'Once upon a time,
Playing Jackals and Hounds,
I had it all.'

Once upon a time,
Robbing tombs,
What a life!

'Once upon a time,
They called me king.'

Once upon a time,
I fell in love.

'Once upon a time,
I lost it all...'

'To save the world,'

To chase that stupid pharoah across time,

'I gave freely of myself,'

I snuck into the palace,

A golden puzzle...

A simple ring...

'Became hell for me.'

'My life,'

My love,

'My kingdom,'

My graves,

'My Egypt, the one I loved,'

'It was gone...'

It was lost, never to return...

'But sometimes,'


'I still dream...'

Of that beautiful Egyptian girl...

'Of my palace,'

Of my successes,

'Of my people,'

Of my life...

'My life...'

'In Egypt,
Once upon a time...'


'blah' - Yami Yugi
blah - Yami Bakura
'blah' - both

WSJ: ^-^ Dunno what I was thinking. I'm rereading The Eye Of Horus, by Carol Thurston, and it's got me Egypt crazy. ^_^ This was actually inspired by a scene of two of the characters, Tenre and Aset, playing a game of Jackals and Hounds. I don't own YGO, so get over it please. ^^'

God bless minna-san!