Chapter 1

The Rebel Princess and the Charming Monster

A long time ago, in a magical land called Mewni, lived a princess…

"Moon! Please come down before you hurt yourself."

A short and stout boy with light blonde hair had his gaze fixed nervously up at the high palace ceiling. His name was River Johansen and he was busy arguing with the crowned princess of the kingdom of Mewni, Moon Butterfly. She was sitting at least ten feet above him, swinging merrily from a crystal chandelier, like it was an intricate metal swing. Her long pale blue hair swished behind her as she swung back-and-forth, ignoring the ominous creaks that foretold breaking. Moon was a spoiled little princess and treated almost all the priceless family heirlooms in the Butterfly castle like they were her toys. She was currently fourteen-years-old and starting in a new rebellious phase of her life. Everyone around her prayed that she'd go through this phase as quickly as she did her 'glitter on everything' phase. However, there appeared to be no end in sight…

"Relax, River. I do this all the time." Moon replied, breezily. Her diamond cheeks dimpled with a large chaotic grin. "It's sooooooooooo fun!"

"Moon Amalthea Butterfly! Get down from there at once!"

A high, cruel voice that was clearly not River had snapped at her angrily from below. Moon hung upside down off the chandelier to see her mother, Queen Willow Butterfly, glaring up at her in fury. "You're supposed to be having your magic lesson with Glossaryck. What do you think you're doing, young lady?"

"I thought I'd invite River over instead. I mean, I can literally have that lesson any time. It's not like he's going anywhere." Moon scoffed, in rebuttal. Sir Glossaryck of Terms was her magic teacher. As per tradition, Moon had received the two most valuable heirlooms of the Butterfly family on her fourteenth birthday. A magic wand and a spellbook written by all the former queens of Mewni. They were the only two heirlooms she didn't completely abuse. Glossaryck had come with the book and was tasked to teach her how to use her magic properly.

Moon didn't really have a problem with him, despite her refusal to go to her lessons. It's just his teaching was far too slow for her taste. They were still stuck in the dull basics of levitating things and transportation. She just wanted to get to the cool stuff she might actually use in the future, like attack magic.

"Moon! I mean it! Get down here now!" her mother snapped again. The spades on her cheeks were nearly red with rage, rather than their normal purple. Moon sighed.

"Ugh, fine."

She removed her blue crystal heart rod from her pocket and waved it, lazily. A set of stairs appeared where she had pointed and Moon reluctantly removed herself from the chandelier. When she reached the bottom, the stairs simply disappeared in a puff of smoke. "See, I got down using my magic. I don't need any more lessons. I've totally got this."

"Just go…" her mother sighed, sounding rather tired and fed up. She pointed Moon into the direction of two armored guards ready to escort her to the library where Glossaryck was probably waiting.

"Bye River. I'll see you later, maybe. In like four years, when I finally become queen and they can't keep me under castle arrest anymore!" Moon replied, sarcastically. She stormed off with royal guards following close behind her, before River could even say his goodbye. He sighed and was escorted by another guard towards the main entrance.

King Juniper arrived just in time to see his daughter in an angry huff and one of her only friends leaving in sorrow. He chose to follow up with his wife for the full story. She shuffled for her throne with a rather discouraged expression and he took his seat beside her.

"What happened, dear? Another fight?" he asked, cautiously.

"I think we need to try something a little more drastic with her, Juniper. She doesn't seem to be falling into her responsibilities and god knows we can't expect Glossaryck to keep her in line." the queen sighed, rubbing her temple as she slumped into the chair. Running an entire kingdom was not as frustrating, or as tiring, as having to deal with her daughter for just five minutes.

"Perhaps, it's time we consider bringing him in." the king reckoned.

"Him?" she questioned, clearly confused by his vagueness. Then, suddenly, Queen Willow jumped up at the sudden realization of what her husband was saying and who he was talking about. He couldn't be serious. "But, he's a monster, honey. Just imagine how that will look to the public. The future Queen of Mewni being guided around by a monster."

"He's been the liaison between Mewman and Monster relations for a while now and, in that time, he's proven to be a highly responsible and trustworthy advisor." King Juniper stated, strongly. "He'd be a good influence on Moon."

"I don't like it and I guarantee Moon won't like it either. She hates the monster race as much as anyone." Queen Willow huffed, bitterly.

"It's worth a shot at least. Let's test it out for a few weeks and see if they make a good fit." he reasoned. The king got up from his throne and strolled over to a mirror on the far wall. "Call Toffee."

Calling Toffee…

Moon Butterfly sat in the library at one of the tables, reading a book on queenship, only because there was no other kind of book in the library. Books that inspired adventure and free-spirts were not permitted, naturally. Not even fairytales with bland, one-dimensional princesses were allowed. The kind of stories where princes went on all the adventures and fought the monsters were incredibly awful, but Moon would've still read them if they were there. However, they needed to assure all future princesses of Mewni that no one was coming to save them. It was a mixed message of strong independence and hopeless fate. Moon didn't even like those sappy, unrealistic types of stories. But, she secretly made them up in her mind all the time. A prince, or literally anyone, whisking her away and being freed from her chains of queendom. She could ride wild warnicorns and eat corn right off the cob. Moon didn't want to be so dependent on someone else, but she did not have the power to free herself from this horrible life. Someone needed to help her get away and, whoever that person might be, seriously needed to hurry up.

