Title: Midnight Meeting Author: Sirius Rating: PG Spoilers: None Pairing: R/J Summary: Jess comes to find Rory in the middle of the night. (Not much of a summary, but it's the best I could do.)

Rory Gilmore sat at her desk; her computer opened to a Word document, and her hands on the keyboard, thoughtfully considering what to write next. She had promised herself that when she finished this essay on "The Effects Andrew Jackson Had On Democracy Today" she would take a break. Good Charlotte's "Anthem" played quietly in the background as she typed her conclusion. There, she thought, that's enough for tonight. I'll edit it tomorrow.

She closed the document and fell back on her bed exhaustedly. Her mother walked in and said goodnight. Rory stayed up till midnight reading "Howl," her new favorite book since she'd met Jess. Just as the clock on her nightstand was switching from 11:59 to 12:00, Rory heard a soft knock on her window.

Surprised, she looked up to see Jess smiling warmly at her from outside. His breath was coming out in puffy clouds before him and he held his jacket tightly around his chest to protect himself from the chilling air. Rory hurried to the window and let him in. After climbing through, Jess stood in the middle of her room and vigorously rubbed his hands together to warm them.

"Jess, what are you doing here? It's freezing outside." Rory wrapped him in her arms in an effort to stop his shivers.

"I couldn't wait till tomorrow to see you."

Rory pulled back from her embrace and looked her bright sapphire eyes into his deep chocolate ones, and she saw a softness in them that wasn't visible around anyone but her. She could break down all the walls Jess had constructed to protect himself from getting hurt, and she was left with a vulnerable man. In his brown eyes, Rory could see the sincere love that he had for her. Neither of them had admitted their feelings to each other or to themselves, but they both seemed to understand. After concentrating his gaze into her eyes for a few sweet moments, Jess slipped his arms back around her waist and held her to his chest again.

" Come here," he whispered to her as he brought her close. "Can you come out tonight?"

"My mom just went to bed, so yeah, I think I can."

"Go get changed into something really warm." Jess smiled mischievously at her and watched her as she added layer after layer to her pajamas.


"Yup," Rory replied as she pulled a knit cap over her hair and down past her ears.

Jess slipped through the window and out onto the porch before reaching his hand back through the frame to help Rory through. Confused, Rory looked from his hand and up to her eyes before finally asking Jess why he used the window when they had perfect access to the front door.

"It adds to the experience," he replied nonchalantly and shrugged.

"Oh," Rory said more to herself than to Jess.

She accepted his hand and climbed out the window. After making sure the window was securely shut, the couple headed out hand in hand to a destination neither knew.


The streets of Stars Hollow were lit up beautifully with Christmas lights as the pair strolled quietly. It was weeks after Christmas but the town couldn't stop celebrating yet. Taking down the strings of light was like going to a funeral to the townspeople.

"Where are we going?" Rory asked, finally giving in to the nagging curiosity running through her head.

"Um, I'm not really sure. How about here?" Jess led Rory up into the gazebo and sat down next to her on a bench, never letting go of her hand in the process. He turned to face her and gathered her small hands in his. Rory saw the same sweetness in his eyes that she had seen earlier that night and she got a chill up her spine. He slowly leaned forward to kiss her and she felt his breath tickle her lips before he closed the gap between them. The cold air that had engulfed the pair moments before had suddenly disappeared and was replaced with nothing. Nothing and nobody except each other existed to either teen in that moment when their lips touched. Nothing else was important. Nobody else mattered. After a minute of kissing, Jess pulled back and searched Rory's eyes. She noticed he looked a little anxious and it soon rubbed off onto her.

"What?" Rory's voice was soft but had a hint of concern within in because Jess' eyes were still fixed on hers. He continued staring for a minute or so and then the silence really started to bother Rory.

"What?" she asked again, this time with a little more anxiety added.

"Nothing," Jess replied thoughtfully, sitting back on the bench and continuing to scare Rory because he hadn't replied. Silence stampeded around them but it was one they'd grown accustomed to. Rory sat back on the bench and Jess put his strong arm around her, pulling her softly until she settled up next to his chest. He sighed in a deeply content way and her head bobbed as he moved. She giggled and looked up at him with a shy grin while sitting up.

"What are you thinking about?" Rory whispered to him.

Jess let out a big breath that clouded in front of him before slowly disintegrating in every direction. He looked up at the stars the back at Rory who sat waiting beside him.

"You." He didn't smile or frown, but his face held a calm look.

"And I should feel."

"How do you want to feel?"


"You got it."

Jess leaned in and kissed her softly two short times before pulling back and taking something out of his jacket pocket.

"I wanted to give this to you."

Rory looked down at the small rectangular box in total shock. It wasn't her birthday, it was not even her half birthday, it wasn't their anniversary, Valentine's Day, or any other special occasion she could think of. Why did he get her something?

"What is it?"

"Open it."

Rory eagerly took the box from him and looked it over. It was a small white box with a stick-on silver bow. She unstuck the bow and put in on Jess' head. He gave her an annoyed look when she giggled, but he didn't move to take off the bow in his anxiousness for her to open it. Rory slid off the top of the box to reveal a thin silver necklace with a snowflake charm hanging from it.

"Oh, Jess, it's beautiful." She held it out in front of her and marveled at how the streetlights of Stars Hollow reflected off of it. "Will you help me put it on?"

"Sure." A smiling Jess took the slender chain from her and wrapped it around her neck, pausing a moment to struggle with the tiny clasp. When she looked up at him to see his expression, Jess' deep brown eyes met hers and lingered there for a while before they both snapped back to reality.

