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"Why...why can't you just stay…" Rowena asked in between kisses. Salazar pulled back and looked at her sadly.

"I just can' know very well why…" Salazar said and kissed her one last time. He then moved away from her and Rowena started crying, tears mixed with rain water just made it look like the rain was making her cry.

"I'm sorry… and goodbye my little raven…" Salazar said and with his wand, he apparated away. With that said, Rowena covered her face and fell to her knees, crying all the pain away.

The page then turns.

"...Oh my god….HELENA!" The Baron kneeled and held her in his arms. He started crying tears, flowing from his eyes and onto her dying body.

"Why….Why Baron…" Helena asked with her last breath, as the life now left her body. The Baron dropped her body and cried with his hands on his face. He could not go back. He could not tell Lady Rowena that he had killed her, killed the love of his life. He then knew what he had to do. He grabbed the knife that killed his beloved and rammed it through his own heart.

His body fell right beside Helena's. His attire now stained with his and his love's own blood. He has no choice but to live out the guilt for the rest of his life. He reached to Helena's face and caressed it one last time. He slowly closed his eyes as his life left his body.

The page then turns one last time.

"Why...why are you doing this to me? Why me?" Myrtle asked as she whimpered

"Because I love you… And even if you do not believe it… Ironic is it not, me, the heir of Slytherin, falling in love with a mudblood Ravenclaw" Tom said. Myrtle looked at him surprised

"Your...your what…?" Myrtle asked

"Oh you did not know? I am the Heir of Salazar Slytherin...And I am destined for great things" Tom said with a grin on his face. Myrtle only looked at him. Tears started to form in her eyes from fear.

The blue grey eyes of a young girl scanned the pages over and over again. She was in the far back corner of the library, close to the restricted section, but not too close to get scolded by the librarian. The young reader had long curly blonde hair that reached her waist and she was adorned in her Ravenclaw uniform. This was none other than Luna Lovegood.

Luna had finished her class for the day and decided to read a book in the library. However, she read almost all the books she found interesting, and so far, none had caught her attention. As she was returning a book, she heard a thud on the other side. Curious, the little raven, went to the other side of the shelf and saw a blue and brown book. The major color of the book was blue, but it's decor was bronze or brown.

"What is this?" Luna asked herself curiously. Once she knew she found a book that caught her attention, she sat in the far back corner of the library and read.

This brings us back to Luna, who has finished all the three stories the book had to offer. But before she could analyze what she had read, she decided to go down to the Great Hall for a snack.

Once she has arrived in the halls, she sat down and grabbed a few snacks and placed it on her plate. She then pulled out the blue book and read everything again to make sure her analysis was right. She read it from the beginning to the last story.

Why. She thought. Why is this book filled with so much tragedy and lost, so much angst. But what she also noticed were the characters of the story. The first was of the founders. Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. She knew of the founders history but not this part of the history.

"This must have been a secret part of the history that no one should know…" She said to herself. As she nibbled on a cupcake.

Next, was the story of Helena Ravenclaw, Rowena's daughter, and the Bloody Baron. Speak of the devil, the Grey Lady, who happens to be Helena, floated in through the walls. Eventually, the Bloody Baron followed in suit. She noticed that they did not speak to each other even if they would run into each other. Luna then looked back at the book to read their story.

"So… The good Baron killed her… I did not know that about her…" Luna said sadly.

Lastly, was the story of Moaning Myrtle. She would meet Myrtle when Luna would use the girl's lavatory but she would only say sad and negative things, which would cause Luna to leave immediately. Now, after reading her story, she would go back and apologize for actions. For Luna did not know she Myrtle was involved with Tom, who in the current time she is in, would be the infamous Voldemort.

"Oh Myrtle…" Luna said, and then she closed the book, placing it on the table and resting her head on her palm.

She did not understand it. And for a Ravenclaw, that was something she did not want. She didn't want to not know anything, especially this book she found. She did not understand the relation of those 3 stories. She thought long and hard. It was obvious that the stories where all tragedy and angst genre, but that should not be the only relation those stories have.

