"Chinese food?"

"Abby, no. You practically live on that stuff. How about pizza? Patty, you want pizza, right?" Erin and Abby both turned to look at Patty, Erin nodding vigorously behind Abby. Patty shrugged, weighing up the options of lunch.

"Stuffed crust?" She asked.

"We'll get three, and share. One can have stuffed crusts! Deal?" Erin watched Patty and Abby nod, albeit the latter a bit reluctantly. Leaving them to squabble over the pizza menu, Erin walked over to where Holtz was showing Tesla the proton packs, as proud as a XXXX. She jumped around and every few seconds touched her yellow glasses on her face, which Erin now thought of as "Excited yet nervous" Holtzmann. Tesla provided the appropriate amount of verbal praise at the packs, causing Holtz to beam delightedly, and even more so when Tesla tentatively offered suggestions for improvements. Tesla, it seemed, was almost as desperate for scientific company as Holtz was to impress her with the packs.

"Erin, c'mon, we're going to get the pizzas!" Abby called. Erin walked back to the others, glad that she and Abby were back to being friends again, the uneasiness of the first few days completely dissipated. But she had a feeling that she'd been forgiven the moment they'd seen the ghost in the Aldridge Mansion.

Patty reached for the last slice of Hawaiian pizza, laughing.

"What about you, Holtz? Where you come from?" She asked, addressing the engineer, who slurped a takeaway drink she had somehow procured coming back from the pizza place.

Holtz looked up. "Me? Cock 'o the wok. School president; I was homeschooled but I ran against a bunch of my siblings." She deadpanned.

Erin tilted her head and shot a confused glance at Abby, trying to figure out if Holtz was joking. "Really? It's just, I never imagined that…"

Tesla laughed, something about Holtzmann's facial expression telling her the older woman was lying. "She's joking, guys." She put in.

"Okaaaaay. So, how'd the two of you meet?" Asked Patty, referring to Erin and Abby.

"Well, Abby transferred to my high school, junior year-"

"Go Karate Cats!" Abby jumped in, "We started telling ghost stories, and, we just kinda bonded, right away. And all the other kids were, you know, getting drunk and going to parties, and we were like "Uh, that's stupid"" She stood and collected the plates.

"Plus, we were never invited to any parties." Erin interjected quickly. The others laughed.

"Oh, you know what I found? Oh, I'm not gonna tell you, just gonna show you, you'll see.." Abby walked away, and Tesla looked after her.

"So, how'd y'all get into ghosts?" Patty asked, wanting to know everything, "Did one of you see one?"

"Uh, yeah, I did." Erin replied, clearly uneasy.

"Really?" Tesla asked.

"When I was eight years old… the mean old lady who lived next door died, and that night, I woke up and she was at the foot of my bed. Just… staring at me…"

The silence in the room was almost tangible, punctuated only by the quiet slurping of Holtz's drink.

"She did that, every night… for almost a year."

"Woah." Patty said sympathetically.

"I told my parents, and they didn't believe me. Still don't believe me. I had to go to therapy for years… and the kids at school found out, and would call me names… call me "Ghost girl"... Abby was the only person who believed me."

Tesla stood and walked over to Erin. Hesitantly, she bent and put her arms around Erin, hugging her uncertainly, as if she wasn't sure she was doing it right. Erin smiled at the girl and hugged her back. "Thanks." She whispered.

"Kids can be mean, man, but I believe you." Patty said, Erin nodding her thanks.

"I have some questions." Holtz picked up her drink and put the straw in her mouth.

"Really?" Patty asked, exasperated.

Holtz winked at Erin, who smiled.

Abby returned, holding a photograph.

"Ok, I found this in a box when we were moving. You ready?" She flipped the photo so the others could see. It showed two young girls with a science fair presentation on red card, which Tesla realised to be the young Erin and Abby.

"Oh no!" Erin laughed at her dorky younger self, touched that Abby had kept the photo, even though she had essentially abandoned Abby after their book. "I wish we still had this presentation. I- We- Well, it was pretty cool." She finished modestly, handing it to Holtz.

Patty looked over one of Holtzmann's shoulders, while Tesla looked over the other.

"I kinda wish I coulda seen it!" Patty said.

"You know what, you might just get your wish…" Abby replied, turning and walking back again.

"Wait, you have it?" Erin exclaimed.

"Damn, I wish I hadn't wished that."

Tesla "Ghosts! They're real!"

"Lord have mercy…" Patty muttered into her pizza. Holtz grinned at her.

"Thank you for requesting this."

"I didn't-"

"Shut up, both of you! I want to immortalise this in my memory forever…" Tesla closed her eyes.

"Para - normal - is - normal! And with valid science!" Abby and Erin sang in unison.

"Why don't I see ghosts flying around everywhere?"

