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Despite the Fever having burned out almost straight away, Hermione and Draco still took their forty-eight hours of hot sex. They hadn't needed to leave his room, despite McGonagall's request that they leave the premises quickly, neither was ready to move onto a different location.

Draco had thought of everything. A picnic basket was sat in the corner of the room, ready for as soon as they got hungry. The basket refilled itself as necessary to begin with. As their forty-eight hours came to closer to ending the door loomed larger. Frequent glances were made towards it as both dreaded the moment they would finally have to open it and rejoin the world, leaving their private sanctuary.

"Can't we just stay here forever?" Draco asks glaring at the door.

"Sadly not," Hermione sighs pulling back the covers, she starts to get up. Arms wrap around her waist pulling her back into bed against a warm chest. "Draco, we can't avoid the world forever."

"Why not?" Draco whines burying his face into the hair around her neck.

"Because they will come looking for us eventually and we're now out of food, it's not like there was anything nutritious in that basket anyway. Aren't you a little curious about what's going on outside these four walls."

"Maybe a little," Draco says shrugging pulling her tighter. "I don't want to let you go."

"Never going to happen," Hermione replies finally extracting herself from his grip. She searches through her trunk for clothes, aware of his gaze watching her every move. "You need to get up too." Hermione giggles throwing a pair of boxers from nearby over to him.

A quick glance before he chucks them away, "Those are Theo's," Draco says as he gets up, striding across the room naked. He smirks as Hermione pauses in the process of pulling on her shirt. "See something you like?" Draco asks as he bends over his trunk to find his own clothes.

"It's alright I suppose," Hermione says shrugging, cheeks faintly red. Draco notices and walks over, only just managed to snap his boxers into place.

"Two days in bed together and you still blush at the sight of me," Draco says brushing his fingers along the heat in her face. Hermione grabs his hand, halting the progress.

"Keep that up and we'll never get out of here," she says a little breathless.

Draco walks backwards away from her holding his hands in the air.

"Where are we going anyway?" Draco asks as he finishes getting dressed.

"Well… most of us… we kinda agreed to… to meet…"

"Just spit it out, Granger," Draco sighs knowing what's coming but refusing to make it easier on her.

"The Burrow. We agreed to meet at the Burrow. Is that okay?" Hermione asks wringing her fingers.

"It's fine. Just don't abandon me, okay? I don't like being so outnumbered."

Hermione walks over to him taking his hand in hers, "not for a moment."

They both glance at the door.

"It's time, isn't it?" Draco asks dragging his hand through his hair.

Hermione nods, taking the first step towards the door pulling him with her. Fingers stretching out to the door knob. The last barrier between them and the 'real world' that neither is eager to rejoin.

In no time at all, they are standing at the edge of the wards for the Burrow. The journey through the castle had been eerily quiet. Their footsteps echoing through the stone corridors. They had yet to encounter another person.

Being 'meant to be' should have given them a feeling of security, but it didn't. The ghosts of their past still lingered; harder to ignore now they had left their sanctuary. Hermione could feel a slight tremor running through the hand that connected them. Nervous energy thrummed between them as they entered the wards and the house appeared before them.

"Are you sure you're okay to do this?" Hermione asks looking at him concerned.

"No. Let's go," Draco says walking faster, pulling her along the lane, eyes fixed on the house in front of them. His step falters as they hear laughter just ahead. "That sounds like a lot of people."

"It probably is," Hermione warns him. "If we're the last ones here, Blaise and Daphne are probably over there. Maybe some of the others too. It won't be all Weasley's."

Draco just nods and starts walking slowly again, Hermione's hand gripped tight in his. They push open the gate and walk through the garden to join the large crowd. Draco relaxes slightly when he catches a glimpse of Blaise sat on a garden chair, Ginny on his lap talking to Theo in the chair next to him, with Katie on his lap talking to Ginny. They almost make to where Draco's friends are sitting unnoticed. Almost.

"About fucking time," A voice shouts across the garden.

"RONALD! LANGUAGE!" Molly shouts at his back to a chorus of deep laughs and giggles echo through the garden as he storms over to where Hermione is stood with Draco. Everyone turns to look at them.

"Everyone else turned up yesterday. What happened to you two?" Ron huffs. "We were just discussing sending out a search party to see if you were okay."

"It's only just been forty-eight hours," Hermione says blushing as Draco tucks in slightly behind her.

"None of the others that matched the same day as you guys needed this long," Ron says glancing over his shoulder as the rest of the crowd, now all looking their way.

"It didn't take forty-eight hours?" Hermione deflects.

"Nope," Blaise says getting up. "Passed after the first orgasm. Pansy and Wood, Potter and Daphne, and Adrian and Patil all said the same. Was it not like that for you guys?" Blaise asks amused.

"Well it mostly went away then but…" Hermione trails off glancing over her shoulder at Draco.

"I guess this is just how we are," Draco says smirking, pressing his lips to her neck causing her to shudder. Blaise laughs. Ron looks like he swallowed something disgusting.

"What did we miss?" Hermione asks.

"Rain. you missed a lot of rain," Ginny sighs.

"The muggles are still trying to cope with the flooding so much rain fell," Ron explains looking around their waterlogged garden.

Hermione hadn't noticed all the puddles until they were pointed out. She was still a little distracted by Draco, just his presence was enough to slow her head. His breath by her ear wasn't helping her thought process at all.

"Is everyone here?" Hermione asks trying to ignore Draco.

"Only Adrain and Patil are missing. He wrote to me. Patil left after a few hours but said they should meet for a date in a couple of days. He doesn't think she's going to show up. I got the impression he's not too happy about it. I think he really likes her but she's still running from him," Theo says joining them.

"I don't know how she does it, being away from him. Do you still feel it? The pull?" Ginny asks urgently. Both of them nod, Draco pulls her tighter against him. "So does everyone else."

Hermione's brain races as she tries to think back over all the reading she did. This was never mentioned. They weren't supposed to feel this way. Draco is pressed against her back, she can feel his heartbeat speeding up, he's connecting the dots, just as she is.

"What does that mean?" Draco asks.

"It means the effects are longer lasting than anyone predicted. It means we have no idea how this will affect us long term," Theo explains as Katie wraps her arms around him.

"It means it's not over," Hermione says looking around at her friends. "Not yet."