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I know I did a brief one of these on the Eclipse in the last TWF, but I thought it was over due to create a full organizational table for them as well as going over the group's history.

Cerberus: The Eclipse

Miss Lawson,

Your request for a full report on the Eclipse was an unusual one, but your reasoning that stage two of the Lazarus program might bring you into that region of space was well taken. I have consolidated all of the available data that we have on both the Sederis family, the Eclipse itself, and their allied groups.

Analyst Hastings


By any species definition, the Eclipse is one of the most unusual organizations currently active in the galaxy. It is simultaneously a mercenary force, the army of a Warlord, the unelected government of the Outcast Asari, an umbrella corporation for dozens of other industrial concerns, and whatever else Jona Sederis decides that it should be on any given day.

As much as many likely wish otherwise, the Eclipse is unlikely to go away anytime soon, given its cultural place in the Terminus and Outcast Asari society. While derided as a criminal organization by the Council and Republics, it is the closest thing that the Outcasts have to a unified government and armed forces. Its membership has historically surged whenever the Repubics publicly give statements on Outcast society (typically pitying them or inferring that they would be better off returning to the fold).

Even if Jona Sederis was to be killed, a highly unlikely event to begin with, Leska Sederis would likely replace her mother with ease. If anything, AIS and our own agents are more nervous about the highly organized and cool Leska taking power than they are about her mother remaining in control. We view it as likely that Leska would go the additional step of actually creating a nation-state, formally unifying the Outcasts.


Despite the Eclipse officially being founded as a private military group, in actuality the group was effectively a merger of three minor Asari houses: Sederis, Rassiel, and T'Laria. All three families were of little import politically in the Republics, and had combined together in an economic venture in the late 1800s that had failed miserably and left them all nearly bankrupt.

In a desperate attempt to reclaim some level of stability, Fea Rassiel and Herala T'Laria proposed the notion of creating a PMC using their family huntresses as a base, and were able to convince Matriarch Allia Sederis of the merits of such an idea. All three sold what land and interests they had left in the Republics and migrated to Illium, where they quickly purchased a small compound in Nos Irrail in 1896.

As Allia was far too old to undertake combat operations, she convinced her eldest daughter Jona to return from her mercenary life in the Traverse and take command. While Jona Sederis was unstable even at this point in her life, the attentions of the T'Laria mind healers did much to assist her mentally during the next two centuries. Jona, recognizing the value of good publicity and the limitations of the two hundred mixed commandos and huntresses under her command, focused on short-duration big-name contracts, often showing off her extreme personal power to garner media attention.

The Eclipse's true launch to fame, and the beginning of an empire, came in 1948, when a massive raid leaded by Weyrloc Busan attacked Illium. Accepting an emergency contract from the Board of Directors (in the order of billions of credits both real and in investments), the Eclipse cleared a path through the attacking pirates for their Mistress to personally throw down the Krogan Battlemaster and his entire krant, the battle being broadcast live across the extranet.

Illium being considered a Republic colony at the time, Jona Sederis quickly became a celebrity for leading its defense, and was awarded no fewer than seven martial awards by the Republics and Council. Seeing a chance to turn their small group into something far grander, Allia Sederis worked heavily with her daughter to expand as much as possible while they had a store of goodwill to draw from.

While the Sederis matriarch died of old age in 1985, by that point the Eclipse had already begun to blossom. Decommissioned Asari warships were sold at discount rates from the Republics, Jona's sister Reshi working closely with a young Leska Sederis to create a private navy to go with a blossoming army. The latter was mostly the work of Jona and her other sister, Yithina, the two using a combination of money, sex, blackmail, and violence to absorb a dozen other Asari-dominant PMC's over the course of several decades.

By 2028, the Eclipse had effectively black-listed all other major contractors from taking employment in the spinward Terminus. Those Meshinvi who attempted to circumvent this found themselves dead at Jona's hands, their successors quickly bowing to their new Mistress and privately recognizing her as their Queen. But, while their expansion proceeded very well in the spinward zone of the Terminus, efforts elsewhere went poorly. Warlord Hakar the Sixth's Xenthan Empire brutally beat back both of the Eclipse's attempts to make inroads into the Maferath cluster, and the Salarian Trinity easily brushed aside the sole effort to establish a foothold in the coreward Terminus.

