It had been a hectic day. One that each and every participant will remember for the rest of his or her life. The city of Manches had not seen such action in twenty years, nonetheless had preparations for it. Filled to the brim with memories and events that shook the foundation of one's character. A day that changed the lives of Edward Falcon, Julia Swan, Ayame Uematsu, John Accel, Galuda, and Rouge Nehbandan. Oh, I may add that the lives of Ebenezer Kraken and Jean-Paul Gourmand had been radically affected as well.

As the morning sun rose into a December sky such as a golden lantern, the town found itself awakening from their slumber. To put it metaphorically, Manches found itself awakening from a nightmare. Had the chaos of the mysterious serial killer finally left them alone to dream in peace? The answer would be yes, thanks to an underestimated hero. But as many that have such nightmares, Manches will need time to shake off the effects of the disaster. Time heals all wounds. And until these gashes are bound, it would not be over.

Like what was said before, the sun was rising to its mid morning routine, changing pace every hour or so. But as the town awoke, the adventurers who had risked all could be found in a deep sleep in soft mattresses within the Swan estate. You see these tiresome souls had only clambered into a doze a few hours ago, shortly after daybreak. To have a peaceful sleep now would be preferred over a king's treasure.

The small Asian girl Ayame was sleeping with a smile on her face, her head resting neatly on her loves chest, which was rising and falling in the rhythm that sleeps provides us. Their things were laid out on the floor in the fashion which one would leave a room in the middle of tidying up. The suns rays filtered in quietly, trying to awake the two without making a sound. But the sun should find no victory in this room. Let them be.

Galuda was fast asleep in his bunk, as Rouge in hers, dreaming sweet dreams of yesterday's pleasures. The blinds were shut and the room quite dark. Galuda's things were neatly tucked away in the small bag he had brought along. Rouge's many items of vanity were stuffed inside several cases. Her many combs and braid accessories would be given away in the near future, for Rouge's short hair had no more use of them. One eye hiding behind her lovely bangs, another closed in a sleepy wonderland, her lips curled at the ends, indicating a fond sensation her mind was scheming. Galuda laid on the bunk, face in pillow, arm falling over the edge, his knuckles gently scraping the carpeted floor. In his mind, he was most likely thinking of his wife Doe and his newborn child. His child would be born by now, he was sure. Was it a girl or a boy? If only he knew. Well, whatever it was, he would be seeing it soon, for he was heading home soon.

The captain was a sleep in a big, wide, comfortable armchair that happened to be facing a dead fireplace. One hand was placed over a newspaper, the other hanging over the chairs arm. His head was reclined over the top of the chair, allowing his snores to reach the ceiling directly above. When asleep, the captain did not look so menacing, more like a drunken seadog.

Jean-Paul was up and about. His eyes were ringed with the sign of a lack of sleep, for he was up the night, awaiting Lady Julia's command to stop the insane Abondues. Gourmand held no grudges. He opened up the stove within the kitchen, placed large oven mitts upon his powerful hands, and reached for a hot tray of breakfast scones. Though scones were not his usual style, he felt they would be appropriate, due to Pride Falcon's telegram from the British Foreign Embassy. He placed the tray on a kitchen counter and slipped his mitts onto the hook besides the oven door, being careful to shut that same door first. A little honey and bits of butter were added to the scones while they were still hot, in order to blend the three elements together perfectly. These would be the first part of the morning routine, shortly after to be followed by muffins, orange juice, sausages, and possible cream of wheat. Those could wait for a bit. It was still early, especially after the night before. Taking a whiff of the scones, Jean-Paul placed them onto a silver tray. Just then he heard the door open.

"Who's there?" Gourmand asked with a nonchalant feel.

"Just me Jean-Paul." Granny Uematsu's old, yet excited voice rang. "What are those you're baking?"

"These, Miss Uematsu, are scones. I normally don't serve them, but there for a special cause." Gourmand replied with a smile.

"They look delicious. May I have one? It will be a while before any one else shows up for them. All wiped out from last night." Granny pointed out.

"Do help yourself. Yes, I heard the entire thing from Master Falcon. Quite the tale. And I can certainly say that Monsieur Abondues was a bit crazy. I remember when he first appeared her more than five years ago to try and court Lady Julia and she turned him down for Master Falcon." Gourmand carried on.

"Those poor children. It is a good thing we're leaving for home this day. You've shown me the Western world, but I say I like old Nippon better. I'd best pack my things." Granny said.

"Could you be a dear miss Uematsu and get the door? I have to bring this tray of scones out to the table." Gourmand asked.

The short old woman nodded and opened the swinging door, allowing the master chef to enter the dining hall. The two walked out into the grand hallway. Gourmand placed the tray upon the long table when Granny tapped him.

