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POV shifts from Hiccup to Valka and back again in this chapter.


"You have a choice. You can stay with us and the dragons, or you can live out your immortality with mankind. First, we must finish rescuing the dragons trapped."

Honestly, Hiccup and Valka probably never even considered not going with the dragons. Who else would get such a choice? The only question really was if Finn and Rain wanted to come too. If they did, they may never meet any other humans. As it turned out, they already had that thought of and sorted amongst themselves.

"Even if we did meet people, it would get pretty sad after a while. We live forever, they don't."

"And why would we choose not to stay with you and the dragons?"

Livy and Wildr grunted in agreement, both setting about to clean up from dinner. Hiccup had to carefully choose his sleep position to keep strain off his stomach, Valka laying next to him and holding his hand tight in her own.

He wasn't brilliant the next morning, but his body was definitely repairing and when the bandage came off, there was remarkably little blood to be seen. Valka and Midnight took turns mothering his injured self, and a tentative few mouthfuls of egg made it into his nervous stomach. Nothing catastrophic happened, so Hiccup felt that was a step in the right direction.

"I think we'll have to stay here another day before I'm up to flying, but even though I have a worse injury than when Dagur tried to carve me up, I'm definitely fixing up faster."

Magic and Moonshine both accompanied the kids as they went exploring the forest, Blue and Star doing a patrol around the island with Stormfly and Cloudjumper to check they hadn't been followed after the incident at the trade post. Toothless and Midnight adamantly refused to leave Hiccup and Valka's side except to fill their water canteens for them.

They left the following day, Hiccups wound showing signs it would heal nicely now and made it six hours flight away to finish his recovery.

Within the week, Hiccup was back to normal, barely more than a faint pink scar left where a sword had torn him open. They continued on with Beast and Jord, who seemed to have an uncanny sense for where to look for trapped dragons. Jord also provided an excellent campsite - he turned into a mountain on command, and graciously allowed them to sleep upon his back. His thick tree spines provided excellent cover for six riders and eight dragons, all while Beast slumbered beneath the ocean, the water's surface breaking every three hours or so to refill his enormous lungs.

"Haddock Island is getting pretty full up."

Hiccup mentioned to his mother, their previously quiet homestead now teeming with activity. There were literally thousands upon thousands of dragons, hundreds of different species congregating to their Alpha and the Foreverwing with it's relaxing scents.

"I agree, but we never turn away a dragon in need."

"Not long now."

Wildr and Livy spoke in unison, both holding baby Nightmare Breaths - a cousin of the Zippleback, with one head but horrendously bad breath that was as pungent as it was flammable. Very.

"Are we almost done?"

They both nodded in sync, Wildr handing his dragon to Livy and reaching into his pocket for a crudely drawn map.

"Last trappers."

"When do we leave?"

"Three days. Dragons resting."

They had been flying pretty hard, the pace of their Operation Free Dragons speeding up every year. Now so close to it being over, Hiccup could feel the anticipation from the dragons. They knew what was coming.

"Familiar faces."

Wildr pointed to the sky, some dark cloud becoming a huge flock of dragons that came to land all around them. He was right - Hiccup did recognise them. Right down to the saddles.

"Meatlug? Hookfang? Barf and Belch?"

They looked enthralled to see Hiccup and the others, greeting them eagerly and in clear recognition. Hiccup looked behind them, seeing Kingstail and Skullcrusher, the Terrible Terrors and Whip and Lash, Grump and Fanghook.

"You guys left Berk. Thor, I hope the others aren't too hurt."

There was sadness in their faces, an obvious and recognisable emotion as they separated from their riders, their homes. Hiccup felt guilty, knowing he would never lose his dragon, his family. Here was the soul of Berk, standing all around them.

"Look, there's a note on Skullcrusher's horn."

Seeing where Valka indicated, Hiccup plucked the note and recognised Eret's handwriting, a heavy and scruffy hand. Scanning the writing, he read it aloud.

"Hiccup. I don't know why the dragons had to leave, but I have this gut feeling you'll see these guys again before we do. Just take care of them for us. Hope your family are doing well.

Eret, son of Eret. Proud Hooligan."

"And to think, he was once a trapper."

"He was a good guy in a bad place. Most of the men that worked for Drago were no more free than the dragons were, just too terrified to say no."

"Yes, I suppose that's true son. Oh, I do hope Berk will recover from this loss."

