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Sequel to: Jace Morgenstern's Unlucky Streak

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"Honey, maybe you shouldn't go out tonight." Mom was, as always, over-reacting. At least the delusion had gotten that side of her correct, although this version of mom didn't have the equally sharp side the real woman had. "You just escaped Magnus Bane... and your brother –."

"Don't use me as an excuse," Jonathan piped up from the bed. "I think it will do her some good to get out and concentrate on Simon's bad music."

"Hey!" Clary laughed as she sat down on the edge of his bed and mock-punched his shoulder. "Stop being so mean to Simon."

"I'm toughening him up," Jonathan assured her with a roguish smile. "He might bitch and fight a bit at first, but he'll be a man by the time I'm done with him!" He then paused and made a face. "That sounded less rapey in my head."

Clary, face red, burst out laughing. "It all makes so much sense! You're pigtail-pulling Simon!"

"Damn it, Clary!" Jonathan blushed darkly and mock-punched her shoulder right back. "I didn't mean it that way!"

"You protest a little too much," mother declared teasingly.

"Mom!" Jonathan cried, obviously horrified and betrayed.

"Honey, your father and I will always love you," mother assured him as she placed a hand on his shoulder. "Even if you choose to date someone with as bad taste in music as Simon Lewis."

Clary was bawling with laughter on the bed.

"I'm injured!" Jonathan whined with a large pout. "You'd think you two would have some bit of sympathy for me!"

Clary just continued to roll on the bed while clutching at her stomach, which apparently hurt her due to the force of her laughter.

Chloe stared between them all and smiled. She leaned against the wall while hugging herself, before the room started to tremble. The blonde pushed away from the wall and looked around her. No one else seemed to notice the tremors, or the large mirrors rising out of the floor. The mirrors circled Chloe, trapping her within as images began to play on their surface.

The first two mirrors showed Isabelle and Alec Lightwood, while the next one showed images of Jocelyn, and the one next to that displayed scenes of Luke. Next to Luke's mirror was Clark's, but it was cracked and the images were distorted and hazy. How had it gotten cracked? Why was it cracked?

Magnus' mirror was next, and it wasn't cracked, but it looked extremely hazy and made distinguishing the scenes shown nearly impossible. Next to his mirror was one which showed Valentine, and then another which showed Lois. And next to Lois' was…


Eyes wide, Chloe moved towards that mirror and stared at the scene of the very first time she'd met Jace Morgenstern. She watched herself, on the phone with Lois, trip and fall into Jace's arms, staring up at the surprised Shadowhunter as she spoke to him, revealing that she could see him despite the concealing runes he had all over his body. She watched herself leave the area, never noticing that Jace had followed her stealthily to where her car was park.

The scene changed, showing the many instances in which Jace had basically stalked her while trying to get proof that she could actually see past the runes. There were some instances she hadn't even known of, and they brought tears to her eyes as she pressed a hand up against the glass.

Am I ever going to see you again? Chloe rested her forehead against the mirror before noticing movement behind the mirror. She pushed away and glanced around the mirror to see that there were other mirrors there now, but unlike the first row of mirrors, these seemed made out of darker material. The first mirror showed her mother.

Images of Lili Wayland flashed on the surface, showing Chloe scenes of her childhood growing up with Lili. She could see herself as a child playing on the ground while tiny pixies danced around her, and in the background Lili could be seen talking to someone with flaming red hair. The woman moved out of the shadows and moved with inhuman grace as she left Lili's side to kneel on the ground next to Chloe. Moonlight shifted in the heavens and cast its beams on her face, revealing her to the be Seelie Queen. Titania reached out and danced her fingertips over Chloe's forehead while a smile played on her face, one which the young Chloe returned trustingly.

The next mirror, the only one there other than Lili's, was Jace's.

Confusion filled her as she stared at that mirror, which was right behind the other mirror with Jace on it. But instead of the images she'd seen in the mirror in the first row, the mirror in the second row showed her a completely different set of images. These images showed her meeting Jace very much the same way she could remember, but instead of following her to her car, Jace had followed her to her house, and confronted her mother.

"She's got Shadowhunter in her," Jace accused. "And I've seen the sigils you have around this place, they're protective and Fae. You're a Downworlder."

"What do you want?" Lili asked, clearly worried yet defensive, protective.

"She's got Shadowhunter in her," Jace repeated. "We need Shadowhunters. We're in a war."

