Sanji had a very new appreciation for his Captain and that fucking idiot swordsman. It was virtually impossible to keep a secret when you were living on a ship. It had been only two months since he and Usopp had kissed in the kitchen, the soufflé forgotten on the counter. And in those two months they'd nearly been caught three times. Sanji didn't care. He'd write an open editorial to be delivered by News Coos if Usopp wanted him to. But Usopp felt a little differently.

"What're you so embarrassed for?" Sanji breathed out, smoke swirling around the two of them like fog.

Usopp made a face, his cheeks flushed deep magenta, "It's just…"

"I'm not terrible looking, no?" Sanji teased in amusement.

"That's not…"

Sanji smiled, a little mischievously, "No. It's fine. If you're not ready for anyone to know, nobody needs to know…"

Usopp nodded reluctantly, "You're not just saying that and are secretly mad right?"

"I'm not mad." Sanji promised. "Why should I be mad?"

"Damn." Zoro groaned, walking into the kitchen, waving his arms to clear the smoke. "It smells like Satan's ass in here."

Sanji noticed that Usopp put some distance between them, but he had more pressing matters, "What the hell did you just say to me about my kitchen?"

"Your cigarettes smell and so does your kitchen." Zoro replied, his chin jutting out slightly in defiance.

"Ooooooohhhh….." Sanji vocalized, his eyes sparking with anger. "I'm gonna kick your ass."

"Why are you in here anyway?" Usopp asked, ignoring the tension between them.

Zoro relaxed a little, turning toward Usopp to reply, "I live here."

"Not in here you don't." Sanji snapped.

Usopp sighed, folding his arms across his chest. "You two."

"Hey! Don't lump me together with this guy!" Sanji demanded.

"Why are you guys so competitive? Like, I don't even know what you're fighting over? I'm just really confused…" Usopp admitted, shaking his head in disappointment.

The two of them were silent for a moment longer than was natural. Zoro shrugged, "I dunno."

"Yeah, I just hate his face." Sanji replied. They both nodded.

"I'm going to go organize my seeds." Usopp replied, shaking his head as they walked away.

"Alright then, you fuck off too." Sanji barked, popping his cigarette in the corner of his mouth.

"I'm hungry." Zoro said in refusal, walking toward the fridge.

"Here." Sanji blurted, rushing to hand Zoro a plate of cut meat and cheese. "Now go away. Don't touch anything. No touching. No!"

"I need two." Zoro countered, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

"Agh!" Sanji threw his hands into the air before beginning to prepare another plate.

"This one has more stuff on it…" Zoro complained, looking down at the second plate he was offered.

"That one's for Luffy." Sanji replied matter-of-factly. "Duh."

"Oh." Zoro nodded, balancing the plates across his arm to rest against his chest. "Cool."

"Anything else?" Sanji asked, annoyed that the swordsman was still standing there and Usopp wasn't.

"There's something different here." Zoro nearly whispered, narrowing his eyes.

What are you, a bloodhound? Sanji thought in disbelief. "Like what?"

Zoro nodded to himself before replying enigmatically, "We'll see."

Sanji grimaced in distaste, waving the other man from his kitchen, "What the hell!"


"Hey," Sanji purred, sliding up beside Usopp. "It's your turn for night watch."

"Ah, fuck. Is that today?" Usopp grumbled, tilting his head to the side, deep in thought.

"It's not all bad." Sanji reasoned. "I'll bring you some ice cream."

"I wish you wouldn't." Usopp admitted, patting his fit belly. "I lack self-control."

Sanji clicked his tongue dismissively, "Nonsense."

Usopp shrugged, "Everyone loves ice cream. I'm no exception."

Sanji smiled, quickly pulling against a coil of black hair. "Sorry. I know you said not to touch, but it's so…" He rearranged a few strands of hair, wishing he could cut out Usopp's hair tie and throw the rest into the sea. "I like it."

"I don't." Usopp barked. "You can have it."

"I think we'd both look pretty stupid if we swapped hair styles." Sanji said.

