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Sequel to: Jace Morgenstern's Unlucky Streak

"Why are you down here?" The person in the other cell wanted to know. "What could you have possibly done to be put behind these bars, Alec?"

And suddenly Alec recognized the voice in the other prison cell. "Hodge?"

There was a sigh.

"How did the Clave get you?" Alec wanted to know in confusion. "You got away after you-." After he'd betrayed them all and handed Jace, Chloe and the Mortal Cup to Valentine Morgenstern. It hurt to believe that the man who'd helped train him and his siblings could've been working for their greatest enemy at the same time.

"They didn't not get me, I gave myself in," Hodge replied with a sigh. "I realized that my freedom wasn't worth what I had sacrificed for it."

Alec closed his eyes tightly. "Why did you do it, Hodge? Why did you betray us? We trusted you. You raised us more than our parents did! How could you not care about us and-."

"You, Isabelle, Jace and Max are the children I was never able to have!" Hodge insisted roughly. "I always cared about you."

"How can you say that when you betrayed us and helped our enemy?" Alec wanted to know, hurt.

"Because I was weak!" Hodge exclaimed, sounding very much like a broken man. "I had been unable to go to Idris, to leave the Institute, for so many years, and I could not handle it any longer! You know the pain it gives our kind to be away from Idris for so long! I wanted to be free! I couldn't help but resent your parents for the freedom they'd been given which I had been refused! Our crimes were the same, so why had I been punished so much harsher?"

Alec didn't know, he didn't have an answer for that. It might've had something to do with the fact that his family were Lightwoods, they'd once been an extremely powerful and influential family.

"You don't know what it was like, watching everyone able to have a life, a family, while I was stuck alone, caged in that place." Hodge let out a tired breath. "By the time Valentine got back in contact with me I was desperate and willing to do anything to be free."

"Even give him Jace."

"He's Jace's father, I knew he would not hurt him, and he wouldn't hurt the girl either," Hodge defended himself. "I never would've handed them over had I thought otherwise."

"How long did you know that Jace wasn't Michael Wayland's son?" Alec wanted to know softly.

"Since the moment I first laid eyes on him," Hodge replied softly. "I believe, on some deeper level, your parents knew as well. That boy is the spitting image of Valentine when he was younger. That color blonde is a Morgenstern family trait. Michael and Jonathan Wayland might've been blonde, but never that shade, no, that is Morgenstern blonde."

Alec took in a deep breath as he processed those words. "Did my parents know what you were doing with Valentine?"

"No. They did not know," Hodge assured him. "After the Circle fell they became a hundred per cent faithful to the Clave."

Alec closed his eyes in relief.

Finally, some good news.

Chloe hadn't ever been known for her ability to draw, which was why it was lucky to have a parabatai who was a veritable artist and could help her in situations like this one which involved sigil drawing. It'd taken Clary almost two hours to finish the complicated chalk design, which was basically a numerous amount of runes and Warlock sigils which, laced together, formed an infinity symbol.

"This is amazing," Elias raised as he circled them, eyes on the circular negative space Chloe and Clary sat on on opposite sides of the infinity symbol.

"Mom was an artist," Clary announced softly, fondly. "My earliest memories are of her drawing. I wanted to be just like her - which is why I started drawing, but I continued because I love it so much."

"Jocelyn is known as having been a great artist." Elias nodded as he took in a deep breath. "I know I've already said this before, but I can't stress it enough." He came to stand in front of them with a sigh. "Thanks to Magnus Bane messing with Chloe's mind, it's very fragile. There will also most probably be some sort of booby trap left before, and if we're not careful and trigger they they could not only destroy Chloe's mind - but could damage Clarissa's as well. This is why Clary using her parabatai bond to strengthen Chloe is necessary, but extremely dangerous."

Chloe turned to look at Clary.

"Don't even start," Clary warned her. "If you're doing this, I'm doing this."

Chloe's gaze shifted to where Jace stood silently in the corner. His face was impassive, his gaze fixed worriedly on Clary. The only reason he was here was stood make sure the redhead got out of this alive. Not Chloe. He didn't care about her.

"I don't like this." Sebastian bent to his knees in front of her, blocking her view of Jace.

Chloe blinked as her gaze focused on Sebastian.

His eyebrow furrowed. "Don't ignore me."

That got a chuckle out of her. "Or what?"