Further efforts at expansion were put on hold as the relationship between the organization and the Republics soured. Thessia's Council of Matriarchs had had plans for the Eclipse, and for the Outcasts of the spinward Terminus. Most of what we know of these concepts is conjecture, supported only by Sederis's own claims, but the data seems to track. Thessia's game appeared to be a long-term effort to stabilize, civilize, and then slowly absorb the wayward region, giving them a launching point to secure Omega from. A secondary plan was likely the creation of a full nation state, centered around either Illium or Caldesha, whose leader would be a de-facto vassal of Thessia, and capable of acting as a cats-paw or buffer state.

Unfortunately, Jona Sederis proved to be impossible to direct and control, partially due to her own personality, and partially due to the assistance of Herala and Armenial T'Laria in ferreting out Republic Intelligence agents attempting to infiltrate the organization's upper crust. Further, Illium's own colonists had increasingly begun to chafe under Republic restrictions, and voted to declare the world a corporate colony in 2060. While the Council of Matriarchs was outraged, the Assembly allowed the move, not having known their elders' plans for the world and focusing on the potential economic benefits.

Events came to a head in 2071, when a Nightwind team attempted to assassinate Jona Sederis while she was on Thessia, purchasing back the mansion complex her mother had sold nearly two centuries prior. While Jona survived the attempt, her sister Yithina did not. The Council of Matriarchs publicly called the event a 'tragic attack by rogue Ardat'yakshi', and offered sympathy and assistance.

The next morning, Republic news channels broadcast the severed heads of Matriarch Kallini T'Roa and Wesa B'Rosh sitting on the steps of the Justicar's Grand Hall, with the Eclipse logo branded onto their foreheads. Exactly why Sederis elected to kill these two Matriarchs is not known, but it is likely that she paid the Shadow Broker heavily to learn just who was running the Nightwind program at that time. The Justicars themselves immediately dispatched members of their ranks to hunt her, overriding the Republic Assembly's call for an arrest warrant and replacing it with a kill-on-sight order.

How Jona Sederis escaped to reach Illium is another mystery, one that only she likely knows the answer to. She remained on world for a very short time before relocating to the safety of Omega, officially placing Armenial T'Laria in command of the Eclipse in her absence. The efficaciously polite mind healer promptly hired a veritable army of lawyers, spending the next nine years fighting a public relations battle to clear Jona's name. Most of this was done by dredging up the memories of her defense of Illium, as well as by implying that the theatrical nature of the killings pointed to Jona being framed.

While I would not put it past the Nightwind to kill two senior politicians just to frame a target, I believe it is far more likely that Sederis simply had a mental break-down at the loss of her sister and didn't give a damn about the consequences in the moment.

By this point the Eclipse had become a shadow-empire in the Terminus. Powerful but not fully recognized, and mostly focused on quietly continuing to expand in the usual long-term Asari fashion. Unfortunately for everyone in the Terminus, the Black Night incident in 2080 would change everything.

Weyrloc Shiagur had not forgotten the brutal killing of her mate and children at Sederis's hands, and had been quietly creating a massive invasion force in the anti-spwinward Terminus. Supported by Ganar Yulaz and Weyrloc Zaen, she launched her invasion of Illium in a surprise attack that caught most of the Eclipse's Golden Armada elsewhere. The small Republic defense fleet was easily brushed aside, and the attackers utilized suicide-ships to ram directly into the planet's GTS defense centers to clear the path for the invading army.

While freelance pirates and opportunists raided Nos Astra and Nos Irrail, the female named for the famed Warlord lead a massive force of Krogan against the Eclipse headquarters just north of Illium's largest city. Ignoring their own casualties, the Blood Pack overwhelmed the defenders over the course of a single night of engagement, before making an open broadcast that showed Shiagur executing those few survivors. Known deaths include Armenial and Herala T'Laria and two of their five children, Matriarch Cala Rassiel and all three of her daughters, and three of Jona's fathered daughters.

Jona Sederis and the Golden Armada arrived in force two days later, along with three quarters of the entire Eclipse, and not even Turian news sites would show the resulting carnage. What records there are indicated that Jona herself killed Weyrloc Shiagur, but the casualties of the violent counter-attack were massive. Reshi Sederis died after being ambushed by Ganar Irinnis, the battlemaster dying in turn to an enraged Leska and Ithiri Sederis who tore him limb from limb biotically to avenge their aunt. Two of the remaining members of the core T'Laria family were killed, and it is believed that another of Jona's children died in the fighting.

The aftermath revealed an organization unified in hatred and purpose, but unified beneath a woman whose sanity had cracked entirely.