"Sure, I'd look like … Just bad…" Usopp shook his head to remove the image. "But you'd look good. Your hair's dark naturally anyway, isn't it?"

"I'm blonde." Sanji replied, shaking his head.

"Yeah, but I mean, naturally…" Usopp clarified.

"I am a natural blonde. I was born with white-blonde hair." Sanji insisted.

"Yeah, but obviously it's darkened up since then. I have no doubt you used to be blonde, but now… I mean, it's no big deal, but look at your facial hair. It's black, so…" Usopp argued.

"I don't dye my hair!" Sanji maintained, feeling an embarrassed blush fill his cheeks.

"It doesn't matter." Usopp decided, raising his hands peaceably.

"Well, except now it kinda does." Sanji snapped.

Usopp's mouth opened awkwardly, "I… I honestly wasn't trying to be rude."

Sanji closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, before replying, "I'm not mad."

"Good." Usopp said, smiling unsurely.

"But I'm a natural blonde." Sanji added.

"Okay!" Usopp exclaimed, waving his hands.

"Look, if you don't believe me," Sanji said slowly, his hands sliding his belt from its hook.

"Huh?" Usopp murmured, wondering what in the world Sanji was going to show him.

Sanji undid his finely tailored trousers and dipped his briefs low below his pelvic bone. He brushed his cigarette hand through a tuff of cinnamon colored hair, careful not to burn himself. "See, I'm blonde."

Usopp was shocked, first that Sanji was exposing himself, and then that Sanji's hair was such a color. Even the texture was different from his own. Usopp reached out curiously, his fingertips brushing the skin just above the patch of hair. Sanji jumped slightly, his skin prickling with goose flesh.

"Then why's it red?" Usopp asked.

Sanji held his briefs in place with one hand, smoking with the other. "It just is. It's common."

"I've got black hair. I've got black facial hair. And I've got black pubes." Usopp replied. "That's common. This is some weird shit. You're like a unicorn or something…"

"Hey!" Sanji snapped. "I have feelings ya know!"

Usopp snickered, "Sorry."

Sanji tugged his briefs back up but left his trousers unbuttoned. They rested on his hips, accentuating his slender waist. "We live on a ship, Usopp. Have you ever seen me walking around, just bleaching my hair?"

"No." Usopp said with a nod of concession.

"Show me yours." Sanji said suddenly, smoke curling from his lips. He pointed at Usopp in gesture, his cigarette ash falling to the floor.

"My what?" Usopp asked, clutching at his throat.

"Show me your dick." Sanji replied, shrugging.

"Why?" Usopp demanded, his voice growing shrill.

"Why not? I showed you mine." Sanji answered.

"Agh! No way! I'm not! I can't! Actually, I feel like I'm coming down with something… I'd better just, uh, go and lie down for a little bit…" Usopp chattered nervously. "But I'll be back. Yeah. I'll totally be back…"

"Come on." Sanji urged, pulling on one of Usopp's suspenders. "Show me."

"I don't wanna!"

"Just show me." Sanji continued, his fingers tickling across Usopp's shoulders.

"Okay, I'll just, uh…" and Usopp bolted toward the door and down the hallway, his voice trailing behind, "Sudden Escape Maneuver!"

Sanji stood there a moment while finishing his cigarette. He smashed it in the ash tray, a chuckle escaping his lips.


Sanji was trying to keep calm, but he couldn't shake the feeling he was being avoided. His stomach started to hurt and he sat down on the couch, chewing on his bottom lip thoughtfully. He hadn't done anything wrong, that he could think of. They hadn't really even kissed very often. He didn't have the opportunity to fuck up when Usopp kept running away.

"Oh, God, brother," Franky rumbled pausing in the doorway. He looked Sanji up and down. "What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing? Why?" Sanji asked, irritated just looking at the stupidly big cyborg.

"Huh." Franky said, pointing at Sanji rudely. "You're sitting in a dark room alone, half-naked."

"I'm not half naked." Sanji said, looking down at himself. He was on his way back from the showers when he sat down. He was wearing only a pair of navy slacks. He wiggled his toes into the carpet and shrugged, "So maybe I am?"

