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Sequel to: Jace Morgenstern's Unlucky Streak

"Why wouldn't she want to see us?" Lois asked in confusion, unable to believe that this was actually happening. When they'd gotten back to the Gard and found out that Chloe was awake they'd both been so excited, but then Catarina Loss had informed her that Chloe had no desire to see Lois or Clark. In fact, she'd expressly told the Warlock that she didn't want either of them anywhere near her.

"It has got to do with whatever happened to her when she bounced away from Alicante into Lake Lyn," Clark muttered, expression dark. "Something happened to her, Lo."

"Yes, but what?" Lois threw her hands in the air before tossing herself on her bed.

There was a knock on the door and then Lucy entered without even waiting for an invitation.

Immediately Lois was put on edge and jumped to her feet. "What happened?" Lucy's face was not only grave, but there were small red blotches on her skin that betrayed the fact that she'd been crying.

"You need to come with me," Lucy informed her. "You can't ask where or why. You just need to trust me and come with me, now." She glanced over at Clark. "You should come too. It mightn't be safe for you to remain behind."

Lois and Clark exchanged looks before they turned to the young Shadowhunter and nodded.

The moment Jace opened his eyes with a groan, Chloe was there, crawling over him to sit between him and Sebastian on the bed.

She smiled down at him. "Hey. How are you?"

"My head's killing me," he groaned as he sat up and brought a hand to his head. His golden eyes fell on his own body. "Who put me through the shredder?"

She grinned. "If you're able to quip you're fine."

He nodded his agreement to that before noticing Sebastian and frowning. "Is he okay?"

"Yeah, the Warlock who's been tending to us says that he should wake up soon, you two were apparently hurt less than I was, so if I'm awake and fine you two will be as well," she informed him, reassured.

He took in a deep breath and raised his golden eyes to hers. "Any idea how we ended up looking so pretty?"

She shifted to sit with her legs curled under her. "I'm drawing a great big blank. How about you?"

"I remember claws," Jace muttered after a moment's thoughts. "Werewolves maybe?"

"Werewolves wouldn't be dumb enough to attack us," Chloe whispered to herself. "Not us. They'd know-wouldn't they?"

"Maybe not," Jace whispered before clearing his throat. "I'm a little confused."

She looked up at him with wide eyes. "How so?"

"I-I seem to have lost a good chunk of my memory, and what I do remember are conflicting images playing side by side." He let out a deep breath as he leveled her with a look. "How about you?"

"Same." Chloe nodded as she traced a finger over the design of the bed sheet, glad that the Warlock and the Silent Brothers had gone and left them alone. Sure they were being guarded by men stationed outside, but at least in the medical bay they were alone. "Especially about you two."

Jace frowned. "What do you mean?"

She opened her mouth to answer.

Sebastian groaned and opened his eyes. "What the Angel happened?"

"Hey." Chloe placed her hand on Sebastian's thigh. "How's your memory?"

"Why would you-?" Sebastian froze before his frown grew. "What's going on?" He sat up and eyed them in confusion. "What happened to us?"

"We had some problem when we came to Alicante. Apparently we got bounced off into Lake Lyn and had to walk the whole way here. That did something to us… and they said there was a curse involved." Chloe hugged herself. "They say it messed with my mind somehow, and you two put yourselves in danger by taking on some of the curse, which is why I'm alive right now." She took in a deep breath. "It's all very confusing but… thank you." She glanced up and then propelled herself forwards, curling an arm around their necks in a hug. "Thanks."

Both boys froze before she felt each giving her a little awkward squeeze in return.

Chloe pulled away and eyed them, clearing her throat. "So. What you two did saved me but you've got a bit of the curse in you now so that's why our memories are… whack."

"If we were cursed-obviously a Warlock's behind it," Sebastian deduced immediately. "Who would be powerful enough to take on the three of us at the same time like this? That's got to be some epic magic."

"Maybe we should go over the Gard's database of rogue Warlocks and study their last known whereabouts," Jace announced. "Maybe seeing their faces will be enough to make us remember something."

"I remember Magnus Bane," Chloe whispered, and then jumped when both guys zeroed in on her immediately. "I see flashes of him, and, I don't know, something doesn't feel right to me. I feel like… I feel like he's been in my head."

"Magnus Bane's the High Warlock of Metropolis," Sebastian began.

"I don't remember it that way," Jace interrupted as he brought a hand to his head. "Or, well, I do, but I also remember him… I remember he did something to Chloe in the past… to her mind… I don't… I can't remember what but it nearly killed her."

"What?" Sebastian frowned in confusion.

"I remember that too, sort of," Chloe whispered. "Things are just so jumbled right now."

"You said something earlier, before Sebastian woke up," Jace prompted. "You said you had conflicting memories about him and me."

Sebastian made a face. "Conflicting how?"

Chloe opened her mouth and then closed it. How exactly was she supposed to explain this? A flash of her kissing Sebastian appeared before her, and then another memory, this time of her being pressed against a tree by Jace as he kissed her deeply, danced before her eyes. She flushed and hated it. "I remember kissing the both of you."

Jace and Sebastian froze.

