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Sequel to: Jace Morgenstern's Unlucky Streak

"You know better than to come here, what if someone had seen you?"

Those words stopped young Max Lightwood from turning the corner as he pressed against the wall and listened. He recognized the voice as belonging to one of the Elders in the Clave, although he couldn't quite pinpoint which of the men it was.

"You worry too much, old man," the voice sneered. "We've got everything out of control. The Inquisitor is dead, she won't be able to tell anyone what she's discovered about the Morgenstern boy. And we have a handle on the rest."

"By a 'handle' do you mean nearly killing the Wayland girl with your tampering?" The Claveman hissed. "We need her alive! She's been in critical condition ever since—!"

"You concentrate on not messing up your part of this, and don't bother yourself on what we're doing," the other person replied snidely. "What news do you have about Laneara's daughter?"

There was a moments silence, and when he spoke, the Clave member's voice was strained. "She doesn't know anything, and it'll remain that way until her time has come to act."

"Do not let anything happen to her," the other person announced. "She is vital to our endeavors. She cannot be harmed in any way."

"I know that," the Clave member hissed before he sighed. "Everything will be ready for when you need it to be."

"Good. If you mess anything, it is your head." And with that footsteps could be heard walking away.

Max's eyes widened as he hurried away. He didn't know exactly what he'd heard, what they'd been talking about, but something inside of his gut twisted in unease.

Sebastian finally pushed his way passed the mob and left the room where the Shadowhunters were enjoying themselves, celebrating whatever this event was supposed to be. For the first time he and the vessel that controled him were in complete agreement in exactly what they wanted to do. He was curious as to why Jace had pulled her away, especially like that. He'd looked hostile, but not towards Chloe but Sebastian. From what he'd observed while trapped in this body 'Herondale' wasn't the type to be hostile or provoke Sebastian in any way, but 'Morgenstern' would most definitely.

Had Jace somehow gotten control of his vessel? And if so how? And why had Jace just dragged her away? Why hadn't he just grabbed the both of them and helped Sebastian get control? Why hadn't he asked for help to get through to Chloe? It didn't make any sense. And that was why Sebastian was trailing after.

When he heard voices he softened his pace and peered around the corner in the dark, abandoned corridor to find Jace and Chloe standing facing each other.

"Stop saying his name." Jace's back was to Sebastian as he backed Chloe backwards into the wall, his hands slamming on the surface on either side of her head, keeping her trapped.

"What?" She breathed shakily, her gaze raised to his face, her attention completely riveted on him.

"I'm barely controlling my temper as is," he admitted in a hoarse tone which betrayed just how constrained he was. "Hearing you keep saying his name is breaking my every restraint." The downward angle of his head betrayed that his gaze was meeting hers. "If you need a name to keep repeating, use mine. That's the only name you should be chanting, and if you're breathless while you're doing it, that would be even better."

Sebastian's eyes widened. This was most definitely 'Morgenstern' and not 'Herondale'!

A dark blush climbed it's way up her chest towards her neck. "Are you high on Pixie Dust? I can't think of anything else that could have such an effect on—."

Jace didn't let her finish, in fact, he didn't allow her to speak at all as he swooped in like some bird of prey and kissed her. His body molded against hers, allowing her no room to wriggle free as his hands moved to clutch fistfuls of her hair as he kissed her. Never before had Sebastian seen someone so desperate for something as Jace was for that kiss. It was as if Jace was suffocating, and she was the last breath of oxygen left in this world.

Chloe's hands balled into fists which she rammed into his sides, desperate to get him off. Her blows weren't soft, they were aiming to hurt, and Sebastian could tell that they were hitting their mark, and yet Jace wouldn't stop. He took the pain and continued to kiss her, to breathe her in, as if the pain were nothing.

Slowly, Chloe's hits lost their momentum, until her hands fell loosely to her sides.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes, and he was about to move forwards when those hands rose once more, and this time they gripped Jace's tailored jacket tightly, pulling him closer.

Jace let out a sound so embarrassingly needy Sebastian felt embarrassed on his behalf. The blonde warrior apparently didn't care just how… uncool… he was being as he kissed her harder, needier, more desperate even - and Sebastian hadn't thought that remotely possible until that second. Jace was acting as if he was a Yin Fen addict in withdrawals finally getting a hit of the drug he needed to breathe.

"Jace," Chloe whimpered as she tore her lips from his, only to groan when his lips merely lowered their journey to her neck. "If you're playing with me, I'll kill you."