"Any reason why?" Franky asked, flipping on the light.

"Where is everyone?" Sanji asked, ignoring Franky's question. He searched his pockets, lighting a cigarette.

"Luffy and Zoro are definitely not in the mini-Merry. Definitely not." Franky answered. "Robin's reading. Nami's bitchin' at everyone she sees…" Sanji couldn't exactly trust Franky's assessment of Nami. He was unapologetically biased. "Chopper is in his office. Brook is drinking tea on deck. Avoid him at all costs, he's in a joking mood…" Sanji nodded. "I'm here with you and Usopp is…" Franky paused.

"Yeah?" Sanji pressed.

"No idea." Franky replied with a shrug. "I'm the shipwright not the babysitter."

"Fuck you." Sanji breathed out, puffing smoke in the cyborg's direction.

"When's dinner?" Franky asked, patting his stomach.

"No idea." Sanji retorted. "I'm the cook not a pocket watch." Franky rolled his eyes and shook his head, walking away. Sanji leaned forward on the couch, yelling after him, "And I don't wanna hear that I'm half-naked from the likes of you! Put on some God damned pants!"

"Yeah, yeah. Suck it." Franky shouted back.

"Is there even anything left to suck?!" Sanji retorted, his face turning bright red. Franky simply smiled, wide and impish. A moment later, when the smell hit him, Sanji knew why. Sanji groaned, waving his hand in front of his face in disgust. "Damn it!"

"Hey, Franky," Usopp called out, appearing at the other door. "Nami wants to know…"

"Hey," Sanji said, nodding in greeting.

"It smells awful…" Usopp creaked. He started to gag, doubling over.

"Sanji farted." Franky replied, winking at the cook.

Sanji's face turned white. He couldn't even think of anything to say in response to that so he simply flicked his middle finger in Franky's direction.

"Jesus." Usopp gasped, waving the door back and forth to clear the air.

"What did Nami want?" Franky asked, his lashes fluttering.

"She, uh, damn that's bad, Sanji…" Usopp couldn't even continue.

"It wasn't me!" Sanji roared, completely mortified, kicking the table at Franky.

Franky laughed like a maniac, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes. "Oh shit. Oh shit. That's too good. Oh fuck. Your face… Your face was so priceless…"

"I'm going to pour all the cola overboard tonight," Sanji threatened, his cigarette bouncing against his lips. "And then I'll watch your life force seep away slowly..."

"Harsh." Franky replied, turning his attention back to Usopp. "Now what'd girlie want?"

"She wants to know if the Sunny can handle sailing a sea of poison fog, 150,000 meters above sea level." Usopp explained. "She said to say 'no', no matter what."

Franky made a face, "Tell her to tell Luffy, 'Hell no!' He ain't draggin' my baby through that mess…"

"Okay." Usopp nodded, relief evident in his face. "Good to hear."

"Yeah," Franky nodded in agreement. "But the Sunny could totally handle it."

"I'll leave that part out." Usopp replied.

"Ya know, why don't I just go talk to her?" Franky decided.

"Please don't." Usopp groaned. "I don't wanna sail on poison anything…"

"Just a little chat." Franky said, stepping over the thrown table and walking past Sanji and Usopp.

"Don't you dare talk to Luffy…" Usopp pleaded. Franky only winked in response. "No, really. Don't!"

"Sounds like we'll busy soon," Sanji said once they were alone.

"Death by poison." Usopp whined. "Sounds delightful."

Sanji laughed, "Is there any better way to go than another?"

"Preferably in my sleep!" Usopp declared.

Sanji nodded, "Sure. That's true."

"Just shower, huh?" Usopp asked, feeling stupid immediately. His hair was wet, he had a towel, and his dirty clothes were folded beside him. He probably didn't need to ask.

"Yeah," Sanji said. "You should've joined me."

Usopp tried not to show his surprise on his face. He swallowed the lump in his throat, his lips pursing together. "Ah, well, maybe next time."

"Now?" Sanji suggested, watching Usopp carefully.