"Am I cheating on one of you? Or on both of you? Or is this all made up and I'm crazy?" She covered her burning face with a groan. "Do either of you remember kissing me?"

There was silence.

She peeked out from between her fingers. "You don't?"

Sebastian and Jace weren't even looking at her, they were visibly examining each other with narrowed eyes and pensive expressions. There were two identical runes on their chests, and one of each was glowing slightly as they eyed each other.

"Guys?" Chloe squeaked as she eyed the runes, looking down at hers to see that neither of the two identical runes were glowing. "Uh, guys-."

"I remember talking you out of dumping him," Sebastian finally said.

Jace frowned. "I remember feeling relieved because you and he were going to get back together."

The conflicting memories were confusing as well. "So… I'm with neither of you two then? It's just a part of the curse?"

Sebastian turned to look at her in deep thought. "I'm going to try something out. Don't punch me."

"What-?" Chloe eyes widened as he reached for her behind her head and pulled her towards him, their lips meeting in a surprised kiss. Her runes suddenly felt on fire, the shocking feeling forcing a gasp passed her lips. She clung to his shirt as her mind clouded, thoughtless, as if submerged in a murky bog.

Sebastian kissed her deeply before finally pulling away and staring at her with darkening eyes. "Now you."

Chloe stared at him in mute confusion until she realized that he wasn't speaking to her. She glanced over at Jace to find his eyes similarly dark, both in anger and lust. In seconds she found her breath stolen from her as Jace clenched fistfuls of her hair and yanked her to him. And then he kissed her. Something deep inside of her exploded, flaring to delicious life. She whimpered in Jace's mouth, clutched his shirt, and pulled him in closer.

She felt heat at her back, momentarily confusing her before her hair was brushed to the side, revealing her neck. Lips pressed against her skin before teeth bit down on her neck, not hard enough to break skin, but hard enough to leave a mark.

A groan escaped Chloe's lips as her body broke into goosebumps.

Jace swallowed the sound greedily as he shifted to insert his thigh between hers just seconds before Sebastian shifted so she could feel him against her from behind.

Chloe's body was thrumming, images of her and Jace - and her and Sebastian - flashed and interchanged dizzyingly in her mind until she could barely distinguish one from the other.

It was only when she felt Sebastian hands under her shirt, cupping and squeezing her breasts, and Jace working on unzipping her pants, that she came to her senses and pushed them away with a squeak.

Rolling off of the bed, Chloe hurriedly got to her feet to fix her shirt and pants.

Sebastian and Jace sat on the bed watching her with identically darkening eyes.

Chloe glared at them in mortification while scratching the inside of her wrist, which felt on fire. "What the Angel were you two doing?!"

"I think it's obvious," Sebastian informed her. "I remember being with you, and Jace apparently remembers being with you as well. Yet at the same time we not only remember you being with the other, but we were supportive of those other relationships." He smirked. "I think it's more than obvious that we were being progressive together."

Chloe's mouth fell open at the insinuation. She opened her mouth to deny even the possibility, but what would make her more of a slut? Two-timing these guys or… being "progressive" with them?

She had no clue.

Sebastian flung a casual arm around Jace's shoulder. "Tell me that that didn't feel right."

Jace merely stared at Chloe hungrily, his golden eyes now molten lava, the same color of his glowing rune. He held a hand out towards her. "Come to me."

She rubbed her thighs together at the throaty texture in his voice. Images of Jace kissing her, his hands trailing over her body, left her trembling. She took a step towards him, and then another, feeling arousal searing throughout in an overwhelming degree. She glanced down to find both runes over her heart glowing molten, and a glance towards both boys showed both runes over their hearts were glowing the exact same color as well.

Fehuruz, a voice whispered in her head. It's a transference and healing rune. It opens up a channel between those wearing it so that they can share strength and such.

If all three of their runes were glowing, did that mean they were all feeling a mixture of each other's emotions? Was that what was going on? If so, whose feelings was she sensing right now? Who felt such need? Was it Jace? Was it Sebastian? Was it her? Did any of this count if they couldn't know for sure who really felt what?

Despite the warring questions in her mind, she placed her hand in Jace. The second she did, an image appeared in her mind.

The Wayland manor was obviously deserted, and had been for many years, but the state of abandonment and lack of care did not detract from the vision it posed. Chloe stared at the grand old manor nestled in the deep countryside and if it neighbored the Fairchild manor then they'd actually meant that the land did, because Chloe couldn't see another house around her, or even remains of one. The girl gazed around her, trying to imagine her mother here with Michael Wayland, tried to envision a young Jace playing, and the feeling that churned in her gut was a mixture of so many emotions she couldn't really distinguish one. But as she turned her face to Jace she could see the shadows in his eyes as he stared at the house, reminding her all-too-late that the last time he'd been here he'd watched as his father was murdered.

Chloe moved away from Jocelyn and headed towards Jace, sliding her hand into his for comfort.

He jumped at the sensation, his attention having been fully on the manor, and his golds lowered to her before he gave her what was probably supposed to be a carefree smile but the darkness, the haunted look in his eyes proved otherwise.

