Rebel Heart: Preface

The Rebel Heart Incident: A Road Less Traveled follows a unicorn pony named Orange Juice on his journey through the wasteland. This takes place during the events of The Incident of Stable 28. This story is written by Yolo Hobo Joe and Orange is his character. The universe I am writing Rebel Heart in is owned by Yolo, and I give him due credit. He has however given me permission to write this story.

My inspiration came from the fact that I wanted to know more about the character Orange, who is a side character in Stable 28 that Yolo only mentions briefly a couple of times. I kept getting ideas of scenes I could write and when I read a comment on Yolo's story from FlamingFoxNinja, where Foxy asked Yolo if there would be a story for Orange, I thought that it would be so fun to write that story myself. I immediately PM'd Yolo and soon after got his permission.

Since this is taking place in Yolo's Fallout Equestria universe, I will be using his lingo. Please note that some of the Fallout words that are used in Rebel Heart are his and not mine. Not to say I don't like his mash up of Fallout lingo and MLP lingo. Some examples include Pip-Buck, which I would've called a Pip-Colt, or Tenpony Tower which I would've called Tenbit just because in Fallout it is Tenpenny and since penny is a currency as bit is in MLP, that would transfer in my mind, but I see what Yolo did with switching penny and pony. Though I like Pip-Colt better, Tenpony sounds far better than Tenbit to be honest.

Lol, I digress. I only added this blip as a humor to myself XD. I enjoy his lingo. In all honesty it is author's preference and own choice of expression and there is no one right way to do it. Just know that I will respect Yolo's universe and use his wording, but note in my own future Fallout Equestria stories, some of my words may be different.

I love Yolo's story! I have read all the chapters written for it and will continue to do so. I highly recommend the Incident of Stable 28. Though if you don't want to read that, I'd say the only chapter that you need to read to help better your understanding of Rebel Heart is Chapter 13, the chapter in which 26, the main character of Stable 28, sends Orange off on his adventure that I am writing in The Rebel Heart Incident. Though if you're going to read Chapter 13, I insist you read all of Stable 28. It is absolutely an amazing, well written story. Please go and read it and leave reviews for Yolo, he would highly appreciate that.

Okay, now for The Rebel Heart Incident: A Road Less Traveled. I am excited to be writing this story. The first chapter was so fun to write. Orange Juice is such a cute, naive character that has a big heart. His personality has already made this story a joy to begin. Just with any story I write, I hope to share that enjoyment with you. I already have big plans for Orange. He's going to get as much attention and love that I devote to all my characters and stories. Just you wait ;)

Okay, love ya! Enjoy!

Brohoof! /)