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It was over a thousand years ago, the school Hogwarts was founded by the 4 greatest witch and wizards of their age. Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. The 4 founders were very close friends, all had different traits that they held with pride, bravery, loyalty, intelligence, and cunning respectively. The 4 lived together in harmony, with raising young witches and wizards in order to control their magical abilities responsibly. However, one wizard was not like the rest. Salazar did not like the idea of muggle born or half blood children running around his school. Godric on the other hand, dismissed his idea by telling him that all magical children were to be treated equally. Salazar did not like the idea and would tend to seclude himself in his dungeon.

If there was one founder that would calm him, it would be Rowena. The woman would hold a long conversation or debate with him, and in the end would agree with their words. Rowena would often visit Salazar in his dungeon to make sure he is alright and would often talk with him for hours. Godric and Helga know about their constant visits to one another and would often tease them about it.

However, this one night, after a confrontation with Godric about Muggle born and Half-bloods, Salazar decided he could not take it anymore and decided to leave a school. Now, Salazar is walking down the dark hallways of the school towards one of the girls bathroom. He looked around to see if anyone followed him and went him. Unknown to him, someone in a long dark blue robe with a hood covering their identity was following in the shadows. He soon stepped in front of the sinks and spoke a language that the hooded figure knew as his language. Parseltongue. The sinks then separated from each other revealing an entry way deep within the catacombs of the school. Salazar went in and the hooded figure follow once they were sure that he was down below.

Salazar then walked the dark pathway with only his wand lighting him. He stopped at a large door and spoke again in his foreign language. The door opened and he went in, followed my the cloaked figure. The cloaked figure then saw so many statues of snakes on water and up ahead was a head statue of Salazar.

"What is he doing…." the cloaked figure whispered to self. The figure then hid behind one of the snakes when Salazar stopped in front of his own face.

Salazar spoke in parselmouth and the mouth of the statue open, revealing a large dragon snake like creature. The figure looked at it and knew what it was, which caused the figure to lower their hood to cover their eyes. What is he doing with a Basilisk? The figure thought.

"I shall be leaving the school...only you and my heir will be the only ones able to fix this place...Once my heir returns he will awaken you and you will help him or her by ridding the school of muggles-born and half bloods" Salazar spoke to the creature. It nodded it's head in understanding.

"Yes...master…" The snake replied. The figure gasped at Salazar's plan, which caused the figure to step back, making a small splash of water to be heard by the wizard.

"Who's there!?" Salazar yelled, pointing a wand at any of the snake heads. The figure covered their mouth and held onto their wand for protection.

"If you do not come one, my basilisk will find you and kill you where you stand…" Salazar warned. The figure did not want death so, it stepped out of the shadows and towards Salazar slowly.

"Reveal yourself…" Salazar said, wand at the ready. The figure lowered their hood and soon Salazar was face to face with a woman with sapphire blue eyes that he held high regards for and fallen for.

"Rowena… what are you doing here? Did you follow me?" Salazar said. Rowena only nodded.

"Yes...when I heard your confrontation with Godric, I had to see you, but then I notice you heading for another direction than your dungeon, so I followed in hiding… I knew you would not want to show me if I was noticed…" Rowena said. She was still hesitant at looking at the basilisk but she looked at the creature's body.

"You should not have followed...I will only hurt you, and you will only hurt yourself by following…" Salazar said

"Are you really leaving…?" Rowena asked. Her voice was starting to weaken. Salazar only nodded and looked away from her.

"I have to… No one respects my decision around here... Not even Godric" Salazar said.

"I respect your decision! I listen to you… Aren't I enough?" Rowena said. Salazar looked at her sadly and walked up to her, holding her by the shoulder and lowering his hand to her arms.

"Of course your presence is enough for me...But my decision is for the school..and I need more than just you...I need the agreement of the other two...Helga of course will agree with Godric and whatever he says…" Salazar explained. He and Rowena knew that Helga had a thing for the Gryffindor.

"I see...I understand but… You do not have to leave...we can talk to Godric together...You do not have to leave the school...You do not have to leave me" Rowena said, lowering her face on his chest, as tears started to fall.

Salazar looked down at her and wrapped his arms around her. The basilisk then neared its head a little closer to try and comfort the two. Salazar stroked Rowena's black curly hair and whispered lovingly in her ears.

"I will write to you… I will make sure you do not forget me...I just do not want to bring you into a life that you will regret in the end…" Rowena looked at him with tears in her eyes and held his face.

"If anything involves you, I will regret nothing" with that said, Rowena leaned in and kissed his lips gently. Salazar leaned in and kissed her lips just as, but soon it became passionate. Once their passionate kiss ended, Rowena looked at the Basilisk, whose eyes were closed.

"So this is what you have been keeping hidden... It certainly is a beautiful creature" Rowena touched it's head and Salazar just held her waist.

"Yes she is...But we must go now…" Salazar said and spoke in parseltongue to the snake to make it go back inside. The two them left the chamber and were outside of the girls bathroom.

Rowena then followed Salazar out to the front of the school for his departure. The skies turned grey and rain was starting to pour down from the heavens. Rowena and Salazar were soaking wet, with Rowena's gown and Salazar's robe drench in water. Rowena held him by the cheeks one last time, as he held her by the waist. She kissed him again and he kissed back.

"Why...why can't you just stay…" Rowena asked in between kisses. Salazar pulled back and looked at her sadly.

"I just can' know very well why…" Salazar said and kissed her one last time. He then moved away from her and Rowena started crying, tears mixed with rain water just made it look like the rain was making her cry.

"I'm sorry… and goodbye my little raven…" Salazar said and with his wand, he apparated away. With that said, Rowena covered her face and fell to her knees, crying all the pain away.

"Why….why now….WHY!?" Rowena yelled and just hugged herself. After a few minutes. She stood up weakly and went back to her tower to change.

A few months went by and the 2 founders find out that Rowena was pregnant with a little girl. Rowena smiled at her friends who were happy for her. They asked who the father was, to which Rowena said. "He is long gone". Godric did not get the idea but only nodded and said he was sorry. Helga on the other hand knew and nodded at Rowena, signifying that she understood. In a few more months the little Ravenclaw was born and was named Helena. Helena had her mother's hair, but she had her father's green emerald eyes. Rowena looked at them and thought how much it looked like his. She then hugged her little girl and cried a little, to which the little baby hugged her mother's neck and giggled.

She looked at her daughter and smiled. She prayed to God that what would happen to Helena would not be what had happen to her. Oh how very wrong would the Ravenclaw mother be.

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