"N-n-n-nn-n-now?" Usopp stammered. "Well, uh, you've just showered and I… Well, I wasn't gonna shower 'til tomorrow…"

"Tomorrow?" Sanji asked.

Usopp nodded nervously, "Yeah."

"What time?" Sanji pressed, his blue eyes glittering.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh…." Usopp's mouth hung open. "Before dinner, unfortunately. You'll probably be too busy…"

"I am busy before dinner." Sanji replied. "All meal times, actually, as I'm sure you know…"

"Yeah," Usopp nodded. "Too bad."

"Usopp," Sanji drawled, low and calm. "Are you, by chance, avoiding me?"

"W-what? A-a-avoiding you?"


"No. I'm not avoiding you…" Usopp insisted, his dark eyes wide.

"Are you sure?" Sanji asked.

Usopp swallowed, "Yeah. I'm sure."

Sanji nodded, "Good."

Usopp nodded too. He smiled, rocking back and forth on his feet. "So what's up?"

Sanji wasn't sure what to think, so he didn't. He laughed at the silliness of it all and took another puff of his cigarette, "Nothing much. Just waiting for something to happen."

"How are you, I mean, how are you doing?" Usopp questioned.

"I'm fine." Sanji exhaled a cloud of smoke. "Things are starting to go back to how they should be, I guess."

He wasn't sure he wanted to admit it yet, the pain in his stomach, the breathlessness he felt; all these things starting to go back to normal, Sanji wondered if that included Usopp too.


"Sanji, you know I tell you this every time…" Chopper began. "You've got to quit smoking."

"I refuse," Sanji said simply, redressing before sliding off the table.

"You're in excellent health," Chopper continued, swiveling on his stool. "But that won't last. You have to cut back, at the very least…"

"Chopper," Sanji said, his blue eyes wide. "It's funny you think I'll get old."

"Everyone gets old, Sanji." Chopped scolded.

Sanji smiled, patting Chopper on the head superciliously, "Not if they die young."

Chopper frowned, jumping from the chair to follow Sanji to the door of the clinic, "That's a horrible thing to say!"

Sanji patted his pockets, searching for his cigarettes, "Nothing against our Captain, but the New World isn't a playground." He popped a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. "Eventually reality will catch up to us."

Chopper nodded. "I've changed my mind."

"About?" Sanji asked, arching a curly brow in surprise.

"Come back after dinner." Chopper instructed. "I'm going to prescribe some… vitamins… uh, and I'll have them mixed for you to pick up."

Sanji nodded slowly, "Sure."

Chopper spun around, hopping to work. "Go away. I've got work to do. Tell Luffy he's off the hook until tomorrow. Go on."

"Sure. Sure." Sanji replied, raising his hands. He walked out of the clinic, shaking his head. Luffy looked up with a smile. He slid upward, his back to the wall, until he was standing on his feet. "Ah, Chopper said he'd do your checkup tomorrow. He's busy."

"Oh." Luffy breathed out, smirking even wider. "Lucky me."

"It's just a checkup," Sanji reasoned, tapping the end of his cigarette.

Luffy snickered, his head tilting from side to side, "Oh, man. I can't explain it, but I just hate it. I don't mind needles, I just…" Luffy trailed off. "Checkups are when you find a problem you didn't know existed. What's the point in that?"

Sanji nodded slowly, "I can understand that."

"So I'm glad." Luffy finished, stretching his arms high and wide above his head.

"You're so damn skinny," Sanji noted, clicking his tongue. "It's almost an insult as your chef."

Luffy laughed, slinging his arm around Sanji's shoulder, "There's nothing better than your cooking, Sanji."

Sanji felt the heat pooling in his cheeks. He chastised himself for getting so giddy over a damn compliment. He murmured something unintelligibly, his body feeling so light beneath Luffy's slender arm.

"What's wrong?" Luffy asked. Sanji felt guilty. He was back on the Sunny. Back with his crew. Back with his Captain. What the fuck was wrong?

"Nothing," Sanji answered dismissively. "You getting hungry?"

Luffy nodded, a sly smile spreading across his face, "I'm always hungry."