Gasping, Chloe yanked her hand out of Jace's and grabbed at her head, shaking it in refusal. No. NO! That couldn't have been a memory!

Tears gathered in her eyes at the state that her family's home had been in. It'd looked like it'd been abandoned for many years, like not one ounce of love or care had been inside of it. Like… It looked like…

"I have to leave." Turning her back on them, Chloe moved to where her jacket was. Parts of it was shredded, and there was dried blood all over it, but she couldn't have cared less as she pulled it on and then hurried to where her shoes were.

"What is it?" Jace asked as he got to his feet.

"What did you see?" Sebastian wanted to know.

Chloe moved towards the door, the urgency in her maddening, and as her fingers closed over the door handle…

…As Chloe stepped over the threshold that feeling, that urgency, ripped through her like a hurricane and left her breathless and disoriented as she brought her hand up to her head. It took her a couple of minutes for the dizziness to leave and for her to get her first glimpse of the inside of her father's home. Like the outside, time and abandonment showed plainly on everything, but still it was gorgeous and breathtaking. Just this entryway alone outshone everything in her home in Smallville, and the couldn't couldn't imagine what it might've been like growing up in such an amazing place like this one, with her mother, father and J—.

Suddenly something inside of her coiled, burnt and boiled, Chloe gasping as she brought her hand to her chest as she cried out.

Jace's narrowed gaze swung to her immediately. "What's wrong?"

His voice was distorted, as if it was a recording playing on slow. The room shone brightly before going black and then back again, the girl finding it hard to catch her breath. She pressed her hand hard against her chest, feeling as if there was a huge lump in her throat that made it almost impossible for her to get oxygen into her body.

"Im taking you out—."

Chloe pulled her hand from Jace's, that urgency building inside of her, driving her to stumble forwards, almost as if following an invisible thread as she grabbed the bannister of the magnificent staircase ahead of them, the blonde staring up the steps before hurrying up.

Tearing the door open, Chloe used the momentum and surprise visible on the guard's faces to race outside. She heard Sebastian and Jace yelling behind her, as did the guards, but somehow she lost them all.

As she slipped out the back door into the busy street, Chloe thought back on that 'memory', a couple of things confusing for her, but chief of all, she wondered what the Angel a Smallville was.

"Magnus Bane was spotted in Idris?" The Seelie Queen asked in surprise. "Meliorn said that the Council is denying him entrance."

"He must have entered illegally," her spy reported. "Something important must be happening for him to disobey the Conclave like this."

"Yes." Titania nodded, unease curled in her gut. "It must."


Alicante. The capital of Idris. The City of Glass.

Chloe had memories of both being here once as a captive, and another set where she grew up visiting the capital with her mother. Both sets of memories ran side by side, simultaneously, and made her nausea and confusion grow as she stumbled backwards into a building, trying to catch her breath, her baring. In both sets of memories though, Alicante wasn't a friend of hers, the city offering intrigue and danger. She wasn't safe. She wanted to go home.

At one point she rested in an alleyway, slowly twirling around, staring at the spires encircling the city. They were important. She didn't know how or why, but something inside of her told her that they were important and she had to keep an eye on them.

Don't trust them, her mother's voice whispered in her mind, a memory of the woman taking over. Don't trust anything or anyone inside the Glass City.

Slipping out of the city proved difficult, there were guards stationed at every entrance and exit, but a siren sounded in the air, the sound distracting the guards and people, and it was this distraction that helped her slip through their lines and get out of the city. Once she was finally outside of the City of Glass, away from those spires, Chloe breathed a sigh of relief.

The next problem was getting to the Wayland manor. Alicante was the only city in Idris, the rest was open countryside, and the Wayland manor was a very long distance from here. There was no way that she was going to walk the whole way, but she started the trip there anyway. She wondered if there were cars in Idris. She remembered someone telling her that because of the wards on the city that electrical devices didn't work inside of Alicante, but did that extend to Idris as well?

Sighing, she leaned against a nearby tree and twirled the Fae ring around her finger.

"I'm tired," Chloe grumbled as she looked up at her mother, the six year old pouting. "I don't want to do this anymore."

Mother peered down at her, amusement on her face. "Is that so?"

"Very much so," Chloe informed her. "Can't Rufus change? I'll ride his back."

"I take offense at that," Rufus informed her from behind as he jogged forwards. "I'm a wolf, not a donkey."

"You wouldn't be able to tell given how much like an ass you behave," Camille declared with a sneer.

"You're this close," Rufus informed her, bringing his thumb and finger and inch apart and right in her face.

She brushed him away from her and rolled her eyes and turned to Mother. "I'm averse to the idea of walking as well." She folded her arms over her chest. "We're far enough from the Glass City, they shouldn't be able to sense it."

Mother eyed Camille oddly before her gaze turned to Chloe as she bent to her knees. "Do you want me to teach you a secret?"

Chloe grinned, eyes wide. "Yes!"

"You already know it, deep down inside, but you need to be reminded," Mother whispered as she reached for Chloe's hand. "Think of home. Can you imagine it?"

Chloe nodded, her expression scrunched in concentration.

