Chapter 15

That morning there was a quick breakfast as I said a last goodbye to Aegnor as well as to Haldir and his brothers. I also said goodbye to Gimli, Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf, who would be going a different way. I would follow Eowyn and the families back to Edoras as, the others went to Saruman to try and get information out of him. Before parting ways, I pulled Aragorn to the side and handed him a letter from Arwen and told him to read it.

Walking to Edoras I was reminded how nice it was to have a girl around. I kept our conversations casual, asking about Edoras and its people and life. She was happy to talk and was pleased to see someone interested. I talked about my time in Rivendell and the trek to Lothlorien. Getting to know the Fellowship and all the stories of the Hobbits in Rivendell.

That night we set up camp and I helped Eowyn make dinner. I slept with no interruptions and the next morning we packed everything up and started our journey once again. I was left mostly to myself, thinking about what was happening with Saruman. I wondered how Frodo and Sam were holding up and where they were at this moment.

'We've made it!' someone shouted stirring me out of my thoughts

'We're safe now!' another yelled

A few people would shout out, relieved to see their homes in sight. Once passing through their wooden boundary and into the heart of the town, people began to break apart heading to their homes. Either to rejoice or to mourn over a lost loved one. I followed Eowyn up the stone steps that led to the Hall and she directed me to a room.

'Just come out into the main hall when you are ready and food can be brought to you.' Eowyn states with a smile leaving me to myself.

'Thank you.'

I dropped off my stuff and curled up in bed eager to get caught up on more sleep. That evening I helped Eowyn the best I could at getting the place situated for all the guests that would be staying. We also had to prepare food for the celebration and make sure we had enough for days to come. Late that night I had dinner brought to me as I enjoyed the comfort of privacy. I fell asleep instantly which I appreciated until I was woken by knocking on my door.

'Coming!' I state getting out of bed half asleep

'Legolas.' I state looking up at him surprised. I did not expect them to be back already

'Sorry you wake you from your sleep.' Legolas replies coming into the room

'It's okay, come in. How did it go?' I state crawling back into bed, too tired to care.

'It went okay; we did not get more information about the enemies plans. We have brought Merry and Pippin here, they were looking for you when they heard you were here.' Legolas states sitting on the edge of the bed smiling at me.

'Aww, it will be good to see them again. I have missed their crazy antics.' I state with a smile looking up to him 'What time is it?'

'Just after sunrise.' Legolas answers before continuing the conversation. 'I finished the letters you wrote.'

'Did you? Good.' I state with a lazy smile as I sat up in bed not ready to accept that it was time to get up since everyone else was.

'Yes it helped pass the time on our way here, since you were not there.' Legolas comments

'Well, that's good then.' I reply pulling the covers back and getting up to grab a shawl. 'Our journey here was good but boring. Which in retrospect… is a good thing considering the battle at Helm's Deep.'

I turn towards him and see he has been just watching me the entire time and is now lounging on the bed smirking at me. I realized that he was enjoying watching me walk around in my shift. I shake my head but I was pleased to see this change.

'I see you were just trying to get me up so you could take the bed.' I state walking back to the bed

'Perhaps.' Legolas replies following me with his eyes as I sat down next to him

'Or, should I be so bold to state that your real intention was to catch me walking around in my shift some more.' I suggest hinting towards his last night in Lorien.

He made no reply but pulled me towards him. I smiled and allowed myself to be moved until my head was resting on his chest and his arms were around my body. It felt… right, if that doesn't seem strange. To be leaning up against him and listening to his heart beat has he traced lines up my arm.

'You said in the last letter that you had a meeting with Lady Galadriel and that you were asked to look in the mirror.' Legolas began as I glanced up into his blue eyes.

'Yes that is correct.' I reply as my mind began to repeat what was said that night

'You mentioned that in the mirror you found more answers and questions to why you were brought here. As well as… what your future may be here, but you wished to talk to me about it in person.' Legolas asks quietly in the intent that I may elaborate.

'Yes. When I looked into the mirror it showed the day I was about to get transported here.' I began explaining how it was from another's perspective and that when they touched me it triggered myself getting sent here.

I turned to look at him as I explained Lady Galadriel's theory that it was fate that brought me here. That it was the work of Iluvatar that I was sent. I paused to allow him time to absorb the information I was giving him.

'Of course, while it showed me that it was indeed fate that I was brought here and that I am not meant to go home. It also brought up questions of why; which of course cannot get answered.' I state slightly irritated now that I was dwelling on it again.

'This is indeed a curious thing but none of us know our fate. You should at least feel better knowing it was on purpose that you were brought here. What about the mirror showing you about your future?' Legolas asked gazing intently on me

'Well, with the mirror it's not a definite that what I am shown will occur.' I began,explaining how it was me and that in the image I was not a human but an elf. I never saw an elf's eye brows shoot up faster than Legolas' when I explained this. I felt him grip my arm tighter as I continued.

'According to Lady Galadriel, she believes that because Iluvutar had the intention to bring me here that he may also allow me to change. If I wish it to be so, however she cautions that while this may be granted, it may have consequence or pain. Stating that because it is my fate to be here that he could allow this one wish, should I want it.' I finish waiting to see how he responds

'This is indeed too complicated to write in a letter.' Legolas replies looking at me.

At this point we were both sitting up and staring at each other trying to absorb the reality of what the mirror showed me. I sighed, I still had no decision about what it all meant.