He chuckled darkly against her skin. "Yeah?"

"Yeah." She was breathless, her lips parted. "There won't be enough of you left to identify."

Jace's only reply was to groan against her skin as his hands gripped fistfuls of her dress' skirt, bunching it at her hips. "You wont have to, I'm never letting you go."

Her answer was a snort. "Big talk from someone who just told me he'd never love me."

One of his hands let go of her skirt to reach up and instead clench a fistful of her hair, completely messing up the fancy hairstyle as he pulled and arched her head back, baring her neck to him. "Well that should've been your first damned clue that that wasn't me." He insinuated his thigh between hers proprietarily. "You're mine. I've gone through too much crap to let you get away!"

"Big talk," she repeated in his ear provokingly.

Jace reacted to the taunt by rubbing his thigh against her core.

Chloe's eyes widened and her lips parted as she pressed back hard against the wall.

"Wake up, Chloe," Jace whispered against her neck. "I'm not letting this spell have you."

She clutched at her shirt and seemed far too distracted by what his thigh was doing to her to truly even concentrate on his words.

Suddenly the ground around them began to shake, but neither seemed to notice as their lips met once more, their hands clutched deeply into each other's hair. Mirrors encircled them, mirrors which were badly broken, nearly completely destroyed. Behind them a second set of mirrors rose, and unlike those in the first row, these were intact and built sturdily.

Both rows had a mirror which featured Jace within, different views within each. As Sebastian glanced between them, he saw the shattered, crumbling mirror begin to glow a golden white light and slowly but very visibly regenerate. Yet for each crack that the golden mirror healed, a spiderweb crack began to form in the purply black one.

His eyes widened.

What was happening?

"What's happening?" Catarina asked in surprised as she stared down at the golden white light covering the near shattered bond. It seemed to bleed into each and every crack, filling it from within, growing it back.

"That isn't you, is it?" Ragnor asked her, although his gaze was on the manifestation of the bond. "Or you, Brother?"

That is something else, the Silent Brother responded. This is something more powerful than I have ever - this is from THEM.

"But how?" Catarina asked a very good surprise as she stopped funneling her magic into the bond. It wasn't necessary. No. It was healing itself and doing a far better job than they three of them combined could've even hoped for. "How are these two able to do something like this? How are they this powerful?"

Like the other two, Ragnor had stopped funneling his healing ability into Chloe. He merely stared down at her, at the Iratze rune Brother Zachariah had had to place on the wound that'd opened on her palm a while back, and then at Jace. Like Chloe, Jace appeared to be fevered, breathless.

These two were subconsciously doing something which three very powerful and experienced people had been failing miserably at. But how? How could two Shadowhunter children be capable of something like this?

Ragnor's eyes narrowed.

What don't I know?

One minute she'd been pressed against the wall, kissing Jace, her heart throbbing painfully in her chest, and the next…


Gasping, Chloe took in a deep breath as she sat up to find herself in her father's study. Mr Morgenstern, Mr Herondale and her father stared at her. Jonathan and Sebastian were there as well. She tried to understand what'd happened, how she'd ended up here, and it was only when she gazed down at the table in front of her, a small bit of drool collected there, that she realized what'd happened. She'd fallen asleep during the meeting and had been dreaming.

It'd all been a dream.

Of course it had been a dream! Even though she knew this was real, a part of her wanted it not to be. That was why she'd dreamt that!

She hated herself then and there, but now wasn't the time to punish herself. "I'm sorry, it won't happen again."

"You've been through a lot," father sighed, worry on his face. "Maybe you should retire and rest."

"No, I am fine." She sat straight and clasped her hands in front of her. "Magnus Bane is preparing for a ritual to bring his father into this realm. We cannot stress enough how badly having the Lord of Edom in our realm would be, not only for the Shadow World, but for mundanes as well."

"I hate to ask you this," Stephen Herondale announced, looking genuinely apologetic. "But is there anything else you learned that can help us? There hasn't been a summoning of this magnitude since Jonathan Shadowhunter and his Warlock summoned the Archangel Raziel. Whatever Magnus Bane and his ilk have planned, it must be more elaborate and intricate - which means it is fragile in nature. If we only knew more particulars we would have a means of disrupting their plans."

