Chapter 1 Prologue

I tend to use this OC a lot for various story ideas. Lolita bleak is an interesting character, she and her mother, both of them kinda took on lives of their own with complex stories etc etc etc. I like writing for Lolita because it works out a lot of less than happy emotions. Unlike her mother who helps me work out a lot of anger. This chapter will serve a bit of backstory for my little OC, for those who haven't read any of my previous stuff. Now ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

My name is Lolita Bleak, I am a woman of undisclosed age. A Lady has her secrets no? Hee. Oh but I have a prologue to narrate, I should not be getting off track. Where was I now? Ah, yes. I come from a very long like of magic users, making me a witch. My father came from several generations of magic from a land called Croatoa, a land long lost from the lives of modern man. My mother was a human, and the only one in her family to possess the ability to perform magic. Magic came to me so naturally, of course. Magic is quite more common than most humans would believe, it is all around us, and people use it every day, some without realizing it.

Oh, but I have gotten off topic again. I am supposed to tell you about myself am I not? Very well, I used to live in a large city. People were always walking the streets, from the earliest of mornings to the latest evenings. I used to watch them from my window from my father's home, however, I was never permitted to immerse myself among the people whom littered the streets below my bedroom window. My father was overly protective of me as a child, ever since my dear mothers passing when I was a mere infant, because of this I desperately longed for the outside world. I also longed for the world of heroes and adventures I had read about in the many books in my father's Library. My father never spoke of my mother, however I knew then she did not die a natural death. Her familiar, who became mine after her passing, told me such. Oh how I longed to know who she was and what she was like when she was alive. Alas, such knowledge would not be given to me kindly. That comes later however.

It was not until I turned thirteen that I dared to venture out with my feline familiars. Dressed in dark clad dress I left my father's home, my intention was to meet a human I had met online...yes even one as sheltered as I was privy to such technological advantages. Though from my experience I was one of very few who did among my father's kind. Silly yes, but I digress. Now, back to the story at hand! I had met this human girl through many chat-rooms and forums, we had spoken so often that we had decided to meet. At last we had met, so naive was I back then. I had not yet learned of the cruelty of the world of humans. That would come later.

The human girl, whose name I will not disclose out of respect. Oh how I loved her, she was my only human friend and often I would sneak out to meet her. We became very close during those visits, late at night, she was the first person I told of my magical abilities. When I admitted this to her I feared she would reject me, however I was relieved—no happy, I was happy when my fears were proved unfounded. She found my abilities beautiful and though she had no ability to learn her self, she loved my powers. Oh how I miss her now.

One day I decided to use my abilities in magic to help those in need. I became a vigilante, fighting evil doers and villains that would wish harm upon the innocent. Like the books I read, I used my powers for good, never once to my own personal gain. Now I was not the first to do this, in the city I once lived in we had many a masked hero fighting crime, they had even created their own league of justice, of sorts. I recall watching them on the television with my father and uncle so long ago. My father did not care for them much, back then I had no idea as to why that was. That knowledge would come to me later whether I wished it or not.

Due to my affinity for magic that I used against my many adversaries, the media had dubbed me with the hero's name 'Hex.' A silly name, however I was quite proud of it, though I will admit I had ulterior motives for taking on the label of 'vigilante'. I had garnered much attention in my late night crime fighting, enough to catch the attention of the very league I enjoyed watching on the television every morning. They approached me one, no I suppose approached is not the correct word to describe this encounter. Set a trap, is how I would describe this. One night as I did my nightly routine, I came upon three men that were robbing a local bank. Thinking nothing of it, I sprang to action only to find myself captured. Face to face with the very hero I had longed to meet. She too was a magic caster, different from the magic I grew up around with my father. She knew magic that my mother knew, needless to say I had questions. In truth I knew exactly who she was. She was an aunt that I never had the chance to meet. Not by blood of course. According to my mother's familiar, she was a close friend of my mother. She, however, did not know who I was until some time later after I agreed to join their team. How naive I was back then. I was completely unaware of intentions of my heroes.

It was not long after that, that I had finally convinced my father to allow me to attend school. I was excited to live a life as a normal teenage girl, even if my father was very hesitant to allow me to go. I had read many a book on life as a teenage high schooler, so nothing I encountered there was of a surprise to me. Even the bullying that came from a girl I barely knew did not come as surprise to me. In fact, I was quite entertained by it all. I never understood why this person hated me so, she once told me it was because a boy she liked had their eye on me. To me it was silly, however, to her it was so much more. I did not understand, and even still to this day I cannot fathom why such a thing was so important to her. Even after she and her companions threw me into the local bay, unaware of the fact that I could not swim. I do not recall what happened after that, I just remembered waking up in a hospital the very next day. My father and uncle and familiars standing over my body, fearing they had lost me. Oh how little any of us knew, they had so much more to worry about.

