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Chapter 1

She sat in the hard wooden chair looking aimlessly around the police station as the officers moved about like ants, all of them in a hurry, all of them with somewhere to be. How did she get here? How did a causal night out turn into this?

Elizabeth had been on her way out to her car when she heard a loud cry come from behind the building. Everything in her now wishes she had left well enough alone and simply called 911. She made her way around the back to see a larger man with his hands around the next of what looked like one of the waitresses from the restaurant. She didn't know what to do so she simply shouted "HEY!" causing the man to be startled and drop the woman whom he was trying to kill. Elizabeth got a good look at his face, a face that she wouldn't soon forget. It was like time stood still. He was an older man, probably in his mid 40's and stood at about 5 foot 7 inches and weighed about 250lbs of mostly muscle. As soon as Elizabeth's body finally reacted she ran back to her car and drove off as fast as she could while calling 911.

The police officer, Sargent David Nolan was now telling her that, thanks to her quick thinking, they were able to apprehend a suspect and needed her to identify him. She was easily able to do so. What worried her was the look on Sargent Nolan's face when she identified the man. She hadn't really understood why the 911 operator had asked her to return to the scene or why the officers had her escorted back to the station, that was until she was brought into Sargent Nolan's office.

"Elizabeth I want to thank you again for all your help. Because of you we were able to apprehend the man who hurt that poor woman"

"How is she?"

"She is going to have a very sore throat for a while but doctors say she is going to recover just fine. But Elizabeth, I need to share something with you" With that comment, Sargent Nolan moved around to the front of his desk to sit next to Elizabeth. "The man that you identified through the glass, he is the head of the local mob here in Boston. Elizabeth…he is extremely dangerous."

Elizabeth put her head in her hands for a moment. Of course, the one time she steps up and becomes a hero, she incriminates the head of the mob. This only heightened her belief that she should have just called 911 and stayed out of the whole situation from the start. But then again, that girl may not be alive had she not got involved. This was just all too much to process, it was close to 4am and all she wanted to do was go home and crawl into bed and act like all of this never happened.

"Elizabeth, are you okay?" Sargent Nolan asked placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. Elizabeth looked up at him with her blood shot eyes. There was something about this girl that made him feel protective of her. He really wanted to help her in any way that he could.

"yea, this is just all a bit…well overwhelming. Am I able to go home now?"

"Well that's part of the reason I brought you in here…Elizabeth, I hate to tell you this but…" He ran a hand down his face, he really didn't want to have to do this, but he knew it was the only way he could keep this poor girl safe. "We are taking you into protective custody and you are going to be put into the witness protection program. Because you are the only one who saw what happened we need you to testify. The issues here is that, because of who the man is, they are going to try and come after you. You said he got a good look at you right?"

Elizabeth let out a huge breath she hadn't even realized she had been holding "Yea…he did"

"Well he isn't going to waste any time putting your description out to his people. For now, we're going to get you to a safe location and then we'll go over specifics okay?" Elizabeth simply nodded back. She was in total and complete shock.

Just then there was a knock at the door and a small woman with black hair and a pixy hair cut came in. "Hi, you must be Elizabeth. I'm Officer Mary Margret Nolan, Sargent Nolan is my husband. I'm going to be escorting you to a safe location and I'm going to help you transition into your new place okay?" Again, Elizabeth simply nodded in response, she was at a total loss for words.

"I'm going to talk to Sargent Nolan for just a moment, we'll be right back in okay?" Mary Margret asked hoping to at least get a one word response but was instead met once again with a nod of her head. Mary Margret then led David out into the hall and closed his office door behind them.

"That poor girl, is she going to be okay?"

"I don't know…I mean…you go from a night out to being told you identified the head of the mob as an attempted murderer and are now going to be taken into protective custody. I feel like over all she's actually handling it pretty well"

"How old is she? She doesn't look like she can be more than 15! I mean, she has a drivers license so I guess she could be 16"

"She actually just turned 18. She was in the foster system since age 5 when her parents rights were terminated over drug charges and is now officially aged out. It doesn't seem like she has any connections as far as what you would consider family. She has been in a group home just outside the city since she was 14" David said flipping through the unusually large file he had been able to pull up on her

"That poor girl, she finally gets her freedom and now we have to take it away again. We can't just send her off on her own or with some inexperienced agent"

"I have an idea of where we could send her" David said placing his arm around his wife and giving her a knowing look

"I think that's perfect" Snow responded with a childish grin