Officially declaring herself the Mistress of the Outcast in the Terminus, Jona began launching punitive campaigns against enemies both real and imagined. The Trinity Warlords were slain in 2100, Raik Ushen's empire was obliterated in 2119, and the last members of the Weyrloc clan not on Tuchanka were assassinated on Omega in 2130. The Republics quietly rescinded the Justicars' kill order against her in 2142, believing that she would likely overstep her bounds and be killed by Aria or Ganar Yulaz sometime within the next century. They did, however, maintain a low-priority order for her arrest in the investigation of T'Roa and B'Rosh's deaths, mostly to placate the irritated Justicars.

The Eclipse's numbers began to heavily wane around this time, members quietly deserting in droves to take employment elsewhere as Jona's behavior became more erratic. The Golden Armada remained largely intact due to deft maneuvering on the part of Leska Sederis, but many of their ships were quietly mothballed above Illium to save on operating costs as she and Volre Rassiel struggled to maintain the group's profitability. Ithiri Sederis, along with several of her half-sisters, 're-founded' the mercenary branch of the organization in 2150, and was allowed to create branches on Thessia and the Citadel after answering a few cursory questions about her mother's sanity, or lack thereof.

By 2180, only Jona's extreme personal power and her daughters' aversion to matricide were keeping her in place. Asari Meshinvi openly courted Leska, irritably awaiting the day when she finally killed her mother and assumed the leadership role, and even Aria had banned Jona from setting foot on Omega after her last visit had resulted in a massacre over a perceived slight.

We do not have an exact date, but the situation within the Eclipse seemed to drastically shift around the time of the Blue Suns incident in 2180/81. Ithiri Sederis returned to Illium for the first time in four decades, bringing as many as six of her half-sisters with, and met with her sister Leska in Nos Irrail. Shortly after this meeting, and reinforced by numerous Elder Huntresses, the group migrated to the Sederis mansion outside of Nos Astra.

It is believed that this group ambushed and restrained Jona Sederis, and physically forced her to begin taking medication and to receive mind healing treatments. While the Eclipse Mistress continued to act the part of the raving lunatic in public, background events recorded by our agents clearly show a rapid turn-around in the Eclipse's fortunes. Wasted credits were finally invested appropriately, corrupt internal agents were executed as warnings to shape up, and crash-hiring and building programs were rapidly put into place to expand the group back to something like it had once been.

The recovery of Jona Sederis was not met with open arms by the Asari Meshinvi, as they were most likely the first external force to realize that she had regained some measure of sanity. The Outcast Warlords had enjoyed a century with little oversight and few requirements from their 'leader', and the sudden demands from the Eclipse for war-time taxation, conscription, and economic targets was met irregularly. Perhaps a third of the Meshinvi, those who actually believe in the ideals of an Outcast nation, responded promptly, while the remainder began to drag their feet. A few even reached out to Leska Sederis, demanding answers as to why the status quo was changing and insisting that she do something about her mother.

Much of 2182 through 2815 was evidently spent dealing with that particular situation. Seven Meshinvi were killed and replaced during that timeframe, and another dozen were either convinced or forced to submit to Sederis. In 2184, a massive series of reforms began, completely re-organizing both the Terminus Eclipse as well as the Golden Armada into groups more suited to fighting large-scale engagements. Notably, the Eclipse PMC branches and the supporting units were largely left alone aside from minor changes.


The Eclipse is heavily sub-divided between various internal organizations, all of which have specific tasks that they focus on.

Name: The Terminus Eclipse

Commander: Jona Sederis, Mistress of the Eclipse

Task: Army of the Eclipse

Desc: See section on the Eclipse's ground formations.

Name: The Eclipse PMC

Commander: Ithiri Sederis

Task: Recruitment, Training, Income

Desc: The only legal branch of the Eclipse in council space, this group primarily serves as a recruiting agency to evaluate volunteers. Those who pass the group's requirements are encouraged to emigrate to the Terminus to join the Terminus Eclipse, while those maidens simply enjoying a few rebellious years will be sent on their way when their contracts ended. In recent months, the Eclipses' facilities on Thessia were shuttered due to the increased political tension between Thessia and Illium, though the branches on Bekenstein, Omega, and the Citadel remain active. Plans are believed to be underway to establish a branch headquarters on Khar'shan, but we have no firm data on that.

