On a very surprising note, the emergency session of the Wizengamot held the previous day was history in the making. An exorbitant amount of revelations, shocks, surprises and amazements rocked the prestigious body, something that no one had ever seen coming.

In a surprising move, Harry James Potter (age 14) was seen to rise before the Chief Warlock to take up the lordship and seat for the Ancient House of Slytherin. Yes, my dear readers, Harry Potter, the defeater of you-know-who is the new Lord Slytherin. It has raised many new questions. How did Harry Potter inherit it? Since the Potters had no ties to Slytherin, the sudden development has raised speculations about Lily Evan's parentage. Could it be that the highly intelligent, muggleborn Lady Potter was actually the dark heiress of Slytherin? Some of our experts recapitulated that Lord You-know-who referred to himself as the HEIR OF SLYTHERIN. Does this mean that Harry Potter and You-know-who are related?

Lord Harry James Potter then took up the mantle of Lord of Potter and then the heirship of the Black family. Lucius Malfoy, the Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Malfoy raised his objection about Potter's right to the Black heirship- a move that was instantly deflected away by the most unexpected presence of the convict Sirius Black himself. What happened after that is one of those things that go down in history. Chief Warlock Dumbledore granted Sirius Black a Colloquium (which is effectively a Lord's plea for conference- a power vested to them to help them against improper legal judgement) to him, leading to one of the most shocking revelations in the last two decades.

Yes, my dear readers, Sirius Black never betrayed the Potters. The betrayer in question was actually Peter Pettigrew who led the dark lord to the Potters. Peter Pettigrew killed thirteen muggles and framed the young mister Black as the culprit. The Wizengamot effectively granted Mister Black complete freedom and restitution, should Mister Black (who is the present Lord Black) want it.

The session moved on to another order of business- again another surprise since it was Albus Dumbledore who had submitted it. The Chief Warlock receded his chair to lady Augusta Longbottom as he raised a motion of NO CONFIDENCE against the Minister of magic—Cornelius Fudge.

What followed could be termed as one of the most memorable events in Wizarding history. With extraordinary efficiency and resourcefulness, Albus Dumbledore was able to prove that Minister Fudge had embezzled hundreds of thousands of galleons into his private vaults, co-conspired and made illegal deals partnering with his senior undersecretary Dolores Umbridge and Lucius Malfoy. The former two have already been sentenced to Azkaban while Lucius Malfoy has been retained in the DMLE cell for a further Ministry investigation. It goes without saying that with the absence of Lord Malfoy, and with the advent of the new Lord Potter-Slytherin and Lord Black, the scales have shifted. Lord Potter-Slytherin and Lord Black seemed to be supportive of Albus Dumbledore. Together, the new trio had been the fulcrum on which the entire balance of the Wizengamot shifted the previous day.

The Lord Potter-Slytherin also went to say that House Potter was once again in alliance with the Houses of Longbottom, Bones, Mcmillian, Bainbridge, Brown and Patil. House Potter also established treaties of friendship, mutual aid and support with House Greengrass. The main excitement rose when House Potter proclaimed that House Potter, House Black and House Slytherin were henceforth bound as a Clan.

For those of our readers who are ignorant of the specific meaning of the term, a Clan refers to a stronghold, usually between two Houses, who agree, using blood rituals, to be together forever. As of now, House Potter, House Slytherin and House Black are one. To be against one will be to be against all of them. The stronghold- one that commands a staggering number of votes- Fifteen, of their own, plus the other twenty-one votes from their alliance, has established themselves as one of the most powerful blocs in the Wizengamot, wielding a powerful number of votes- thirty-six. How this new node of the Wizengamot affects the future policies is still left to be seen.

The nominations for Minister had been put forward, with the entire Potter Clan and its allies voting for none other than the newest hero of the public—Albus Dumbledore, who surprisingly, accepted the nomination, relinquishing his seat as Chief Warlock for the nomination. The Dark factions voted for Lord Nott while the neutral factions followed Lord Greengrass' decision and voted for Albus Dumbledore. By an overwhelming majority, the grand sorcerer and Headmaster of Hogwarts- Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was voted in the new Minister of Magic.

What needs to be seen is how the Ministry of Magic functions with Albus Dumbledore as its head. We wish Minister Dumbledore the best for his new position and duties.

Harry turned over the newspaper, folded it and put it on the table. Albus Dumbledore sat on the plush chair behind the table, looking slightly uncomfortable at the change of venue.

"Anything wrong, Headmaster?"

