Taking a deep breath, Emma walked into the conference room at City Hall. Regina had offered to schedule her for private use of the room for an hour after she'd expressed wanting to ask questions to her birth parents in a neutral place. It had taken her a week to work up the nerve to meet with… Snow and 'Charming'. Despite being able to work through the rest of Storybrooke being Fairytale characters, because honestly who else would reside in a town with such a name, Emma couldn't reconcile her own birth parents being iconic Disney characters.


The young blonde jumped and spun around, nearly losing her footing in the process at the brash man's bellow. Emma couldn't help but seize up remembering David's shouting as he stormed her home not too long ago. "Please sit down."

Snow could see her daughter's trepidation and tugged Charming's arm until they were seated at the conference table. "Thank you for meeting with us, Emma. I-"

"I didn't do it for you." Emma stayed by the window, standing just across from the two, table as barrier. Folding her arms across her chest, she looked between the two. Her eyes definitely came from Mary Margaret, but otherwise there was no resemblance. Unfortunately she very much looked like the prince. "I have questions and I want answers. I'm not changing my mind about who my parents are."

Snow nodded while David's rage flared to life. He stood up, hands slamming the table. "We," he gestured between himself and Snow, "are your parents. We created you. Why do you insist some witch and a dragon villain are what's best for you?"

Emma growled, eyes narrowing at the man as her chin raised. "You may have created me, but you also threw me away in the hopes I would save you when I was an adult. Neither of you had any idea where I would end up or how my life would be between being born and coming to save people I didn't even know. You're no better than the foster parents that abused me."

"We knew you'd make it back to us alive. We were told by Rumpelstiltskin." Snow honestly hadn't given much thought to Emma's life in growing up, the consequences she'd face because of their decision to send her away and avoid Regina's curse. "It's no consolation, but I am so sorry, Emma. Neither of us thought about the interim."

"Of course you didn't." Emma scoffed, rolling her eyes. "You cried every day for twenty three years over a child you threw into a tree to some unknown land on the word of a demon that I'd be alright. I thought I needed answers from you two as to where I came from, but there's nothing either of you can provide."

David had no clue how his child could talk to him like this, choose to live with villains instead of heroes. He definitely couldn't fathom how Snow just willingly gave Emma up. "We are your parents, heroes! You are a hero! Why do you insist on this silly game of picking the villains?" He spun to glare at Snow. "This is your fault, your DNA at work. You liked Regina so you never killed her when you had the chance."

Snow scoffed. "Your mother gave your twin to the Dark One in a deal to keep her farm knowing he would be raised by one of the most corrupt kings of the time. You took his place when he was murdered. Enjoying the dark side is not only on me!"

"You two disgust me!" Emma smirked when both sets of eyes refocused on her. "You're not heroes just because you say so. Just as much blood stains your hands as it does anyone else's. War, greed, gluttony… a royal's crimes aren't just washed away because you declare it in the name of good. Regina only has her moniker because you said so. She killed a man who broke her spirit and destroyed her soul. Grief does strange, uncharacteristic things to people." The sheriff looked pointedly at Mary Margaret. "You of all people should know. A lifetime of abuse, emotional manipulation, grief and a broken heart… I'm honestly surprised she didn't kill you both many times over. The fact she didn't is true testimony that her soul isn't dark. Regina isn't evil. You both tortured her, taunted her as much as she did you. And going after Maleficent…. I would much rather be considered a villain than sit on an unrealistic pedestal of 'good'. I've never met a group of people more simple minded…. Just because someone blurts something out of their mouth doesn't make it gospel truth."

The pair sat there and listened, self righteous anger radiating off David while defeat and acceptance wafted off Snow, enraging the prince that much more. "She killed Graham here, not to mention the thousands of lives she destroyed! Of course Regina is evil! How can you sit here and listen to our daughter spew such vile lies? Tell her the truth!"

"She's not wrong, David." Snow flinched slightly at her husband's temper. "I was a spoiled, entitled little girl who couldn't keep a secret. I enjoyed the games as much as Regina, seeing who could come out on top of the battle, knowing the war was unwinnable. Regina needed love, caring, acceptance… things I had a chance to give and denied her all while convincing everyone she was the evil one. Magic, while terrifying, doesn't automatically mean evil. We were just as wrong, made as many mistakes." She turned to David. "You are a farm boy, not a prince. We never considered grown Emma coming back to us. For some silly reason we both expected malleable, impressionable child Emma coming back so we could raise her into who we wanted. Our child is standing right there." Snow pointed towards Emma, staring at her husband. "She's grown and a complete person all her own we had no part in raising. I will never stop loving my child, but we laid our child to rest the minute she was born and we let her go. Graham, the Huntsman, he tried to force himself on our daughter. If Regina hadn't ended him, I certainly would have put an arrow between his eyes."