He didn't answer her question. "I don't want you to do this."

In this room, the only male who gave two craps about her was Sebastian. That choked her up and made her voice croaky when she answered: "I have to."

"No, you don't," Sebastian countered. "Chloe, this could hurt you."

"It's worth the risk," she whispered.

"To who?" Sebastian asked angrily. "It's not worth it to me!"

Embarrassment flooded through her at her reaction to those words. They were what she'd desperately needed to hear - from Jace. It's exactly what he would've said had they been… in the other place.

But in this one Jace remained where he was, gaze never leaving Clary.

Chloe wondered how long it took a heart to break. She could feel her own in her chest, and each time she breathed it hurt. With every glance at Jace, with every word he said or move he made, it hurt her more and more. It felt like he was gripping her heart and squeezing it so tightly… It felt like she would lose all ability to breathe.

She was dying.

Jace was killing her.

And as he killed her ever so slowly, something deep within seemed to come alive, something which whispered that if Jace would not be hers, he would be no one's.

'To love is to destroy,' Jace's words rang hauntingly, tauntingly, in her ears.

No. NO! That's a lie! She pushed that darkness down, fought it with every bit of strength she had.

"If we're going to do this, it will have to be now," Elias interrupted in an apologetic voice.

Sebastian glared at Chloe but stepped back nonetheless. The second he did magic flared up in the sigils, glowing light blue.

Chloe felt that magic race through her body. It was just as suffocating as the pain she'd been stifling all day, but it was somehow cool and relaxing at the same time. It made her feel like she was drowning, yet as if this watery death was acceptable, as if peace awaited her.

Clary took in a deep breath and reached her hand to where the lines of the infinity symbol intersected. Immediately magic reared up and sliced her palm. She flinched yet didn't utter a sound as her blood fell into the lines.

Jace took a step forwards in worry. His expression was scrunched up, his gaze never leaving the redhead.

Chloe bit back anger and resentment as she watched him watch Clary. It hit her then that this must've been what Alec had felt like when she'd first appeared, and for the first time she fully understood the pain he must've gone through.

If he's even real.

The terror that that thought made her feel jolted through Chloe's body like a lightning bolt. She thrusted her arm out towards the intersection and was surprised at how numbly she received the slice. Her blood dripped down into the sigil and it turned from a glowing blue to a dark purple.

Before she could really wonder at the change, Clary wrapped her own blood-covered hand around Chloe's, and the blonde returned her smile as she squeezed her hand despite the pain.

Clary smiled reassuringly at her before suddenly her head flew backwards and her mouth opened. She gasped in air, and her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she spoke, her tone low, sounding different. "Tell us where the Mirror is, Biscuit."

The sound of Magnus' pet name for Chloe sent chills of terror down her spine.

"We need the Mirror, the Sword and Cup are of no consequence, but we need the Mirror," Clary straightened up. Her gaze shifted to Chloe, but there was a dullness in her eyes. "Slice your wrist upon the Sword, Bleed into the Cup, spill it all into the Mirror, and from the reflection it'll rise up."

"What's happening?" Jace wanted to know as he got as close to the sigil as safely possible.

"This isn't how the spell is supposed to work." Elias looked unnerved. "It seems like instead of helping Chloe remember echoes - she's echoing."

"Clary?" Chloe whispered her name as worry coiled in her stomach. "Can you hear me?"

"Father doesn't know how to treat a girl," Clary chuckled softly, almost fondly. "She doesn't respond to pain, but love? That's what she yearns for. What do you want, my little Biscuit? What angelic face do I put upon him? On my Trojan Horse?" Clary giggled as she stared at Chloe. "Blonde hair like the angels, golden eyes like a lion. Who could say no to a face like that?" She turned to look at Jace with a smirk. "She'll love him, and when she can't have him, she'll give me what I want so I can put her back into that sweet dream. She'll give me the Mirror. She'll beg me to take it."

Chloe stared at Clary in horror. The Mirror? The Mortal Mirror? The third and last Mortal Instrument? Was that the reason this was happening? But why? Wasn't the Mirror lost? Hadn't it been lost for centuries?

Or was that what happened in my dream? She began to shake as confusion and fear welled inside of her. What if it was merely 'lost' because I was supposed to 'find' it for Magnus? She could feel hysteria building in her throat. What if Jonathan and the others hadn't gotten me out? Would I have given the Mirror's location to Magnus and his people? Was everything - was it all for the Mirror?