"Are you a brave girl?" Mother wanted to know, and when Chloe nodded once more, she pulled out a dagger and sliced open the tip of the girl's finger. "I know, I know. You're a brave girl." She moved Chloe's finger against the bark of a tree. "Think of home, don't lose the picture in your mind." As she said this, she drew a symbol against the tree. It looked vaguely familiar, Chloe couldn't remember seeing it, but the feeling of something hard under her bleeding fingertips felt familiar. If she closed her eyes she could remember drawing it, behind her, while pressed up against a building, while on the run from the Clave in Alicante.

As soon as the rune was over the tree trunk vibrated before disappearing, becoming similar to a memory of Valentine standing in front of a mirror which had been made into a Portal to Idris. A portal. This was a portal!

Chloe looked up at her mother, who'd wrapped a cloth around her bleeding finger.

Mother brought her own finger to her lips and whispered: Shhhhh.

Eyes wide, Chloe brought her hand up, and stared at the Fae ring, watching as it morphed, thorns beginning to grow. She didn't stop to think, instead sliced her finger against the thorn and placed her hand behind her against the tree. She closed her eyes and imagined Wayland manor as her finger began to move, tracing a design against the bark, much like it had unconsciously done when she'd been running from the Clave during her last visit to Idris.

Once the design was complete, Chloe could feel the power radiating from the tree behind her, and she turned to find that she'd opened a portal through the tree, revealing Wayland manor on the other side, just like in her memory. When she'd done it previously she'd fallen back into the portal and hadn't even realized it was there.

Immediately she linked that memory with the one of her mother, the conflicting ones opposing these two memories slowly darkening, disappearing, leaving a little more space in her mind. Sucking on her fingertip to staunch the bleeding, Chloe glanced around her before she stepped through the portal, and stepped out of pure air, staring up at her father's family home.

Like in the memory where she was standing with Jace, holding his hand, it looked dilapidated, run down and abandoned. This validated that memory, and she pieced that one together with the others she'd managed to validate, its conflicting memory also disappearing into obscurity.

Tears filled her eyes and she clenched her hand in a fist to see what had become of the house where her father and brother had been born into, had grown up in. Even in this state it was obvious that this had once been a breathtaking place once upon a time ago. Damn everything that'd kept her brother from growing up, from Chloe meeting her father, from her being unable to grow up with them and her mother as a family in this house!

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe squared her shoulders and began the trek up the steps towards the front door.

Lois hadn't really known Ragnor Fell. She hadn't even met him. She'd met Catarina Loss when she'd gone to try and see Chloe, and then when Catarina had told her that Chloe didn't want to see her, and she'd met Brother Zachariah, but she hadn't met Ragnor. That didn't mean she hadn't heard about him through Magnus though. Ragnor was one of the only people that Magnus not only admired, but looked up to and went to when he didn't know what else to do. And then she'd found out that Ragnor was working with Lucy, so while Lois had never actually met Ragnor Fell his death hit her hard.

He'd died horribly. His body was a testament to the ordeal he'd gone through before his last breath, and she wanted to cry in frustration and anger, but if Magnus and Lucy were somehow managing to keep it together Lois knew she had no right to shed a tear.

Who could've done this? Who could've slipped tracer magic on the Warlock without his even realizing it? Didn't that mean that the person who'd done this was a Downworlder? And a powerful one at that? But Valentine wouldn't work with Downworlders – and they definitely wouldn't work with him – so that made no sense and made this all the more confusing.

There were so many questions, so much uncertainty, that Lois didn't even have it in her to berate Luke for being out and about before he was obviously ready for it. Normally she'd be all over that, making him regret getting out of bed, but right now she could barely think much less start a nagging attack on anyone.

"What does Lois have to do with all of this?" Clark wanted to know as he peered up at the unfinished message Ragnor had left before his death.

"We don't know," Lucy replied curtly, refusing to look in the direction of the body, which had been covered. "If we did we wouldn't be in this situation."

"I have been wondering this for a while now," Magnus announced slowly, drawing everyone's attention to him.

"What do you mean?" Luke asked with a frown.

"Well, Lois has been entangled in this for just as long as Chloe, and yet there was always something that I found extremely peculiar about her and her participation in the events," Magnus replied. "It was part of why I paid her so much attention."

"So it wasn't because of my sparkling personality?" Lois asked, only half kidding.

Magnus smiled for a second, before it was gone. "That was a splendid bonus, but to be honest I felt something about you - Chloe's supposed mundane cousin." He took in a deep breath. "I wasn't surprised to discover that you were actually Shadowhunter, but even then there was something that didn't sit right with me, and that was only proved to me when Valentine Morgenstern offered you a place with him in the Circle."

"He was using me as a bargaining chip for Chloe," Lois reminded him.

"Was he though?" Magnus wanted to know. "Lois, you have only known about the Shadow World for a very short amount of time, and yet you've taken to this life immediately, and you've shown incredible talent when it comes to training. Alec told me how you've picked up the fighting techniques with impressive ease, and while your rune-work could be better, you're still learning them at an increased rate. He mightn't show it to your face – mostly because he believes it'll go to your head – but Alec thinks you're a natural, a prodigy even."