David slammed his palms against the table, refusing to accept this. "No! Emma doesn't just get to choose new parents. We are her parents. We fought to give her what we thought was her best chance. I am a hero, and will not have you tell me otherwise." He glared at Emma before turning back to Snow. "This is why I stayed with Kathryn. The woman I fell in love with was obviously left in the Enchanted Forest. I will never stop fighting for my daughter and what I know to be right and true."

Emma just shook her head. "And you will lose. I am not yours." Both ladies jumped as the door slammed behind David's hasty exit. With a sigh she turned to Mary Margaret. "How does Snow White end up with Prince Charming? Everyone knows Prince Charming is Cinderella's beau while Prince Florian marries Snow."

"We are not fairytales or movies, Emma." Snow just chuckled and shook her head. "Disney referred to every prince without a name as Charming, which fits your father. His name is David, but David is a farm boy, son to the sweetest woman, Ruth, you'd ever hope to meet next to my own mother, Eva." She paused hoping Emma clung on to those names and would ask later if curious. "When his brother died, King George forced him to step into James's shoes. David lost who he was, and when we met he was anything but Charming. It used to be our joke."

"I'm sorry he's a douche, but thank you for letting me go. My moms, they love me. I need them." Emma smiled as Regina stood in the door frame, worry and concern etched on her face. "Regina."

Snow watched her daughter move swiftly around the table to embrace her former enemy. She knew it was unlikely to ever get on with Regina again, but it was more than rewarding to see Emma and Regina together. She snapped back to present as the pair made to leave. "Regina?" The mayor turned to stare at the woman, brow raised. "Do you love her?"

Regina tucked Emma in closer to the safety of her body. "More than you'll ever know."

"Take care of her." Snow let out a little sigh, knowing she had no right to ask anything of the woman, but Emma was, will always be, her flesh and blood. While the overprotective mom speech was reserved for Mal… no, Maya and Sarah, now, she still cared and hoped Regina finally got it right.

Giving a curt nod, Regina turned and walked towards her office, Emma tucked into her side. It felt too anticlimactic an end to her decades long feud with Snow White, but there were more important things to live for now. Emma gave her light, joy, love. She was her everything now, and she was never letting go again!


"Will you stop staring at it?" Regina teased her fiancé as the light from the ring glinted across her face again. "It's not going anywhere."

Emma shivered as Regina ran her fingertips down the length of her sweat-sheened spine. "I know, but I like looking at it. It's mine!" She wriggled and readjusted herself half on top of her naked mate, goosebumps breaking out as Regina kept stroking her skin. She was torn between staring at the ring nestled soundly on her left ring finger and the bite mark situated proudly over Regina's heart. The latter won out and her hand instantly went to the mark, her fingers softly caressing over the ridges. "Do you regret it?" She whispered, her eyes trained on the bite mark, analyzing every detail.

Regina covered the inquisitive hand with one of her own and brought delicate fingers to her lips, pressing soft kisses into the digits. "Never," Regina whispered, "I could never regret this. I know that I hurt you when I didn't let you return the bite the first time, and that is the only part of this situation that I regret, that you were hurt, emotionally and physically because of me."

"It's alright," Emma told her. "It all worked out the way it was meant to. I wouldn't trade this, everything that has happened for anything."

"Are you sure?" Regina questioned, "Even if what I did, what I didn't do, you ended up hurt, nearly-"

"Regina, shhhh," the blonde calmed, placing a finger over Regina's lips. "It's alright, that wasn't your fault, it was theirs, not yours. And I think that everything that happened, it's made our relationship stronger, we've already been to hell and back. And who's to say things would've played out the same way afterwards, with the curse breaking and all that. I'm getting to know new sides of my parents, and they're getting to know each other, and I'm learning about a whole new side of you."

Regina glanced away from the green eyes in front of her. "I'm not proud of that part of myself."

"The Evil Queen?" At Regina's nod, Emma continued, "I think it's hot really."


Emma smirked, "It's hot, all of that dark makeup, the evil queen persona, all of that dominance and power, mhmmm, so hot…" Those last words were low and wet as she breathed them into Regina's ear, causing the older woman to shiver.

"Not now darling, definitely not ready to go after, what was it, four rounds after I proposed?"