Name: The Golden Armada

Commander: Admiral Leska Sederis

Task: Navy of the Eclipse

Desc: See section on the Golden Armada

Name: The Morning Eclipse

Commander: Matriarch Desa Rassiel

Task: Support, Logistics, Taxation

Desc: This is the largest branch of the Eclipse by membership, and serves primarily as the supporting infrastructure for the other facets of the organization. It is also the branch with the most aliens present within it, and is the only branch that our own agents have been able to infiltrate (albeit on a limited scale). Agents of the Morning Eclipse are responsible for collecting tithes from the various Meshinvi, corporations, and colonists who live on worlds under Eclipse control. While all members must undergo basic combat training, they are not professional soldiers.

High ranking members of the Morning Eclipse are also responsible for managing the Eclipse's varied business interests across the Terminus. Most of this is handled by elder members of House Rassiel, whose members have remained quietly loyal to the Sederis family even in the darker years of Jona's instability.

Name: The Evening Eclipse

Commander: Matriarch Musio T'Laria

Task: Medical Response, Mental Health, Internal Security

Desc: The Evening Eclipse runs several private hospitals on Illium and has thousands of doctors on payroll, most of whom spend a great deal of time helping to train combat medics. They also have a large number of mind healers who work to help keep Eclipse soldiers psychologically healthy. It is believed that, much like the House B'Mor fanatics, that these mind healers also help shore up the soldier's psyches in order to make them better adapted to the constant warfare of the Terminus.

Unlike the Morning Eclipse, the Evening Eclipse does have combat agents assigned to it, though they are... unusual. Called 'Night Whisperers', they serve as the group's internal police force as well as... well, whores. All of them are Asari, all of them are highly attractive, and all of them are trained as vicious assassins who specialize in killing other Asari by somehow using their own biotics to negate their target's powers. When they are not tracking down traitors or infiltrators, they are... 'boosting morale', and using House T'Laria mental techniques to softly rummage through their lovers' memories for any signs of unusual activity.


The vast majority of the Eclipse's membership is compromised of Asari maidens and matrons from the so-called Outcast colonies in the Spinward Terminus. Republic Asari are largely restricted to the PMC branch, and are generally required to officially emigrate if they wish to join other branches. Aliens are most commonly found in the Morning Eclipse, though non-Asari numbers are picking up in both the Golden Armada and in the Evening Eclipse.

They are also the only major Terminus organization to not discriminate against Salarians, who often find employment in the Omega PMC branch.

Ground Forces

The modern Eclipse could be considered a dark mirror to the Republics' warrior House B'Mor. This is by design, Sederis having consciously sought to emulate the Asari's last great soldiers in order to possess an army capable of holding her territory against any attacker. With that being said, she is not so hide-bound as to avoid more modern trends, and also maintains Commando and Huntress teams for situation where small, elite formations are required instead of an army.

In terms of equipment, the Eclipse typically spends far better on weaponry than they do on personal protection, an understandable attitude when nearly all of their rank and file are biotics. That is not to say that they are equipped with poor or sub-standard armor, merely average gear in comparison to the expensive protection bought by units such as the Blade-Wind or Silver Blades.

Prior to the 2184 reforms (coinciding with the effective end of the Eclipse's involvement in Ganar's War), the Eclipse had no real pattern to their formations. One unit might utilize the traditional Asari formations and rankings, while another combined Turian regimental formations with human rankings, and yet another might use human divisions with Turian rankings; all depending upon the whims of the Asari in command of that particular sub-army.

After 2184, Jona Sederis issued a fiat to restructure the Eclipse army along the same lines as House B'Mor and the old Republic warrior houses in order to have a consistent organizational structure, though Leska Sederis's self-indulgent love for the old terms seems to have infiltrated some of the rank names.

The smallest formation of Eclipse sisters is much larger than most base squads, with an Eclipse 'Party' usually having twenty or so Asari, lead by an Ahra. Six parties are organized beneath a Hunt Mistress into a 'Cabal'. This is, essentially, the core formation of the Eclipse, and the level to which their majority of their supporting units are attached. Each cabal has a Commando or Huntress team attached, as well as sufficient shuttles to mark the unit as air-mobile. Six Cabals (six being the standard number of long-boats carried by Asari War Galleons in their ancient history) are grouped together into Formations (essentially regiments), six Formations come together to form an Echelon (roughly a light SA division), and six Echelons form an Army (coming out to around forty thousand soldiers once all of the supporting personnel, commandos, and other specialists are attached).