A long time of fighting along side I began to notice I had a different kind of magical ability. One that I soon discovered came from my other familiar, whom I had named Hatter. I am rather embarrassed to admit that I was very young when I named her, and was overly fond of the story 'Alice in Wonderland.' As it turned out my life long companion had granted me an ability that no other witch to my knowledge possessed. I could reach into the darkest parts of a person's mind and breathe life into their deepest fears. I had this ability since I was young, however, I never realized until speaking with the other casters among my heroes, that I alone held this power. A power that only a Goddess of fear possessed. When it came to light I had this, the people I once looked up to as a child, soon began to suspect me. It was then that my aunt realized who I was, and when this happened the identity of my father was revealed. Even I had no idea the destruction my father and mother had caused long before my birth. My father had not been the kind loving father I had known him to be. My mother...I remember her familiar being so heart broken when I discovered what she really was. A monster.

It soon became clear to me that the heroes I once looked up to would never see me in the same light ever again. Even the younger members of their group looked at me as if I was the very same monster as my mother and father. The eldest of the heroes kept close watch on me after that, they never allowed me to train with my comrades. They forbade me from fighting on my own, and if I were defeated in battle they always had questions of my intentions and loyalties. I soon became resentful, my family had done horrid things in the past this was true, I accepted that. However that was not what I was. They had chosen to hurt people, I had chosen to use my magic for good. I never gave them reason to question my loyalties to them until my linage was discovered, however because I kept secrets from them—something they themselves also did, I was a monster to them. It was then I began to see how cruel the world of humans could be. Even then however, I was unaware of just how uncaring the world of human kind could be.

Then one day a woman that resembled my deceased mother appeared before my father. I suspected this was not real, as she carried a strange scent to her. She held a fowl stench of chemicals, and formaldehyde, nothing like the clothes that my father had locked away in a closet. She could not even communicate with her familiar, let alone perform the magics that I discovered she once summoned with ease. Even so, my father, and even her former familiar refused to believe she was anything other than the genuine article, come back from the dead. I, however, refused to see her as anything else. I told my father she was not whom she said she was, that she had to be a fake, and in a fit of anger and frustration I had said something I did not mean. That was the first time my father had ever struck me. Even today I remember the pain it caused me.

It did not take long for my so called mother to reveal her true intentions. As it had turned out an old ally of my father's had used the remains of my mother's corpse to create a clone of my mother to trick my father. He wanted my father to suffer for turning his back on them for the affections of my mother, he was also curious as to the mixed blood that ran through my veins. I was the first to their knowledge to be born from a Croatoan father and a human mother, so they used my mother's clone to kidnap me and experiment on me. My father, and fellow young crime fighters, soon realized I was not where I had promised I was. They came to rescue me, only to find the lot of them unconscious and what few that remained awake, cowered in fear at the sight of me. I did not know at the time what I had done, however it did not matter. It was just yet another damning piece of evidence that fueled the elder heroes theory that I was the same as my mother and father.

To make matters worse, soon after my escape from my captors, a body was found. A woman had been murdered, cat like claw marks covered her body, my DNA had been found under her finger nails as well as fur from Cherie, my mother's former familiar. I was only fourteen when the heroes I had once admired arrested me, I was sent to a penitentiary that specialized in keeping super powered humans from escaping. An electronic collar around my neck stripped me of my powers, I could not even hear the voices of my feline companions. I remember feeling so naked and afraid. I was only a child, I was innocent and thanks to what few hero friends I had, it was found that I had been framed. I did not get so much as an apology from the people who were so quick to convict me. The true killer was never caught.

Finally free and able to use my magic again and my 'extracurricular activities' exposed to my father, he forbade me from leaving home again. It took days of begging and pleading for him to finally agree to let me continue my life as it were. Though he did not agree with my crime fighting. That night I discovered just how cold the world of humans was. My best friend, the first person I had ever...forgive me. I do not wish to talk about this any further if you do not mind. I never cried so much in my life that day, to this day I still blame myself for what happened.