She then looked at the characters. Rowena and Salazar. Helena and the Baron. Myrtle and Tom. What did they have in common. And that is when it hit her. Hit her like a bludger ball.

They were all Ravenclaws, heartbroken by a Slytherin.

Luna gasped at herself, which could be heard by the entire hall. The looked at her confused and Luna just hide her face behind the blue book. They all shrugged it off, since they know she was Loony Luna talking to herself. Luna sighed and looked at the book again. She understood. But she also realized another thing. She opened the book again and flipped to the page after Myrtle story.

"This page is blank… it is completely empty… and there seems to be more pages to follow… What could this mean?" Luna whispered to herself.

"Well, well, well, what do you have there Lovegood?" Luna jumped a little at someone talking behind her. She turned her head and saw Draco Malfoy. The current Prince of Slytherin.

"...Uhm… a book?" Luna looked at him with her dreamy yet seemingly clueless eyes. Draco just raised a brow but then looked at the book in her hand. He smirked and snatched it from her.

"Hey! Draco would you be so kind as to give it back?" Luna stood up from her seat and held her hand out for him to place the book upon.

"You want it… try and catch it" Draco then threw the book at Goyle, who ran off with it, with Crabbe. Luna panicked and grabbed her bag, soon running after them. Draco then followed it suit.

Luna ran of to catch the two but they were running fast. Luna then had an idea and ran to the corridor on her left. Draco saw this and quickly followed her. Luna did not know that Draco was following her so she continued on with her plan. She ran to a few more corridors until she stops and waits around the corner. She then heard the chuckles of Crabbe and Goyle walking. She smiled to herself.

"Ha! We lost her, that tiny Ravenclaw loon has no idea where we are" Crabbe said as he toss the book to Goyle.

"I wonder why that girl wanted this book so badly" Goyle opened it. But before he could read it, they her someone say "Accio book" and the book then flew into Luna's hand.

"Now I don't think you boys would know what the story of book is, let alone know how to read" Luna said in a dreamy yet smug voice. Crabbe and Goyle were about to hex her, when Draco stepped out from the corridor that Luna was just in.

"You two, go back to the dungeons… I'll deal with her" Draco said and smirked at Luna. Luna just looked away and back at her precious book.

"But Draco, she thinks we're dumb!" Crabbe said. Draco looked back at them with a glare.

"I know you are, now get back to the dungeons!" Draco commanded, and the two then ran off to the dungeons.

"..." Luna did not say a word. She just held onto the book and her back and walked passed Draco. Who, grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall. Luna looked up into his silver grey eyes in confusion and terror.

"What's so special about that book, Lovegood?" Draco asked. His chest was close to hers but what was separating them was the book.

"You wouldn't understand…" Luna said in a whisper. Draco leaned his forehead against hers.

"Oh, I wouldn't? Well then, pray tell why?" Draco said. He then started to play with her blond hair. Luna held her breath and the book close to her.

"You just wouldn' would you please leave…" Luna said. Draco just chuckled and looked into her grey blue eyes.

"Now why would I leave?" Draco asked

"Because I do not want the same faith… as the people in this book" Luna said

"What does that mean Lovegood?" Draco asked, now annoyed and wanting to know the contents of the book. Luna, with as much force as she can give, shoved Draco away.

"I said you wouldn't understand" Luna almost yelled. Draco looked at her confused. Luna had a few tears in her eyes which Draco noticed. He moved closer to try and wipe them but Luna wiped them herself and ran off.

"Lovegood! Wait!" Draco yelled and ran off to her.

She ran as fast as her feet could take her, she ran past students who looked at her confused. But when they saw Draco running after her, they were even more confused. Why was he running after the school's loon?

Luna then ran into the girl's lavatory. She took in her surroundings and realized that this was the same lavatory in Myrtle's story. Luna panicked and looked around for a way out.

"I've got you trapped Lovegood" Draco said from behind her. Luna turned around, which then made Draco grabbed her arms and hold it up against the wall. Luna struggled to break free but he then grabbed the blue book in her hand and released her.