"The Hairy Hooligans never let themselves stay down for long."

Hiccup tasted the lie - he remembered how crushed everyone had been that first Snoggletog when the dragons left for hatching season, and that had only been a few days. He sent a few thoughts to Odin to watch over them, closed his eyes and thought of his friends back there for a minute.

"Wait. We have one more trip to make."


"Defenders Of The Wing. If they aren't prepared to lose their Eruptadon, their whole village will be wiped out."

"What are you going to do?"

Hiccup was thinking on his feet, Beast's roar catching his attention.

"We'll freeze it. It won't be permanent, but it will give them time. Time for Jotunn to pay his dues."

They separated - if Hiccup was gone too long, Valka and the others would go to the last rescue mission. After one of those bone-shaking, deep and passionate kisses that always preceded their separations from his mother, Toothless and Wildr joined Hiccup on Jotunn's back ad he swam them along the ocean in the dark. They stopped only to eat briefly, making it to the Defenders island within just over a day.

He was recognised as soon as his helmet came off, though Wildr kept his on and stayed close to his side.

"Hiccup Haddock! Your timing is most fortuitous!"

"Nice to see you too Mala, Throk."

Throk gave his and Wildr's flight suits a studying stare, turning back to Hiccup.

"Are you the Fury Riders we hear tales of?"

"Probably? We never heard anyone call us that but then we don't stop to chat. What's the problem Mala?"

"The Eruptadon. He is ever so agitated, he can barely eat!"

Hiccup followed her to where the view allowed him to see the dragon, who was lethargic and sad looking even at a distance.

"We were about to write Berk, but then we discovered our Terror's had all gone."

"That's sort of what I'm here about Mala. The dragons... they're leaving. Berk couldn't have helped if they wanted to."

"What do you mean Hiccup Haddock?"

"Their time with mankind is ending or something. Me and the 'fury riders' have been breaking up Dragon Trapper rings and freeing them. I know your village relies heavily upon the Eruptadon, so we came to offer a temporary solution."

"We will have to leave our home?"

"At least until burns itself out. Wildr, get Jotunn for me?"

He nodded behind his helmet, leaping sideways onto Toothless' back with his effortless, sprightly grace and flying over to the edge to roar out to Jotunn. The Defenders Of The Wing gasped as the enormous Bewilderbeast reared up from the ocean, a sickening dejavu threatening to shake Hiccup's calm for a minute at the view.

"What is that? It's huge!"

"Defenders, meet Jotunn. He's a Bewilderbeast, the Alpha species of dragon. He spits ice that takes a very long time to melt, it will slow down the volcano long enough for you guys to have time to leave here without panicking and rushing."

"May we be permitted to say farewell to our great Eruptadon?"

"Of course! First, let's sort the volcano so he stops being distressed."

Mala joined them on Toothless, then upon Jotunn's huge face as the other people began to prepare their farewell ceremony for their protector dragon. Jotunn and Wildr coordinated his travel across the island, many stopping to look up at him.

"It has been a long time Hiccup Haddock."

"It has Mala. I left Berk quite some years ago now, we cut ourselves off completely."

"You and Miss Astrid Hofferson?"

"No. Astrid... Astrid was killed in battle. That was part of the reason we left, me and my mom."

"Not your father?"

"He uh, he was killed in a different battle a couple of years before Astrid. It's just me, mom and our children. That's Wildr, her son. Astrid and I had a son and a daughter."

"My condolences on your losses Hiccup."

"Thank you Mala. We're almost there."

Hiccup was relieved to end their conversation, both because he hated not claiming Wildr was his son and because he flat out didn't like talking about his feelings to anyone who wasn't a Haddock.

"Your brother is an interesting one. He speaks Dragonese."

"How do you know that?"

"My younger sister could converse with the Eruptadon before she was taken by sickness."

"Wow. I'm sorry you lost her."

They reached the Eruptadon and Wildr didn't bother climbing down - he used his flight suit to glide down, much to Mala's surprise. Toothless swooped in to take them both down to the Eruptadon, who roared happily in greeting.

"He's been waiting as long as he could not to leave, because he knew you would be in danger if he did."

Mala knelt down, cradled the huge rocky head and pressed her own to the dragon.

"Thank you, Great Protector. You and your ancestors have served us well."

