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Full Moons, Roses and Vampire Fangs
Chapter Two
By: Mykonos

What little color left in his face vanished. "Wench!" He snarled keeping his eyes locked with hers as he searched for his sword. Sadly, he realized that it was attached to his horse's saddle.

Before he could blink, the vampire had a long, glass-like nail running down his cheek. "You're in no position to talk, ma cher." She hissed before pressing the nail down a little harder. As if from a pinprick, blood started to trickle down his cheek. Then, she pressed her bleeding wrist against his mouth, forcing him to drink some. The incredible taste. He drifted out of the world into some fantasy one.

It was dark, yet the outline of black, white, and red roses could clearly be seen. The dying petals were floating in the air, against gravity, for there was no wind. No other being was around. It was just he in this dark meadow, lying on his bared back.

Soon his own body began to defy gravity, lifting up into the hazy, midnight sky. Sitting up, now resting on an ebony cloud, his now pale eyes gazed upon another girl on a cloud. She was resting on her side, her torso being supported by a bare arm. She ran her other small hip down her curvaceous side, as if beckoning to him.

He crawled over to her as if spellbound. He hovered inches above her body, longing to kiss her. Before he could, he fell. Through the black cloud, through the starry sky, and ramming against the cold, hard ground.

The vampire wretched her wrist from his mouth while yelling for him to stop. He didn't want to, he wanted more. He moved towards her shaking form, clutching her wrist. As Trunks reached out for her wrist, wanting more blood, his body started convulsing.

A pain seared through like every nerve was being set on fire. It was unbearable. "Don't worry, you're just dying." The vampire replied offhandedly.

"You liar! Cheat! Tramp!" He yelled as he did his best to lunge at her. But when one's body is in sheer pain, it's rather hard.

"I meant your mortal body is dying!" She spat, refraining to add vulgar insults to the mix. She turned to glance back at him, only to see him lying on the ground, hardly breathing.

Detached and unamused, she watched as his skin became ghost white while his sapphire eyes drained to an ice color. With one deep gasp, his vampire life began.

He sat up gracefully, gazing at his blood-free hands. With ease he stood up, as if he were a puppet on strings. Trunks looked at the vampire with new, wide, innocent eyes. The vampire smirked. "Love, welcome to the world of death."


"Yes. You're now a killer. You must drink blood in order to survive." She started to walk away in the woods. "Follow me or certainly you'll become enamored with the night and die once the sun rises." He walked a few steps behind, drinking in all he could of the groaning earth. "By the way, since we will be together from now on, my name is Eighteen."

"Pleasure to meet you." He stated nonchalantly. "Wait, what do you mean we'll be together from now on."

"Well, you don't know anything about being a vampire, do you? Plus, I plan on moving on into your mansion. My old home in town was getting too basic for my tastes. I believe my coffin would go excellently in your mother's room, don't you?" She rambled as if talking aloud to her self in an amusing manner. "Plus her closets and dressers are perfect for all my outfits."

All of this hit too fast to take in at once.

"Wait, moving in?"

"Mm-hmm." She seemed to sing.


"It's a lot more comfortable than other things, don't you agree? And plus, it keeps all sunlight out."

"In my mother's room? Where's she going to go?"

"Tell me you *weren't* planning on keeping her alive!"

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