"It's not our war," Chloe responded immediately.

Jace turned to her, eyes narrowed. "If you have a drop of Shadowhunter blood in you, no matter how diluted it is, this is your war."

Gripping her head, Chloe screamed as pain wrecked through her brain. Behind her something shattered loudly, violently, but she ignored it as she collapsed to her knees, conflicting images, conflicting memories, fighting for dominance in her head. Which-which were real? Which were the dream? Which-?

Suddenly the pain was gone and Chloe took in a deep breath, opening her eyes to find three mirrors. A moment's confusion jolted her, hadn't there only been two? But no, there were three. Calm rippled over her. Right. Yes. She could remember seeing three mirrors in the second row of dark framed mirrors. How silly of her. How could she have forgotten that mirror? That was one of the most important ones.

Shaking her head, Chloe pushed to her feet and turned to see the first row of mirrors.

The first three were gone, completely shattered into nothingness. Who had been in them again?

The next three, Luke, Clark and Magnus', were cracked, Luke's and Magnus' more than Clark's, and she wasn't sure why she found that surprising. Why were they cracked again?

The mirror after theirs was gone, broken into a million pieces, but Chloe couldn't remember who was on that mirror. The person couldn't have been important if she couldn't remember them.

The next mirror was Lois, the glass cracked, yet not as bad as the others'. Chloe could still easily make out the scenes that were showing on the surface.

The last mirror was… was Jace. While it wasn't as cracked as Lois', the mirror looked visibly under heavier strain, as if some invisible force was pressing in from every side trying to crush it.

Chloe gripped at her head and glanced between the two mirrors featuring Jace. Why were there two conflicting mirrors? What-?

Suddenly, with a blink, the mirrors were gone, and with another blink Chloe was once more leaning against the wall, arms folded over her chest, smirking at her mother, brother, and best friend. "Come on you two, be nice to my brother."

"Thank you!" Jonathan turned to her in relief. "I knew you'd defend me!"

"You're no fun!" Clary booed as she threw Jonathan's pillow at Chloe.

The blonde laughed and caught it. She glanced over at her mother and wished that this was real, that mom really was here with the son and husband she'd lost so many years ago. She also wished Clary was real because for an imaginary best friend, she was up there with the best. If Clary were real Chloe knew her actual best friend would like her. Her real best friend, of course, being—.

Chloe frowned as she drew a blank... then Clark and Lois appeared in her mind. Right. Clark and Lois. They were childhood friends… right? She couldn't-how had she met Clark and Lois? They hadn't gone to school together because Lili had homeschooled Chloe her whole life. Lois – she was a Shadowhunter… right? Yes… she was. Chloe must've met her through Jace.

The blonde nodded, that answer made the most sense. But how did she know Clark?

Clutching the pillow tightly to her chest, Chloe suddenly wondered whether Clark was real, or whether he was just another part of her delusion.

"If you're going to go out tonight, at least take this with you," mother's voice interrupted her thoughts and brought her back to the present to find the woman standing in front of her, handing her a sheathed silver dagger. "It mightn't be a Seraph Blade, but should you lose your primary weapon you should always have a backup."

"Yes ma'am," Chloe agreed as she slid the dagger into the inside pocket of her jacket. "Thank you."

Her mother sighed. "Please be careful." And then she hugged her.

Chloe smiled and hugged her back.

"You do not seem to realize the magnitude of the situation you currently find yourself in," the Clave member declared as they sat on their throne-like seats, all staring down in condemnation at her. "You were with Valentine Morgenstern, unsupervised, and have been seen meeting with his second-in-command, Moira Lanaera-Wayland, your aunt, on multiple occasions since then. You were unable to be tested by the Mortal Sword, it was conveniently taken before you could be judged and the truth exposed."

"What truth?" Lois glared at the stuffy old men and women who had obviously already made their minds up about her and the others, if not they wouldn't have kept Clark away from the rest of them.

"That you are in league with Valentine Morgenstern, just like the Lightwoods, Jocelyn Morgenstern, and her son Jonathan." That was a wizened woman who looked like the human incarnation of a vulture. "If you repent, if you tell us the truth, we will go more lenient on you than we will on them."

"I have nothing to confess," Lois hissed at them. "If I was working with Valentine I wouldn't have boarded his ship on what was obviously a suicidal mission to—."

