Chapter one:

The Sheltered Prince.

"When you die, you stay dead. You don't get reincarnated as some rich kid. It's not normal. It just doesn't happen. Yet, why did it happen to me?"

Mirai Komuro had been living his new life for two years and he was done with everything already.

Sure, he was born in wealth.

His father basically owned various tech companies, with the leading company basically being a sick parody of the brand Apple named Pineapple. Mirai had no clue on how his father managed that without being copyrighted.

Point was, somehow his father was rich beyond logic and somehow he had been reincarnated as the man's son.

Bizarre, but two years was enough to accept things.

His mother on the other hand, was six feet under. No longer alive. Became an angel. Dead.

From what Mirai's seen from different family portraits, his mother was beautiful. Heck, he almost mistook her for a model.

She was probably a trophy wife.

Mirai didn't really care either way.

In fact, one could argue that with his mother being dead and his father being constantly busy with work, that he would be comfortably alone and neglected.

Neglected, sure.

Comfortable? No way.

'Damn rich people..' Mirai's left eye twitched as the maids cooed over him.

He was not cute, damn it.

"Look at his eyes! Just like his father's!"

"He has his father's hair too."

"Ladies, he may look like his father, but his smile is definitely his mother's!"

Mirai wondered how that particular maid can tell, considering he still hasn't smiled in his new life.

"Not to mention, he's as aloof as his mother was."

Mirai yawned, growing tired of the maids his father had hired to look out after him.

"I don't know where the laziness came from, though."

Mirai blinked as at least ten faces were suddenly close to his.

He swore that somehow their eyes were sparkling.

He tilted his head to the side, curiously wondering what these babbling fools wanted from him.

"But he's still so cute~!"

Mirai wanted to hit himself, really.

He settled for crying until their ears hurt.

Instead of annoying them like he wanted to, they all started cooing again.

"He's so adorable~~!"

'These people are insane..'

He was usually good at stuff.

Pray tell him, why wasn't he good at staying dead?


Could someone just kill him now?

"I don't know why I was given another shot at life, maybe God decided that a car accident wasn't a good way to go or something. But here I am, and I'm not going to waste my life away wondering why I'm here. I've had enough time to grief. I'm Mirai Komuro and no one can say otherwise."

Despite his cold and indifferent attitude, Mirai had one weakness in life.

A weakness so strong that his father had to make sure no one knew about it, so no one can take advantage of the weakness and make Mirai marry their daughters or sons.

Mirai loved cuddling.

There, that was the weakness.

A weakness so strong that Ren was sure would get his adorable young boy into an arranged marriage with evil kids who want to take advantage of his son.

So, he did the thing any good father would do.

He forbid Mirai from cuddling with anyone out of their family and assigned private tutors for Mirai, essentially keeping his son away from the outside world and school.

Though annoyed, Mirai was more or less okay with this arrangement. It wasn't like his father could keep him inside forever.

Besides, Mirai was sure that his father had to introduce him to all the other rich idiots and society one day.

For now, Mirai was content with his stuffed toys, games and nap time.

'Who needs the outside when you have virtual reality anyway?' Mirai wondered, lazily pressing the attack button on the console he got for his third birthday.


Mirai sighed, looking up at a young maid. "Yeah?"

At first he tried to remember all their names, but he soon gave up. It was impossible.

"Mari-sama is here to visit you."

Mirai's fingers paused, a small smile curving up on his features.

Who was Mari exactly?

His four year old cousin. One of the only people his father allowed him to cuddle with.

"Let her in."

As if on cue, the door to Mirai's spacious room opened revealing a young girl with blonde hair, brown eyes and a sour look on her face.


Just because Mirai liked to cuddle didn't mean Mari liked to.

In fact, she probably only allowed it because his father basically made her into an up and coming kid model. Which means her parents forced her to put up with anything Mirai threw at her.

