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The sounds of bloody murder and of a weapon going through armor could be heard through out the temple. Riji's yells could also be heard alongside his mad laughing that seemed to be echoing throughout the entire temple itself. Stromtrooper's outside of the temple, more then a normal battalion, took up a defensive perimeter around the entrance of the temple. Behind them were some AT-ST's, around ten or more, directing there line of fire at the entrance. The troopers began to tense up as the screams soon stopped but the sound of metal being dragged against the stone floor of the temple could be heard.

Riji had enough of these trooper on his home. His body was cover in dust and blood from the troopers that he had slaughtered. He began walking through the temple hallway that led outside before hearing something. He quickly walked to a broken pillar of the temple and crouched behind it. He placed his pike to the ground and took his sniper rifle off his shoulder and began to load the weapon up with ammo until it was full. He looked through the scope of the weapon and saw the small army of Stormtroopers and AT-ST's. A small but murderous smile appeared on his face and he slowly gripped his finger on the trigger of the gun. He began to take shots at all of the troopers that he could see through his scope and hit them two time. Once in the head and another in the chest to make sure that they were dead. The troopers began to open fire into the temple entrance and try to hit Riji only that they couldn't because he had well placed cover. The small fighting began to grow more and more until they stopped firing as they saw no fire was returned from Riji. They waited a few minutes until blaster fire could be heard once more and trooped began to drop.

This continued for a few minute but what seemed like hours to the troopers. Riji had soon turned the small army into a legion at best. the trooped began to break up into groups of four. They had soon managed to make twelve groups of four. Two of the squads began to head towards the entrance as the rest headed back towards the AT-ST's. They needed back up and they needed it fast. As the two squads made it towards the entrance, two of them dropped dead quickly. The others began to take fire as they headed into the darkness of the temple only for their shots to quickly turn into screams of bloody murder. The other troopers began to call up orders to their AT-ST's as they stood under it. The large walkers began to fire onto the entrance of the temple.

Riji quickly finished off the troopers that dared to enter his people's temple. He began to feel the ground shake in the temple and blaster fire could be heard from the outside. He began to realize what was happening and ran towards the entrance only for it to be too late. The temple entrance had collapsed trapping him and his pet inside.