"Five," Emma replied, "If you count the orgasm I had as you pulled out." Regina swallowed but held firm causing Emma to pout. "Fine, fine," she huffed, sliding off of Regina. She snuggled into the woman's side, and pressed her head on her shoulder over her heart and tossed a leg over Regina's waist. Regina shifted to press herself more fully into the younger woman, wrapping an arm around her shoulders to bring her even closer. She could feel her skin tingling wherever it touched Emma's, and it made Regina wondered if this was what it was like, to be truly happy and in love with someone, her happy ending.

"What do you think about when you think of the future?" Emma's voice broke her out of her thoughts, causing Regina to turn her attention to the woman.


"What do you think about when you think of the future?" Emma repeated, "You know, your dreams, wishes, fantasies."

Regina hummed as she thought about Emma's question, her mind mulling over all of the different goals she's ever had for her future. "When I was younger," she started, "I wanted nothing more than a simple life with the person I loved, a cottage somewhere with a stable and horses. I wanted a family of my own, people to take care of and love, who would love me in return." She was distracted a bit by the impossibly soft skin under her fingers and she turned her head to press her nose into golden hair, inhaling the pure scent of sex, sweat, and something wholly Emma. "Then, as the Evil Queen," she continued, still pressed close to her mate, "All I thought about was revenge; everything I did was consumed with the desire for revenge on Snow White, but really, it was just a different way for me to go after my own happiness, and destroying everyone else's. If I couldn't be happy, they couldn't be happy. I cast the curse on this idea."

"And now? What is your dream now?"

Regina smiled and pressed a kiss to Emma's temple,. "You," she murmured, "It's you. Love, companionship, a family, everything that I've always dreamed of is right at my fingertips and it all leads back to you. Everything I have now, everything we're going to have is because of you and the miracle that you love me."

"The feeling is mutual then," Emma replied with a smile, shifting impossibly closer to the older woman. "I never imagined that I could find someone that could love me, that would really love me. Growing up as an omega in a world that is mostly alphas and betas is not easy, believe me. Everybody seemed to want me for one reason or another, but no one ever really wanted me you know? They all wanted Emma the omega rather than Emma the orphan."

"Mhm, I just want Emma, whatever title you choose to give yourself," Regina said. "Though you're not an orphan, not anymore technically."

Emma just sighed and pressed her face into Regina's neck. "No I guess not," she murmured, laughing quietly. "You know, this is everything I ever wanted when I was growing up, a family. And it seems coming here to live with Sarah, I found everything I ever wanted in a cursed town."

"I've never been a fan of fate. It always seemed to screw me over at some point, but I guess it worked in our favor this time." Regina turned on her side and brought Emma flush with her, feeling every inch of glorious, sun kissed skin pressed against her olive skin tone. It was quite an erotic sight, and caused the former queen to shudder. Gods what did she ever do to deserve a mate like Emma? Nothing in fact. She has done more to not deserve the beautiful blonde, done far too many wrong things in her life..

"What's wrong?" Emma asked, noticing the shift in the brunette.

"I was just thinking, wondering if you would still love me if you knew everything I've done, everything I did as the Evil Queen, the lives I've took, the people I've hurt…"

A sad smile crossed Emma's face and she scooted up a little until their faces were parallel with each other. "Regina," she murmured, "I do know. I know everything you did as the Evil Queen, all of the villages you destroyed, all of the hearts you ripped out, I know all of it."


Emma rolled her eyes, "That stupid fairytale book, it was clearly written by someone with sympathies for heroes. It portrayed all of your deeds, every gory detail. I know all of that, and I'm still here. I still love you."

"Why? Why would you still love me after knowing all of that?" Tears were threatening to pour out of Regina's eyes and Emma just wrapped her arms around her mate and pulled her in tight.

"We've all done terrible things in our past Regina, me included, and that was a completely different world. What matters is what you do in this one, from now on. You're not the Evil Queen anymore, she's part of you, but not you. You're more than who she was Regina, I believe that, and I believe in you."

Regina wasn't going to cry, she told herself she wasn't going to cry, but even with that assertion, a few tears did escape as she closed her eyes and pressed her forehead against Emma's. "You know another one of my dreams," Regina whispered, opening her eyes, "One that has come to me recently."

"Tell me."

The darker woman smiled, "A smaller version of you, with long blonde princess curls and bright green eyes running rampant all over the house, us tucking her in after a long day, reading stories to her, teaching her how to walk, snuggled between us during a storm…"

The blonde smiled, "That does sound nice, though fantasies of our future children are best kept for a few years from now."

"Our future children?" Regina teased.

"Yes, our children," Emma rolled her eyes. "You're ridiculous sometimes."