Wildr did the chatting and directing, the Eruptadon swallowing as much lava as he could to make more room for Jotunn to fill the volcano with ice. He placed periodic shards of ice along the path to the village, which would give them enough warning time if the volcano blew unexpectedly.

They let the village say their farewells, bowing and thanking the Great Protector for his service to them, and promises of acceptance that it was his time to leave.

"I don't suppose we shall see each other again Hiccup Haddock."

"Probably not, but I am glad to have known you Mala. All of you."

"One last thing Hiccup."

"Yes Throk?"

"I feel certain you only had one leg when last we met."

"I did. It's a very long story. We have to go, my mom will be panicking."

"We bid thee well Hiccup Haddock. Take care of our Great Protector."

"We will. You ready guys?"

The Eruptadon huffed, casting one last longing look at the Defenders before he took off into the air and flew with them. Hiccup put on his helmet, saw Jotunn disappear beneath the oceans surface and waved to Mala and her villagers, then set off with Wildr into the distance. An Eruptadon could not fly very far, but Hiccup felt it symbolically important to them they see their dragon disappear into the first flashes of sunset.

With the sheer number of Gronckles living on Haddock island, their Eruptadon - who Livy and Wildr informed them was actually named Vordir - was not in any danger of starving for lack of lava. Hiccup and Valka reconnected in their bed hungrily that night, biting fabric and pillows and each other to quiet their cries of pleasure until both were spent, messy and satisfied.

"Gods, I missed you."

He pressed his mouth to her bare shoulder, tasting the sweat on her skin.

"I missed you too my sweet boy, but soon we need never be apart again."

Her fingers wound into his hair, stroking his scalp softly where she had tugged roughly only moments before.

"I can't wait."

They began to prepare the next day, something big so clearly going down as Wildr and Livy marshalled several dragons to join them on their venture, each one selected from the species known for firepower, speed and accuracy.

"Jord stay. Beast and Jotunn come."

"Alright then. We are ready when you are kids."

Six riders mounted six Night Furies, helmets and suits rendering them near indistinguishable from each other as a couple dozen dragons followed them through the night sky, ripples in the black glass that was once a still, calm body of water telling where two Bewilderbeast followed them.

The final trapper was someone Hiccup recognised instantly, a cruel brutality in his voice as he hurt dragon and humankind alike with some harsh weapon or other in his hand.


"I've had just about enough of this guy. He's not surviving this time."


"No mom. He's lived twice now and all he does is keep hurting dragons. Toothless, help the others free the dragons. Jotunn and I have a score to settle."

Hiccup didn't stay to argue with her, jumping down with his wings to slow his drop and landing on the pier near-silently. He watched the Night Furies scan the architecture, their other dragons staying a little further behind until they were needed. Checking there was nobody looking, Hiccup slid down into the water that was freezing and looked for the Bewilderbeast hiding below.

Jotunn had learnt hand signals quickly, unsurprising when he had been taught to obey primal screams and indications with a bullhook. So when Hiccup signalled "wait" to Beast and "up" to Jotunn, his black-reddish spines flared and he came up to let Hiccup grab hold of his head spines before they surged out of the water.

"Drago! Come on out!"

One downside to having ever met the dragon riders of the world was that Drago now knew how to fly, meaning Hiccup couldn't just let Jotunn blast him out of the sky. He couldn't hurt the Windgnasher he was flying on top of.

One upside was Drago didn't know about the new Alpha, even though he clearly recognised Jotunn.

"Not until his dragon's clear, alright Jo?"

Jotunn huffed, but didn't fire even as Drago flew closer, sneering.

"I've been waiting for you. The Fury Riders" Hiccup really wanted to know when they started getting called that "even though you only have them because I found that female."

"And instead of taking care of her, you let her bond with me. Proving yet again that you know nothing about dragons. She was never going to go with you when I was the one taking care of her. If you needed more proof care conquers fear and control, just look at who I brought with me!"

"So you took in the reject who killed your mothers friend?"

"Jotunn apologized, and he's done good since then. Dragons are amazing creatures Drago, you wasted so many chances to see that."

Hiccup signalled to Jotunn to nudge Beast, ready to have the Alpha come and help separate Drago from his dragon.

"Where is your precious Alpha? He and I have a fight to retake."

"You mean Toothless? He's not the Alpha anymore Drago."

"What? He lost? How pathetic?"

Hiccup started laughing; he couldn't help it. As he did so, Drago grew more irate and a scowl darkened already harsh features.