"I know you are." Sanji replied, slipping out from under Luffy's arm. "Let me start lunch."

"Thanks, Sanji…" Luffy snickered. "You're the best, Sanji…"

"I know." Sanji retorted, tapping the ash from the end of his cigarette.

"Pretty confident there, aren't cha?" Zoro asked, walking up. He nodded at Luffy in greeting. Luffy grinned happily, waving in return.

"Back off or Luffy'll lose his appetite…" Sanji growled.

Zoro bristled, "Oh yeah? I don't think so!"

Luffy only laughed, slapping them both on the back in a friendly way. "I'm gonna take a nap. Wake me when lunch's ready."

"Sure." Sanji replied as he walked away.


"Hey, Sanji."

Sanji looked up, surprised that Usopp had approached him. "Hey."

"What's up?" Usopp asked.

Sanji looked around the room unsurely. Luffy was playing, losing, checkers against Chopper, Franky was working on some greasy, black thing with Robin beside him, reading aloud about turbine engines. Zoro was asleep in the crow's nest, Brook was on deck, and Nami was in her room. Sanji shrugged, "A whole lotta nothing, I guess."

"Oh." Usopp said, his tongue pressed against the back of his teeth.

"Wanna play cards?" Usopp questioned.

"Sure." Sanji finally answered, honestly stunned by the offer.

Usopp dealt the cards neatly. He looked up and smiled and Sanji realized he was staring. "Sorry."

"For what?" Usopp wondered.

"I'm just kinda gawking at you, all openmouthed…" Sanji explained, shaking his head as he examined his hand of cards.

"I don't mind." Usopp whispered, his eyes purposefully kept to the game.

"I could do it more often if you didn't run away every time you saw me…" Sanji pointed out, tapping Usopp with his foot.

"I don't run away every time I see you!" Usopp argued. Everyone in the room turned to look at them. Sanji smiled, his hand smoothing down over his goatee. "I don't run away every time I see you," Usopp whispered.

"Strange." Sanji murmured. "It feels that way."

"I… it's…" Usopp trailed off unsurely.

"It's okay," Sanji decided. "I understand."

"You do?" Usopp breathed out in relief.

"Yeah." Sanji assured him. "You were being a friend and I won't take advantage of that."

"Huh?" Usopp snipped, shaking his head in confusion.

Sanji gestured to the people around them, some of whom were doing their very best to eavesdrop, "We'll talk later."

"I don't think you understand." Usopp realized, dropping his cards to the table.

"It's okay, really," Sanji replied.

"Hey, no, you don't understand…" Usopp pressed. Sanji was losing his temper quickly. He opened his mouth to reply, shutting it when he realized what was coming was not going to sound very nice. "San-ji!"

"What?!" Sanji snapped.

Usopp frowned, "Wait a minute."

"For what?" Sanji wondered aloud, lifting his arms in exasperation.

"I need to talk to you." Usopp answered.

"I'm not really in the mood." Sanji returned.

"Well, sorry, but you're going to listen to me!" Usopp declared, slamming his slingshot down on the table.

"Oooooh! He's threatening him!" Luffy commented, pointing at the two of them excitedly.

"Luffy!" Robin groaned, shaking her head in disapproval. "You two, gentlemen, go to another room…"

Usopp stood up, his bare feet thudding across the floor. "Come on."

Sanji nodded, feeling like he was in trouble, his cheeks flushing with color.

"Awwwww…" Luffy complained. "No fair. I wanna know what's going on."

"What?" Sanji asked once they were alone.

"What was that?" Usopp demanded.

"What was what?" Sanji asked, perplexed.

"That! What was that? You're acting like I did something wrong."

"Why? I'm the one getting yelled at!" Sanji barked.

"I'm not avoiding you… Well, okay, I am…" Usopp finally confessed. "I've been avoiding you."

Sanji finished his cigarette and lit another, "I know."

"But, it's not what you think…" Usopp insisted. "I need you to listen for a minute…"

Sanji felt a strange loosening in his chest, "Okay… I'm listening."

"I'm not a woman."

Sanji was quiet for a moment, "I know."

