A Place Apart

(The story of what happened before Melanie went to New York)

Alabama- not your typical American city like New York or Washington D.C. No Alabama is a place where you can not bath for a week and no one would offend you. It is a place where the citizens wave at each other from their model T Ford pick up trucks, whether they know the other or not. Yes, that's good old Alabama- my home! I wish that I could honestly tell you that I've lived here all my life, but if I did, I'd be telling a lie. Three years ago, when I was twenty years old, I moved up to the big Apple State to get out of this town and to persue my career as a clothes designer. It was not until I had spent three years living in a city apartment there, did I realize all I had left behind. I While in New York, I became engaged with who seemed to be the love of my life, the stuck up senator's romantic son. That is all history now. I am still married to my childhood love and destined lover Jake. I have also renewed my family name, Broozer, which I dropped and turned to Carmicheal when I moved to the city (think about it, which name would look more appealing at a fashion shoot- Melanie Carmicheal, or Melanie Broozer- you do the math). I now live in a little shack bordered by a glistening lake with my Jake, my newborn daughter, Rose, and our big, brown dog. Life in our little town is peaceful and always exciting, and now with a baby in town, Jake and I are parents. Boy, I never thought that Jake would be a father, but he is the sweetest one in the earth. I'm so glad that my husband isn't one of those stubborn, country dads who hold a grudge on their baby girls for eternity because his wife didn't produce him a wife. No, Jake was different, he wanted a son, of course he did, it is any father's dream to teach his son all he knows about life and his trade anyway. But he still was grateful for a child and when I saw him hold Rose in his arms the day of her birth in the town hospital, there were tears in his eyes, tears of love and adoration. I will never forget that morning, it was then that he truly committed himself to parenthood. My parents certainly were right in saying that Jake was a changed man, but somehow, I know in my heart that even if he hadn't changed, I still would love him. Jake is not your original country gentleman, but he is not a scoundrel either. My husband works in a glass store with a café in it. To me, he can do anything and everything. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. I mean, how many guys could make beautiful glasswork seem effortless. At the moment, there is a horrific storm outside. Booooommmm!! There's the thunder again. I worry so much about my love when he is out on the beach during a storm. Yes as crazy as it may seem, that is where he is now. When lightning strikes sand, glass is formed. Jake puts metal posts up in the sand around a certain area. I shudder to think what would happen if he got struck by lightning. I trust him though, he has been doing this for so long and all, but that still does not comfort my nerves. I fear the thunder will wake Rose. She was up late last night and would not cease her crying until her daddy came home. Oh well. The baby was not the only one up late. Goodnight my beautiful family. Goodnight, Alabama!