"What's so funny?"

"That you have no idea what you're up against."

"I have enough dragons to defeat your Bewilderbeast boy."

"One? Maybe. But he isn't alone. The Night Furies are here, and so are our other dragons. As for defeating one Bewilderbeast? How about two? Now Jotunn!"

Never had Hiccup seen such a shocked terror in the man's eyes, Beast surging up from the water to stand next to his older brother.

"It's funny. When you kidnapped me to fix and train Midnight, you missed out on the baby Bewilderbeast living in my house. You never learn Drago, that dragons surprise us when we least expect it."

Hearing the whistle from his mother that said they were ready, Hiccup signalled to both Bewilderbeast. Jotunn kept his eyes on Drago, while Beast used his Alpha-control to make the Windgnasher follow him, the motion unbelievably well timed as the dragon flung Drago up, Jotunn spitting an ice shard that pierced through Drago's body and pinned him to the nearest wall of rock behind him like a swinging plough.

Hiccup hopped on the back of the Windgnasher, used it to fly in close enough that Drago could see him when he removed his helmet.

"You'll die right here, and the last thing you'll ever know is that you shouldn't mess with Haddocks and their dragons."

Beast and Jotunn both joined in the ravaging destruction of the base, purple plasma blasts exploding where cages held trapped dragons, their 'back up' team helping those who couldn't fly, tearing chains apart like they weren't even there. Hiccup didn't pay it much mind other than to listen for the cheers of the five other riders, knowing they were safe.

He stayed to watch the life leave Drago's eyes.

Hiccup didn't like to talk about Drago's death.

The men following him, the ones not killed in the crossfire, scattered to their ships and Hiccup demanded they be allowed to leave.

"There's nothing more they can do. We're taking the dragons, Drago is dead and where we're going, they won't find us. Let's go."

They did a sweep, they checked that all the dragon traps were empty, found any and all eggs with the help of their tracker dragons. They found the office where it was proven this was the last known dragon-trapper-camp, the Fury Riders and their Alpha having otherwise exterminated the practice.

Back on Haddock Island, Hiccup hugged each of their kids, thanked their dragons and then wrapped his arms vice-tight around her, face buried in her neck as he clung to Valka like a port in a storm.

"It's over."

Valka returned his embrace willingly, knowing he feared her taking issue with actively causing Drago's death. Given how much the man had taken from them - Stoick, the old Bewilderbeast, even his alliance with the Berserkers had led to Astrid's death - Valka understood. She had just worried Hiccup would regret taking a life. He didn't seem to, but Valka kept an eye on him anyway

His soul didn't deserve to be darkened by Drago Bludvist.

A few silent minutes later, Hiccup began to compose himself and his grip on her body loosened. He turned to Livy and Wildr, who had been waiting silently.

"So... now what?"

"Sleep. Only... dragons"

Wildr struggled, so Livy picked up for him.

"Can know where we go."

Slightly confused, but agreeing, the humans began to collect their things together - they wouldn't be coming back. Maybe some day, travellers would find the little collection of huts with the Bewilderbeast and the haddock on the side. The remnants of their old life.

Hiccup painstakingly packed all his dragon work, the Haddock Book of Dragons and all the drawings he did of Beast growing up. Then there were all of his inventions, the spare pieces to their flight suits and Inferno, his flame sword and dozens of little things that they would never part with.

"I'm leaving these here. Let it be some big mystery."

Hiccup placed his old prosthetic leg, Toothless' prosthetic tailfin and his old, worn out saddle all down next to one of the huts.

"Well, I guess that's it. This was a great home, I'm so glad our kids got to grow up here."

"It was Hiccup."

"But... on to the in our lives. I'll go anywhere, so long as it's with you."

"I feel the same."

Hiccup took her hand, kissed her sweetly and turned back to the others.

"Ready when you are."

Falling asleep wasn't easy with the anticipation, but Hiccup's arms around her were always a welcome invitation to the land of dreams. Valka wasn't sure how, but she was aware somehow of the change around them, some shift in where they were between their place and where the dragons would stay now.

They woke still entangled as they had gone to sleep, Hiccup's soft breaths against the back of her neck. Valka opened her eyes and immediately sought out Hiccup, who's sleepy emerald orbs fixed on her with a smile. Next she looked for their children, Rain and Finn still asleep with two Night Furies either side of them. Livy and Wildr were nowhere to be seen from where she laid down.