"I know you know, but do you understand?" Usopp groaned.

"I'm pretty sure I do…" Sanji replied, trying not to laugh at the absurdity of that. He was a man himself, he knew what it was to be a man.

"I'm not pretty or delicate or soft like a woman, Sanji." Usopp blurted.

"I think you're pretty." Sanji interjected, nearly surprising himself.

"That's nice but is that enough?" Usopp asked, his shoulders heaving up and down.

"Enough for what?" Sanji pressed.

"If we do this," Usopp waved his hand between them pointedly. "You're gonna have to see me naked. And, uh, well… Aghhhh! This is so embarrassing!"

Everything clicked into place. Sanji laughed, lighting another cigarette. He shook his head, dragging a hand through his blonde hair. "Damn it, Usopp. You scared me."

"What's so funny?! I'm being serious here!"

"I know." Sanji breathed out, hooking his arms around Usopp and pulling him closer. "Thank you."

"Sanji…" Usopp growled, burying his head in the other man's chest.

"I understand now, this time, for certain." Sanji murmured, stroking Usopp's hair lovingly.

"Really?" Usopp questioned.

Sanji nodded, planting a sweet kiss on the top of Usopp's head. "Yeah."

"I'm worried about it." Usopp confessed.

"There's nothing to be worried about," Sanji vowed.



"Umm, hey! What're you doing?" Usopp gasped, his hands slapping at Sanji's.

Sanji only smiled, pushing the suspenders off Usopp's shoulders. "Words only mean so much. Let me show you."

"H-h-h-huh?" Usopp stammered.

"Let me show you. I think you're beautiful. I don't mind that you're a man," Sanji explained, his hands dipping down Usopp's waistband. "It doesn't matter to me."

"You say that now, but…"

"That's what I'm saying, stupid. Pay attention." Sanji teased. "I'm not just gonna say it."

"What do you mean?" Usopp probed.

Sanji laughed, "I wanna have sex with you, Usopp."


"Do you want to have sex with me too?" Sanji continued, his blue eyes soft.

"Ah, I… Well… You…" Usopp stammered before finally, "Yes."

"Alright," Sanji muttered, searching for an ash tray. "Let's do it."

"Oh, what? Like right now?" Usopp whispered. "Not here, right?"

"Here, now… Why not?" Sanji replied.

Usopp made a face, his hands clenching against his muscled chest. "Well, umm…"

"Don't back out on me now," Sanji breathed, his thumbs hooking the waistband of Usopp's pants.

"I'm not." Usopp replied, shaking his head. "I'm okay."

Sanji nodded and smiled, "Good."

"Wait a second… I just, um, wanna know, do you, uh, know what you're doing?" Usopp asked with wide eyes.

"I'm sure I'll figure it out." Sanji murmured offhandedly. "Can't be that different."

"Oh, I'm sure it can." Usopp argued nervously.

"Don't you come down with a sudden flu now…" Sanji warned. "And if you run away, I won't run after you…"

"I won't run away." Usopp promised. He arched his neck and kissed Sanji sweetly on the lips. They didn't say anything else for a long time. All they could think to do was kiss. They both jumped in surprise at the loud knock on the door.

They slid apart subconsciously, Sanji yelling, "Yes? Come in!"

There was no answer. Sanji crossed the room and threw open the door, prepared to kick whoever it was halfway to the East Blue. But no one was there. Instead a small bottle was placed on the ground, along with a handwritten note, Use Me.

"What the…" Sanji trailed off, turning the note over and grabbing the bottle.

"What is it?" Usopp questioned, his voice no more than a whisper.

Sanji's face flushed with color, he cleared his throat in embarrassment before replying, "It's love lotion."

"L-love lo-lotion?"

"Yeah." Sanji confirmed, shutting the door behind him and locking it.

"What about the note?" Usopp asked, reaching for the paper curiously.

"It just says 'use me.'" Sanji explained as Usopp read.

Usopp stared at the note for only a moment before groaning, "This is Robin's handwriting. No doubt."

"So embarrassing…" Sanji breathed out.