"The barrier stops them. It's the last line of defence betwixt the worlds of the living, and the dead!" Abby replied.

"Protect the barrier! Protect the barrier! Protect the barrier!" Abby tried to lift Erin up.

"Or mankind will end!" They finished, strained. The music cut off and they turned to each other, making sounds of celebration.

Holtz stood and walked to them, slowly clapping. "I'm so goddamn happy you two got together." She said, and Tesla could see her eyes were watery.

"Man, I'll tell y'all right now, I was hatin' it up until the finale, but the finale was what got me." Patty stood and said.

Tesla picked got up and went over to the group. "I'll never forget it." She said as truthfully as she could, looking Abby dead in the eye. She held her gaze for a moment, then burst out laughing. Erin laughed too, while the rest of the group just looked uncomfortably at each other, not knowing what they were laughing about.

"Sorry, it's just I've actually realised. I'm working with my friends, catching ghosts! It's just a bit ridiculous, but it's happening!" The others laughed.

"Guys, we're on TV." Holtzmann said quietly, pointing at the TV.

"A local team of paranormal investigators have recently released a video…" The presenter said as they all crowded around the small TV.

"Oh my god, they showed the video! We famous! We famous." Patty blurted.

"Martin who?" Tesla asked Holtz, who shrugged,

"So what do we think of these "Ghostbusters"? Are they to be taken seriously?"

"Wha- Ghostbusters? That is not our real name, they can't just call us that-" Erin complained. Abby nodded her head in agreement.

"Earlier on, we spoke with Martin Heiss, he is a famed debunker of the paranormal."

The news cut to a middle aged man with a floppy hat and purple glasses.

"Ogodogodogod… Martin Hiess, Martin Heiss...shhshh…" Erin shushed herself.

"Dr Heiss, you're a highly regarded scientist, your credentials are impeccable. If you see something of true scientific interest in this video, that goes a long way to legitimising these Ghostbusters, and everything they stand for."

"A game changer, yes." The elderly man confirmed, nonplussed.

"So tell me, is this for real?" The reporter asked. Tesla felt Erin tense next to her.

"Hell. No." Dr Heiss laughed.

"Great. So now we're the ghost girls. I feel your pain, Erin!" Patty exclaimed. Abby grabbed the remote and turned the volume down. Erin turned to the others.

"No," She said, "Screw that. We're scientists! Plus Patty," Patty nodded in agreement, "We believe in provable, physical results, that's what we believe in!"

"Yes we do!" Abby agreed.

"Preach!" Said Patty.

"Huh, preach. You know what we're going to do ladies? We're going to catch a ghost, bring it back to this lab…" Her speech was punctuated by the ringing phone. They all turned to look at Kevin, who was busy making his own song out of cheek tapping and clapping, completely ignoring the phone. He'd barely noticed that either Patty or Tesla had joined, so Tesla wasn't really that surprised.

"Kevin! Hi, can you answer the phone, please?" Erin asked, annoyed.

Kevin looked at the phone for longer than necessary, like he was figuring out how to use it, then picked it up. "Hello, Ghostbusters!" Erin cringed.

"Hey, at least it's catchy!" Tesla said brightly, bumping Erin's shoulder. The others made noises of agreement. They all turned to look at Kevin, who had put the phone down. He held up two posters of himself with a saxophone.

"Hey guys, which one makes me look more like a doctor? Playing saxophone, or listening to saxophone?"

"I don't know, they both make you look like a hairless cat…" Holtzmann said.

"Who was on the phone?" Erin and Abby shouted simultaneously.

"Ummm, the Stonebrook theatre? There's a ghost on the loose." He said, putting the posters down. Everyone froze.

"Imma go load up the car."

Holtzmann gestured for Tesla to follow her, and picked up three of the new, improved proton packs motioning for Tesla to pick up the other two. She did, following Holtz to the car parked a few blocks away.

The former taxi of the dead was completely repainted; White now replaced black and there was equipment on the roof. Oh, and a logo of a ghost in a red circle, too.

"I wanted to have a revealing ceremony and everything when the others saw it for the first time, but looks like that's not gonna happen." Holtzmann explained, pulling a rack out of the side of the car and placing the packs on it, securing them.

"What's it's name?" Tesla asked, handing another pack to the other woman, "All things need a name." Holtz shrugged.

"How about Ecto? Patty and Erin explained to me about all the ectoplasm and stuff. Erin wants you to make her some form of ectoplasmic shield, by the way."

"Does she, now?" Murmured Holtzmann, tapping her chin, "Ecto is good. Ecto-1? I might need to make more adjustments." Tesla nodded.

Holtz got in the driver's seat and jammed the key in the ignition. Tesla claimed in the back and sat in the middle seat. "I like sitting in the middle!" She protested when she saw Holtz's raised eyebrow in the rearview mirror. Holtz just shrugged and offered her a Pringle can.