"Yes?" Gourmand asked.

"Look down there." Granny pointed to the end of the table. In two chairs right by each other sat Falcon and Julia, both asleep. Falcon was almost sitting straight up as Julia was leaning on his broad shoulder with a satisfied look on her peaceful face. The enormous windows upon the dining hall were practically flooding with sunlight, creating a sort of spotlight effect on the sleeping pair. This brought a smile to Gourmand and Granny's faces.

"I think she's fallen for him again…" Gourmand whispered.

"I know they're in love. Come on Jean-Paul, we should get going." Granny whispered back.

"But shouldn't someone help them to their rooms?" Gourmand asked.

"Oh you just leave them be. They're perfectly happy. Just look at 'em! It would be a crime to disturb those two. Now you go back into the kitchen and continue making breakfast. I'll be back shortly." Granny huffed.

Gourmand nodded and walked back through the swinging door, taking one last look at the sleeping pair. Granny sighed and exited the hallway to the stairs.

There was not a single sound…

BOOM! The entire building shook from the sound. The sound of a cannons roar. Every creature with a set of functioning ears instantly awoke to the explosion. Ayame and Accel in their bedroom. Rouge and Galuda in their respective rooms. All of the servants. Even old Ebenezer opened his eyes. And the sleeping pair in the dining hall? Well, they awoke to the sound more startled than anyone else.

** *

"…The hell was that?" Accel asked as he rubbed his eyes.

** *

"Does anything normal ever happen in this town?" Rouge complained in her room.

** *

"That was defiantly the sound of a cannon being fired!" Gourmand told himself.

** *

Kraken jumped out of the armchair and ran to a window. In the bay was the sight he was hoping to see. The King Octopus had returned. Kraken grinned. There was neither snow nor any hints of clouds. Just blue skies and blue seas.

Straightening his jacket and combing his long white hair, the pirate captain stared into the mirror before him, trying to think of what to say to his crew when he got there. He would have to crack a few skulls for sure with the stunt they pulled during the night. But he was glad that King, Octo, and Puss had returned for him as he had for them a year ago. A ships crew is family after all.

** *

It didn't take much time for Kraken to finish his morning routine and fins himself in the dining hall. Falcon was stretching through a yawn as Julia adjusting her gown. Kraken revealed his hiderous teeth in a smile. The captain walked up behind the two, making sure that he had an upper hand in an intimidation factor.

"Well well well. It looks like yer little adventure is done, eh boy? Yarr?" Kraken asked.

"Kraken, if that was the King Octopus out there firing those cannons, I'm going to kill you personally." Falcon muttered.

"Well there boy, you can't kill me until after I have received payment for helping ye out, har har. Remember yer part of the bargain? Yarr?" Kraken asked, trying to beat around the bush.

"Isn't it bloody little too early for this captain? Grab a bite to eat or something, Jesus…" Falcon complained.

"Ahar har har. No one cheats old Captain Kraken out of a job! You promised me and me crew Yer Island in the Canaries for this job! Now hand over the deed or I'll be forced to do something you wouldn't like. Heh heh heh." Kraken reached into his coat where his gun would be.

"…His island? Edward's family owns only half of an island in the Canary Islands!" Julia stated.

"Now now Julia. I think we both should pitch in in order to pay the good captain for helping us fight Other Jack, wot wot." Falcon put his arm around Julia's shoulder.

"You didn't tell him you were giving him my half of the island too did you Falcon?!" Julia was growing very irritated.

"Remember Julia! You said you'd pay anything in order to solve this case! You said it, I remember!" Falcon waved his hands in defense.

"Well you're supposed to tell me these things first wise guy! If you knew anything, you'd know that you just couldn't give over an island in one simple transaction! There's a whole process to exchanging of land, especially if it's been in MY family for hundreds of years!" Julia stood up and started barking into Falcons face.

Kraken was also becoming annoyed. "Wots going on here? Ye scumbags aren't going to pay me fer doing yer dirty work?!"

Julia yelled at the pirate. "Will you hold on a second!?"

Kraken stepped back quietly, twiddling his thumbs.

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Down the stairs came Ayame and Accel, each carrying two large suitcases. They had become dressed in their normal attire and were chatting away to each other, completely oblivious to the pandemonium taking place in the dining hall.

"So I'm heading off with you to Japan, Ayame?" Accel asked.

Ayame nodded. "I hope so! You can see all my favorite places! Oh, Accel, it would be great!"

Accel grinned. "As long as your Granny doesn't kill me. I just hope that you Japanese aren't so hateful to Americans as these Europeans are."

"Well, there lies the problem. It's not going to be easy, but you gotta try. Maybe you can help modernize our country! If you do, you'll be a hero or something!" Ayame leaned her head on his shoulder.