'Chloe' Magnus' voice whispered in her ear. 'Chloe, I'm here. Let me in.'

Fear raced through her as she yanked her hand from Clary's to grip her hair. She didn't care that she'd broken the spell, she could hear people yelling - Jace was snapping at her for breaking the spell without easing Clary out - Chloe didn't care.

'Chloe,' Magnus' voice continued to coax. 'Please, open up to me. Let me help you, Biscuit.'

At the sound of that petname on his lips, Chloe shook her head and screamed.

Magnus' eyes flew open.

He sat on the floor in his living room, legs crossed and bangled hands rested on his knees. He hadn't thought he'd be able to establish a connection, but he had. Even if it'd only been for a moment he'd been able to see a glimpse, and that both gave him hope and terrified the living crap out of him. For one, he recognized Elias - his friend Elias - his very dead friend Elias. What was going on? And why would Elias be involved?

The other thing that bothered him greatly was the turmoil and despair and utter desperation he'd felt from Chloe. He'd seen, even if for a split second, her psyche. It'd manifested as a chalice, overflowing with bubbling black - the chalice was slowly but surely cracking. With the innumerable spiderweb cracks all over it it'd been surprising for Magnus that it hadn't already shattered to pieces.

Just what was happening to Chloe? Who was doing it to her?

And why—why had he sensed such deep-rooted fear in her the second she'd heard his voice?

Chloe sat up in bed. She tried to figure out what'd happened, why she'd ended up in her bedroom. Something had happened. Hadn't it? Yes. It had. Her heart was still racing, a sick feeling in her stomach.

Slowly the memories of what had transpired in the Institute filled her. They'd tried to connect with Chloe's memories, tried to figure out what she could've possibly learnt to have been targeted, and instead they'd found out that Magnus Bane was trying to find the Mortal Mirror. Had their delving in her memories been what Magnus had needed to get in her mind again?

Goosebumps covered her arms so she rubbed them. It was fine. The Warlock wasn't in her mind anymore. And she was home. It was funny, she should feel safer in the Institute, but instead this room made her feel protected. Then again, this was home. Why wouldn't it make her feel more protected?

A groan of despair escaped her lips as she brought her hands to her face.

It was all so clear to her now!

How had she been such an idiot?

How had it taken her so long to see the truth? Or the lie?

That Warlock's magic had been so strong it'd deluded her into… into acting like such a—!

Embarrassment curled inside her as she cried out in humiliation at how she'd acted towards everyone - but especially towards Jace Herondale! There was just so much she was going to have to make up for! She'd have to apologize to him for basically assaulting him!

Dear Angel - just how weak was I?

Something inside of her chest hurt, it made tears come to her eyes, but she pushed back the feeling, which quickly was masked by her mortification.

Of course this is real. Of course Jace and I aren't made for each other. She gulped. Things like that don't happen in the real world.

That twinge in her chest heightened, but was once more completely suffocated and forgotten.

"This is real life," Chloe whispered to herself as she rose from the bed. "I'm going to have to accept that fact and get on with it."

The second her feet touched the ground, all the memories she should've had all along came rushing back to her.

"No no no no no no no!" Ragnor funneled more of his magic into the girl, into the protection, into the resistance. "Her connection with Jace is breaking!"

In seconds Catarina was by his side, assisting, pouring her own magic in effort to combat the curse's effect.

His bond is the lynchpin, the Silent Brother said what they all know. If his goes, all the others will be gone forever. We'll have lost the girl to the curse.

Ragnor and Catarina shared looks before strengthening their resolve even more.

Sebastian hated being unable to control himself. There'd been so much of his life which had been out of his control, but at least he'd had some control over himself. Not anymore. He had to listen to himself say some really cheesy lines, and act completely out of character towards Chloe. His hunch was that his character had been created to act Jace-ish, but the thought of "The Great Warrior Jace Morgenstern" acting this way towards another human being, saying such stupid and really nauseating things, gave him the shivers. Sure, he was fascinated by the weirdness that was Chloe Wayland, but what was there about her that would make Jace act this way?