She thought back, her memories were still a little jumbled, but one thing kept coming back. "They need the Mortal Mirror." She glanced up at those seated watching her. "They kept trying to glean its location from me, but I don't know where it is. It was lost for centuries before I was even born so I couldn't be much of a help to them." The silence around the room was deafening as suspicion filled her. "But it isn't lost, is it? You know where it is."

"The Mortal Mirror is safe," Valentine announced as he took in a deep breath. "They will not get it."

"How can you be so sure? They already have the Sword and the Cup!" She stood up. "What's to keep them from getting the Mirror too?"

"They do not have the Sword or the Cup," Jonathan told her softly. "That was merely a part of your delusion."

Her gaze shifted over to Sebastian and he nodded his confirmation to the truth of that statement.

She sat back down and looked at her hands. Damn it! She needed to get her realities straight!

"Enough," Lili's voice caused everyone to stop as she stepped into the room. Her skin was paler than usual, her hair long and dark and trailing behind her as she came to stand next to Chloe. "My daughter has been through enough questioning. Do your job, stop putting so much on her shoulders."

The men remained quiet.

Lili helped Chloe up, and with an arm around her shoulders, led her out of the room towards her own bedroom. There she helped her into bed and sat down on the edge as she stared down at her. "Don't push yourself."

Settled in bed, with her blankets up to her chest, Chloe turned to look up at her mother's face. "What if I'm never able to fully ground myself in reality?"

"You're my daughter, failure isn't possible," Lili responded in utter seriousness as she brushed some of Chloe's hair away. "My blood runs through your veins, anything is possible."

A smile tugged at the corner of Chloe's lips as she stared up at the ever-confident woman.

"I heard what happened with Stephen's son in the infirmary." Lili tilted her head. "Did he really mean so much to you in this other reality you were put in? Did you love him so much that you would attack him like that? Try to force him despite knowing his feelings for your best friend?"

Shame filled Chloe's body as she took in a stuttered breath. "I love him so much it hurts."

Lili frowned softly as she brushed her fingertips soothingly against the side of her daughter's face. "Go on."

"It's not important, it wasn't real."

"It was real to you," Lili whispered. "Please, tell me more."

Biting down on her bottom lip, Chloe shifted in bed so that she was seated, arms curled around her knees. "In the dreamworld he was Valentine's only child, Clary didn't exist. It was only one of the many differences." She licked her lips. "You weren't my mother. I can't—I can't remember the woman now, she's like a faint memory of a bad dream, but I know she was supposed to be my mother, not you."

"You mentioned a name when you were only recently returned to us: Moira Laneara," Lili spoke softly. "We know that name. That woman tried to kidnap you when you were a newborn."

Chloe's eyes widened. "What?"

"Your father stopped her, but only just." Lili's face betrayed a storm brewing deep within her soul at the memory. "She tried to take my child from me… and for Magnus Bane to have supplanted me with her - to have killed off your father and brother…" She let out a dark growl. "I will never forgive him. If I see him I will kill him. I do not care who his father is."

Unable to watch her mother suffering like this, Chloe reached out and gripped her hand. She flinched, it was the hand that she'd cut during the spell with Clary, and it hadn't healed back yet for some reason, but she didn't let go of her mother's hand. In fact, she squeezed it harder.

Lili smiled softly at her. "Tell me more. How can I ever begin to try and help you if I don't even know what lies you've been told?"

Getting comfortable in bed, Chloe stared at her mother before answering. "I know it wasn't real, but the feelings I developed there are. I love Jace Morgenstern, and he was the first person alive who made me feel loved in return. I didn't know what it was like until he arrived." She sighed heavily. "I know that Sebastian and I were together before I was taken… but when I look at him I don't feel the way I do when I look at Jace. Or when Jace looks at me." She smiled at the memory, but it was bittersweet. She could easily picture Jace's loving gaze… but she could just as easily see him turning that very same gaze on to Clary, and it made that thing inside of her churn unhappily.

"What were you just thinking? Just now?" Lili pressed curiously.

"To love is to destroy," Chloe admitted softly. "And to love is to be destroyed."

Lili raised an eyebrow as she curled up on the bed next to Chloe, getting comfortable on the sheets. "Where did you ever hear that?"

"Valentine—that version of Valentine—taught it to Jace when he was young, killed his falcon to prove a point," she responded as she turned so she was lying facing her mother. "He shouldn't have killed the falcon… but he might have had a point."

Lili continued to watch her in dark curiosity. "And why do you think that?"

"Because…" Chloe hesitated a second before she responded. "I love my version of Jace so much… I want to destroy this one."