"What, I'm not a hero already?!" Accel chided.

"Accel! Of coarse you are! You'll always be a hero to me! Come, let's get some breakfast!" Ayame smiled.

"Out of the way!" Came screaming Rouge. She was running down the stairs with all sorts of bags and cases around her. Ayame and Accel just barley dodged aside as she bolted down to the hall. "I'm going to be late! I'm going to be late!"

Galuda calmly came down the stairs after her, stopping to meet Ayame and Accel.

"What was all that about?" Ayame asked the Native American.

"She believes she will miss her train if she does not run to it." Galuda answered.

Accel scratched his head. "How'd she get a train ticket this early?"

"She hasn't purchased one yet. She just knows at what times they roll in." Galuda promptly replied.

Rouge barreled through the dining hall into she smacked right into Jean-Paul, which set off the reaction of Jean-Paul dropping the tray full of muffins. The two fell onto the ground in a state of surprise.

"My muffins! Was there a reason you were charging down the hall like a mad bull miss?!" Gourmand tried picking up his beautiful banana nut muffins.

Rouge rubbed her forehead. "I'm sorry Gourmand, but I have a train to catch. If I miss it, I'll have to wait an for an entirely new day."

"Well you'd best know this now so you don't run any other innocent villager over. The trains aren't running today; it's Sunday." Gourmand replied.

Rouge just looked at him wide-eyed.

"However, I'll be willing to drive you and the rest of your friends to Paris later in the day. There you can catch a train, zeppelin, or ship." Gourmand offered.

Rouge breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you Gourmand. At least this will give me time to clean up and say my farewells."

"And to try a new batch of banana nut muffins." Gourmand waved a finger.

** *

An hour or so had passed since the cannon first rang. The party, dressed and groomed in a much more proper manner, sat about the table enjoying breakfast. Even Gourmand and Granny sat to eat in these last transient moments.

Julia opened an old, over-sized envelope and pulled out a few dusty papers and records. "Here we go. These are the papers and deeds of my half of the island. There's a whole lot more to do officially, but I can see you don't care for such things Kraken. Just present these papers and you should be alright."

"I'll just mail you the papers to my side of the island. I'm presuming you'll be at the island, right?" Falcon asked.

Kraken nodded. "Aye boy. We'll have to set her riggings and fold out her sails if you know what I mean. Har har har, yarr." With that, Kraken turned from the table and left for the door. The party waved a silent good bye, smiles on their face until they heard the door finally shut.

"It's been quite the run, hasn't it?" Rouge stated from her spot at the table.

"Yes, but I'd say it was worth it." Ayame said as she snuggled with Accel.

"Oh dear. Ayame, your not bringing him home with us, are you?" Granny asked.

"And what if I am Granny?!" Ayame stood up.

"Then you'd better ask me first girlie!" Granny stood up, but she was still much shorter.

Accel rubbed his temples. "It's going to be a long trip…"

Falcon smiled and looked at Julia. "I'd say it was worth it too."

Julia glanced back. "It brought you and I back together, eh Falcon."

"So Galuda, what are you going to name your kid when you get home?" Rouge asked the giant.

Galuda smiled, grabbing his bags to indicate to Gourmand it was time to go. "If it's a girl, I shall call her Doe, after my love. If it's a boy, I shall call him… Jack."


** *


Facts about the story Blades in Motion and the world around it.

