They were crossing a road when they saw someone get hit by a car. Mimi seemed to recognize him, and ran towards him with Sheldon. She inspected the face and whispered, 'No.'

"Mimi, do you know him?" Sheldon asked.

"Yes." Mimi said, with a trembling voice. There were people gathered round them.

"Mimi, let's go." Sheldon said.

"No, Sheldon." Mimi said.

Just then, the ambulance arrived and people stepped out from it.

"Is there a guardian or an acquaintance here?" the paramedic asked.

"It's me." Mimi said. She grabbed Sheldon's hand and went inti the ambulance with him. The man was lifted up into the ambulance as well. The paramedic closed the door.

"Mimi, who is that?" Sheldon asked.

"His name is Gabriel." Mimi said. Her eyes were filled with tears.

"How do you know him?" Sheldon was getting irritated.

"It'sā€¦ complicated." Mimi said. "I'll tell you later."

Complicated? Sheldon had seen it plenty of times on Leonard's facebook status to know more than enough what that meant.

They continued the rest of the ride in silence. Mimi held onto Gabriel's hand and cried next to him.

Sheldon wondered what it would feel like if he were the one who was wounded and Mimi was crying for him. Better than this, without a doubt.

The ambulance arrived at the hospital. Sheldon sat on the benches while Mimi filled out the forms for Gabriel, who was in surgery. Mimi came and sat down next to Sheldon.

"Who is he?" Sheldon asked again.

"I've known him since we were teenagers." Mimi said. "I ā€“ I don't think I'm ready to lose him already." She burst into tears.

On normal occasions, Sheldon would have comforted Mimi when she was crying, but today, nope. He didn't like how she was all focused on Gabriel, whoever he was. Wait, could it be she still had affection in him?

A doctor and two nurses came out of the surgery room with Gabriel lying on the wheeled bed.

"Mimi Edwards?" The doctor asked.

"Yes?" Mimi said.

"Madame, his injuries are not very critical ā€“ just a few broken bones, luckily no damage to the internal organs. We've put some plaster on him, and we expect him to come back to consciousness in 8 hours or so." He said.

"Oh thank goodness!" Mimi cried. They followed the doctor into Gabriel's ward.

Sheldon didn't like this situation. All he wanted was a good walk with Mimi and then to return home for a good night's sleep, not get stuck in a hospital with who was presumably Mimi's ex (or maybe someone she still loved!).

Mimi sat down from standing next to Gabriel's bed. Sheldon looked at her.

"Sheldon." She whispered. "I don't know what to do."

Manners, Sheldon thought. "Would you like a hot beverage?" he asked.

"It's ok." Mimi said. "I just ā€“ I just never thought I'd see him in such a state."

Sheldon sighed. Girls.

"Sheldon." Mimi whispered. "Hold me."

Sheldon put his arms around Mimi gently. Mimi buried her head in his chest and cried.

After a good cry, Mimi pulled back and she and Sheldon sat on the bench next to Gabriel's bed.

"Sheldon, I'm sorry I dragged you all the way here." She said. Oh, she was finally understanding how he felt!

"No, it's ok." Sheldon sighed.

"I think I'll have to spend the night with Gabe." Mimi said. Gabe? So they used pet names, huh? "Would you like to stay with me or shall I call Leonard to come get you?"

"I think I'll go home." Sheldon said. He didn't want to leave Mimi in this place full of deadly viruses, but he didn't want to spend the night next to that guy!

"Alright." Mimi said.