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Moony speaks in italics.

Padfoot speaks in bold.

Wormtail speaks in underline.

Prongs speaks in bold italics.



            Argus Filch walked coldly into his office, like he had done every day since he was employed at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Only this time two small first years sat in chairs in front of his desks.  And he had dung all over the front of him.  It reminded him half-heartily of twenty years prior to this incident, where they only thing different was that, rather than two troublemakers, there had been four.  And there was a ton more dung. 

            "Weasley, Fredrick C." One of the boys scowled at his name as Filch read it aloud/wrote it down. "Crime: Bringing illegal devices into school property, Harassing a teacher, Make a mess of the castle. Suggested sentence...Expelled." Filch said, and the one boy, Fred's, mouth dropped open.   So did his twin's.

            "You can't expel me because of a little dung bomb!" Fred yelled, with his twin agreeing to every word that came out of his mouth.  Filch ignored them.

            "Weasley, George B." The twin, George, sat back down, not wanting to get into any more trouble than they already were.  "Crime: Bringing illegal..." Mr. Filch's voice continued, but Fred and George seemed not to hear him.  They were too busy noticing something.

            "Pss...Fred, do you see what I see?" George whispered into his brother's ear.  Fred nodded his head.

            "Confiscated and Highly Dangerous?" Fred said.  Silently, both boys nodded their heads.  George pulled out another dungbomb, and smiled.

            "WEASLEY!!" Mr. Filch yelled.  George began to run, watching to old man try and follow.  This was Fred's chance.   He ran up to Filch's filing cabinet, looking into the folder.  Nothing really sparked his attention, but he was running out of time.  He grabbed the first thing he saw: A blank piece of parchment. He stuffed the parchment in the pocket of his robe, watching his brother come back into the office.  He winked at him softly.  Nether of the boy's knew exactly what they held in their possessions, nor did they know just how important it would be to them. 


            "Well? What did you get?" George asked, a weeks worth of detention later.  The hallway was empty, so the two were sure that they weren't being listened in to. Fred smiled, pulling out the parchment.

            "A blank piece of parchment? I get a week's worth of detention for a blank piece of parchment?! Fred..." George complained, letting it be revealed to him his brother's stupidity.

            "Come on, George.  Why would Filch have a blank piece of parchment in Confiscated and Highly Dangerous?" Fred said.  George shrugged his shoulders blankly.

            "Because it's not really a blank piece of parchment! It's gotta have something of importance, or else why would Filch have it?" Fred continued, pulling out his wand.  George watched intently as his brother muttered a simple spell that undid invisible ink.  At first, it seemed to work, because the blank parchment was no longer blank.  Instead, green writing began to flow onto the parchment.

Mr. Moony thinks that Mr. Weasley and Mr. Weasley should have more sense than that.

Mr. Padfoot thinks that the Weasley twins are a disgrace if they can't figure this out.

Mr. Wormtail thinks that the Weasleys will not figure out our secret.

Mr. Prongs would like to congratulate Mr. Fred and Mr. George on their excellent prank on Filch, but would ask if they would leave our map alone.

            Fred and George's mouth's dropped.  This piece of parchment could talk! And it was talking about a secret.  One that was possibly Confiscated and Highly Dangerous.

            "...You can talk? But you're a piece of parchment!" Fred yelled to the presently blank piece of parchment.  The green writing returned.

Mr. Padfoot wishes to tell you that if you cannot figure out our secret, then we will no longer talk to you!

            Fred and George groaned.  How were they supposed to figure out a secret of a piece of parchment? They were only first years.  They sat there for a very long time, looking at the parchment with wonder.  What could the secret be?  After a little while, the green writing returned.

Mr. Prongs thinks that Mr. Fred and Mr. George are good pranksters.

Mr. Moony thinks their Marauder good.

Mr. Prongs and Mr. Moony are going to tell Mr. Fred and Mr. George our secret.

Mr. Moony wants Mr. Fred and Mr. George's word that they will not tell teacher our secret.

            Fred looked at George, and George looked back at the map.  Should they? I mean, this was a Confiscated and Highly Dangerous piece of parchment! They could get expelled if they were found with it! Fred seemed confident enough, George thought, looking at the parchment.  Oh well.  What was life without a little risk, ay?

            "Ok, were in! What's the big secret?" George said.  Mr. Moony's handwriting came back.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!

            Fred and George read what was written, and spoke it aloud.  Suddenly, a flash of green light illuminated the darkened hallway.  It died down quickly, though.  The two watched in awe as the blank piece of parchment transformed into a map...a map of all of Fred and George's wildest dreams.  The Marauder's Map!'

Mr. Padfoot wishes to hit Mr. Moony and Mr. Prongs.  They did not figure out the secret on their own.

Mr. Prongs says stuff it to Mr. Padfoot.

Mr. Moony says Mr. Padfoot needs to ease up a little. Mr. Moony thinks the boys are good pranksters, and will keep good care of the Marauders.

Mr. Wormtail is just glad not to be in Filch's cabinet.

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