Albus let out an uneasy grin. "Just a tad uncomfortable. I spent fifty years of my life as Headmaster, and another twenty years of my life as a Transfiguration professor, and now by a sudden turn of circumstances, and may I include, forced by you," he returned pointedly, ignoring the smirk on Harry's face- "I am now holding a new post I have no idea what to do with. I feel like I was during my first ever class as a professor."

"But prof—I mean, Minister," Harry gave a teasing grin, "you have been Chief Warlock for ages. This should not be much different. Besides, we have the next part of our Clean Slate protocol to finish."

Dumbledore nodded. He waved his hand as he wandlessly summoned a stack of files from the desk adjacent to his. "Fudge managed to squirrel in a lot of people. Department of Finance, Department of Transportation, Department of Magical Sports, phew!" he sighed, "a total of one hundred and thirty seven people working right under our noses, most of them in influential positions, aiding him in all of his illegal pursuits."

"One hundred and thirty seven!" Harry exclaimed. "That's- a lot."

"Tell me more."

"What should be done with them?" Harry asked.

"Should be thrown out." Dumbledore muttered to himself.

"Do it."

Dumbledore and Sirius blanched as they stared at the expressionless face of Lord Slytherin. "Harry—I understand that Clan Potter holds a great strength at the moment, but firing all of those employees without proper reason would cause complete disarray in the Ministry. We do not need that at the moment." Dumbledore turned to Sirius. "Sirius, please show him reason."

Sirius turned towards his godson contemplatively. "I suggest a middle ground.' He whispered slowly after some thought. "How about we do this? Instead of blatantly firing them, why don't we use the already established ground of corruption and call for new interviews. We can put forward news for vacancies, inviting everyone regardless of blood, for the Ministerial jobs. As for the existing job holders," he paused for a moment, "we can give them a chance to sit for the interviews too. If they are indeed the best fit, they get the job. Either way, no one can complain us of partiality."

Dumbledore looked at him speculatively. "You seem to have inherited the political acumen of your grandfather, Sirius. Arcturus would be proud of you."

Sirius did not know whether he was complimented or insulted. Noticing his green face, Albus explained. "It was a compliment."

"I thought you and Grandfather were opponents."

"Yes, but that doesn't mean I can't expect his swan-like competence in politicking."

"Yes, he was a born politician."

Harry watched the conversation with great interest. For a moment, he considered summoning Arcturus Black's spirit using his powers but then left the notion, focusing on the more important matters at hand.

"So are we going forward with what Sirius suggested?" he asked with anticipation. Dumbledore glanced at Sirius and shrugged. "It is the best we have got so far."

"What is going to happen to Malfoy?" Sirius interrupted. "Is he going to get a trial tomorrow?"

"It can't be helped. Lord Nott has been especially unhelpful with that regard." Dumbledore answered. Harry rolled his eyes. Unhelpful, really? Nott had been an outright bastard, completely antagonistic to anything and everything that the Potter alliance had voted for.

"The darker families love him, and with Lucius gone, he is the de-facto leader. If he could be removed from the situation, I suppose we could handle matters with much ease."

"Perhaps something could be done about it." Harry muttered to himself. Dumbledore looked at Harry and felt alarmed. "Harry, am I supposed to know what is going on in that byzantine mind of yours?"

Harry gave him a marauder-ish grin that all but screamed that he was up to no good. "I don't think so, Minister. Plausible deniability and all that." he smirked as he got up alongside Sirius. "We will leave you to your job, Minister. Have a nice day."

The duo walked out of the office, leaving the new Minister of Magic alone to his musings. "I have unleashed a monster." Dumbledore shut his eyes and whispered.

Two days later...

"Lucius Malfoy, you have one chance to say something before the vote for your judgement is passed. Speak now or forever hold your peace." Dumbledore declared as the prisoner stood in front of him. For security reasons, his wand was taken away from him, though he was without chains—a privilege of his family status.

"Yes." Lucius answered solemnly, "I wish to reveal a particular memory that will reveal my innocence."

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows in surprise. What was Lucius Malfoy playing at?

"Are you sure about that, Lord Malfoy? Your conviction is based on several counts of illegal deals. No pensieve memory will be enough to clear it."

"Will I get what I want? Or is this prestigious body so sunken under the new rule that I will be denied?" Lucius continued pompously. Dumbledore shook his head. "Chief Warlock?" He glanced towards Lady Augusta, who shook her head primly before she ordered.

"Bring the Wizengamot pensieve."

The pensieve was brought in. One of the Aurors, one John Dawlish walked up to Malfoy to extract his memory. That was when all shit hit the fan.