"You call it a suicidal mission," another Clave member declared. "And yet you, and the aforementioned, were some of the few who survived it."

"What's a fortuitous coincidence," yet another Clave member declared, voice dripping with sarcasm.

"You weren't there, you cannot and will not judge me!" Lois snarled as she turned to face that last Clave member. "I had to choose between what I thought was my father - and getting my cousin out of there! I chose my cousin!" Even now she could remember the image of her father telling her he was with Valentine and that she was as well, could remember his orders for her to follow Valentine as leader, to accept him and his way. And she remembered killing her father, running him through with her Seraph Blade. The image was so strong, so horribly real, that it was as if she was living through it all over again. "You don't know anything." She looked up at the Clave in disgust, a sheen of angry tears in her eyes as she took a step towards them, and then another. "While you all make me feel sick to my stomach I'd never join Valentine Morgenstern for one very important reason: Lucian Greymark. I love him. I always have loved him. And I would never follow someone who would hurt him in any way."

There were mutters of disgust from the Clave, they were obviously disgusted by the thought of a Shadowhunter mixing with a Downworlder.

She shook her head. "You know, you sit there all high and self-righteous thinking you're better people, but you really aren't. You're just prejudiced and discriminatory assholes." She turned and stormed towards the guarded door, stopping when the guards stepped in front of her. "Get out of my way."

"We are not finished with you, Lois Laneara," one of the Clave members told her.

She turned to face him.

"While you are brash and abrasive and need to learn your place, as well as respect for this council, there were witnesses to your killing of the Greater Demon who rules Fear itself." The man eyed Lois thoughtfully. "You will be watched, but you are free to move about."

She raised an eyebrow when silence befell the room. "What? Are you expecting a thanks?" With that Lois shook her head and pushed the guards out of her way as she flung the door open and stormed out, head held high.

"They're really terrible, aren't they?" Chloe flinched as she lowered in her seat, eyes on Simon Lewis's group as they played enthusiastically up on the stage. "Do they call themselves Champagne Enema because it feels like you're having one when you listen to them play?"

Clary brought her fist to her mouth to muffle a choked noise which suspiciously sounded like laughter.

Sebastian, seated on Chloe's other side, wasn't even pretending to listen to the group. He had his earphones in, blasting his own music at high volume, and was playing Candy Crush on his phone, apparently achieving a high score because there was a SUGAR RUSH! wave on his screen when he tilted it in her direction to show her.

Amused, Chloe gave him a thumbs up and then giggled when he smirked and returned his attention to the game. A sound from Clary's other side caught her attention, and Chloe peered over Clary's head to see Jace staring at the stage in visible pain. A couple of times he nearly brought his hands to his ears but only managed to catch himself and lower his hands, quickly sending a look at Clary to make sure she hadn't noticed that he'd reacted so negatively to her friend's band's music.

Pain stabbed Chloe's heart as she stared at Jace. Usually, if they were in the same room, they were joined at the hip, they noticed each other immediately, but now he didn't even seem to remember she was there. That intensity, that desire, was focused away from her and instead trained on the redhead by her side. He shifted on the seat subtly so he could peek sideways at Clary, a small contented smile tilting his lips, the blonde visibly elated at being out and about (and sitting next to) Clary Morgenstern.

He's not the real Jace, Chloe tried to remind herself. The real Jace loves you - was made for you. The real Jace would never look at anyone else - ever. He couldn't. He's been created to - you've been created to—. Chloe frowned and gripped at her head. Created… Created? What? What am I saying? Pain rippled through her skull. There's a reason why this Jace can't be real. I know there is. Letting out a little whimper, Chloe got up and walked out of the place, hands on her head as she gripped her head and shouldered out the door. That's not Jace. Not the real Jace. Not my Jace. Breathing in the night air, Chloe took in deep breaths and tried to calm herself as conflicting memories clashed in her mind. "No… No!" She hurried towards the darkness and paced back and forth, trying to breathe, but everything was suffocating and she was scared and confused and…

Suddenly someone grabbed her and swung her back against the wall, a hand over her mouth.

Fear filled her until the light of a near streetlight revealed Sebastian's face.

"Breathe." Sebastian kept his hand over her mouth. "Not through your mouth. Through your nose. You're having a panic attack. Breathe slowly." He slowly breathed in an exaggerated way, coaxing her through it. "There. Good." He continued to breathe in that exaggerated way, which she quickly followed, finding herself able to breathe once more. "Better?"