One minute Jace had been glorying in Chloe's hungered reciprocation, and then, in the blink of an eye he found himself on his knees at a playground situated somewhere in Metropolis. He frowned in confusion and disorientation. This wasn't what he'd expected. What had happened? Why had the dreamscape changed so unexpectedly? And where was Chloe? A quick glance around him proved that he knew the location, and he recognized Clary, but Chloe was no where around. Another guy was there, gangly, brunette with glasses. Jace felt as if his vessel recognized him, but Jace himself did not, so he assumed this was yet another person created to supplant someone who meant something to Chloe in real life.

"Are you okay?" Clary asked as she reached her hand out to help Jace up.

"Dude, you just went down," the guy with her announced as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "One minute you're talking, the next - Black Hawk Down!"

Jace ignored Clary and her hand as he pushed to his feet. Where was Chloe? Where was Sebastian? He glanced around the playground before noticing two figures further behind them, half covered by the shadows of the night. But even this distance he could recognize somehow that one of those figures was Chloe. Was the other figure Sebastian? Maybe. Did he care? No.

"Jace?" Clary asked softly as she placed her hand on his shoulder. "Is there something wrong? You've been acting weird ever since you came over to us at the Institute and asked to tag along tonight."

Shrugging off her touch, Jace narrowed his eyes in the darkness, trying to see what was going on back there between Chloe and Sebastian but couldn't. That was when he began walking, slowly at first and then rapidly starting off into a full-on sprint. He didn't even realize he had control of himself, all he knew was that Chloe and Sebastian were arguing.

"This is dangerous and stupid!" Sebastian snapped as he threw his hands in the air. "Mr Morgenstern said—."

"Magnus Bane was spotted in Cairo, he's not in the city, and I need to be here right now. I can't remember why but I do." Chloe motioned around her at the old, abandoned playground. "This is important somehow. I came here before I was taken. There has to be a reason for it. I wouldn't just come to an abandoned playground for nothing!"

"This is where Bane lured you in by using Clary," Sebastian announced in utter frustration. "Why do you think she goto so pale when you told her you wanted to come here tonight?"

Chloe froze. "What?"

"You left the meeting spot where you were waiting on Mr Morgenstern and came here because Magnus Bane took Clary and offered a trade - you for her." Sebastian lowered his head. "You took the trade. That's how you ended up captured. Okay?"

Jace skidded to a stop and flung his arms up in an effort to keep balance. He looked down to find that he'd skidded on shards of glass which littered the playground floor. He frowned. Why were there shards of glass all over the place?

He then looked up and noticed that there were (behind Chloe) mangled looking mirrors whose glass were so broken he was finding it hard to see what was reflecting off of them. But then he noticed something else. There were eyes in the darkness fixed on Chloe. Glowing eyes. Inhuman eyes. Fastly approaching eyes.


Racing forwards once more, Jace jumped, managing to push Chloe and fall out of the way in time for a large wolf to jump out of the shadows and miss Sebastian by an inch or so as he dodged the attack. Jace and Chloe tumbled on the ground before coming to rest with Chloe lying on top of Jace, staring down into his eyes in shock. Jace stared up into her face, his heart racing at just how close—he wanted to kiss her but now was not the time.

"Aw, you just had to come and ruin the fun," a voice declared from the shadows.

Chloe's eyes widened in horror and she looked up, scrambling off of Jace and staring into the darkness as a figure emerged. "Luke?"

Jace got to his feet as well and turned to face the werewolf and his pack as they emerged. "What the Angel do you think you're doing?"

"Aw, look, the Shadowhunter thinks he can browbeat us with the Law," another voice declared as Clark Kent emerged, his eyes just as glowing as the others. He was another werewolf. But why? Clark was a Downworlder in the real world, but not a werewolf.

"Clark?" Chloe asked softly, confusion clearly written over her face. "You're a werewolf?"

Jace turned to look at her in shock.

Clark laughed. "Magnus was right! The spell is still muddling her up! This is so funny!" He glanced over his shoulder. "Lois! Get a load of this!"

Chloe went still in visible horror as a set of those glowing yellow eyes emerged to lean against Luke. "Lois."

"Hey 'Lil Cuz'," Lois chuckled darkly, grinning, showing teeth. "How'ya doing?"

"No." Chloe shook her head as her hands rose to her hair.

