Lost in another Realm

Part Two: A New Life

Chapter 1

'My lady, your bath is waiting for you. Will you be going down for breakfast or would you like me to have food brought up?' one of the maids called out, waking me from my sleep

'If it could be brought up that would be great and if it's possible a mint tea as well. Thank you so much!' I state not ready to face the day

'Of course milady, I'll be back shortly.'

I slumped back in my bed and hid under the covers. I wanted to cry. Ugh! It would be a long day but I was relieved to have Arwen first after breakfast. She would help convince me to keep pushing forward. I fell back asleep until the maid came and woke me up.

I munched on a muffin and tended to my garden to help push me into keeping a routine and to now wallow. The tea was a big help, mint always perked up my mood and help me clear my head. After washing up and dressing I took my time heading to Arwen's.

'Ah here you are. I wasn't sure if you would really want to learn today.' Arwen softly exclaimed as she shut her door

'Yeah I know, but I am a mess and I need structure to help keep me focused.' I state grumpily taking a seat

'I am sorry to see you go, and to see you and Aegnor separated.' Arwen comment before moving on to what we would be doing today.

We launch into learning about setting broken bones and how to deal with poison. It was a good learning experience and Arwen knew to push me to keep moving forward. We stopped my studies earlier to just catch up and gossip before I went to change and meet Legolas for archery for training.

'Good Morning Legolas.' I states when he saw me walking to the archery fields gaining glances from other Elves which I tried to ignore

'Good Morning Samantha, shall we get started.' Legolas states with a smile

'Yep of course.' I state grabbing my gear and walking to find a target that was not used.

I took a breath and focused on remembering the routine he taught, to help make sure I set up right.

'Move your right leg back a little farther. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale before you let go of the bow.' Legolas pipes in breaking my thoughts

We continued this routine into lunch and when we stopped I was sore, sweaty and hungry from barley touching breakfast.

'We shall stop for today and we'll pick up again tomorrow.' Legolas states as we retrieve the arrows

'Good, I am starving!' I exclaim following him back up to the house

'Will you be eating in the hall?' Legolas inquires as he adjusts his bow

'I think so. It will be a long last week here for me.' I state sighing trying to roll my shoulders from the knots that were starting to form.

'Yes it will be sad to leave Rivendell behind.' Legolas surmises

'Yes very. Well I see you at lunch then.' I state as we hit our normal splitting point

'Yes.' Legolas states with a smile

I nodded and walk to my room eager for a hot bath and a change of clothes. I walked to lunch thinking about how much things were going to change for me. Here I was in another world and I would have to continue to learn how to adjust to a new life here. I thought I would be staying in Rivendell much longer, not following the Fellowship on their journey and then restarting my life again in Lorein. I wondered how traveling with the Fellowship would go and if my knowledge would continue to stay a relative secret or if it would become exposed. I would of course have to let this all play out like it's supposed to.

'Hello everyone.' I smile greeting the table that consisted of the Hobbits, and Boromir. Legolas was currently sitting with his people and so was Gimli.

'Samantha! Good to see you, how are you?' Bilbo states cheerfuly as I sit across from him

'I'm doing okay. How are you and how's your book coming along?' I ask helping myself to food

'I am doing well, it has been wonderful having Frodo and the rest of them here. Frodo has been a great help with the book. I told him that we would have to dedicate a section to his part of the story.' Bilbo states with a smile

'Well it sounds good. I would of course love to read it when it's finished.' I state to both Bilbo and Frodo

'That's very sweet of you.' Bilbo states

Merry and Pippin asked more questions about my life and my world. Boromir asked as well or talked about Gondor. Frodo and Sam would occasionally comment but they kept quiet. Lunch was followed by classes with Erestor which was followed by the garden and kitchens to disappear for a while.