"We made it. Wherever here is, we made it."

"Certainly seems so."

Hiccup rolled her onto her back, pressing a soft kiss to her mouth. The grass beneath them rustled in an invisible breeze, the air tasting different when Valka finally breathed again after Hiccup released her lips.

"What say we have a look around?"

"I say lets."

Hiccup stood up, held a hand out to help her up.

"Thank you."

"For you? Anything."

Her stomach fluttered like a lovestruck teenager, a common side effect of Hiccup's lopsided, happy smiles. On her feet, Hiccup kept hold of her hand as they looked around. They could see the sky, but it looked different, translucent and shimmering. The air was sweet, fragrant and the sounds of dragons filled their ears. The grass and flowers gave way to rivers, streams and mountains.

"We cannot be seen here. The dragons are safe, free."

They turned, finding Wildr with a green and orange Slinky-Tail dragon on his shoulders, the slinky tail wrapped loosely in loops around his neck like a snake.

"Since when did you speak Norse clearly?"

"I don't. You speak dragon here. Everyone does."

Valka couldn't detect anything different as she and Hiccup spoke to each other, but then she only knew how Dragonese sounded to a human.

"The dragons still sound like dragons."

"You will learn to listen. You have a long time after all."

Livy hopped from the back of a Scuttleclaw, landing next to them.

"Do you want to meet the mother?"

"Which one?"

"The Bewilderbeast mother. Where else would all dragons go?"

There was no question about their answer.

"Uh, Hel yes!"

"You must maintain respect. Without her, dragonkind would not exist as it does."

They nodded eagerly, following Livy and Wildr obligingly along the route of a stream. The path was dizzying, taking them along twists and turns until they came to an almost anomalous and random hole in the ground that glittered with icy sparkles.

"This way."

It was a sliding trip, coming out in a surprisingly dry, comfortable-temperature cavern that was so high they almost couldn't see the top of it. This led to a tunnel, one that echoed a quiet, soothing sound while their footsteps made none. It was a place Valka could only describe as magical.


A body so gleaming white it made the ice look grey by comparison, but with fins and head spines iridescent and shining in every colour of the rainbow. Bigger than Beast or Jotunn, but placid, barely moving except to breathe deeply in her slumber.

"The mother of all dragons. We live only with her blessing."

"Did she make you guys dragons too?"

"In a sense. She chooses who bonds to her babies, but we had to be born of two with souls of dragons. Dragon-born, but with human skin."

The mother began to stir, opening eyes that sparkled a unique, deep shade of blue Valka could not place a name on. It was utterly indescribable, as was everything about her really. Livy and Wildr bowed to her, so she and Hiccup followed suit. When they spoke to her, the two human parents could only hear their offspring's side - they couldn't understand her just yet.

"These are our parents, they take as great a care of us as you would have."

Her steely gaze turned to Hiccup and Valka, surveying the two as they stood before her. She said nothing, but nodded and turned slightly to let Livy and Wildr touch her enormous jaw.

"She needs rest, she has attained a great age here in the ice."

"I can only imagine. Thank you for allowing us here."

"Yeah. It's... an honour I can't even describe."

As they left, coming back out at a different point where there were yet more dragons, Hiccup turned to her.

"Can you believe this? This is..."


"Yeah. And I feel like... like maybe everything that happened before was leading us here. Like this is always where we were supposed to end up. Is that weird?"

"Not at all Hiccup. I quite agree."

He beamed, kissing her thoroughly and she found that moving to a dragon-only land had done nothing to quell the fire Hiccup ignited within her.

There was something else remarkable in this idyllic paradise land, almost as remarkable as the Bewilderbeast mother. They went in search of their dragons, spying Cloudjumper and Stormfly with the other dragons who had lived on Berk, all crowded around something. When they moved to permit their humans through, Valka stopped dead at the miraculous sight.

"Guess they weren't the last Night Furies out there after all."

Hiccup would sometimes cast his mind back, remember the people they had known before. It became a less frequent occurrence as each of the dragons connected to said memories began to pass on - Hookfang was the first to die, but over time they came to accept that while sad, death was a natural part of life for many of them.

Unlike the Haddock clan, that was. Hiccup's best estimate was that it had been some hundred years since they came to this uncharted land, since they were accepted into the dragons land by the Bewilderbeast mother. A century filled with days with dragons, exploring new land and mapping different dragon territories, flying with his kids and playing with their dragons.