Lois' eyes widened in shock. Alec had become her trainer ever since her Shadowhunter heritage had been discovered, but while he'd gruffly tell her when she was getting better at certain things, he'd never actually praised her to her face, not the way he had to Magnus at least.

"And then…" Magnus took in a deep breath. "You killed a Greater Demon, alone, and didn't even realize it." He leveled his eyes on Lois. "Do you understand how unheard of that is? Killing a demon is hard enough, but a Greater Demon? Lois, you do not seem to realize just what that says about you or the power you have inside of you."

"I'm not special," Lois whispered as she gripped at her arm, uncomfortable with the direction of this conversation. "I was lucky. That's all."

"As someone who went up against the same Greater Demon and didn't end up half as well," Luke interrupted, "I can tell you that luck has nothing to do with it."

"Yeah, that was intense, horrible." Clark made a face, obviously remembering his own encounter with the Fear Demon. "When I saw it in Luke's house I saw so many horrible things happening to everyone I love, I-I was powerless to stop it. I—I lost all my will to fight, I'd let everyone down, I- it-I still don't understand how you kept yours."

Lois gulped and gripped her arm tighter, remembering the form the Fear Demon had taken when it'd confronted it. She remembered her father's words, her fear and pain and betrayal, and then she remembered piercing her father's heart with her Seraph Blade. It was an image that wouldn't leave her. She'd never revealed to anyone what for the demon had taken when it'd confronted her because she didn't want anyone knowing that she was capable of killing her own father. It was something she didn't even want to acknowledge.

"Lois, if Ragnor used his last strength to write down your name instead of strengthening his shield, it meant that whatever's going to happen, you're going to play a very important role." Magnus placed his hands on her shoulders. "If you know anything, you have to tell us."

"I don't," she replied truthfully while staring up into his cat eyes. "I don't know anything that would explain why my name's up there."

Magnus took in a deep breath. "Maybe you don't realize you know. Maybe Chloe isn't the only one with a block." He tightened his grip on her shoulders. "Allow me a peek."

She gulped, fear rising in her chest, before she finally nodded. "Okay."

The Warlock placed his hands on her head, and right when she was about to ask what happened next, pain seared through her, but it was tolerable. She saw herself growing up, her mother dying, her sister being sent away "to boarding school", her growing closer to Chloe and meeting Luke through her. She saw the first time she realized she had a crush on Luke, the first time she kissed someone, the first time she knocked someone out, the first time she realized that her father might care about her but whatever he was doing meant more to him than she did. She remembered being scared that Chloe was losing her mind when she kept seeing Magnus Banes' name everywhere, remembered trying to play it off as a funny situation and not show the fact that she was extremely worried about her cousin.

Taking in a deep breath, Lois saw herself being thrust into the Shadow World, watched herself working hard not to be left behind, forcing her assimilation into this new world and finding herself not only growing accustomed to it, but enjoying the hell out of it – and a lot of that had to do with her friendship with Magnus. She saw herself being attacked by Hodge, saw the events with Valentine, saw herself convincing Jace to escape with Chloe and her, saw her escape from Idris with Aunt Moira's help. She saw herself working alone with Jace, meeting up with Aunt Moira under the pretense of being interested in joining Valentine, but truly only going there and doing what she was to try and find a way to break Aunt Moira from Valentine's hold.

She saw the guilt at keeping such an important thing from Chloe, saw herself worry because she knew this could damage her relationship with her cousin, saw herself arguing with Jace, who shot down the idea time and time again. She saw herself fighting on Valentine's ship, and then she saw herself coming face to face with her father. She relived everything that'd happened, feeling the way that her Seraph Blade felt as she stabbed what she'd believed to be her father in the heart.

Magnus' eyes widened in shock as he stared at her, sudden understanding and compassion filling his cat-eyes.

Lois couldn't focus on them for long though, because suddenly she saw herself outside of the spell room, trying to get to Chloe, who was deep inside of a sigil, cut and bleeding while she tried to get the Mortal Sword out of the sigil. She saw herself begging with Chloe as dark energy whipped around her, saw the blackness, the blood, piercing Chloe's body like blades. Saw herself near tears when Chloe stared at her with dark, venomous eyes, saw the dark energy piercing out of Chloe's back shift to resemble demon wings. The last thing she saw, right before Magnus yanked his hands away, was Chloe creating the rune that destroyed Valentine's ship.

"Why didn't you tell us about this?" Magnus hissed as he pulled away, eyes glowing viciously as he took a couple of steps back.

"About what?" Lucian wanted to know, eyes narrowed.

Clark turned to Lois, eyes wide. "He saw it?"

She nodded.

"Saw what?" Lucy stepped forwards.

"What did I see?" Magnus stared deep into Lois' eyes. "What was that?" He looked out of breath, as if he'd run a marathon. "Tell me that that is not what I think it was."

She gulped, lowering her eyes.

"TELL ME she didn't somehow get caught inside of the sigil while he was performing the Infernal Conversion on the Mortal Sword!" Magnus' words BOOMED throughout the room. "TELL ME that's not what I saw!"