There had to be something other than her outwards appearance, because while she was definitely pretty, Isabelle Lightwood was a hundred times prettier. So were many other girls, Clary included. So what was it about Chloe Wayland that made the guy Sebastian had heard so much about from the elders while growing up - the veritable legend that was Jace Morgenstern - act so… embarrassing? It had to be more than…

He cleared his throat. Was it…

Was it the way she kissed? Sebastian mightn't be The Legendary Jace Morgenstern, but he most definitely had never had to fight for attention of any kind. He was more experienced than he probably should be at this age, and yet… and yet he'd never felt his runes react the way they had when Chloe merely touched him. And when she kissed him…

Sebastian gulped as he gazed towards the doorway to Chloe's room. He'd blinked to find himself playing video games with Jonathan Wayland in her home, somehow knowing she was sleeping off whatever had happened in the fake Institute. This whole imaginary world was confusing to him, if he were going to curse someone into a different existence he wouldn't have done it this way. But this wasn't his doing, and it was yet another thing that was out of his control.

"She's fine," Jonathan assured him, although there was definite worry there. "If you were going to be this concerned afterwards you shouldn't have allowed her to go through with something that stupid."

"This is your sister we're talking about," Sebastian snorted as he returned his attention to the video game. "You know I can't control her."

Honestly? What the hell was he saying? If he was dating this girl he should be able to control her! There was no way that the real him would've accepted this sort of relationship! No matter how good the girl kissed!

"That's why you like her though," Jonathan snickered. "She's the one thing you can't control." He sent Sebastian a sideways glance. "You'd find her very boring otherwise."

Sebastian's lips pursed. Boring? A controllable partner? Uhm, no. There was no way that he'd waste his time with some sort of problematic wild card. Especially not if—.

The bedroom door opened and Chloe emerged from it. She was pale, covered in Iratze runes, and wearing a black nightgown. Her green gaze caught his dark one and he froze as something inside of him reacted.

What the Angel was that? He tried to grip at his racing heart but couldn't - damn this lack of control!

"Sebastian, what are you doing here?" She asked in a soft voice as she paddled over towards them.

"As if he was going to leave," Jonathan snorted as he paused the game and looked up at her. "You were so stupid to do that."

"I had to," Chloe whispered as she moved around them to sit down between them on the sofa. "And it was a good thing I did."

"Why?" Jonathan made a face.

Sebastian found himself unable to speak, mostly because he was too busy wondering what perfume she was using, and how a dream could be this realistic. He couldn't remember smelling things in other dreams, but then again this was a magically induced one and—. Really? What perfume was she wearing? It smelt really good.

"Nothing." Chloe turned to him in surprise.

"Huh?" Sebastian squeaked in confusion.

"You just asked what perfume I was wearing?" Her lips curled in amusement. "Or were you thinking out loud?"

Had he been thinking out loud? By the Angel! What the hell was wrong with this vessel? It didn't say things Sebastian wanted it to say, yet blurted out all the horribly embarrassing musing which should never be uttered!

She chuckled and shook her head. "The answer to the question is: I'm not wearing any perfume. You're probably smelling my soap or something."

It didn't smell like soap though. It smelt musky, like…


Was he smelling her? Like - her pheromones or something?

"Okay, enough with Sebastian's creepy fixation on your scent," Jonathan cut into the moment spectacularly. "What did you mean that it was a good thing you did that stupid ritual?"

"I remember the truth," Chloe responded.

Both Sebastian and Jonathan's video game characters died onscreen.

What did that mean exactly? Did Chloe remembered that the other world was most definitely real?

"I know why Magnus Bane is sacrificing mundanes." She turned to her brother. "I know it is late, but could you please call Mr Morgenstern over? He needs to hear what I have to say."

Jonathan scrambled to his feet and rushed away.

Chloe turned to face Sebastian. "I'm sorry for what I've put you through."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Sebastian muttered.

"Oh, really?" Her lips twitched, and it was his only warning before she hiked up her nightgown around her knees and straddled his hips. "Still don't know what I'm talking about?"

His runes were already burning, leaving his whole body oversensitive like it always was when she touched him. It just brought up so many questions, but he didn't ask them now. No. Instead he stared up at her and tried to figure Chloe Wayland out. "So you don't want to jump Jace's bones anymore?"

Embarrassment colored her cheeks as her gaze dropped.

"So you do."

She sighed. "Sebastian, you have to understand: I thought that that was real. I don't know how long I was under the spell in reality, but it was a long time for me, and even if what happened wasn't real, it felt real to me."