"Does that mean she was eavesdropping or what?" Usopp wondered.

"It's probably just a joke," Sanji reasoned, whether he believed it or not. "But it works in our favor."

They moved to the couch, kissing and stroking each other over their clothes. It didn't take long before they were both panting, their pants feeling way too constrictive. Sanji brushed his hand against Usopp's stomach, "May I?"

"S-sure." Usopp exhaled.

Sanji pulled Usopp from his pants, his large, warm hands caressing Usopp's erection firmly. Usopp sank further into the couch, breathing out through his mouth. He let out a moan and Sanji quickened his pace excitedly. Usopp bit down on his fist, his eyes following Sanji's hands as they slid up and down, up and down.

"W-w-wa-wa-wait!" Usopp hissed after a while.

"What's wrong?" Sanji asked, his hand faltering over Usopp's tip.

"I'm gonna…" Usopp explained, his lashes fluttering closed. "cum."

Sanji nodded, a smirk spreading across his handsome face, and he resumed jerking Usopp's cock, "Oh, okay."

"San-ji!" Usopp groaned, his back sliding further down the couch. Usopp orgasmed; ejaculating sticky, white fluid all over Sanji's hands and across his own stomach. "Oh, shit. Sorry…" Usopp wiped at Sanji anxiously. "Are you okay?"

"So far so good." Sanji responded, pressing a kiss into Usopp's temple. "How about you?"

"I'm good." Usopp said, nodding slowly.

"Can we keep going?" Sanji asked. Usopp nodded wordlessly, his cheeks stained deep magenta. Sanji smiled, "Good."

He squirted the lube into his hands, rubbing them together unsurely. If he was being honest, he had no idea what to expect next. Usopp smiled, his warm hand clasping his. "Have you changed your mind?"

"No." Sanji refused flatly.

"Okay," Usopp breathed out, tugging gently on Sanji's hand. He placed it on his thigh, their fingers still intertwined. He moved their hands lower and Sanji felt the heat explode across his face and down his neck.

Sanji got it. He kissed Usopp's hand lovingly before disentangling himself. His stomach twisted, not uncomfortably, heat pooling beneath his belly. He knew what he wanted to do next. His lubed fingers trailed over Usopp's dark skin, making the sniper shudder. Sanji pressed firmly against Usopp's ass, pushing until his fingers slid inside.

Usopp made a noise, only making Sanji more impatient. Sanji moved his fingers gently, his own groin swelling uncomfortably against his pants, eliciting deliciously exciting mewls from the man beside him. "Does that feel good?"

"Ah," Usopp nodded, his face mostly blocked by his curled up fists. "Yeah."

Sanji nodded, "You look good."

Usopp cried out in embarrassment and Sanji chuckled seductively, "You do."

Sanji added more lube, amazed by what a difference it made. He worked his hand slowly, his long, thin fingers reaching deep inside of Usopp. He hit something, inside, and Usopp's entire body shivered, goose flesh prickling all over. Sanji smiled before biting down on his lip, crossing his legs, "What was that?"

"I don't know…" Usopp admitted, his nipples hardening from Sanji's touch. "But it was good."

"I'll do it again," Sanji decided, returning his attention to his fingers.

"Ah!" Usopp cried out. "Damn it, Sanji."

"Is it bad?" Sanji questioned.

Usopp opened his eyes, nearly scowling at Sanji in disbelief, "Nooo…"

"Oh, okay," Sanji replied, licking his lips. He pulled his fingers out and then scooted along the couch, repositioning Usopp more comfortably, in a lying down position. "Comfortable?"

"Yea-ahhh…" Usopp trailed off as Sanji rocked him forward, grabbing his legs and placing them on his shoulders. "Whoa! Uh…"

Sanji smiled crookedly, one hand brushing through Usopp's curly crop of pubic hair and the other tickling circles into Usopp's inner thigh. Sanji began to kiss along Usopp's hip bone, slowly, agonizingly so, making his way down between Usopp's thighs. "Hey, where're you going?" Usopp demanded.