Everyone wanted to use Mirai and his father. Some women even tried to seduce his father, either by trying to bribe Ren or trying to get through him via Mirai.

(Mirai simply ignored these women, making dear dad proud.)

"Don't look so happy," Mari snapped at Mirai's smiling face, "I'm only letting you cuddle because mother told me to."

Mirai's smile widened, "Love you too Mari." he teased, causing her to flush in embarrassment.

"I don't!"

Honestly, Mari should be happy he only asked for cuddles. Instead of being happy, Mari acted as if he was forcing her to wear "peasant" clothes.

Mirai blinked.

Mari glared.

Mirai held out his little arms and tiredly grinned, "Mari~!" he called.

With a sigh, Mari plopped down next to him, grumbling as he nuzzled himself onto her.

"But damn. Being Mirai was so fucking lonely. The only one who actually cares is Tou-chan. Everyone else is either paid to care or wants to use me."

Sometimes Ren couldn't sleep even after taking some medication.

No matter how hard he tried, the spot next to him just felt so empty. Because even after three years, he still missed Rima, his wife.

No one could blame him really, considering his wife was smart, funny, kind, wonderful, mesmerizing, amazing, beautiful, breathtaking and the list could simply go on and on.

'Looks like I won't be getting much sleep tonight,' the red-headed man thought, getting out of his bed.

A quick glance at his clock told him it was around midnight.

Maybe he could get some paperwork done? Then he'd be able to spend the afternoon with Mirai. Yes, that sounded like a good idea to him. Spending time with his boy was one of the only joys he had in his life right now.

He paused, mid-way through the way to his door.


He had heard footsteps.

'No one's supposed to be awake.' He frowned, recalling that he had dismissed the maids for the night.

Someone was knocking on his door.

Ren opened it slightly, feeling cautious.

"Mirai?" Ren asked, both relieved and embarrassed at his own paranoia.

There was no way anyone could break into his mansion after all. With the security and guards he owned, it was simply impossible.

"Tou-chan," Mirai mumbled, shuffling nervously on the balls of his feet, "I, uh, couldn't sleep."

Ren could only blink at his four year old son before his tired face morphed into a big grin, "Damn it, you're so adorable! One day I'll have to fight off boys and girls from trying to steal your innocence!" he exclaimed, scooping his son up in his arms.

Mirai was grumbling something about overprotective rich people, which Ren didn't hear.

"Tou-chan, stop embarrassing me!" Mirai whined, throwing punches at his father.

He didn't care that he was actually well into his early twenties, as far as he was concerned he was now a four year old kid. Smarter than other four year old, but still just a four year old kid.

"Mirai~!" Ren whined, not blocking the punches.

Mirai huffed, settling into his father's big bed. "Why are you still awake?" He curiously asked.

Ren looked into his son's red eyes.

Most people told him that Mirai took after him, but somehow Ren could only see Rima in his son, from the shape of Rima's eyes to the spiky way her hair was. He saw Rima in his son. And although it made his heart ache, sometimes it was because of pride.

He and Rima had created Mirai.

Their son.

His heir.

"I was thinking about your mom."

Mirai blinked, "It's almost her death anniversary, isn't it?"

"Oh? How do you know?"

"You throw a grand party every year." Mirai deadpanned.

Ren grinned, "She was a model, you know? Worked with a lot of big shots, like Yuzuha."

'Oh great, he's going to tell the story.'

What story?

The classic, 'how I met your father/mother' story that everyone endured at one point of their life or the other.

Mirai opened his mouth, planning to cut off his father.

Except he suddenly felt something in his throat, causing him to start coughing.

"Mirai! What's wrong?"

"I'm f-"

Mirai coughed, using his hands to muffle the sound.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw his father panic.

"Hospital! We have to get to the hospital!"

'Damn rich people...'

"I love Tou-chan, I really do. it selfish to want someone else that cares for me? Someone who doesn't know I'm rich. Someone who won't use me. Maybe it is selfish."

Chapter End

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