"Aw, I almost feel bad," Lois laughed as she rubbed her cheek against Luke's arm. "Is it even fair to attack her when she's this pathetic?"

"It's what Magnus wants," Luke answered as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "And Magnus gets what Magnus wants."

"Okay." Lois grinned, seeming convinced very easily.

Jace turned to Chloe, sure she would see through this, and yet her hands were gripping her hair, her eyes visibly reflecting pain.

Behind her he could hear the sound of cracking, and that sound drew his attention towards the still obscured standing mirrors. That was why he didn't see the attack coming, and found himself being flung back with a werewolf on his chest, pinning him to the ground. The sound of Chloe screaming his name rang in his ears as the werewolf reared down to tear his throat out, only for a throwing star to imbed itself into the creature's face, forcing it off of Jace. He quickly got to his feet and turned to look in the direction of the throwing star, seeing Clary throwing the silver weapons around her with practiced ease while the glasses guy quickly climbed up a tree.

Reaching into his pocket, Jace's hand found the handle of a compact, concealed Seraph Blade. Yanking it out, he whispered its name and it grew in his hands, glowing with angelic power.

"Clark, please, don't do this," Chloe pleaded as they circled each other, her face agonized as she held a Seraph Blade in her hand.

Now in wolf form, Clark visibly snickered before attacking.

Jace wanted to go help, but three werewolves circled him and attacked, and it was all he could do to keep from being scratched. While he knew this was a spell, he knew injuries from the spell actually manifested on their bodies, and he couldn't allow his body to be weakened more than it already was. That was why he put his all into the fight, especially after glancing over and realizing that Chloe was fighting off Clark, using merely defensive moves, yet fighting him off nonetheless while begging for him to stop attacking.

Jace lost himself in the fight, in trying to keep those snapping jaws and curled claws away from him. He moved quickly, sliding out of the way of blows while dealing his own, slicing into werewolf flesh with the Seraph Blade, sending fur and blood flying. The next time he was able to cast a glance in her direction, Jace realized that Sebastian was the one fighting Clark, the Shadowhunter standing between the werewolf and Chloe, who was on the ground, four large gashes trailing up from her knee to hip, open and bleeding. Chloe stared down at her shredded pants, at the blood seeping from her thigh, at her blood-covered hands, and then looked up at Clark with such betrayal it pained Jace.

With her attention solely on Clark, Chloe didn't notice the werewolf charging at her from behind until the wolf that was Lois Lane sunk her teeth deep into Chloe's shoulder and neck, shaking her head viciously as she backed away quickly, dragging the screaming girl with her on the ground. She let go of Chloe only to stand on her chest, crushing the blonde, her mouth bloody and wide in a visibly pleased grin.

"Lois please," Chloe begged. "Lois don't do this!"

The wolf clawed down the side of Chloe's face.

"Lois! PLEASE!"

Lois surged forwards to rip Chloe's throat out, only to be knocked off of Chloe at the last second as Clary barreled into her, causing the two to tumble onto the ground.

Clary hurried to her feet and twirled her Seraph Blade, forcing the charging Lois back when her weapon sliced down her front right arm.

Jace tried to go towards Chloe, who continued to lay on her back on the ground, but once more his path was blocked.

Cursing, he attacked.

Chloe struggled to her feet, her whole body in agony. Her left leg hurt so badly she couldn't rest any of her weight on it, and her shoulder was throbbing while her blood trailed warmly down her body. Pain throbbed its way to her very core, distracting her even as she tried to find her stele to apply an iratze on the worse of her wounds. How could she have ever thought this was a dream? No dream could hurt this much. It couldn't. And yet she could feel it, feel that little part of her that still wanted to believe…

But it's Lois - Clark - Luke - they wouldn't do this - they're not evil - this can't be real!

And yet she could feel the fatigue begin to take over as she lost more and more blood. And not only that, but she couldn't find her stele. It took her a moment to realize that she couldn't remember the last time she'd seen it.

Did I ever get it back from Magnus when he held me captive?

The bloodlust in Clark's face as he dug his claws deep into Chloe's hip and tore into her skin all the way towards the her knee - flashed in front of her eyes.


The clear sneer on Lois' face as she forced the oxygen out of Chloe's body by standing on her chest, readying to tear out of her throat - played over and over again.


Clark and Lois' faces, their attacks, repeated over and over again in front of her, replaying one after the other in a seemingly endless loop.

Chloe's gaze lowered to her trembling hands and watched as trails of blood fell from her fingertips. Those crimson drops splashed onto the small pool of blood collecting beneath her.

