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As soon as Spike opens the carriers to let them explore their new home, the cats begin a very thorough investigation of Angel's stuff.

"Should I have mentioned that I'm more of a dog person?" asks Angel as Buffy unhooks some sharp and teeny claws from his leather chair.

Spike kicks a box of his shirts out of the way of the door. It collides with a box of Angel's stuff that reads 'fragile.' He snorts loudly. "Bull."

"People person," says Angel.

Buffy chokes just a little bit. He says it with a totally straight face and looks her right in the eye when he does and her and Angel, it was never about him making her laugh, but he really, really can.

He makes Spike laugh too, except Spike's is a little bit more derisive. "Sorry, package deal, mate."

The blond cat slinks over, discovers Angel's black pants, and gets to work doing her best to brighten them up. Angel bends down to push her away. "I thought you meant you and Buffy. You didn't say there were five of them."

Buffy does a quick headcount.

"Big package," says Spike.

"Oh, good, let's always go in that direction," says Angel.

"We're short a furball," says Buffy.

Their fights are inevitable but lately all come pre-packaged with a happy ending, so there's not really any worry about festering.

Especially because when they do find their wayward feline, he's made the discovery that Angel's already moved a velvet sofa into their new bedroom.