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Walking through the gates of St. Pancras Gardens wasn't a new experience, but it did seem like a lifetime ago that mother had brought him here in the spring before his first year of schooling, only this time he didn't turn his nose up at the people milling about. He liked the normalcy, the anonymity that came with being a wizard in the muggle world. No one knew his name, his family history, or the dark times that seemed to define his past. He was just another person jogging the snowy path along old St. Pancras church, trainers hitting the pavement, knit cap pulled tight around his ears, helping his ear buds stay in place like anyone else. Small gusts of wind swirled the fresh snow about his feet as he picked up speed, pulling his hood over his cap to keep the cold from creeping up the back of his neck. He rounded a corner just as Orange Star High's "Coming Down" began to play, only to collide with a photographer who backed carelessly through the churches gates to get a wider angle. A rush of long caramel curls and maroon wool flooded his vision as his ass hit cold hard pavement. How lucky was he that his hands instinctively pulled the brunette beauty with him by her thick coat preventing her from hitting the ground, landing in his lap instead.

However, what made him the unluckiest bastard in this park was the identity of the girl who happened to land with her hands on his chest, little miss perfect, Hermione Granger. What made him doubly unlucky?

Her chest was pumping, clouds of steam billowing out of those perfect lips as she stared at him with those big doe eyes and a pink flush to her cheeks. "D-Draco?"

That was it, he was done for. He wasn't sure what had started it, the way her amber eyes pierced him just inches from his own or that the top two buttons of her coat gave way in the fall, revealing her deep V-neck blouse and everything it contained. On the other hand it was Granger saying his name that made him try to punch through his jogging pants. "Granger…"

"Oh shoot..." she mumbled pushing herself up, inspecting her camera for any damage though he didn't see any.

He absently swatted the snow from his backside as he stood, the cold having seeped through the thin layers of his compression wear and wind trousers. "I'll be off then." He waved her off and started to walk east toward his apartment near granary square.

"Draco wait!" had been the last thing he expected to hear out of Miss Grangers pretty little mouth and it wasn't helping his lower half calm the hell down. He pulled off his cap and turned back to look at her. "If you want to talk Granger you'll have to walk with me."

The fall had pulled out his ear buds the next song chattering away as they lay over his shoulders. He really didn't want to be followed but he wasn't going to tell her that. If she followed him then it was her choice and he wanted to know why. For all the people in the world he could have run into why did it have to be that leggy brunette and her bookish ways. She should hate him after all, for more reasons than are universally known. Back in school they weren't such enemies as everyone presumed… at least not all the time.