"No! Draco wait, you can't read that!" Luna yelled. Draco ignored her and started to read it.

He had read them. All 3 of the stories. The sad romance of Rowena and Salazar. The tragic love of Helena and the Baron. And lastly, the deceiving love lies of Tom and Myrtle. Draco had read it over and over again and then he looked at Luna. He shut the book and handed it to her.

"I understand now… but… let me ask you something… Do you love me?" Draco asked. Luna blushed and her heart skipped a beat when he said love. Luna looked down and didn't reply.

"You said you don't want to have the same faith as the book… well I can see it only happens if the Ravenclaw loves the Slytherin… or vice versa… so let me ask you again… Do you love me?" Draco asked.

"...I… I don't know" Luna said and looked at the book in her hands.

"Well… It will happen to us eventually…" Draco said with a shrug

"And why do you say that?" She looks at him confused

"Because I love you" He said. Luna looked at him, her eyes widened in surprise, her face blushed a light pink and her heart beated fast.

"Really…? Why…? Since when?" Luna said. Draco gave a small smile and went up to her and gave her a loving hug.

"Because you are different, you are not like the girls in this school… you don't care about what people think of you. You are also very smart… I know you acting all loony is just a facade…" Draco said. Luna smiled and hugged him back.

"I have loved you since your 2nd year and my 3rd year of Hogwarts, when I noticed you being buddies with Potter… I got jealous, and knew that we would never be together… But isn't this a rare chance for us to be alone together…" Draco smirked and Luna gave a small hit on his shoulder.

"But… what about the book? What of us or both of us…" But Luna could not finish her sentence, since Draco's lips were on hers. He kissed those pink lips deeply and whispered.

"I don't care about what the book says about our houses… We will break that… we will have a happy ending… No one has to die or leave one another…" Draco said as he kissed her again.

"Really?" Luna asked with a smile. Draco nodded and smiled back.

"Really…" Draco kissed her one last time and then the two exited the bathroom. Unknown to them, the spirit of Moaning Myrtle was watching, with a smile on her face. She whispered to herself.

"Yes.. Please… Break the curse… Break the pattern"

Luna and Draco were now walking down the empty hallways holding hands. Draco was whispering sweet things in her ear and Luna just giggled at his words. Soon, the two passed the Grey Lady and the Bloody Baron, Luna smiled at the two, while Draco just nodded. The two ghost nodded and smiled at them, and once Luna and Draco have turned a corner, the two ghost looked back and smiled at where the two students stood.

"You think they are going to break it?" the Bloody Baron asked Helena

"I believe they can stop this stupid pattern... " Helena smiled and floated away with the Baron.

Soon, Draco and Luna went up the stairs that lead to the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Tower. Soon they ran into students who were surprised at them holding hands and being romantic towards one another. Luna looked at them sadly and then at Draco. Draco just wrapped his arms around her waist and they went up the changing staircase. The students then shrugged it off and continued on their way. But the portraits of Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin watched the two students from their house with a smile.

"We were like them once my dear…" Salazar's portrait said and looked over at Rowena

"Indeed they are… and I am sure they will have a much happier ending than we did" Rowena's portrait said

The two finally reached Ravenclaw tower, where Draco cannot come in. And so, Draco kissed Luna goodbye and went down back to his dungeon. Luna smiled and touched her lips, soon walking back into the tower. No one was in the common room at the time, so she went up to her dormitory room, where she sat down on her bed.

She smiled at herself and looked at the blue book still in her hand. Knowing that her faith will not be like the other Ravenclaw women before her. Before she could open the book again, the page that was empty started glowing. Luna opened the book to the empty page, which was not empty anymore. In the page was written "Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood".

"Looks like our chapter is just beginning" Luna said to herself. She smiled and closed the book, leaving it on her dressed and went back down to the common room to greet her friends. Knowing that not every Ravenclaw and Slytherin has to suffer the same faith, and that she and Draco will break the pattern.

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