The moment Dawlish placed his wand on Malfoy's temples, the man spun around, grabbed Dawlish's wand and spun towards Lord Nott, who looked completely blank at the turn of events. With a vicious snarl, Lucius yelled-


The green curse swept its way through the completely shocked crowd as it hit Lord Nott on the chest, throwing the man off as he fell lifeless on the ground, toppling down the stairs. Instantly, a bevy of stunners from the Aurors flew towards Malfoy, dropping him unconscious on the ground. Pandemonium descended into the courtroom.

"ORDER! ORDER!" Augusta tried to maintain decorum but it was all in vain as people shrieked and jumped out of places, terrified and disarrayed at the unexpected turn of events. All this while, Albus Dumbledore had eyes for the one young man on earth who at present sat on the seat of Lord Potter, with that expressionless façade held on his face like a mask.

"You have always been resourceful, my boy. But this time, you have even crossed your own limits of resourcefulness." Dumbledore muttered to himself.

Harry sat on his seat as Lord Potter watching the madness consume the legislative body. His plan had worked seamlessly. For a moment, he allowed the ghost of a smile flood his lips as the activities of the previous day came to mind.

Harry waded into the Ministry compound where the DMLE cells were located. His ethereal form using the powers of the Hallows allowed him to pass without any restriction through the Ministry wards. The moment he stood in front of Malfoy's cell, he turned corporeal. Both of his palms outstretched towards the sleeping man, he hissed in Parseltongue.

"Potestas imperium."

It was the modified version of the Imperius Curse he had developed during his years as a Dark lord. It was much more difficult to identify and lacked the 'dazed eyes' symptom as was visible in the Imperius. Malfoy had tried the Imperius defense when Voldemort had been defeated in 1981. Now, he would actually be under the Imperius in his next trial, poetic justice at its ruthless best.

He smirked.

"You will somehow request an Auror to come near you during your trial. You will snatch his wand and kill Lord Nott with the killing curse. You will not remember me putting this curse on you."


It was done. Making sure he was alone and unseen, Harry faded away.

He sat silently on the seat, as his eyes met with Dumbledore's blue ones. Confused, surprised blue met tranquil, ruthless green. Very, very subtly, Dumbledore nodded towards him.

Harry nodded back.

An excerpt from the Daily Prophet on December 22, 1994.








Daphne turned over the paper, folding it and placing it on her desk. She silently nodded her head in complete bemusement. All of the happenings had HARRY POTTER written all over it.

"All-true-istic my arse." She muttered to herself amusedly.

Back at Riddle Manor.


Peter screamed in agony as hot knives pierced into his skin, his skin felt like it was boiling and for an instant, he wished that he would be dead instead of suffering the menace of a dark lord that he had to serve. Perhaps this was his punishment for betraying his best friends. Not that the dark lord paid any heed to it—he was too busy forcing his anger onto the other man—the entire rage and frustration changing into the power that fueled his Cruciatus.

Peter screamed and screamed, he held on.

Peter whimpered as he moved his hands and legs in tandem, his body trying to get away from the agonizing pain that was killing him- he still forced the Cruciatus firmly.

Peter slowly stopped moving and lay still—he held the Cruciatus on.

Peter stopped moving completely. He still held the Cruciatus over him.

"My lord, I think Peter is dead." Ronald commented slowly from one side.

Lord Voldemort stopped his curse. Suddenly feeling enraged at losing his control, and by extension, his servant, he looked at Ronald in complete disarray. "I lost my servant to my rage. That presents a problem for my ritual." Voldemort paused as he considered it. "My future self must have faced this problem too. What did he do?"

Ronald stayed silent, taking his time to reflect on the question, figuring out an adequate answer. "I am sorry but there is no other way to answer this, but my Lord, that is—you from the future, never lost his patience like this. Pettigrew did not die by your curse then, my Lord."

"Your presence has changed the timeline." Voldemort drew out the words that Ronald had left unsaid. "I had a sneaking suspicion that this might happen."

"My lord, couldn't you use Bellatrix in Pettigrew's place?" Ronald suggested pointedly.

"No, it would," Voldemort hesitated, "it would present a problem. One I am not ready to encounter."

"I might have an idea to this problem, my Lord," Ronald began lightly, making sure that the flattery was just the barest minimum. "Of course, I am just a menial servant; please do not hold it as my arrogance, my Lord."

Voldemort frowned. Something about Weasley seemed odd to him. Something he could not place yet.

"Go on."

Ronald bowed. "If my lord is going to perform a resurrection ritual, then perhaps an alternative to Pettigrew is possible."

"And what is that?"

"One of your horcruxes, my Lord. They are parts of you, after all. And Bellatrix could get one of them- if you order her," he added quickly.

"Hmmm." Voldemort speculated intensely. "I will think on it."

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