His eyes narrowed as he grabbed her hips and moved her off of him. "I'm not interested in being anyone's substitute."

"You're not." She gripped his shirt, leaving him so awkwardly positioned he lost balance and ended up sprawled over her, pinning her against the floor and sofa. "It's just - Sebastian - I need help distinguishing what's real and what's not. I won't be able to — people will continue being hurt - people who are important to me—." She hiccuped. "All I'm doing is hurting the people I care about the most - I need - I need your help to stop before I go too far."

There were tears in her eyes. It was obvious to anyone who looked at her that she was desperate. She truly believed this lie as reality, and yet despite believing Jace didn't love her - never had and never would - she was clearly still head over heels for him.

She was also terrified.

Sebastian was being used.

Used to try and forget Jace.

Used to ground herself in the delusion.

Used to forget reality.

He wasn't someone to be used.

"Is he really that incredible of a lover that you're willing to throw yourself at the first available male in an effort to forget about him?"

She was visibly stricken. "N-no. We've never - it isn't like - we've only ever kissed."

This time it was Sebastian who froze in shock.

Kissed? They'd only kissed each other? What sort of relationship did those two share? How could they be suffering because of something so underdeveloped? So pure? He knew he'd jokingly made the virginity assumption to her once, but that had been to taunt her. He hadn't actually thought that that was the case! Not with everything that he'd heard about Jace!

I cannot understand this.

Sebastian had never been in a relationship before. He'd never seen the need for one, had definitely never felt a desire for one. Relationships were for weak people who were afraid of being alone.

And yet, as he stared into Chloe's tormented eyes, for the first time Sebastian wondered whether there was something he was missing out on.

Jace Morgenstern hadn't only been known in the Shadowhunter realm as an incredibly skilled warrior, but because of his luck with the ladies. So why was a veritable Casanova so enamored and obsessed with a girl who - in the months they'd been dating - hadn't allowed him to do anything more than kiss her? Was it a denial thing? Like wanting what you couldn't have? If so, there had to be some limit to one's patience, right? A moment where what you were getting just wasn't enough and you lost patience?

And if not - what was so spectacular about Chloe Wayland?

That question burned inside of him as he stared down at her. "You want to forget him?"

"It hurts," Chloe whispered. "And not just me - but him. My being unable to accept the truth - to let go of my own delusion - it hurts him."

"You want to use me to forget about Jace because you don't want him to suffer?" Sebastian was shocked, scandalized, amused and insulted all at once.

"I attacked him today." She looked all kinds of conflicted. "I almost - I would've - I know this isn't fair to you!" She let go of his shirt to cover her face. "There's just something inside of me, something dark, something alive - and I think I'm losing control of it."

Sebastian froze. "What do you mean? Metaphorically? Like some sort of bottled up emotion which—?"

"No." Her voice broke. "I mean it literally, I mean something alive. Something within me - separate from me but every bit a part of me as my own heartbeat." She sounded choked. "Ever since the In- I -I can feel it shifting inside of me." She grabbed his hand and brought it right below her chest.

The hair on Sebastian's body stood on end.

Her green eyes met his black as she slowly trailed his hand across her solar plexus to the edge of her side before slowly trailing it back in the opposite direction.

It took him all of two seconds to realize they were stalking the movements of something pacing deep within her.

His lips parted and he found himself breathless as he stared at her. When her hand slipped from his, he found his hand continuing the motion back and forth, back and forth. His throat was dry. He found it hard to breathe.

"I've freaked you out."

"No, you haven't," he rasped out.

"Then why are you looking at me like that?" She wanted to know softly.

"How am I looking at you?" He asked in genuine confusion.

"Mr Morgenstern is on the way!" Jonatan thudded back towards them.

Chloe and Sebastian scrambled apart as Jonathan arrived and sat down next to them. Jonathan ignored Sebastian and smiled as he wrapped an arm around his sister, pulling her in tightly to his side. Chloe, for her part, looked in heaven as she cuddled into her brother's embrace.

Sebastian stared at them, finding himself unable to look away even as the dreamscape changed.

"What news do you bring?"

"They have her in Alicante," the Elf replied immediately. "They are keeping hushed about the details, but there are rumors she is ill. The Warlocks Catarina Loss and Ragnor Fell are said to be tending to her, as well as a Silent Brother."