Lois flinched. "She didn't get caught inside of the sigil while he was performing the Infernal Conversion on the Mortal Sword."

"I saw-," the Warlock began.

It was Clark who spoke. "He tricked her into being the object of the Infernal Conversion." He took in a deep breath. "The Sword was bait."

"Why would Valentine Morgenstern use the Infernal Conversion ritual on Chloe?" Magnus hissed as he backed up, ignoring Luke and Lucy's wide-eyed horror. "It makes no sense. That spell is used to turn anything Angelically aligned towards the Demonic. She's not a Mortal Instrument. She-." His eyes widened and he took a step back, and another. "That's… That's impossible." He glanced up at them and then turned towards Ragnor's covered body. "It can't be." He then looked up at the group of four… and then in a blink and flash of Warlock magic, was gone.

"What just happened?" Lucy hurried forwards. "Where did he go?"

Lucian turned to Lois and Clark. "What else have you two been keeping from us?"

Lucy twirled on her heel to face Lois and Clark. "Before he died Ragnor said that we were being kept in the dark in regards to Chloe and Jonathan Morgenstern. Is the Infernal Conversation the only thing you've been keeping secret, or is there more?"

Lois and Clark shared a look, neither knowing whether to reveal the rest or not. Neither Chloe nor Jace wanted people to know about what Valentine had done to them when they hadn't even been born. But on the other hand, with how things were going on, maybe this was the only way to help them.

Chloe's behavior since she'd awoken wasn't Chloe-like. What if telling others about the experimentation done on Chloe and Jace was the only choice they had?

Just as Chloe was about to open the front door she felt the presence behind her, and while she had no weapon on her she twirled around, a roundhouse kick halted in mid-blow by the person standing there right behind her. Chloe's eyes widened at the person's face. She couldn't believe she was there. What was she doing there? "Mom?"

Her mother held Chloe's foot in her hands. "You need to be faster than this." She let go of Chloe's foot. "If I was able to stop your kick anyone else would've been able to."

The second her foot touched the ground Chloe propelled herself forwards, hugging her mother tightly. Tears filled her eyes as she felt her mother's arms wrap around her. "What are you doing here? You know this isn't safe for you."

"I could feel something was off with you," mother whispered into her hair. "I also had a feeling you might come here."

"I'm so confused," Chloe whispered as she pulled away and looked into her mother's pale face. "Something happened to me, I have two different sets of conflicting memories and I don't know what's real or what's fabricated." She brought a hand to her heart. "I thought that if I came here – I don't know what I thought would happen – but I'm so confused!"

"Calm down." Mother cupped Chloe's face and lifted it to her. "Who cursed you?"

"I don't know, I can't even remember how I got to Idris, not entirely. I have two different memories of the event and one…" Chloe let out a stuttered breath, fighting tears. "I'm so confused." She gripped the wrists of the hands mother was using to cup her face. "I remember Magnus Bane though. I think… I think he's been in my head."

"Of course he has," mother whispered as she stared pensively into Chloe's face. "He put the block on your memories. Do you not remember that either?"

"Why would he do that?" Chloe wanted to know, hearing the pleading in her own tone.

"Chloe, I cannot stay here long enough to explain all these things to you, I only took this risk because I could feel your turmoil." She stared down at her daughter. "Find the Book of White, it will explain so much to you."

"The Book of White?" Chloe asked in confusion.

"Jocelyn Morgenstern stole the book from her husband when she joined the Clave during the Uprising. We have been looking for it ever since, and I believe that this is the place where she hid it. I need you to find it. I need you to bring that book to me."

"Why can't you search it?" Chloe asked, confusion growing. "And why would she hide it here and not at Fairchild manor? It's nearby."

"Exactly, it borders these lands, it would be the quickest, easiest, and most unassuming place for her to hide it. She knew that Fairchild manor would be searched top to bottom but this place…" Mother's gaze went to the front door. "I cannot go in. I cannot-you must find it, and keep it to yourself. Do not tell anyone that you have the Book of White. No one."

"Not even Jace?" Chloe asked before she flinched and brought her hand to her head when it suddenly throbbed. "Or, uh, Sebastian?"

"No one, Chloe. Bring it to me."

"How will I find you?" Chloe asked softly.

"I will find you," mother whispered as she brushed a thumb against Chloe's cheek. "Like I always do."

Chloe bit her bottom lip before her gaze rose to her mother's face. "If I find the Book of White… can we be together again?"

Her mother took in a stuttered breath and nodded. "Nothing could keep us apart."

Determination filled Chloe's body. "Then I'll find it."

"Good." Mother stared into her eyes. "Do not let the house distract you from your mission, Chloe. There is a reason why that Book has never been found." She hesitated a second, her gaze turning to the house before it returned to Chloe. "And no matter what you do, do not go into your father's room."

"But the book-."

"It's not there," mother interrupted harshly. "Do not go into that room, Chloe. Promise me."


"You'll die if you enter that room!" Mother snapped at her, shaking her head. "Do not go there! Do you understand me? What's in that room is fatal for you! Stay! Away! Promise me!"