Currently, the Terminus Eclipse has Thirty-Eight Armies in total, for roughly a million and a half Asari soldiers. Analysis of arms purchases, base expansions, and coordination with the various Meshinvi all paint an even more worrying picture. By the end of 2817, the Eclipse is likely to have a fifty-army strong military force, bolstered by the subordinate Meshinvi who would be capable of contributing three times that number, though those forces would largely be only useful in their colony's defense.

Eighteen of their current armies are on Illium, though only five of them are believed to be rated as 'combat ready', with the others still filled primarily with trainees. Fifteen additional armies are located in the Hegemony, having been hired by the rebelling faction to supplement their ground forces, but are beginning to rotate back to the Terminus as the fighting there reaches its end. The remaining five are scattered across the spinward Terminus on garrison duty.

The Eclipse PMC can pull together four additional Armies, though their cohesion in large-scale engagements is likely to be noticeably worse, and their morale far lower.

This reformation and streamlining, tied together with the Eclipse's continued growth, their 'blooding' of many of their armies in the Hegemony, and their unusual alliance with once-rival groups seem to point to Sederis preparing to fight someone in large scale ground combat... though whether this someone is the Republics, Aria, T'Ravt, the Geth, or the Reapers is unknown at this time.


While the Eclipse's ground formations are organized along the same lines as House B'Mor, they don't fight in the same fashion as those lunatics. The Sederis family instead pioneered a variation on the traditional Asari tactics into something more suited for attritional warfare, while not requiring her girls to stand on the line like Turians or Batarians.

The core concept was developed by Reshi Sederis in the 1900s, and focused on what she called 'the Tide of Battle'. The Eclipse, whenever possible, prefers to be on the attack in order to dictate tempo, and Parties and Cabals are trained to essentially engage in rolling patterns of constant attack and retreat, simultaneously probing for weak points and trying to lure cocky attackers into following or 'flanking' the attacking 'tide'. Unlike traditional Republic tactics, Eclipse commando teams are usually held back as reserves, put forwards only when a weak point has been identified, when an enemy has been lured into a kill zone, or when opposing special forces are detected.

Overall the strategy can be especially infuriating and successful against Krogan and Turian formations, but is weaker against defensively minded Batarians. If forced onto the hard defense, Eclipse Cabals will generally default to a multi-layered defense in depth that is aimed at funneling attackers into predetermined kill-zones. As with most Asari units, they dislike the idea of static defense or siege warfare, and prefer to avoid such things whenever possible.

If the Eclipse can be said to have a precise weakness, it is that they, like nearly all Terminus forces, are very light on both armor and anti-tank weaponry. If they can be said to have an advantage, it is that even their lowliest initiate is a biotic.

Biotic Techniques

The Sederis family is noted for having pioneered one biotic technique that they refer to as the Lance. (Official AIS designation is the 'Scalpel' to avoid confusion with the N7:Adept Lance technique). Where most biotics hurl warpfire in broad streams or in spear-like attacks, the Sederis 'Lance' is more akin to a continuous, focused laser. It is likely highly tiring to utilize due to the high concentration required, and has a very short duration, but has a very long lethal range and an almost instantaneous travel time.

The lethality of the technique lies in that concentration. By focusing a massive amount of warpfire into a very small, continuous barrage, the Lance simply punches an equally tiny hole through a target's barriers before cutting through them in turn. Currently only members of the Sederis family are known to have been trained to utilize this technique, and only Leska Sederis and Trena T'Laria have been observed using it routinely.

A few Asari Matriarchs or Krogan Battlemasters could possibly survive being hit directly by this technique, but very, very few. Its greatest weakness seems to be the difficulty in aiming the stream on top of controlling it. T'Laria has only ever been observed using it at almost point-blank range, and Leska Sederis seems to prefer to be within fifty meters of her target. Jona Sederis has been recorded as killing a Battlemaster instantly at two hundred meters, but is also on the record as finding the technique 'boring' for the lack of challenge it offers.

Rankings / Notable Positions

Initiate: An Eclipse initiate is typically a Maiden with two to ten years of training or combat experience. She is equipped with either a Priestess heavy rifle or a Tempest sub-machine gun, with an acolyte pistol as her backup weapon. Grenade load-outs vary, but most carry at least one HE device along with a stun model.

Eshe; The rank and file of the Eclipse, the title of Eshe (an old Asari term for an experienced huntress) is granted to an Initiate who has survived at least five combat engagements.

Ahra; Essentially a junior officer, responsible for commanding a Party. Usually equipped the same as her subordinates, though their better pay can see them purchase better armor for themselves.