The door creaked open, but Moon didn't bother to look up from the book. She had ringed the bell for a servant to come about 20 minutes ago and it appears one had finally shown up to take her order.

"Ugh, finally. Can you get me a mint tea? I missed tea time because of stupid Glossaryck's lesson." she snarked, quite candidly.

"I'm not the staff, princess. Sorry to disappoint…"

Moon quickly turned to look up at who had entered the room, from the unexpected reply. She was immediately bewildered at the sight, for it was even more unexpected then the answer had been. A tall, reptilian man with sickly grey skin was staring at her with golden amber eyes. Moon immediately identified him as a monster. However, he was dressed up in fancy formal attire and didn't look a thing like any monster she'd ever seen before. The creature had an odd aura about him that didn't exactly scream danger, but it still caused Moon to fixate on his long snout and sharp teeth.

"How did you get in here, you filthy monster?! Stay away from me!" she gasped, in panic. Not even allowing him the chance to explain himself, Moon pointed her wand and sent a bright pink light of pure magic at him. The beam hit him in right on the arm and his arm disintegrated at the touch. He fell back defeated and Moon smiled victoriously. She hadn't been taught formal attack magic yet and Glossaryck would be impressed to learn she took down a monster with only one hit.

"Now, now, princess. That's no way to treat your guests."

The monster hoisted himself up using the table for support and, with a frustrated grunt, his flesh began to reform. In seconds, the arm Moon had just blasted off was back. She stepped back, slightly in shock, and slightly in amazement. How did he do that? Her attack appeared to not have affected him at all. He almost even looked bored by her display of contempt. He slid his long black hair back into place and simply continued, like Moon hadn't just blown one of his arms clean off, "I'm Toffee. I'm in charge of Mewman and Monster relations. Of course, you would know that, if you bothered to attend any council meetings."

"I don't like your tone, lizard boy."

"Please, put the wand down. I don't feel like having to regrow another arm today."

"Fine." she grudgingly agreed, stowing her wand back in her pocket. Moon returned to her book and her seat, done with giving this 'Toffee' character any sort of real attention. Yet, she continued to curiously judge him, out of the corner of her eye. His presence was hard to ignore. "What're you even doing here? I don't go to boring council meetings, but I know they aren't on Sundays."

"I was invited by the king and assigned to be your new guide—"

"Excuse me, what?!" Moon interrupted, slamming the book back down on the table. He couldn't be serious. Her parents were harsh, but even they wouldn't assign her a monster babysitter. What the heck were they thinking? She was about to get up and give them a piece of her mind, but the monster had the audacity to dare to stop her.

"Your parents think you're not fit to be queen of Mewni and I have to agree," Toffee added, bluntly. "Your manners are atrocious, you run amuck with your magic, doing whatever you please, and don't even get me started on your throne posture—"

"Well, sorry to disappoint, but I'm not trying to be a queen right now! I'm just trying to have a life of my own and be happy. Ya' got that?" Moon yelled, losing any form of composure. She stood on her chair to try and tower above Toffee. She was near blasting another spell at him, only further proving how reckless and hasty she was. What gave him the right to judge her after only five minutes talking with her?

"You can't have a life like that, princess. You have a job to do and the people of your kingdom are depending on you to do it well. It's time to grow up and embrace your future." he argued back at her. Toffee sighed a tired sigh, Moon recognized all too well from arguing with her mother. Except, when her mother sighed, it only further angered her. When he sighed, Moon actually felt the weight of her actions and, just maybe, felt guilty about being so difficult. She sat back down to listen and he put a claw on her puffy-sleeved shoulder. "Someday you will be a beautiful, intelligent queen and it is my new job to make sure you are ready for all the trials and tribulations that will come with the job."

"Why do you want to help me? What's in it for you?"

"A higher position in the world and the power to further amend the relationship between Mewmans and Monsterkind. Without me, war would break out, you know." Toffee explained. "I am the only one who can hold back our two races from destroying each other. Just like you, I had to grow up and turn into someone more responsible. I assure you, princess. I know how you're feeling."

Moon considered him for a moment. Perhaps, he understood her better than she thought he did. Unlike her mother's droning speeches of how she should be more responsible and think about the future of Mewni, Toffee's speech didn't irritate her. She might've even admired how hard he worked to achieve peace in the kingdom, even though it had meant sacrificing things like his own happiness. It may have not been the type of brave she coveted, but it was still an immensely brave act.

"Fine. I'll work with you, but I won't be easy." Moon declared, standing back on her chair to face him. She stared straight into his amber eyes, headstrong and unafraid. If she was going to be stuck with a monster for a teacher, she had to make one thing perfectly clear. "I'm going to give you hell, okay?"

"Excellent. I'm looking forward to it, princess..."