Time passed and my wounds healed. The woman who was my mother had died, this time at the hands of my father. Our lives returned to normal after that, save for the ever watchful eyes of my fellow heroes. I soon became bitter towards my elder hero companions, always suspecting every move I make, as if I wanted nothing more than to destroy them at every turn. School was not much better, when my powers became common knowledge I incurred quite a bit wrath from people who before hand were always polite and kind to me. A witch hunt broke out, with their prime target being yours truly. I was used as a scapegoat for anything and everything that went wrong. I did not let it deter me, however. I had hope that one day they would see that these simple mishaps had nothing to do with witchcraft. surprised was I to find out the girl who at one point hated me decided to become my closest friend. I had my suspicions, do not misunderstand me, I was no fool. I was well aware she may have been angling for magical perks of being the friend of a witch-girl. To my pleasant surprise this was not the case, as even after being ostracized by her peers she still stood by me, even going so far as to educate me on the outside world that I still knew so little about. Soon after that however, people began to come around to me again. She was a good friend in the end...Tis shame, I wonder where she is now?

It was not long after that more trouble would be coming my way. A boy by the name of Aubrey Rune, transferred to my quiet school. I soon discovered he too, was a caster. A caster from Croatoa no less. Now I had always wondered what sort of place Croatoa was, and what her people were like. Until then my only examples were my father, (whom seldom spoke of his home) and my blood related aunt,(Whom did not appreciate my mixed blood). So it was nice to meet a Croatoan my own age, who held no secrets. Or so I thought. He was very kind, and taught me many things, from the history of his home world, to spells my father forbade me from learning. I rather liked him, because despite how much I enjoyed my friends' company, none of them truly understood what it was like to be a witch. We were all from two very different worlds them and I, and as much as I appreciated their effort to know me past my magics, it was refreshing to meet someone who completely understood that my powers were far more than stage performances by human illusionists.

During this time, my father had to go away on some unknown business. So he left me in the care of my mother's closest friend. I was ecstatic when I was told I would be spending time with my aunt, who knew magic and was not bitter towards my mixed heiratige. During the time I spent with the heroes I had admired I rarely had chance to speak with her in length about anything really. So I was quite happy to find I would be spending up to two weeks with her.

Now, I feel I must admit, I had a terrible habit of not being able to control my powers over fear. I was able to stop myself from conjuring up the dark things that scared people at night with a spell I so appropriately named "Tantibus." That would be Latin for Nightmare. As I said I could control that, however there was more to it than just that, with my powers of fear I was able to walk through people's dreams as I slept. Even when I was small I had this ability, however my father saw it nothing more than the active imagination of a young child slipping into dream land. I had yet to tame this power, and so I traveled through the realms of dreams freely, and without thinking I landed in one of my aunt's nightmares. I remember waking up feeling sick, my aunt, the one person among my fellow heroes, the one person that stood by me and believed my innocence, the aunt I loved so dearly, the nightmares she had were about me. My own aunt was afraid of me.

I confided in Aubrey the next day, admitting to him my ability to travel through dreams and that in doing so I discovered what my aunt had hide from me her true feelings. He comforted me, oh how I wish I never trusted him. As it turned out that power was something he wanted, he had heard of a way to manipulate people through fear. He had come to my city with the soul purpose of finding my father, to manipulate him. He tried to coerce me into joining him, however I had refused. He then tried to use things in my past to force me into siding with me, to threaten me. I wish I could say I do not recall what happened after that, but I knew exactly what I did. Filled with rage I allowed myself to delve into the darkest parts of Aubrey's mind, and submitted him to his worst fears. After that Aubrey Rune was no more. ….oh come calm yourself, I did not kill him. It is not within my nature to do physical harm to a person. Regardless of who or what they had done to me. Aubrey Rune is still very much least, I believe he is. I did not end his life, however it has been so long he may have died off of old age.

Oh, my time here is short so I shall fast forward to modern day. I have left the city in which I grew up, a certain incident caused me to move. I live alone in a small cottage on the country side of some place, I know not the name. I have lived there for a good few decades now. I have lost ties to those I once held so dear. Some I lost out of a lack of communication, others tragedy claimed, and some I never wanted contact with from the start. No one is aware of my old home in the woods far off, not even my always knowing father is aware of where I have made my home. It was my choice to leave, and though I am quite content here with my cats, my books, and my solitude. I cannot help but feel so...lonely.

I once read a book when I was young, about a creature from another world and how to summon him unto mine.