Sanji kissed Usopp's leg, sucking and licking until it left a pretty, red kiss mark. He kissed back up, hoisting Usopp's ass off the couch with his shoulders. Sanji stroked Usopp's erection leisurely, his wide tongue pushing against the other man's entrance.

Usopp let out a guttural noise, his face visibly burning with heat. Sanji continued, licking Usopp while unhurriedly jerking him. Sanji took his time, working Usopp over until his cock was dripping and his thighs were shaking. Usopp's fingertips bruised Sanji's back and arms, pulling him closer and closer.

"Damn it, Sanji!" Usopp nearly shouted. "Come on!"

"Come on, what?" Sanji mused, licking up a drop of Usopp's precum.

"Awww, come onnnnnn…." Usopp whined. "San-jiiii…"

Sanji gently lowered Usopp's legs to the couch and sat up. He tossed his jacket over the back of the couch, undoing his buttons, bit by bit. He slid his belt off, laying it on top of his jacket. He hesitated at his zipper, his erection straining against his damp pants. "Did you want something?"

"Agh! Sanji!" Usopp scolded in embarrassment.

Sanji popped his button open, the seam of his trousers splitting open around his bulge. He stroked himself over his sticky underwear, grabbing his own cock firmly, "Did you want this?"

Usopp was quiet. He nodded drunkenly, reaching out and touching Sanji's perfect stomach with his hand. "Uh huh."

"'Uh huh'?" Sanji teased, pulling himself from his underwear. He stroked himself slowly, precum dripping from his tip.

"Yeah…" Usopp confirmed, nodding again.

Sanji nodded too, lifting Usopp's leg on top of his own. Sanji pushed his fingers back inside of Usopp, spreading them apart gradually. With his other hand, he placed his cock against Usopp's entrance. He used his fingers to open Usopp wider, pushing inside smoothly.

"Fuck." Sanji groaned, his eyes closing and his head rolling back. Usopp tightened around him, squeezing Sanji. Sanji grunted, his hands moving to Usopp's waist. He couldn't help it and he ejaculated inside without warning. "You okay?"

"Ah, yeah… Shit… I'm okay…" Usopp muttered, his hands curving around Sanji's back.

"Does it hurt?" Sanji asked, adjusting himself. He sat back slightly, his cock already hardening, his hands caressing Usopp's chest and stomach. Sanji was patient, his hips rocking ever-so-slightly until Usopp relaxed. "You ready?"

"Yeah. I think so." Usopp breathed out.

Sanji thrust into Usopp. He held Usopp's slender waist, sliding in and out of his partner. Usopp moaned loudly, his toes curling. Encouraged by the sounds, Sanji pumped faster, his fingers tightening around Usopp's beautifully round ass. Usopp wrapped his arms around Sanji's neck, pulling the cook closer for a kiss.

The couch shifted slightly as Sanji continued to thrust into Usopp. "Damn it."

"San-ji…" Usopp panted, one hand around Sanji's neck, the other skimming the floor.

"Does it feel good?" Sanji wondered, his stomach swirling with heat as Usopp arched his back.

"Uh huh." Usopp replied, nodding emphatically. Sanji lifted Usopp's ass even further off the couch. He pounded his hips against Usopp's ass, burying himself deep inside. "Fuck! Yes!"

Sanji grabbed Usopp's ankles, clasping them both in one hand and lifting them above his head. He sped up, growing impatient, his cock rubbing Usopp's prostate with each plunge. "I'm…" Sanji warned.

Usopp beat his fist against the back of the couch with one hand, stroking himself with the other. "Me too…"

Sanji orgasmed, shooting his load deep inside of Usopp. Usopp let out a low snarl, his fingers pressing into Sanji's skin. He muttered unintelligibly, dropping back to the couch as Sanji began to stroke him. He came a moment later, his cum spraying between their bodies.

Sanji pulled out, his fingers dipping back inside for a moment. He smeared his cum between his fingers before licking them clean. Usopp could only watch, even his nose turning pink. "So…" Sanji began, lying across Usopp. "Is that something you'd be willing to try again?"

Usopp laughed, patting Sanji's back "Sure. Why not?"