This story was originally titled "How to Frame a Frenchman" This story was originally intended to be a detective story Accel was not even meant to be in this story. He appeared in a cameo, but he got so much applause by the fans that he was made into a regular. Ayame's original personality was meant to be very lighthearted. She was meant to be the comic relief, but somehow she grew into one of the three essential main characters. The first four crude examples of zeppelins flew in France only haltingly and briefly between 1852 and 1884, decades before the Wright brothers created the first verifiably successful powered heavier-than-air flying machine. The first of the French airships was powered by a steam engine, the next two by human muscle and the fourth, and most successful, by an electric motor. The airship, however, like the airplane, did not become a truly viable proposition until the advent of the internal combustion engine. Manches is a real place in France, though it is not a city. Manches is a province or county in northwestern France. It still exists today. In the power stone game world, the geography is similar to our world, yet small and subtle differences can be noted. For instance, there is a land bridge between what is Labrador, Canada, and northwestern Spain. The Mediterranean has shrunk a great deal, as has the Atlantic, the Arabian Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the North Sea. The Bering Sea has grown somewhat. Madagascar is connected to eastern Africa, as Indonesia has been changed to one giant landmass connected Australia to southern Asia. The islands of northern Canada have also turned into a landmass, which connects Greenland to mainland North America. Florida extends south to connect to the Yucatan in Mexico. Japan, Ireland, and Great Britain have pretty much gone unchanged. Sri Lanka has vanished from the face of the globe. The Cape of Fear in southern South America has connected to Antarctica. The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt has grown. The Eiffel Tower was constructed during the Universal Exhibition of 1889 in order to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution. Its construction was very controversial at the time, although now the Tower is one of the most well-known and frequently visited monuments in France. Falcons original name is Fokker, named after the Dutch engineer and famous aviator Anthony Fokker. To learn more about Anthony Fokker, go here Londo, without saying, is based on London. Rouge's last name in this story, Nehbandan, is based on a small town in eastern Iran. It is still there today. In the Power Stone anime, the world is divided into six or seven separate landmasses that have absolutely no similarities with Earth. In this story, Ayame's last name, Uematsu, comes from the famous Japanese video game music composer, Nobuo Uematsu. In this story, Accel's first name is John. I mean, have you ever met an American named Accel? The Franco-Prussian war began in 1870. The Germans captured Paris and claimed the Alsace and Lorraine regions of France. Following the defeat, Napoleon III was exiled. The Third Republic emerged in France in 1871, indicating the end of monarchy in France. France today is currently in the 5th Republic. Abondues is a common French last name. Monsieur is French for mister. It is not a first name. In this story almost no French was spoken. This story took 120 days to complete with an average of one update per week. At the moment, there are 29 reviews for Blades in motion. Of those 29, Evil Anime Chick did 20. In the scene where Falcon addresses the statue of Jesus, he was originally meant to say "Jesus, please don't let us f^ck up." This was changed due to the fact that this story was rated PG-13. At the moment, there are currently 13 Power stone stories of Twelve if you don't count this one. In the scene where Rouge states that only medieval Muslims would have been able to build the underground crypt sphere, she is referring to the fact that the Europeans, at the time, were in the dark ages. The Muslim world was blossoming, creating such things as advanced architecture, geometry, and sciences. These vast improvements were introduced into Europe when the Moors, a group of Muslims, moved into Spain. Music best listened to while reading this story, the Godzilla orchestrated soundtrack, Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, or X OST's, Vampire hunter D "Bloodlust" OST, Escaflowne the movie OST, and Evanesence's "Bring Me to Life." The first subway system, which began operating in 1863 in London, England, was steam-powered and opened to huge success. Fedje is a real place, although it hasn't changed much since the latter half of the nineteenth century. In 1855, the hydrographical authorities accomplished a remarkable feat in building a 108 foot tall cast-iron tower on a weather-exposed islet. The official in charge was doubtful about the location, and said that "unless one should stumble upon an exceptionally good summer, it presents so many complications that I have not yet seen its equal in the years I have spent in this service." The lighthouse itself is built with one-inch cast-iron plates, and the ground and first floors are lined with 35,000 bricks. The lighthouse on the islet Hellisøy can be experienced on weekend lighthouse safaris. It is also possible to rent the lighthouse keeper's quarters. If you want to know more, click here Games played while writing this story: Final Fantasy X, Jak and Daxter, Wild Arms 3, Star Ocean: The Second Story, Yoshi's Island, Sonic Advance 2, Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland, and of course, Power Stone. In the scene where Julia and Falcon converse over the table about sciences, Julia mentions something about the Great Auk. At the time, no one knew that the Great Auk was going extinct. The trend for the rich at the time was gathering collections of stuffed and rare animals. The going price for a stuffed Great Auk at the time would be close to what is today one million dollars. This story's original cast was Ayame, Galuda, Rouge, and Jack. The British Empire did not have control of Persia during the later nineteenth century. Persia was in possession of the Ottoman Empire. This story takes place in 1893. Manches did not then nor does it now have such an elaborate underground network of trains and catacombs. Ashford is a French last name. The Ashford family used in this story is a purely fictional family. They are not based on the Ashford's of Resident Evil/Biohazard fame. In the video game and anime, Kraken is a bad guy. Valgas was excluded from this story's version of Power stone history due to the fact that in my opinion, he was a very lame character. Gunrock is the standard Mexican sterotype. He is Cuban in this story. I do not know why. Wang-Tang and Ayame were traveling on a ship that was part of the Great Migration movement that overtook America in the late 1870's. Although in real life, most Asians entering from the Great Migration would pass through the immigration center at Angel Island, where more than half of them would be told to turn around. Most of the immigrants were Chinese and did not leave California at all. Utah was not a state, nor was Alaska or Hawaii, at the time. The Great Plains Indian Wars took place during the 1870's. Most of it was over by the mid 1890's. Though right afterwards, in the real early 1900's, the buffalo soldiers went against Spain in the American Spanish war.

I hope that you enjoyed this story. A sequel may be in order, but you never know. Thanks for spending your time with this story and please review. Thank you.