Titania sat upon her throne and stared at her ring, which she twirled upon her finger. "Send someone to Ragnor Fell. We have had good relations with him in the past."

"Yes my Queen," he nodded and, with a bow, left.

Titania continued to stare at her ring before she clutched her hand tightly.


How had they gotten here?

One minute Jace had somehow gotten control over his body, had been racing towards Chloe to yank her out of that sigil…

…and then in the blinking of an eye he found himself in the midst of a large ballroom. There was a party underway, and from how tipsy some of the people were, the party had been going on for hours.

He peered around, trying to find Chloe in the horde of merrymakers. No matter where he looked he couldn't find her. Desperation clawed in his throat and threatened to suffocate him.

And yet, when he finally found her, that desperation turned dark and ugly.

There she was. Sweet Angel but she was beautiful. Her dress was a lavish green, and it hung tight in all the right places. Her hair was pinned up in a lavish style which displayed the many runes that covered her neck and chest. Chloe looked completely different than she had two seconds ago, as if that had all been a nightmare.

Now she was a dream.

Jace found himself unable to swallow passed the lump in his throat, but it wasn't only out of awe of how beautiful his woman looked. No. The further reason for his suddenly frozen posture, for the way his palms balled into fists at his side, was the man next to her.

Sebastian Verlac smirked down at Chloe, his expression teasing, yet his eyes weren't amused. No. Those eyes were hungry. Those were the eyes of a predator eyeing its prey. He snickered and reached out to brush a strand of golden hair out of Chloe's face.

She flushed at the touch. Her gaze lowered to her clasped hands before it raised to meet his black gaze as she smiled shyly.

Something within Jace went utterly still.

He knew Sebastian wasn't able to control himself anymore, that he was trapped in this dreamworld, but Jace was going to kill him. He wasn't sure exactly how, especially given the fact that he didn't really have control over himself, but he knew then and there that Sebastian was going to be evicted posthaste. It wasn't as if he was actually going to be killing the real Sebastian, just some shell that he inhabited.

All Jace was going to do was evict Sebastian from Chloe's mind before he did something Jace would have to kill him in real life for.

'To love is to destroy,' his father's words whispered in his ear, and for the first time Jace truly understood them. He was taken aback to be honest. Chloe might've spoken against the lesson, yet as Jace actively planned Sebastian's destruction, he realized that his father had been a hundred per cent correct. Jace would never destroy Chloe, he'd never hurt her, but he was his father's son.

A part of him could understand what Valentine had done to Luke. Jace had heard the stories from Chloe, who'd heard it from Jocelyn herself. Valentine had believed Luke had loved Jocelyn, and he'd known how deeply Jocelyn cared for Luke - he'd orchestrated Luke's demise to stop him from destroying what Valentine had loved the most: his relationship with his wife.

'The men in our family love but once,' his father's words whispered once more in his ear. 'Do not allow yourself to love too easily. It is a weakness, they are our only weakness. To be loved is to be destroyed.'

He suddenly got that too.

Because they only loved once, that person was able to destroy them unlike anything else.

Jace hadn't realized he'd moved, that he was heading towards them, until he'd pushed someone out of the way so hard they nearly fell to the ground. He didn't pay any attention to their cries as he stormed closer and closer to where Sebastian had grabbed Chloe's hand and held it tightly.

Chloe stared up at Sebastian with wide eyes.

"I hope I'm interrupting," Jace said what he'd wanted to say for the first time since he'd invaded this body.

Sebastian and Chloe turned to look at him in surprise, the former's expression slowly soured while the latter looked confused.

"Clary's with Jonathan right now," Chloe announced as she pointed to the dance floor, and was visibly surprised when Jace didn't glance where she pointed. "Uh, you okay Herondale? You look… different… somehow."

Herondale? Why would she—? Oh, right, he was supposed to be…. But why would she call him that? He got everyone else, but not her. She—.

He went cold all over as understanding hit.

She was losing herself to the curse.

Whatever had happened to her in the infinity sigil…

…it must've done something - pushed her over the edge somehow.

In seconds Jace grabbed Chloe's wrist and yanked her hand out of Sebastian's as he dragged her towards the dance floor. "Let's dance."

"W-what? Why?" She tried to pull away but he tightened his grip as he pulled her quicker. "What are you doing? Will you s-stop?!"