Clark laughing. Clark rolling his eyes. Clark grabbing her hand and forcing her to run behind him as the sounds of fighting could be heard.

Clark sneering. Clark taunting her. Clark digging his claws deep into her and tearing her flesh open.

The world spun round and round as confusion and disorientation took root.

Which was real? Which—which was Clark?

Lois making a face as she glanced up at Magnus' many paintings. Lois grinning brightly and holding up a shirt to Chloe while telling her it was definitely long enough. Lois holding Chloe close, tears in her eyes as she whispered in the blonde's ear.

Lois emerging with glowing golden eyes. Lois referring to her as pathetic. Lois biting deep inside of Chloe's shoulder and dragging her away and scraping her back against the asphalt.

Nausea rolled in her stomach, the blonde unable to look away from the blood as it dripped off of her, each drip getting louder and louder and louder and louder and louder and louder.

Lois making wise cracks while touring the Institute for the first time. Lois arriving at the diner with Alec and smiling in utter relief when she saw that Chloe was alive and well. Lois resting with her arm around Chloe's shoulder, her head against Chloe's.

Lois shaking her head while her fangs were deep inside of Chloe's shoulder, the action opening up the wounds even more. Lois forcing the oxygen out of Chloe by jumping hard on her chest, suffocating her with her weight. Lois, even in wolf form, unable to hide her glee as he stared into Chloe's eyes, wanting her to know that she was about to die now and there was nothing she could do about it.

Her hand twitched once, twice, three times.

Lois making decisions about Chloe's life with Jace, not even bothering to include Chloe in those decisions.

Lois grinning, her fangs covered with Chloe's blood.

Lois lying to her face, hiding the fact that she was meeting up with Jace.

Lois surging forwards to rip out Chloe's throat.

Something behind her cracked, loudly. The sound sent a cold chill throughout Chloe's body as she took in a deep breath and looked up, finding her friends being overwhelmed by the wolfpack. Even with the power of the Angel the Shadowhunters were slowly yet surely being caged in. If something didn't change, didn't happen soon, they'd be surrounded and it would be game over.

Fear welled up in her like a rising tide. There was so little she could do, but she had to do something! If she didn't they'd die!

Feeling a growl behind her, Chloe forced herself to turn around, and found herself face to face with Luke Garroway in wolf form. "No." She shook her head in denial. "Please, Luke." She took a step back, another, steps which he matched. "Don't do this." Another step back, another step after her. "Please!" Tears filled her eyes and she hated herself for them, for how weak she was, but she couldn't help it, not when images of this man and his bookstore flashed before her eyes. "PLEASE!"

With a howl, Luke leapt on top of her, teeth bared.

Killing the last werewolf, Jace searched for Chloe but couldn't find her. He was about to start running, to search for wherever she was, when he saw movement. It was Luke in wolf form, and Luke was on top of someone. Jace's eyes widened in horror when he saw blonde hair fanning under the wolf, but before he could even take a step towards her Luke toppled over to on the ground on the side of Chloe's body, revealing a silver dagger hilt deep into his heart.

Chloe laid covered in blood beneath him, the blood both Luke's and her own. She stared up at the black sky before she turned to look at Luke's face as it slowly morphed from wolf to human. Luke lay human, naked, next to her, his eyes staring deep into hers, no life in them. She took in a deep, stuttered breath, another, and then she started to scream and scream and scream.

The world around them began to shake, to tremble violently, and then began to explode all around them.

Chloe closed her eyes and gripped her hair, screaming endlessly as she curled up in a small ball.

The mirrors in the distance disintegrated.

As the world around them started to break apart, Jace could see the moment Sebastian realized what was happening, the boy's face filled in horror as he took one step back, and another. Chloe's unstable mind was breaking apart and it was taking everything with it.

As Sebastian took another step backwards Jace surged forwards, ducking falling trees and jumping over sinkholes as they appeared all over the ground. He ignored the danger, ignored the apocalypse taking place all around him. All he could see, could concentrate on, was the girl curled up in a ball screaming and screaming and screaming.

Jace finally reached Chloe and collapsed to his knees, pulling the screaming girl into his arms and cradling her in his lap as he wrapped himself around her, trying to protect her from the destruction happening all around them. Whispering softly into her hair, Jace closed his eyes tightly and held onto Chloe, refusing to let go.

Seconds later the world ended.