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Chapter Three: The Souls of Purity and Light

            Two years ago, Fred and George Weasley received the best gift money could give.  Two years ago, Molly Weasley lost all hope of the her twin boys ever doing anything with their lives.  Two years ago, Arthur was given the two sons he never had before, two pranksters who knew how to have a good time, and more importantly, how to make him laugh.  Two years ago, Percy Weasley was very close to his two younger brothers.  Now he just ignored them, hoping that they would crawl in a hole and die. Two years ago, Ron had two brothers who were, to say the least, nothing other than very mean to him.  Two years ago, the only person Ginny had ever had was Ron.  Two years ago, Gryffindor had never had such a great pair of Beaters, not since the legendary Sirius Black, who was said to have been a living Bludger himself. Two years ago, nobody knew who Fred and George Weasley were other than another pair of Weasleys. 

Two years ago, Fred nor George would have never felt this way. 

            It was a weird feeling, really.  It hit them in the very pit of their stomach.  It cried out to the in the middle of the night.  It caused them pain, a deep pain unlike any you could ever imagine.  It was a voice, a familiar voice, but at the same time, a unique voice.  One they had never heard before but could swear they had.  It called to them, over and over again.  It called so much that, over time, it began to hurt them.

            George was the first one to experience the pain.  It was in the middle of Potions class, when Snape had been feeling particularly violent.  They had been planning on exploding one of the cauldrons as a joke.  It hit him right as he was planning to throw the firework into the concoction.  It was a pain like no other.  Like a thousand white-hot knives that seemed to be cutting up his skin, burning it with a fire so cold and so hot at the same time that it burned in a peculiar way.  It hurt so much that George stopped what he was doing and screamed.

            "George? George!" Fred called out to his brother, who was kneeling on the floor, screaming in agenizing pain.  The funny thing was, no one else seemed to notice.  Professor Snape's foul voice called out, "You should have added the caterpillar heads by now, making the potion turn liquid green..." No one else could hear George's screams. 

            "What's wrong, George?" Fred asked his twin, with a hope that he was alright.  He was turning pale, all the color in his face seemed to be leaving. Even his freckles seemed to have disappeared.  Actually, now that Fred got a good look at him, the boy didn't look much like his twin at all.  His hair was no longer a violent shade of red, but a dark brown color.  It seemed to be getting longer as well.  The more George screamed, the less he sounded like himself.  His voice was different, deeper. He seemed taller as well, though Fred couldn't seem to find for the life of him why. 

And then, it stopped.

            George stopped screaming, as if the pain had left him momentarily. He opened his blue eyes, (The only part of him that still looked the same) and gazed around curiously, as though he had no clue who he was.

            "George? George! What's wrong? Tell me, please!" George looked up at his twin curiously. 

            "Wha? My name's not George, though I'd like it better. It's Sirius...Sirius Black." George/Sirius began to stand up, dusting himself off. Fred starred at him with disbelief. 

            "No it's not! Your George! George Weasley, my twin...My brother! We're in the middle of Potions class with Snape when you turned all pale and shaky..."

            "Snape?" George-who-thinks-he's-Sirius asked.  "What's he got to do with anything?" Fred starred at him, wondering what was going on.

            "Snape! You know Snape! Greasy haired, slimeball of our Potions professor!" Fred yelled, grabbing Sirius-who-may-very-well-be-George by the shoulders.

            "Well, you've got a good description of him, but I'm afraid he's no Potions professor. Sleazy, slimy Slytherin, yes.  Potions professor, no." George/Sirius said, laughing at Fred's confused look.  "But-But..." Fred started, but Sirius stopped him.

            "Listen, kid, you sound slightly confused.  But you did help me up of the ground, so I'll help you.  What was the last thing you remember?"  Sirius asked, walking with Fred to the Gryffindor Common Room. Fred went into a long explanation of which Sirius might not of understood but nodded his head anyway.  Fred told Sirius about everything, from going into Snape's class to when George had gone ridged on the floor to well, right now.  Fred looked to Sirius with a desperate look on his face.  Sirius smiled.

            "I've got a question to ask you, Fred.  Mind you, it may be completely random and has nothing to do what we're talking about, but what year is it?"  Fred thought on this for a moment, and then:

            "1991, why?" Sirius stopped dead in his tracks. 

            "1991? Bloody hell, ("You sound like my brother Ron") it's only 1973! You must of traveled through time!" Fred glared at Sirius as though this was a joke.

            "No way! I'm not as stupid as I look, you know.  You can only travel through time in certain ways, and I'm quite sure I didn't have time turner with me when George fell.  And besides, that wouldn't explain how George suddenly turned into you." Fred said, glad, for once, that he had been listening to Angelina whenever she was in the mood to discuss schoolwork. Sirius laughed.

            "Sure, a Time Turners the only legal way to travel through time, but there are plenty of other ways, illegal ways, to travel.  I'm sure Old Moon's got a book or two on the subject..." Sirius said knowingly.

            "Old Moon?" Fred asked carefully. Sirius blushed.

            "Er, it's a nickname, you see.  My friend, Remus, we call him Moony.  My friend James, we call him Prongs, and Peter we call Wormtail.  They call me Padfoot, in case you were interested to know." Sirius said with a unique smile that showed a playful side to him. In fact, it looked odd enough just like George's smile.  And now that he looked close enough, Sirius did have some freckles on his nose.  And his hair was sort of a reddish color, to, now that he looked real close.  In fact, he looked a lot like...exactly like...

            "George?" Fred asked, looking at the boy next to him. The redhead smiled and nodded his head yes.

            "You passed out in the middle of Potions class, Fred.  Professor Snape said you'd still have to do your essay, but Lee enchanted the chalkboard so that it insulted him all through class, so alls well that ends well." George said, laying back in a chair in the Hospital Wing.

            "Were you not...screaming?" Fred asked, looking at his twin.  George frowned. 

            "Screaming? Why would I scream?" He asked, toying with the chocolates that Angelina had left for Fred. 

            "George, there is something I have to tell you.  Promise me you'll believe me?" Fred asked, taking the chocolates out of George's hands. 

            "Yeah, Sure.  I'll believe you.  It depends on what your talking about." George said, paying attention to his twin.

            "Would you believe me if I told you I traveled through time and met the makers of the map?" Fred asked, grinning wildly.  George smiled.

            "No way in hell."



Mr. Wormtail would like to say he thinks Mr. Moony is a genius.

Mr. Prongs wonders how he did it, seeing as he is only a map.

Mr. Padfoot would like to ask why you made George Weasley turn into me, when you know I'm more like Fred.

Mr. Moony says that there are many ways to travel to time.  He used a delusional charm on Mr. Weasley, making him seem like Mr. Padfoot.  He also likes to say that Mr. Padfoot is an ass, and he should not be so mean.

Mr. Prongs still wonders how Mr. Moony did the charms.

Mr. Moony says no comment.

Mr. Padfoot has another question.  Why did we bother sending them through time?

Mr. Moony says if we send them back to when the map was jinxed, the twins will know.  We wouldn't have told them, so the map wouldn't destroy itself, and they could find out a way to take the spell off the map.

Mr. Prongs still wants to know how Mr. Moony did it.

Mr. Wormtail says oh.

Mr. Padfoot says if Mr. Moony can send them back through time and make George Weasley look like me, why can he not just send them a damn owl?

Mr. Moony still refuses to comment.