Then there were the nights, where he and his mother would steal away to any secluded spot they could find. Hiccup had yet to tire of sleeping with her in his arms, bodies entwined in the most intimate of ways with the woman who had given birth to him. Waking up to the shimmering sunrise and a thousand thousand dragon cries.

Even the Speed Stingers had made it somehow, but they never stung anybody or anyone unless they were butting over territory. There in the Dragon Home, Hiccup discovered how Boneknappers and Armorwings looked un-protected, because when they lived with the Bewilderbeast mother, no dragons dared fight for more than a good place to nest.

Finn - who had never given up on their 'girl thing' - was currently playing some kind of diving game with Rain where they both leapt off of dragons and the winner made it to the ground first with their own wings.

"Do you think mama Astrid is happy for us here?"

Hiccup had never let them forget Astrid, even when it would have been really easy to leave that behind when they 'moved'.

"I do Rain, I really do. She's happy that you are happy, healthy and safe with all these dragons."

"I'm glad. Since I'll never really meet her in Valhalla... well, not unless I chose to. And I won't."

The only way any of them could die - being eaten by a dragon a possible exception they had not tested - was to take their own life, and they all knew that. Hiccup could not imagine such a thing, for any of them. Happiness was an abundant, dominant emotion for them all.

Wondering where his mother had gotten to, Hiccup climbed up the nearest small mountain for a better vantage point, spying her over on Sand Wraith Beach, so named because mostly it only held Sand Wraiths, with the occasional Shadow Wing or simply a dragon wanting to sun themselves.

He made his way over, watching with a surge of breathless desire as Hiccup looked her over. Long legs bent at the knee while her hands supported her weight behind her, Valka was wearing only a simple light tunic that barely went past her hips. Her skin showed signs of sun exposure, hair loose in it's single braid and when Hiccup approached, the way her knees and thighs shifted pushed cloth up higher, exposing to Hiccup that the seductress was wearing nothing beneath.

"Not interrupting am I?"

"Is it an interruption if you're welcome?"

"I'm not sure."

Hiccup shucked his tunic, leaving him only in shorts to join Valka in the sun spot and felt warmth wash over his skin. She peered down at him, squinting slightly with the brightness but he still felt the familiar skitter in his chest at her coy smile.

"You bored here yet?"

"Not even slightly. You?"

"Not a bit. In fact, sometimes I worry eternity isn't long enough to enjoy it all, as crazy as that may sound."

"I completely agree Hiccup. It never ceases to amaze me how happy and perfect everything is here."

They laid on the sand for a while, enjoying sunshine and each others company. Her fingers slid through his, even the simple intimacy of holding hands still enough to send tingles along Hiccup's sun-warmed skin. Hiccup felt his shorts tighten from her beauty and allure, considering the caves along the beach but remembering that time they interrupted mating Sand Wraiths and discounting it. Maybe a quick dip would cool his ardour...

"Quick swim before we head back?"

"Sounds good son."

They paddled in the fresh water, a pleasant temperature on their warm skin and Hiccup unabashedly ogled his mothers form through the sodden, skin-tight cloth she had on. They traded wet for dry cloth - and Hiccup felt his stomach tighten with desire at her naked body - hanging the dripping material to dry in the sun while they walked back to where they usually ate.

Livy and Wildr could be seen clambering a rock face, teaching some juvenile dragons how to look for good places to launch off to fly. Their demonstration ended when they themselves leapt off, wings spreading from their flight suits with a precision and speed created by their years upon years of practice.

Hiccup discovered as they went to bed that evening that his mother never bothered to put undergarments on, leaving her bare as soon as he pushed up her tunic, mouthed at the delicate arch of her collarbone before kissing her properly.

"Don't you worry you'll get bored of me?"

"Are you crazy? I want you more every day mom."

She smiled, fingers knotting into his hair as Hiccup pressed the length of his body to hers, appreciating the warmth that radiated from her skin and the familiarity of each other, how they knew each others bodies inside and out.

Hiccup placed a hand on her breast, squeezing and fondling lightly to taste the soft moans it won from her mouth against his. He rubbed the firm peak, nipple hardening in response and her moans grew a little louder, a little hotter as teeth sunk into his lower lip.

"Gods Hiccup..."