Chloe nodded as she found herself able to breathe once more, the suffocating panic she'd felt gone. She honestly couldn't even remember what had brought it on in the first place. "I'm sorry," she mumbled against his palm.

"Are you kidding me? They told us this would happen." Sebastian let his hand fall from her face. "Chloe, you're going through PTSD. A panic attack is normal." He sighed and brushed a strand of hair out of her face, curling it behind her ear. "I went through this after what happened to my family. You mightn't remember, but I was a mess." He looked in a deep breath, clearly anxious. "You—you were there for me." His dark eyes rose to her. "I'm here for you."

She leaned hard against the wall and smiled softly. "I really like you."

Sebastian smiled, probably for the first time ever. "You better."

Her smile grew as she chuckled. She took in a deep breath and scratched her inner wrist as she peered up at him.

Clearing his throat, Sebastian licked his lips as he cautiously moved a little closer, gauging her reaction.

"Calm down! I'm sure she's fine!" Jace's voice brought both their attention to the door to see Jace trailing after Clary, who'd thrown the doors open and stormed out.

"You don't know that!" Clary glared at him as she looked around, but apparently Chloe and Sebastian were so deep in the darkness the two teenagers couldn't see them.

"Clary." Jace ran his fingers through his hair. "Maybe they need to be alone right now, I mean… Maybe she wanted us to be alone."

"What?" Clary turned towards him only for Jace to surge forwards and catch her face in his hands, kissing the shocked redhead, who'd stiffened, completely caught off guard by the kiss, her eyes wide in horror.

NO! Chloe gripped at her chest, which was in agony as she watched the man she loved kissing Clary Morgenstern, his expression proving just how happy, how elated he was as his lips moved over hers and one arm wrapped around Clary's body, drawing her to him. He looked blissful. Looked like…

That pain in her head, in her chest, returned, as did the feeling of all air leaving her chest, suffocating her. She could hear a loud sound of cracking and wondered if you could hear your own heart breaking, because she had a feeling hers was as she stared at Jace. Stop it! Look at me! I'm here! Jace! Jace stop it! Jace, NO!

Sebastian slapped his hand over her mouth again, eyes wide as he whispered: "Breathe, Chloe! Breathe! Through your nose! Concentrate on breathing through your nose!"

And yet she couldn't. She tried to breathe, tried to look away, but all she saw was Jace holding Clary close as he kissed her deeply, all she heard was that cracking sound, and all she felt was the air unable to move through her lungs.

"In through the nose, out through the mouth," Sebastian whispered. "I don't feel you breathing out against my palm!"

Chloe hardly heard him, that cracking all she could really make out as she began to cry.

Cursing, Sebastian gripped her chin and forced Chloe to look away from Jace and Clary. He then moved rapidly, angling his body over hers as his lips mouth found hers and breathed in a full lung of oxygen, forcing the breath down into her throat.

Chloe's eyes widened and she finally managed to tear her gaze from Jace, her green eyes on Sebastian, on his dark eyes, which were open and on her intently. He slowly took in a lungful of oxygen and expelled it into her mouth. That oxygen filled her lungs before being expelled through her nostrils, only for her to inhale another breath of oxygen from his lips. Sebastian moved closer, lips shifting over hers, completely sealing off any leak as he continued to breathe into her.

Dizzy from the quick change from lack of oxygen to gust of oxygen, Chloe's eyelids fluttered closed and she found herself gripping the lapels of Sebastian's jacket. The runes all over her body were tingling, and the inside of her wrist itched, but she hardly noticed this. Her heart was racing, and every time his lips shifted over hers she felt a jolt of something race through her.

Finally Sebastian pulled away. He was leaning over her, his forearm pressed sideways against the portion of the wall over her head, his face covered in shadows yet expression clear as day. "You can breathe again."

Yeah… but she might be having a heart attack. That was the only explanation she could come up for how weak she felt, and the way her heart was racing almost painfully in her chest as she stared up at him. "T-thanks."

For a second he didn't react, and then he chuckled and shook his head, his dark gaze lowering before it rose to her face once more in visible amusement. "Anytime."