"Just checking to make sure that we're on the same page."

Green eyes narrowed and Emma pushed Regina onto her back and clambered on top of her, straddling her waist. "Oh we're on the same page. Any children I have will be ours, together." Emma leaned down and ran her nose along the side of Regina's. "And since we're talking about the same page, the page I'm on says that I'm going to mount you, and ride you, right here right now. Is that the page you're on Madame Mayor?"

"Yes," Regina choked out, "Most definitely yes."


Emma stared down at the stick in shock and awe. The little digital word taunting her. One little word and her whole life was changed forever. Frantically glancing up, she immediately connected with chocolate colored eyes. "Regina."

"We're pregnant." Regina felt elated at the information. Sure it could have waited until they were married, but she'd always wanted a family. "We're pregnant!"

"Oh shit!" Emma dropped the stick, burying her face in her hands. She was only twenty three, still learning what it was like to have parents and love, stability, safety. How could she be responsible for someone else?

Regina pulled Emma into her arms. "We both want children eventually. That eventually just happens to be in nine months now. Parenting is something we can figure out together. It will be alright!"

The sheriff softened, still freaked out at having life growing inside her, of being responsible for that life, but anything felt possible with Regina by her side. "I'm scared."

"Scared of what, my darling? I'll be by your side every step of the way. Sidney is spending the rest of his centuries in a used chamber pot at the bottom of the ocean. The pirates are now the janitorial staff for the town without any memory of ever serving Hook. Graham… he's gone. If anyone else dares even look at you wrong-"

"No, it's not that." Emma shook her head, leaning back a bit over Regina's arm around her waist to stare up at her. "I am still learning how to be a responsible adult. How can I raise someone else when I'm not done raising myself? How are we going to tell my moms? Oh god, they're going to kill us, well me first, then you, then me again."

Regina knew the women would be pissed at the timing, not yet married to Emma, but no one could stay mad at Emma, especially when she was upset. Everyone loved babies. Hopefully her optimism and excitement could prevail for a positive outcome in not getting murdered by them. "Raising a baby is trial and error. We will read all the books and figure things out as we go, what works for us, what doesn't. The first thing we need to do is schedule a doctor's appointment."

"You do not expect me to see Dr. Frankenstein. Hell no!" Emma shook her head, breaking free of Regina and moving away. "I put up with a lot of shit; fairytales being real, magic, mating, but I'll be damned if I let a quack mad man touch me again. It was bad enough when I was injured."

"Zelena is a trained midwife." Regina couldn't help but chuckle at Emma's antics.

A blonde brow rose. "You want your sister all up in my vagina? We moved on from medieval times. Keeping it all in the family is no longer acceptable."

Regina rolled her eyes, pulling Emma close to her. "You are absolutely utterly ridiculous." She leaned in and pressed a kiss to warm lips. Groaning, she pulled Emma closer, trying to deepen the kiss.

Emma giggled and maneuvered herself out of the mayor's arms. "Nuh-uh. This got us into our mess in the first place."

"Emma." The brunette pouted, pretending to sulk before reaching to grab for Emma, but the blonde just laughed and dodged away again. "Seriously?"

"Seriously. I have to figure out how to tell my moms." Emma just shook her head, pulling out her phone to scope out Pinterest.

Maya cornered Regina, eyes narrowing as the brunette raised an eyebrow. "What did you do to Emma?"

"What makes you think I did anything? She seems normal to me." Regina did her best not to blush or falter under her friend's gaze. It had only been a few days. What was Emma doing when she went home that had Maya and Sarah suspicious?

"Regina Mills, do not make me repeat myself. What is going on?" Maya snarled, fingers twitching to unleash magic to aid in Regina's unwillingness to talk.

The mayor just shook her head. "If something is going on with Emma then you will have to ask her. She hasn't shared that anything was bothering her with me."

Maya growled, raking a hand through her hair as she began pacing. "We've tried, Sarah and I. Emma barely says two words to us, avoids spending any real time with us." Pouting, she studied her friend. "You really don't know?"

"I'm sorry. I'll try talking to her and figuring out what's going on." Regina offered a small smile, arranging things on her desk as a distraction. "She runs when things get too much."

Sighing, the blonde just nodded. Maya'd let the two continue their games, for now, but Emma wouldn't be able to hide from them forever. Once she knew the damage, they'd know what to do to Regina.

Sarah and Maya only let Emma avoid them for another two days before they both cornered her.

Emma's eyes went wide, panic creeping up as she looked for an exit knowing she couldn't lie to them. "Moms?" It came out as a squeak which seemed to amuse her mothers. "Something wrong?"