Staring into her mother's eyes, Chloe could see the truth in those desperate orbs. "Okay. I promise."

Relief speared through mother's body as she drew Chloe into a tight hug. "Find the Book of White and get out of there, Chloe. Nothing less, nothing more." She pressed a kiss to her blonde hair. "Be careful, my child."

Nodding, Chloe hugged her mother before finally pulling out of her embrace, wiping the tears in her eyes. "I'll find that Book." She took in a deep breath. "I promise." With that she took a step back, and another, and then her hand found the door-handle behind her and she turned it. It resisted a little then gave way, and the door squeaked open loudly behind her.

Chloe stepped backwards into the house. The last thing she saw before the door slammed shut between them was the worried expression in her mother's green eyes.

Jace was fighting a headache the size of Alicante. The memories in his mind were conflicting, battling each other viciously. In one set of them he was the eldest child of Stephen and Celeste Herondale, beloved by his family and working his way up the hierarchy of the Metropolis Institute. In the other set of memories he was Valentine Morgenstern's child, son of the rebellion leader, battling his own allegiances. In one set of memories he watched Chloe and Sebastian together, being happy with each other, and he not only didn't mind, but he figured they were perfect for each other. In the other set of memories he and Chloe had been made for each other, and just the sight of someone else looking at her made him violent.

Thing was, the more and more he thought about it, the more and more he went over each side of the memories, the more none of this made any sense. The Jace Herondale memories were bright and fresh and felt real, felt right, felt like a much better existence than the Jace Morgenstern ones, but the more he remembered seeing Sebastian draw Chloe close and kiss her, the less right it felt, and the more furious he found himself becoming.

He had memories of Clary Morgenstern, of Jace Herondale's feelings for her. They'd come to him after Chloe had freaked and escaped, it was as if the second she'd left his sight memories of the redhead had besieged him, but while Jace could vividly remember being in love with the redhead for years… she wasn't the one he was searching desperately for. Sebastian had gotten caught by the guards and Jace had easily, happily, left him behind, using the distraction to slip away.

He wasn't even sure where he was going, his endurance and speed runes working in his favor as he slipped out of Alicante and made his way out to the woods. He felt like he was following a trail of sorts, like there was an invisible string taking him to someplace, someone, and while he should distrust this unknown feeling his instincts told to him to follow, to trust. It was why he did exactly that, until he came to a tree with fading runes that he didn't recognize. His eyes widened as, through the murky, closing shimmering middle of the tree, he could make out Wayland manor on the other side.

This made absolutely no sense, a tree shouldn't be able to be a portal, especially when those weren't portal runes, and yet somehow he knew this was Chloe's doing. Something inside of him had drawn him to her, and she was on the other side of this closing portal. She was in Wayland manor, and the quickest way to her was through the tree. The portal was closing, quickly, he was almost unable to make out Wayland manor. If he waited any longer-.

Taking in a deep breath, Jace jumped through, finding the portal give a second's resistance before he tumbled onto the grass on Wayland manor. By the time he looked back at the tree he found the portal closed and the runes completely disappeared. If he'd waited half a second more he'd have been stuck in limbo.

Squaring his shoulders, Jace turned towards Wayland manor. He took a step towards it and then stumbled to a stop, his hands gripping his golden hair as images flashed horrifyingly in front of him. He remembered growing up in this house, remembered running up and down free in the land, remembered his father teaching him to fight. And then he remembered watching as his father was apparently murdered right in front of him.

Emotion and nausea bubbled up his throat and it was all he could do to keep from throwing up. The intensity of the fear, hatred and helplessness he'd felt as a child watching the man he loved and idolized being ganged up on and murdered caused the conflicting memories, those of a peaceful and happy upbringing with Stephen and Celeste Herondale, to vibrate, to crack as their vibrancy dulled.

Taking in a deep breath, Jace raised his gaze and took a step towards Wayland manor. One set of memories cracked more and more with each step that he took towards the manor, one of the untouched memories stuck out, showing himself and Chloe standing in front of this manor, hand in hand. This memory, and those of the same set, continued to grow more and more real the nearer he drew towards the large manor.

With each step he took, the surer Jace was that he was not progressive, and was not okay with Sebastian Verlac's lips having touched Chloe's.

There was something in the house that was calling her upstairs, but Chloe fought it as she searched downstairs. The 'call' wasn't as intense and overwhelming as she remembered it in one of her sets of memories, but it was still there, thrumming under her skin, distracting her ever so often as she found her gaze focusing on the stairs, but within a couple of seconds she'd realize what she was doing and shake her head, returning her attention to the search at hand.

In one of the rooms Chloe found a leather satchel and pulled its strap over her shoulder. She didn't know when she'd be able to come here again, if ever, and she wanted some things from here, from her family home, from the place she should've grown up in with a happy family, but which had been denied her.

She found herself in the library, trailing her fingers over the spines of books. There were so many different books here, and she figured where better to hide a book than amongst other books? And yet so far none of them were white or exuded any sort of magical feeling from them.