He swung his girlfriend onto the dance floor before pulling her back to him, bringing the surprised girl into his chest so unexpectedly she nearly tripped on her way there. She hit his chest and gripped at his jacket in an effort to keep standing as she stared up into his eyes in obvious confusion.

He hated that look.

"What are you doing?" She asked shakily as he moved her hands to clasp them behind his neck. "Clary isn't going to get jealous if you dance with me, you know." The blonde tilted her head, her lips parted when he gripped her hips and pulled her into him. "What are you—-?"

He pulled them into the dancing mob, leading her into the dance. He'd never thought Maryse's lessons would actually be useful, and yet as he led Chloe through the steps he couldn't help but grin. They needed to do this in the real world.

Her eyes narrowed on him. "What's your endgame here? Because other than Sebastian killing you, I don't see what—."

Jace snorted. "He could try. He wouldn't be successful."

She blinked up at him in obvious shock. "Excuse me?"

"I said," he repeated as he leaned down so their noses were nearly touching as he pulled her much closer than the dance dictated - allowed, "that he could try."

A gasp escaped her lips, and something happened in her eyes. There was a moment in which she stared up at him and she was his Chloe, but in a blink it was gone and she looked very scandalized. "I don't know what's gotten into you all of a sudden to make you so uncharacteristically arrogant, but let me tell you something you already know: you can't beat Sebastian." She sneered up at him. "You never could, never will. You're not half the Shadowhunter he is."

Jace smiled down at her, and he figured the dangerous thing inside of him showed in his eyes because hers widened and she looked stricken. He danced them out of the crowd and into the darker corner of the room, and then, as soon as they were hidden from the others, he gripped her hand and stormed out, dragging her behind him.

"Jace!" Chloe's protests were hardly heard above the merriment.

As soon as they were in the darkened, abandoned corridor, Jace flung her back into the wall and trapped her there with his body, his hands flat against the surface on either side of her head.

Chloe's lips parted as she stared up at him in shock. "Are you drunk?"

He smiled once more, and like before he could feel the steel in it. "I won't forgive you if you cheat on me."

Her eyes were so wide it must hurt. "You are drunk."

Jace slammed his hands against the wall angrily as he leaned in closer. "I don't know why I have control right now, but I'm not going to let it go to waste."

"What exactly are you drunk on?" Chloe enquired curiously. "Because I want to try it."

"You're under a curse," Jace told her as the anger from before continued to simmer deep inside of him. "None of this is real."

Her expression closed off immediately. "Shut up."

Her answer only served to fuel that thing within. "Excuse me?"

"I said: SHUT UP." Her eyes darkened as she shoved him away from her with surprising force. "I'm sick and tired of your crap. Look, I understand why you're angry at me, I've been behaving - but things are different now, okay? I don't—."

"None of this is real," Jace pushed, his tone steel. "You're stuck in a hallucination and—."

He didn't see the slap coming. Her palm connected with his cheek so sharply his head swung with the blow. Jace caught her wrist before she could slap him again - and then the other when she tried to use it as well.

"Let go!" She snapped.

"Why should I?" Jace ignored the throbbing pain in his cheek. "You're mine."

Her eyes flickered quite visibly, her pupils dilating and contracting. She blinked, shook her head, and was once more this 'other' her. "How dare you?"

"You are mine," he repeated slowly, menacingly. "And I am yours."

Shock covered her face before she shook it away. "Stop whatever game you're playing. Clary doesn't care about you, and Sebastian will—."

"Stop it," he hissed softly, urgently.

"I'm not doing anything."

"Stop saying his name." Jace's golden gaze fixed on hers as he backed her right back against the wall, his hands once more on the surface on either side of her head, keeping her trapped.

"What?" She breathed shakily.

"I'm barely controlling my temper as is," he admitted in a hoarse tone. "Hearing you keep saying his name is breaking my every restraint." His gaze held hers captive. "If you need a name to keep repeating, use mine." Those orbs lowered to her lips. "That's the only name you should be chanting, and if you're breathless while you're doing it, that would be even better."

A dark blush climbed its way up her chest towards her neck. "Are you high on Pixie Dust? I can't think of anything else that could have such an effect on—."

This wasn't the time to be distracted, not when he was on a mission and in control of himself, but as he stared down at her he couldn't stop himself.

Right there, in the middle of her rant, he lost all control and kissed her.