to come up with a convincing lie. Something that Goku would never suspect of being a lie.

"Umm well Goku, you see, we- uh…." Pilaf stammered as he tried to think of SOMETHING!

"WE WERE GOING TO WISH FOR THE PERFECT GIFT FOR BULMA!" Shu suddenly shouted as opened the hatch of his machine. Looking at Goku with eyes that would have told anyone else they were lying. But fortunately for them, Goku saw this as true. A smile broke out on Goku's face as he heard the new!

"Wait, Bulma's birthday is soon!" The two criminals nodded vigorously, confirming that Bulma would have a birthday soon.

"You guys don't mind if I-"

"Your wish has been granted." The Ultimate Shenron's eyes glowed a deep crimson once more. A flash of light surrounded the three, consuming them as it glowed even brighter.

Just then, Dende and Popo entered the area. Seeing the light, they assumed the worst had happened and yelled for their friend.



"What is with you today Popo!?" Dende yelled as his assistant only scratched his head in confusion. In reality, Popo had no idea why he said it.

Back at the temple, the light had died down. Resulting in Goku trying to rub away the blindness his eyes suffered. Pilaf and Shu doing very much the same.

The Dragon above looked down at them, not giving away any emotion.

"Until the next summoning. Farewell." The Dragon retreated into the clouds, away from the sight of the people on the Lookout.

Pilaf then looked to the Dragon Balls still on the ground. He knew what would happen when the wish was granted! He quickly tried to jump to the balls, only for them to shoot straight up. A light trail following them, as they then shot out in multiple directions. Each one going in different directions as Pilaf's hope for world domination faded back to whence it came.

"No…" Pilaf muttered as he looked to the sky, defeated.

"WOW! Boss! Look at this!" Shu said as he held something in his hands. Pilaf looked down, and his eyes promptly popped out of their sockets at the sight of the item Shu had.

"Th-th-... There diamond necklaces!" Looking at them, Pilaf could tell that they were in someway priceless. Having stolen plenty of jewelry before, Pilaf knew a pretty diamond when he saw one. AND BOY did they find a pretty diamond!

If they could sell this, then they's have enough money to buy a small country and more! They'd bring back the Pilaf Army! And look for the Dragon Balls once more!

Yet Goku swiped the Diamonds from Shu's hand, looking them over with very little interest. The man looked at it in confusion, before looking up with a wondering look.

Bulma wouldn't like this. Was the Dragon wrong?

He wondered. He had known Bulma since he was a child. She had plenty of shiny necklaces, so one more would matter to the rich woman. It would be a horrible gift if she could just buy a million more of the same kind! So without further thought, Goku tossed the necklace to the side. Not caring for Pilaf's and Shu's looks of panic as he did so.

Upon impact with the ground, the necklace shattered into a million pieces. Leaving only bits behind, just like any hope Pilaf and Shu had for world domination.

"YOU IDIOTS!" Came another voice Goku knew all too well. Looking up to sky, Goku smiled as he felt the energy of his old Master, King Kai.

"Hey ya King Kai! Whatcha up t-"

"SHUT UP GOKU!" The Kai's voice rang inside everyone's head. Causing them all to grab it with slight pain.

"Ow! What was that for King Kai?" Goku complained as he pouted up to the sky.

"You let a wish be made on the Black Star Dragon Balls!"

"The Black Star Dragon Balls? Never heard of 'em." Goku replied as he then sat down.

"The Black Star Dragon Balls!?" Dende screamed in terror as he ran into the building. Pop once again not so far behind him.

"Yes! I felt the wish happen from here. Do you have ANY idea what you just did!?" The North Kai screamed in fury as Goku and the rest looked up in confusion.

"Uh… nope." Goku really didn't know what all this yelling was about.

"You idiot. Look, when someone makes a wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls, the world the wish was made will…"

"Will what King Kai?" Goku pushed, not liking being left in suspense.

"The negative energy left behind from the Black Star Dragon balls will slowly take over the earth, before consuming it and…"

"Just tell us already!" Pilaf shouted, looking into the sky with a glare.

"The world will explode."

Needless to say, Pilaf knew he had screwed up big this time.


If you can't tell, I was recently rewatching DBGT. And I got the idea, why the hell not add Super to the GT storyline? And by the way, It took me two days to type this. Which means, that I can type like a mother f**ker when I'm motivated enough! And with something like THIS no less!?

It's something we've all thought of, but never actually put into words. So I took the liberty, and am now the first author to actually do this! Starting with Goku's and Uub finishing their training. I focused mostly on Uub's side of the brawl, since he never really shows up in FanFictions anymore. Which is sad. He's a good character.

Also, if anyone is wondering what Goku is wearing. It's his regular orange GI we know and love. He'll switch Gis every now and then like in Super. He'll even switch to his GT Gi at some points. And all the changes you've seen are from what I think would happen. The Pilaf Gang, minus Mai, didn't run because they were more familiar than they were in GT.

I think Goku would likely notice the Dragon this time, because of the timing I put him in there. And the necklace for Bulma? That's because I REALLY didn't want to turn Goku into a kid. It would have been cool seeing a SSJB Kid Goku, but then I wouldn't have any way to turn back into an adult later on. Except SSJ4, which WILL be in the story. Even though the transformation may not be as powerful as SSJB or SSJG, it will be important to the story line. Much like SSB will be.

And yeah, the DB cast I send to space will be a little more OP than in the canon GT. I will also send two other characters beside Goku, Trunks, and Pan. You can probably guess which two they are rather easily, and I make no apologies. One of them should have gone the first time, and the other should have gotten WAY more screen time than he did.

And to anyone that may be wondering what I'll do with the Super 17 arc, that'll depend on what Super does with 17 later on in the Universal Survival arc. But I will go through with it, since it was an important part of the GT storyline. Don't worry, I will make some major adjustments to the arc. Making it better than the original. Or, at least I hope so.

This has been JTD3! Signing out!