Pausing on a cook book, Chloe pulled it out of the shelf and eyed the cover with a small smile. She'd never really been one for cooking, but the book looked clearly worn. Her mother must've used this over and over while she'd lived here with Michael and Jonathan. This must've held memories, and it was because of that that she shoved it into the leather satchel before returning her search. She found books of interest on Shadowhunters, on the Mortal Instruments, on Jonathan Shadowhunter, on Downworlders and on demons. There were many books on angels and demons, and Chloe quickly found her satchel being filled to the brim with books. And yet she needed more. Much more.

If only I had Mary Poppins' bag, she thought to herself while trying to close the top of the bag, and yet it was impossible. She was about to give up when a symbol flashed in front of her eyes, almost too quickly, but she could somehow see it imprinted in the backs of her eyes. As if propelled by an unseen force, Chloe reopened the cut on her finger, and once the blood gathered at the tip she traced the rune over the leather of the satchel. Only once the rune was complete did its image disappear from her mind, and when she gathered breath Chloe noticed in shock that not only could the lid now cover the satchel, but the bag didn't seem heavy and bulky anymore.

Opening up the satchel once more, Chloe peered inside to see her belongings resting happily inside of the bag, which seemed to have much more space available than it should. Now she could easily fit quite a couple of things in there. Sucking on her fingertip, Chloe peered at the rune, sure that it wasn't one she'd learnt in the Book of Gray. That meant that this was another one of her own runes, and yet she hadn't thought about this one, it'd just come to her. What did that mean? How was that possible?

Once the bleeding was staunched, Chloe removed her digit from her mouth and continued searching through the library, shoving in books and statues and other trinkets that intrigued her. There'd been this necklace with a little clockwork angel on it shoved inside of one of the books, and she'd loved it so much she'd put the book into the satchel and then put on the necklace. Due to the length of the chain the angel was hidden under her shirt but she didn't care. This was probably her mother's necklace. Chloe now had something of her mother's that she could keep close to her heart until they were reunited.

She noticed a book on the Fae and pressed up on her tiptoes to reach for it when it proved out of her reach, but when she was in mid-stretch she froze, able to feel something like a string inside of her being tugged. There was an awareness inside of her, something she instinctively knew deep inside.

Forgetting all about the book, Chloe twirled on her tiptoes and her eyes widened when she found Jace leaning in the doorway, arms folded over his chest as he watched her with an intensity that should be terrifying, and yet wasn't. "How did you find me?"

Jace didn't answer, instead he merely looked at her as if he was trying to solve an impossible puzzle. He pushed away from the doorway and took very slowly, clearly predatory steps towards her.

Chloe backed into the bookshelf, eyes wide as she watched him approach. "J-Jace?"

Slamming his hands against the bookshelf on either side of her head, Jace leaned in closer, his eyes meeting and capturing hers as less than an inch remained between their bodies. His gaze was dark, stormy, molten and brimming with dangerous intensity.

Chloe gulped and realized that he looked close to murder. She should be scared. She should be trying to escape. She shouldn't be rubbing her thighs together and breathing heavily as she stared up at him through her eyelashes.

"It didn't," Jace finally spoke.

Those words confused her, and she was sure it showed. "What didn't what?"

"What did you feel when Sebastian Verlac kissed you?" Jace wanted to know as his gaze lowered to her lips. "Because you looked like you enjoyed it."

Chloe flushed darkly. Did he really expect her to describe kissing someone? Really?

"I see." A muscle jumped in his cheek as his gaze rose from her lips to her eyes once more. "What about when I kissed you?"

Chloe's eyes widened as she stared up at him, feeling her breath growing more and more erratic. "I don't know," she whispered, not even sure why she was baiting him like this. "I don't remember." Which, to be fair, with him so close to her, staring so intently, Chloe could barely remember her name, much less anything else.

"Is that so?" Jace's lips pulled upwards at the ends as he leaned his body against hers completely.

"Yeah." She spoke so softly she almost couldn't hear herself. "I've completely forgot-."

Jace's lips caught hers, swallowing the rest of her denial, and immediately Chloe found her arms curled around his neck, pulling him in close as she kissed him. Kissing Sebastian might make her runes react, but kissing Jace… kissing Jace was a different thing altogether. As her lips danced over Jace's the world ceased to exist, it was just her and him, and all she could feel were his hands and lips. It was glorious.

In seconds Jace gripped her hips and pulled her up, and she immediately curled her thighs around him in response. He pressed her harder against the bookshelf, some of the books fell down around them. Neither noticed. This new position allowed Chloe to sink her hands into Jace's hair and tilt his head backwards so she could explore his mouth greedily.

"This feels right," Jace whispered against her lips. "We feel right."

Chloe pulled away enough to yank down the neckline of Jace's shirt to see the Fehuruz almost completely faded away. This wasn't the result of the connection brought on by the rune. This wasn't influenced by any outside sources. This was them. This was their feelings.

Tears of relief filled her eyes as she cupped his face and leaned her forehead against his.

Jace cupped the back of Chloe's head and brought her lips back down to his, where his mouth claimed hers and not only showed her just how much she belonged in his arms, but just how much her body desired his touch. This was right. This was home.