Gasping, Sebastian Verlac took in a deep breath as he shot up in bed. He'd decided to lay down for a while and rest up for the night ahead, and yet the moment his eyes had closed he'd been pulled into the dream/hallucination again. The Silent Brothers had given him the antidote for the Lake Lyn toxin that was running through his veins, so he'd thought that the hallucination brought on by ingesting the water would leave with it, but it hadn't. If anything it seemed to have gotten stronger, more vivid, more real. Sure, he was still unable to do anything, to control himself, finding himself an observer in his own body, but now…

Bringing his fingers to his lips, Sebastian realized they were warm and sensitive, slightly swollen. A flick of his tongue proved that he could still taste strawberry lipgloss on his lips.

He glanced down at his chest, able to still feel where she'd gripped at him to keep her knees from buckling.

Disturbed beyond belief, Sebastian jumped out of bed and took in a deep breath. He needed to see the Warlock in charge of Chloe Wayland's treatment because whatever was happening to her right now seemed to be affecting him as well.

"We got booed off stage," Simon Lewis bemoaned, forehead pressed against the table of the diner the group were seated at. He sat dejectedly on Clary's other side, between her and the wall. "Why don't people like us? We put our hearts and souls into our music. Can't those heathens tell?"

From where Jace sat on Clary's other side, he opened his mouth, closed it, and then peered around her at the Mundane. "Have you ever considered maybe learning to play more than just two cords?"

Simon squeaked in outrage as he looked up at that, a red spot on his forehead. "I know how to play the guitar!" At Jace's raised eyebrow, Simon pouted. "Okay, so maybe it's more like a work in progress, but I play the hell out of those two cords! That should count for something!"

Jace opened his mouth, noticed Clary's warning glare, and then clamped his mouth shut and instead focused on his food.

Chloe's gaze was on Jace. Look at me. Please. Even if just one glance. Just look away from her long enough to remember I'm here!

Jace's gaze rose from his food and fixed on Clary, a small smile tilting his lips as he shifted to sit closer to her.

A stuttered breath escaped Chloe as she looked away. While she knew this wasn't her Jace - it couldn't be her Jace - she couldn't help but take every little rejection personally. It was getting harder and harder to remind herself that this wasn't Jace, that her Jace wasn't the one staring at Clary as if she was the sun and he'd been in the dark for far too long.

The sound of cracking continued in the background. Whatever was cracking was doing so slowly yet thoroughly. She could almost feel the spiderweb cracks branching out further and further.

The blonde forced her gaze back on Jace's face, trying to call up on that connection they'd always had.

Jace please. If you can hear me, just look up. Just for one second.

He didn't look away from Clary, that soft smile on his face.

In the end Chloe gave up, her gazed on her plate, her hunger completely gone.

"You've been able to tap into her without a spell or Warlock to help you." Ragnor stared at the young Shadowhunter standing in front of him in awe. "How?"

"That's what I've come here to ask you," Sebastian replied, looking very uneasy with the whole situation. "I thought it was just a hallucination brought on by the toxin in Lake Lyn, but it can't be that if I'm still seeing that place."

Jace leaned in the corner of the room, eyes narrowed on Sebastian Verlac. His body was tense, his arms folded over his chest as his jaw clenched. He could feel the way his teeth gritted together in an effort to keep his mouth shut, to keep from saying something that might get him kicked out of the room. Up until that point he'd not only admired Sebastian Verlac, but he'd thought him a guy that Jace could see himself becoming friends with. Now he just wanted to punch the guy in the face - hard. Why could he connect with Chloe without even a Warlock to force it? Why?

"Your connection has to be strong," Catarina Loss declared. "If Jace could only listen powerlessly, maybe you can actually interact with our help."

"You took the words right out of my mouth," Ragnor announced, his eyes still on Sebastian. "Are you willing to try? If we can insert your consciousness inside of that body, maybe the extra push… maybe you'll be able to communicate with her… unlike Jace."

Jace could feel the nerve jumping in his cheek.

"I'll try, definitely." Sebastian nodded. "Just tell me what I need to do if I find I can control myself."

Ragnor did just that.

Jace tried to keep his breathing calm, but could feel a cold darkness begin to rise in his chest.

"What are you implying?" Simon wanted to know in mock outrage as he walked with his arms flung over Chloe and Clary's shoulders. "Are you possibly insinuating that I am milking my own personal, deep-rooted pain in exchange for comfort of the female persuasion?"