"Thank you so much Jess."

"You're welcome."

"What's it for?"

"I dunno. To show you how much you mean to me. How much I've appreciated you being here for me lately. How much I care about you." Jess hugged her close and kissed the top of her head.

"I care about you too." Rory looked up at him, having a hard time believing how close they'd gotten in the past few months that they'd been going out. Things had been wonderful after they had gotten over a rough beginning.

"Come on, let's get you home now. It's getting really cold out now."

"Aw, I don't wanna go home yet." Rory gave Jess her best pouty face and he laughed.

"You wanna go get a cup of coffee first then?"

"Yeah!" Rory started off at a run towards the diner yelling over her shoulder. "You can't catch me!"

"Oh yes I can!" Jess ran after her and followed her as she raced around the gazebo. Finally, she slowed down and Jess caught a hold of her arm. They both fell down into the snow, laughing at their childish act. Jess couldn't help but notice how pretty Rory looked with her rosy cheeks, disorderly hair, and snowflaked eyelashes. He raised his hand to move a piece of her hair out of her face so he could see her better.

"You have snowflakes on your eyelashes."

"I do?" She moved to wipe them away but Jess grabbed her hand.

"Don't, it's cute." Rory blushed fiercely and eyed him shyly. He laughed and kissed her quickly on the lips. "Let's go to Luke's."

Jess stood up and took her hand to help her up. They walked hand in hand to the diner where Rory plopped down at a stool. Jess started a pot of coffee before he sat down next to her.

"So, what were you up to today?"

"Oh, the usual. I had school, it's Friday thank God, and mom had work. We met up at the Inn and I worked for a few hours. Ate dinner in from Al's. How bout you?"

"School for me too. Luke had me work till close today. Read a little bit of Blameless Neighbor, then came to see you. "

"What's Blameless Neighbor about? I haven't heard of it."

"Oh wow, it's great. Basically this guy gets murdered and everyone thinks it was his next door neighbor who did it because they had a fight the night before. See, he's the only suspect but it can't possibly be him because he was in a different state visiting his girlfriend for the weekend. I haven't finished it yet, so I don't know who did it, but my money's on his secretary."

"Whoa, sounds good. I'll have to borrow that from you when you're done."

"You bet."

The coffeepot beeped in the background and Jess went to fill them each up a to-go cup.

"It's getting late. I'll walk you home."

They both stood up and Jess walked around the counter to help her on with her coat. Then, after each had bundled up with their coffee in their hands, Jess opened the door and the couple stepped out into the bitter cold.

Rory and Jess walked in silence for a few minutes down the streets of Stars Hollow. The only sound in the town was of the snow crunching beneath their boots. The coffees were soon discarded in one of Stars Hollow's many centrally located trash bins placed strategically by Taylor. Both their minds were scattered on random topics and it was Rory that spoke up first.

"Thanks for bringing me out tonight." She looked up at him shyly when he looked started from the sound of her voice.

"Oh, no problem Ror."

"I meant what I said earlier. About you, I mean." Rory looked nervous but she knew that she needed to get it out in the open. Or, as 'open' as she could bear to have it.

"So did I." Jess' voice was soft and he avoided her eyes while continuing to stare at the snow collecting on the ground.

Rory fingered the necklace Jess had given her as her thoughts wandered to her and Jess and their future. It was hard to guess what was going to happen between them since neither was ready to let the other know what they meant to them. It wasn't for fear that the other wouldn't feel the same way, it was jut more that they were comfortable where they stood and they weren't sure whether or not saying it would jeopardize their security. Deep down they both knew that it could only make their relationship better when they did admit it, but still neither had.

The couple reached the driveway that led to the Gilmore house and Jess took a hold of Rory's hand as they climbed the porch steps. Rory looked up into Jess' eyes expectantly when he gave her hand a little squeeze. He wrapped his other arm around her back and pulled her into the most protective, comfortable, and loving hug she had ever had. She responded by hugging him back and moving into him until they were molded together. Jess kissed the top of her head and she looked up to smile at him.

Rory raised herself up to him and kissed him sweetly on the lips. Then, she pulled back to see his reaction. He pulled her abruptly toward him again, startling her. After a second of shock, Rory responded to his passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around his back as his lips moved rhythmically against her own. He pried her lips apart and begged momentarily for her to allow him in. She replied quickly and soon Jess was exploring her mouth openly. Rory pulled back for air a moment later and she stared at Jess with a smile on her face. He looked disappointed that she'd pulled back, and his eyes showed a glint of eagerness to kiss her again.

"I have to go." Rory didn't want to leave him, his comfort, his reassurance, his love, but she knew that she would have to go before anything else happened. She had promised herself to go slow and even after they'd been going out a while, she still wanted to keep her promise.

"No, Rory, don't go. Look, I got carried away, I'm sorry. Don't leave."

"Oh, Jess, that's not it. That's not it at all. I wouldn't have let you do that if I hadn't wanted you to. I just have to go."

Jess still looked a little concerned, but he nodded and kissed her cheek. He squeezed her hand one more time with a small smile and started down the porch steeps. Rory watched him as he departed and she was just about to turn and walk inside when she heard him call out her name.

"Rory!" Jess was at the end of her long driveway and he was whispering loud enough for her to hear, but not loud enough to wake people up.

"What?" She whispered back in the same tone.

"Check your email tomorrow at 11."

"What? Why?"

"Just trust me." He smirked at her look of bewilderment and added, "It'll be worth it. Goodnight Rory."

"Goodnight Jess."