Not What I Expected!

By No1butjoe

WARNING: SPOILERS for 12x13 "Family Feud".

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any related characters.

Summary – Sam and Mary 'talk'.

Sam watches silently as Dean leaves the room, the echo of a door slamming down the corridor reaches his and Mary's ears. It doesn't surprise the youngest Winchester in the least. He's actually surprised his brother lasted as long as he did. He waits for a moment before standing, capturing Mary's attention. He swallows hard at the look in her eyes, the one begging for him to understand and forgive her.



He doesn't mean it to come out as harshly as it does, especially seeing the hurt look on his mother's face, but he can't help the betrayal, disappointment, and pain from reaching the surface. He can still remember the torture. The nightmares have lessened over time, but there are bad days when he just can't escape the pain and torment he went through at the hands of the very people who Mary is just now admitting to working with. So, with eyes displaying all the emotions he can handle, he looks at her.

"You know, when I was a kid, Dean would tell me stories about you," he said, simply. "How you used to cut the crust off of his bread. What you smelled like and that you were always there whenever he needed you. Growing up, I wished I could understand and share those memories he had." He looks down, closing his eyes, then looks back up at her. "Now, all I can think about is how the one person we have left in this world is traveling down the same road as most of our friends before. I've always wanted a mom, but it's nothing like I thought it would be."

He can't stand to say anything more, afraid of saying something he knows he'll regret later. Mary moves towards him, but he, instinctively, backs away. He doesn't want to be touched right now. Not when the betrayal is still so fresh and clear in his mind. With one last, sad look, he turns and heads in the same direction as Dean. Shoulders slumped as he goes to his room and quietly closes the door behind him, he misses the tears that fill Mary's eyes and spill down her cheeks.