Hunt Mistress: Mid ranking officers who command Cabals.

Hunt Captain: Mid ranking officers who command Formations.

Hunt Director: Senior officer who commands an Echelon.

Retra: Senior officer who commands an Army.

Sister: Not actually a rank but rather a title, to show that an Asari has passed whatever particular 'rite' that her cabal, ship, or PMC branch utilizes. Some are fairly benign (perhaps requiring the Asari to service an ugly member of the squad sexually), others are... less so (such as the Illium branch's notorious requirement for a cold-blooded murder). An Eclipse member who has passed this rite has the notation 'Sister' added before her name and rank.

Commando: These are the Eclipse's close quarters specialists. Most are at least fourth century Matrons, armed with shotguns, heavy pistols, blades, and carrying numerous grenades, they have a well deserved reputation as extremely nasty in-fighters who will utilize any dirty trick they can think up to kill their target. Those initiates who have any skill at the flash-step are usually tabbed for commando training once they reach the rank of Eshe.

Huntress: More in line with what people think of when it comes to Asari soldiers, Eclipse Huntresses operate in small, two to four women teams, and are most often snipers and infiltrators. In open battle conditions, usually act as scouts or are tasked with identifying and killing enemy officers from a distance.

Elder Sister: The Elder Sisters are the Eclipse's elite bodyguard formations for their command officers, and the closest thing they have to heavy infantry. All are at least five centuries old, have passed at least four initiation rites (all must be from different units), have been with the Eclipse for a minimum of one century, and must pass a brutal selection process and mind-healing certifications. Fantastically well equipped with medium weight armor (heavy by Citadel standards), often equipped with advanced heavy weapons, even one of them is a nightmare to deal with. Thankfully, most Eclipse armies don't have more than a hundred of them in total, and rarely actually deploy them unless desperate.

Naval Forces

Funded by the taxation of the Outcast colonies and protection money paid by the Board of Directors, the Golden Armada is the third largest fleet in the Terminus systems after Die Waffe and T'Ravt's navies. However, as the bulk of both of those fleets are lighter raiding vessels, the Aramada is 'heavier' in the terms that they possess far more cruiser sized vessels than either of her rivals. Most of their modern vessels are built at Illium's shipyards or the smaller facilities on other Outcast colonies. In the past, vessels were also purchased from Aria or other warlords, though this ceased after Sederis's mental break.

Traditionally divided into four 'fleets', each with a different area of responsibility. The largest, in the wake of the Black Night, has been centered above Illium to protect the corporate world with the second major detachment is based out of Omega. The Third detachment protected the relays of the Illium Way, the main trade lane that connects the other Outcast colonies to Omega and Illium. The Fourth, and smallest, detachment primarily served as pickets and pirate hunters protecting the colonies proper. In the wake of Ganar's war, and the relative 'stability' in the Terminus, the third and fourth detachments have been folded into a single fleet which was then dispatched to fight in the Hegemony Civil War. With that conflict now resolved, it is unknown just where it will be assigned.

Tactically, the Armada fights in a similar fashion to Republic fleets, being highly aggressive with their larger ships and relying on overlapping fields of fire from large cruiser formations. Strategically, they are cautious as to not provoke the Republics or Aria, but they show little hesitation in engaging anyone else that threatens their territory.

Ship Types

Dreadnoughts: 2 - Solar Eclipse, Blade of Vengeance. Both are traditional Republic dreadnought designs, resembling scaled-down versions of the Destiny Ascension, and despite relying on older Asari technology, they are still more advanced and far larger than even the newest Alliance equivalents. The Blade of Vengeance was purchased directly from the Republics during the Eclipse's height, while the Solar Eclipse was actually discovered as a drifting hulk near the galactic rim, a relic of a failed punitive campaign against Omega's Patriarch several centuries ago. More than a decade of repairs above Illium were required to fix the vessel, which now serves as the Armada's flagship.

Carriers: 1 – Thousand Cuts. The only known dreadnought-carrier outside of the Alliance, and the only major Eclipse vessel commanded by a human. She carries a much smaller fighter wing than her Alliance competition, but superior armor and point-defense weaponry. Much like our own vessels, she is capable of carrying a massive number of ground troops and deploying them rapidly.

Light Dreadnoughts: 7 – Technically referred to as Battlecruisers, they are in truth Dreadnoughts that just happen to fall below the length requirements to refer to them as such. Four are of Turian influence, built at the Stormwall yards two centuries ago, while the other three are Batarian patterned and purchased from Aria (who bought them in turn from the Hegemony).