"Insinuating? Of course not!" Clary raised an eyebrow as the group walked down the dark alley towards the playground, where they planned on swinging on the swings and just talking. "We're declaring."

"Announcing," Chloe agreed with a nod of her head, enjoying teasing Simon. "Stating as fact."

Simon pouted. "You cold hearted hags!" He then laughed with a grunt when both girls slapped his stomach in response. "Injury on top of insult! Help! I'm being abused!"

Sebastian snorted as he walked by Chloe's side, his hands in his black leather jacket. "It's hardly abuse if you enjoy it."

Simon stuck out his tongue at him in response.

From where he walked by Clary's side, Jace shook his head. "Considering you listen to your own music, and in fact create that noise voluntarily, I suspect you're not so secretly a masochist."

"Dude! Low blow!" Simon exclaimed with a wide mouth. "My ego's still sore!"

"So are my ears," Jace informed him.

Simon opened his mouth, closed it, and then pouted once more. "Mine are kind of ringing too, I guess."

Chloe exchanged amused looks with Clary before she glanced over at Sebastian in time to see him stop dead in his tracks, a strange expression on his face. She immediately slipped out of Simon's hold and turned towards Sebastian in concern. "Are you okay?"

He frowned at her, opened his mouth, closed it, and then opened his mouth once more. "Chloe?"

"Yes?" She moved closer and rested her hand on his arm. "What is it?"

"I need to test something," he told her with terrifying seriousness.

"Okay," she whispered, concern growing.

Taking in a deep breath, Sebastian cupped her face and in a swift move was right there, kissing her.

Chloe's eyes widened in shock and she froze up in his arms as the runes all over her body electrified. She whimpered and almost closed her eyes, but she caught herself at the last second and placed her hands on his chest, pushing him away enough so that their lips were no longer touching, and she was staring up into his serious eyes. "What was that?" Her voice was high-pitched and squeaked.

"I'm in control," Sebastian whispered to himself with a little grin. "And it's still strawberry."

"What?" Chloe stared up at him in confusion. She glanced back at Jace, Simon and Clary to see that they'd continued on, laughing between the three of them, and seemed not to have noticed or cared that she and Sebastian had fallen behind. "What are you—?"

"Listen to me, Chloe." Sebastian reached for her chin and forced her gaze back on his face. "What I'm about to tell you might be confusing, but it's the truth, okay? I kissed you because—."

"Are we dating?" Chloe interrupted, eyes wide, voice squeaked. "Is that what's going on? Are WE an item?"

Sebastian frowned in apparent confusion. "Huh?"

His confusion annoyed her somewhat. "You just kissed me!" She slapped his chest. "And before, you — sure you were 'helping' — that was kind of like a kiss though!" She glared up at him. "If not dating - are we friends with benefits then?" She glared harder at the very thought and slapped his chest with more force. "I am not that kind of girl!" Another slap. "You pervert!"

"What—? Hey! You're stronger than you—stop that!" Sebastian grabbed her wrists and wrestled them behind her back, which in turn brought her body forwards so that she was pinned against him. "That hurt."

Chloe found herself forced so that her back was arched, her body against Sebastian's. Her eyes widened as she stared up at him in time to see his gaze lower to her lips. He seemed to be thinking something over with great intensity, so she asked: "What is it?"

Sebastian looked extremely disturbed. "I really like strawberry."

"What strawberry do you keep talking about?" Chloe hissed in confusion.

"Oh no." Sebastian's eyes darkened as they widened. "I'm losing—I can't—Chloe I need—tell you—before I—." Sebastian suddenly froze and stared ahead of him unseeingly, almost like a mannequin, but then he blinked and came back to life. In seconds he yanked her closer and lowered his lips to hers in another kiss.

All the while, that cracking sound grew stronger and stronger.

Chloe gasped softly, a soft whimper escaping her parted lips.

Sebastian groaned low in his throat.

Jace snapped and pushed away from the wall. Everyone's attention were on those two, and he took advantage of that, pulling out the stele from his pocket and retracing the rune Chloe had placed on him, the one that opened up a connection between him and Sebastian Verlac. The second he finished retracing that rune he reached Verlac's side and slammed the tip of his stele against the old, fading rune, finishing the outline seconds before the stele could be removed from his hand by Brother Zachariah.

Pain erupted in Jace's head and he gripped at his golden locks before his eyes closed and his knees hit the ground.


"Jace are you okay?"

He opened his eyes.