No amount of time could dampen the heat between them, her leg coming wrap around his hip as though Hiccup wanted to be anywhere but there. She was already hot, slick against his erection as they kissed and bit lightly at each others lips, jaw, neck. He slid further down, latching onto a firm nipple and sucking lightly at her breast, teasing the tip with his tongue and feeling the fire in his belly burn hotter when Valka moaned, arching her back and clutching his head to keep him in place.

Hiccup used his hands to pin her squirming hips down, trailing sloppy kisses down her soft stomach to reach her thighs, dragging his tongue along the length of her slit and teasing licks over her clit. Valka jerked, hips trembling beneath his palms and her responsiveness increased, moans echoing off the cave walls and it was lucky this cave was theirs and theirs alone. He would hate for her to be quietened by a need for discretion.

Her hands clawed at his shoulders as Hiccup pleasured her, the roughness of her nails telling him his mouth would soon bring her to orgasm and Hiccup redoubled his efforts, sucking lightly at her clit and devouring her sweet, arousing flavour hungrily.

"Fuck... so good Hiccup!"

One last motion of his tongue won Hiccup the writhing, thrashing goddess he craved, rewarded for his efforts by the intoxicating sight of his mother in the throes of climax. She threw her head back, crying out and grabbing a fistful of her own hair for an anchor against the exquisite pleasure.

The second she recovered, Hiccup was pulled back to her mouth by a rough tug at his hair, her hips rolling up to seek his, a wordless plea for him to connect their bodies intimately. Only too happy to comply, Hiccup used his hands to spread her thighs wide and slotted between them, slipping into the wet, welcoming embrace of her body. Soft and post-orgasm, she offered no resistance and Hiccup sank into the heat like a hot knife through butter.

"Fuck, you're perfect."

"Love you... love you so much Hiccup."

"Love you too mom."

Peppering kisses along the length of her jaw and all that neck, Hiccup rocked his hips in shallow thrusts, burying himself back in her body with every stroke and loving the way her muscles squeezed and massaged his cock, clenching to try and hold him deep inside her when Hiccup pulled out, even though they both knew he could no more deny the need to press back in than Valka could bear to lose him inside her.

Her knees dug into his waist as she drew nearer to the peak, soft caresses becoming needy scrapes and Hiccup felt a constant stream of low groans leave his mouth, complimenting the beautiful music of Valka's moans and gasps, those delicious little whimpers she made when Hiccup's angle changed slightly.

"Gods, gonna come."

"Me too, harder Hiccup!"

Finding the last vestiges of his control, Hiccup slammed his hips with as much force as he could muster, sweat running down his back as her molten heat enveloped him and they both reached violent, painfully pleasurable climaxes at the mercy of each other's bodies.

Heaving chests and ragged breathing were all that was left of the two of them for quite some time, post-coital kisses and soft stroking over the others skin as they basked in the afterglow leaving Hiccup feeling jelly-like, soft and warm inside and so utterly content.

"I'm really glad we're here mom."

She smiled, pressing her face into his neck as they lay together.

"And here we'll stay."

Diary of former chief Raider Ingerman, son of former former chief Loki Ingerman-Jorgenson.

I almost left this too late, I can already feel Valhalla calling my name as I grow old and weary, but if I don't, it will be lost forever.

When I was a lad, grandpa Tuff and grandpa Eret would sit me on their knees and tell me stories. Stories of dragons, fierce and powerful creatures that lived in peace alongside Berk. Stories of trappers, who sought to weaponise or slaughter dragons. Stories of riders, of brave warriors.

Of Berserkers and Outcasts, allies and enemies and the lines between them that blurred.

Of the chief before grandpa Fishlegs, of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third, dragon master.

Of the days where dragons fought for humans, and of the day when dragons left them all without a trace. Many say they are just that - stories, but my grandparents swore they were real. Grandpa Snotlout even showed us his dragon scars. Dad said they were around in his youth, but he didn't talk about it much before he died.

But this was near a hundred years back and now I'm one of the last to believe these stories, so its time I write them down for my children, and their children.

I'll start with this - there are still stories now that if there was ever a dragon in trouble, you might just see a pack of Night Furies with humans on their back. Six dragons with six riders, and while nobody ever saw their faces some swear that all they left behind were some massive footprints, some ice shards and a story.


Ah, I can't believe how far this story came. It was great fun and now I'm helplessly trapped in the HTTYD fandom. Valka should come rescue me *hint hint*.

Also, I may have teared up writing the dragons leaving.