Heavy / Line Cruisers: 287 – The bulk of the Eclipse fleet is a wide variety of cruiser types in the Asari styles. All are older designs, even the new construction, but they are kept in fastidious condition and are upgraded regularly where they can be.

Light Cruisers / Destroyers: 67 – Most of these vessels are refitted light cruisers specifically configured to hunt down independent operators stupid enough to raid or cheat the Eclipse. A rare case of mercenaries actually designing something well, the Alliance's Cairo class Corsair ship is essentially an improved copy of the Eclipse's old Dusk Spear class.

Frigates: 142 – The Eclipse has curiously few light vessels, typically relying on light cruisers and destroyers for the same tasks that most other navies would trust to frigates or corvettes.

Houses and Core Families

The Sederis, Rassiel, and T'Laria families remain as the core leadership of the Eclipse, even in the modern era. Of these, House Rassiel maintains the most direct wealth, followed closely by House Sederis. House T'Laria suffered the worst in the Black Night affair, losing nearly three quarters of the family, with most of the survivors being young maidens and distant relations who were quickly adopted into the central fold.

House Sederis

Lead by Jona Sederis after her mother's death, the core family has slowly been whittled down to her and the two children who she birthed, but the extended family has grown massively since the Eclipse began. The family is noted as being oddly powerful for a minor clan in terms of their natural biotics, and excepting Jona, is also recorded as having very fine levels of biotic control even during their maiden years.

Unusually for Asari, the Sederis family has a long history of leaving fathered children in their wake wherever they go... which is decidedly unusual considering Asari reproduction. Either they are exceptionally talented at seducing and convincing young maidens to carry their children, or there is something more sinister at work. In either case, the family currently constitutes a hundred or so Asari bearing the Sederis name matrilineally, and perhaps as many as a thousand adoptees / fathered Asari. All members of the family are expected to join the Eclipse, though they are not required to actually join combat units. Perhaps half do, while the remainder serve in the Evening or Morning Eclipse.

Given their respective ages, it is believed that both Leska and Ithri Sederis have given birth to at least one daughter each, but they are sensibly protective and paranoid enough to conceal and protect said children.

House Rassiel

Lead by Matriarch Desa Rassiel, this minor clan was often derided as being cursed by Athame for the string of misfortune that plagued them for most of their existence. Initially achieving some renown during the Krogan Rebellions and expanding in the aftermath, investment and political blunders quickly stripped them of most of their influence and left them adrift. Helping to form the Eclipse heavily improved their stature, though most members of the family are noticeably paranoid and risk-averse, not wishing to lose what they now have.

Unlike the Sederis and T'Laria families, the Rassiel are not committed to serve in the Eclipse at birth and are encouraged to find their own path. Most end up joining anyway for the steady paychecks and chance for adventure, but there are several branches of the family that heave elected to setup on Illium and peacefully run smaller businesses.

As a general description, members of the Rassiel family tend to be far more approachable and, well, 'normal' compared to Sederis or T'Laria. Matriarchs from the family are often used as the Eclipse's variation of diplomats when the organization wishes to appear on its best behavior.

House T'Laria

Never a populous clan, the T'Laria have long had a reputation as excellent but secretive mind healers who toed the line of what was considered morally acceptable. A vassal of House B'Mor, they likely pioneered the mental techniques used to influence that family's warriors, but were evicted from Thessia after an Ardat'yakshi born to the family Matriarch killed five senior members of the warrior house before being put down. After said Matriarch killed herself in grief after having to slay her own daughter, Herala T'Laria quietly allied the family with the Sederis and Rassiel clans.

A very, very strange group by Asari standards, even before they helped form the Eclipse. They are known to be extremely secretive, prone to cutting profanity, loath publicity, and openly shun communal connections in favor of very small groups of tight allies. There is no official record of their mental techniques, but rumor and hearsay indicate that they are very skilled in mental defense, covert meld interrogations, and have several methods to inure Asari to violence.

Most members of the family are not disposed to open battle, instead preferring the surety of assassinations. It should be noted that most Night Whisperers are members of House T'Laria, or were trained by them.

After the Black Night incident, the technical leader of the House is Trena T'Laria, as she is the only surviving member of the core family. Her self-imposed exile in the wake of the death of her family saw her second-cousin, Matriarch Musio T'Laria, take up the post until Trena could be convinced to return.