"You tell us, Emma." Sarah crossed her arms over her chest, face completely serious despite cracking up on the inside.

"Uh…." Emma looked at Maya for some help only to find a raised brow and piercing blue eyes.

"We're having family time." Maya grabbed Emma's wrist and tugged her along until they were in the living room. "Now! Sar, movie's your choice."

Emma sat between the two, fear causing nausea to roll through her. Wiping her sweaty palms on her pants, she turned to her mother. "Mom, wh-AT?!" Shaking in uncertainty, the young blonde could only watch in confusion as her mother leaned down and placed her head in her lap. "Mom?"

Sarah ignored Emma, closing her eyes and focusing for… ahhh there it was. Sitting up, she grinned over at her wife. "You owe me twenty bucks."

"Damn it!" Groaning, Maya stared at Emma incredulously. "Seriously?"

The sheriff was utterly confused. Had her mothers lost their minds? "You two alright? Do I need to get you to the hospital?" Emma let out a squeaked yelp of surprise as both women hugged her. "Kinda can't breathe," she gasped.

Maya laughed and stood up, retreating upstairs while Sarah adopted an unimpressed expression. "Emma Swan, you are in so much trouble!"

"What?" Emma watched as Lucca ran into the room with a sign on. "Hold still, silly." She managed to corral her pup long enough to read the sign. "Future big sister to a hum- Mom? You know?!"

"Of course I knew." Sarah laughed as Maya tossed the onesie at Emma, it landing right in her lap. She grabbed it before Lucca could. "Honey, you were not prepared for your heat, and you sought Regina out. You did exactly what evolution designed for procreation. I doubt either of you remembered to use protection in the moment."

Blushing profusely, Emma shook her head before reading the onesie her mother held up for her. 'Best Oops Ever'. Well at least they weren't mad at her...right? "You're okay with this?"

Maya sighed, sitting back down next to her daughter. "Are we happy that our friend and our daughter are having babies without being married? No, but we know Regina is your happiness, your True Love." She tapped the engagement ring on Emma's finger. "We also expect this wedding to be about you two and not the babies, because a marriage only for the sake of the children is bound to struggle."

"Oh, no. She, we, this was before we knew." Emma blinked up at her mothers, recalling the moment Regina proposed, blushing as memories of after flooding in too. "Regina and I love each other. I didn't plan on this so soon, but it's happening. She's over the moon."

Sarah frowned, cupping Emma's chin to get her daughter to look at her. "Are you over the moon?"

Shrugging, Emma moved further into her mother's arms. "I'm scared. Regina's all nonchalant about it like 'it'll all come with time', 'we'll learn as we go', 'no worries', but I am worried. I have no idea what I'm doing. So far I've winged it getting myself by. A child deserves so much more than me winging it."

"Sweetheart." Sarah held her daughter, swaying back and forth as she felt Emma begin to cry. "All parents 'wing it' because no two situations and children are the same. You'll always have help, but I know that you're going to be amazing simply because you know how not to parent."

Maya scooted closer to her girls. "We can learn together. I know it's terrifying, and there are going to be days you feel in over your head, overwhelmed, and a failure, but you've got us, Regina… You can always come talk to me about being a new parent."

"B-but you don't fail." Brows furrowed together, Emma swiped at the tears blocking her vision.

"You may not think so, and I'm glad, but this is all a new learning process for me too, and there are times I feel an utter failure or at a loss." Maya wriggled her fingers, a tissue appearing in her hand before she offered it to her daughter. "Any blowout diapers though and you'll have to pass that off to Regina."

Emma couldn't help but laugh through her tears as she wiped at her face. "This isn't fair. I had a whole gift box for you two. I thought you'd both for sure kill me. I've been making myself sick trying to figure out how to break the news."

Sarah shook her head and pulled Emma in tight to her chest. "My sweet, sweet girl, never ever think there's anything you can't tell me, tell us. Our love is unconditional. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, troublesome… whatever news you have for us we will always be here for you."

Before Emma could answer, purple smoke filled the room. When it cleared a worried Regina was standing there searching for Emma. She immediately dropped to her knees in front of her fiancé, reaching up to cup a soft, tear soaked cheek. "Darling, are you alright?"

"Yes." Emma smiled at her love before looking at each of her mothers in turn. "We were talking. This is for you." She handed the onesie over to Regina.

"Oh, so they know then." Regina read the onesie, trying not to be offended because her child was not an oops. She adopted a smirk and decided to test her luck since no one had fried her yet. "Congratulations Grandmas."