'I am at a lost. Lady Galadriel wishes I do not dwell on it, for the fact that I may not get answers. Of course, we don't know 100% but it seems like I was brought for a reason.' I reply as I played with the blanket

'This is very complicated. I am glad to hear that there is a reason to why you were brought here, instead of a mere accident. There is at least closure knowing that the work of Eru was at hand. As far as you becoming an elf…. what have you thought about the idea?' Legolas states softly

'True, it does solve some of the questions.' I surmise 'I don't know what to think about the idea of me becoming an elf. It would seem strange after I have been human all my life. In all honesty, I am afraid.' I admit glancing at him

'It's not that I'm saying I don't want it to happen. At this moment I'm not sure.' I state

'Well, perhaps, like before you must allow the decision to come on its own.' Legolas states with a smile 'you will always have a home here and friends no matter if you are an elf or human.'

I nod in response, mulling over what we had talked about. I know that Legolas and I are now on this thin line of more than friends but not by much. I couldn't say what was happening between us or if it may last but he was right. I would have friends and a home here no matter the decision I made.

'Thanks Legolas.' I state with a smile

'Come, we must get you moving. Merry and Pippin will be very upset that I have been stealing your company.' Legolas states helping me off the bed and leaves allowing me to change

When the door shut I swung my feet out of the bed and decided to go with a dress I brought from Lorien to wear for the festival. It was a cream rose colored dress with flowing sleeves and there was lace design around the bodice and then split on one side as it touched the floor. I walked out of the room and gave Legolas a smile, he took my arm and we walked to the main hall to meet everyone else.

'Samantha!' Merry shouts scaring the people around him 'Pippin, look! It's Samantha!'

'Samantha!' Pippin shouts also, chuckling and trying to steady myself as they tackle me in a group hug

'We didn't believe them that you really came!' Merry states with a grin

'It's good to see you again!' Pippin states looking up at me

'It's good to see my two favorite trouble makers!' I state with a grin following them to the table ignoring the curious stares

'Come sit, we have to tell you everything that has happened. We want to know what you have been doing!' Pippin states dragging me down to take a seat between the two of them

I glance back and found that Legolas was smiling, ah... it was good to be back around everyone again. I turned and glanced around at the table, yes, this is my family. I smile broadly and lean in to hear of all the mischief the two got into. Drinks were brought to us as we talked and my stomach kept growling. When everything seemed to be ready King Théoden stood up and the talking silenced.

'Tonight we remember those who gave their blood to defend this country. Hail the Victorious Dead!' King Théoden shouts raising his mug

'Hail!' I shout with the rest of those in the hall

I took a sip of the ale and I watch as the celebration began for everyone. The music began and people were either dancing, talking, drinking or eating. I loved it! This I preferred; all the merry making and the drinking. I watched as Aragorn was stopped by Eowyn and handed a mug before walking away. I sighed she was setting herself up for heartache.

'You also noticed the way she looks at him.' Legolas whispers noticing where my attention was at.

'Yeah, she freaked out when she found out I traveled with you guys and thought I was with Aragorn.' I state taking a sip of the ale 'Are you enjoying the celebration?'

'Oh she did and yes this is a new experience for me.' Legolas states looking around with laughter in his eyes

'Yeah I gently hinted that I was not 'with' Aragorn and good.' I state as I get distracted by Merry and Pippin getting up on the tables 'Look at the two of them.'

They were both holding very large mugs of Ale in their hands, dancing about while singing:

'Oh, you can search - up and down, as many lands as can be found, but you'll never find a beer so brown, as the one we drink in our home town, you can keep your fancy ales, you can drink them by the flagon, but the only brew, for the brave and true, comes from the Green Dragon!'

I laugh and clap along with the beat enjoying the amusement of the two of them together. My face brightens as I see Gimli making his way over to use, I could tell he was a couple mugs in already.

'I see the Elf has been neglecting supplying you with a new drink!' Gimli states teasing Legolas before shoving a full mug of Ale into my hands.

'I actually brought her one not that long ago.' Legolas states defensively.

'Sure you were. Elves. Come I have a drinking game I want to challenge you to.' Gimli shouts at Legolas over the music and talking.

I laugh in amusement while we follow him to where Eomer was standing. I watched from the sidelines as the men gathered around Legolas and Gimli when the rules were explained. During this event I could feel Eomer glance in my direction every so often but was too involved in the game to be able to pull away.

' - And no regurgitation!' Gimli shouts before they began and I wince in disgust.

After watching them down god know how many cups of ale with Legolas turing towards me to speak,'I… I feel a slight tingling in my fingers.' Legolas states looking at me in concern and then looking as his hands

'See, he can't handle his drink!' Gimli shouts before dropping to the floor.

"Gimli!' I shout looking at him as his eyes rolls back and starts to loose his ability to stand up straight.

Author's Note:

Part Three coming soon. I hope that everyone has enjoyed the story and I hope the progression of the relationship between Legolas and Samantha is smooth. I did not want things to just occur all of a sudden. Where bang! They lock eyes and always knew that they were in love! I wanted to try my best to keep their relationship moving but at a normal speed of, perhaps people who are also tied up with war and devastation; where they are looking for love but are hesitant to jump into it with so much at stake and the risk of dying is high. Not sure if that makes sense but that's what came to me.