Threat Index

For ease of understanding, I am going to utilize the AIS threat rating system for the various individuals and groups that I am going to outline below. It is a fairly simply ranking, with an N rating followed by the number of teams of that caliber likely required to kill a target with acceptable casualties. For example, our last breach into the AIS servers indicated that you had an N7-1 rating. Meaning that the AIS believes that a single N7 team could kill you without suffering more than 50% casualties.

Name: Jona Sederis, Mistress of the Eclipse

Threat Rating: N7-X (Do Not Engage. Ever.)

Desc: There is little I can say here. Engaging Jona Sederis in an actual fight is akin to deciding that suicide wasn't enough, you also wanted to be tortured to death before you went out. She is possibly vulnerable to high-powered anti-biotic weaponry and extreme yield explosives, but she has also been recorded as simply powering through standard nullification equipment with nothing more than an expression of annoyance, so I wouldn't wish to be the first to attempt it. If Cerberus does decide to kill her, I recommend nuclear weapons or orbital bombardment from dreadnoughts, just to be sure.

Name: Ithiri Sederis, Chairwoman of the Eclipse PMC

Threat Rating: N7-7

Desc: While extremely powerful biotically, she has not yet demonstrated the near invincibility of her mother, and is noted to have a temper and enjoys brawling over simply killing her targets. This leaves her more vulnerable to staged engagement plans, and potentially to ambushes. Of the three core members of the Sederis family, she is the most skilled with conventional arms and likely the least hampered by anti-biotic weaponry.

Name: Leska Sederis, Admiral of the Eclipse

Threat Rating: N7-10

Desc: Any direct attack on Leska will suffer high levels of casualties, even if biotic suppressor technology is heavily utilized. Unlike her mother and sister, she favors killing her targets rapidly and neatly and then moving on to the next, and has no qualms about retreating if she actually feels pressed or is even merely uncertain about a situation. Has very few recorded instances of close range engagements, and may be vulnerable to Vanguard style attackers (most of whom will still likely die, but their odds of taking her down as well are higher than most other options).

Name: Kallia Toka (Sederis), Retra of the 5th Eclipse

Threat Rating: N6-3

Desc: The eldest of Jona's 'fathered' children (older even than Leska), Kallia commands the 5th Eclipse Army and is the de-facto commander of all Eclipse ground troops on Illium beneath her father. While an expert with most weapons and an extremely capable general, she lacks her half-sisters raw biotic power and is less dangerous in a direct fight.

Name: Matriarch Desa Rassiel, Mistress of the Morning Eclipse

Threat Rating: N6-2

Desc: While her fighting days are long behind her, Des Rassiel is still an extremely powerful biotic. Proper use of nullification weaponry will ensure that she remains an old woman, but even a minor mistake could lead to numerous casualties.

Name: Matriarch Musio T'Laria, Supervisor of the Evening Eclipse

Threat Rating: N7-2

Desc: Not known as a straight up fighter, T'Laria is a very skilled assassin and is responsible for training most of the Eclipse's Huntresses and Night Whisperers. If forced into a direct engagement she would likely not be difficult to kill, but any kind of running battle would give her too much time to plot and prepare traps and ambushes.

Group: Eclipse Commandos

Threat Rating: N7-1 (per team)

Desc: The greatest threat Eclipse commandos pose is their ability to rapidly shift from offense to defense via flash-steps, and their focus on eliminating a single target via concentrated firepower. Generally equipped with close-range weapons, they are vulnerable to area explosives and anti-biotic weaponry like traditional Republic commandos.

Group: Night Whisperers

Threat Rating: N5-1 (per 1 target)

Desc: Night Whisperers are most dangerous when they get the drop on their target, which they unfortunately usually do. Trained in a variety of close range biotic techniques and armed with concealed weapons, they always go for the kill rather than bother taking prisoners. In a straight fight they remain dangerous Asari commandos, but no more so than most others as they almost always operate solo. The largest issue in fighting them is that they always attempt flight if they fail to kill their initial target, and will return with commando reinforcements.

Group: Elder Sisters

Threat Rating: N7-1 (per 1 sister)

Desc: Most Elder Sisters are combat veterans to a degree that make the most jaded human seem well adjusted. They are cold, merciless, and exceedingly efficient in killing anything that gets in their way. Their primary weakness is their low numbers, a tendency to over-rely on biotic power, and the fact that they are more often used as bodyguards rather than soldiers.

End Report

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