Ok so. For Danny Phantom this takes place after D-Stablize which I wanna say all happened in June. And Danny's 14. I recently found out that Danny's 16 by the end of the series. Which makes me feel weird since I always thought he stayed 14 for the whole series. Like I don't know, he turned 15 in the late summer. For Detective Conan... I'm watching the anime and started the manga not too long ago. So let's just say that it's summer. Because let's face it, even if Gosho says it all takes place in half a year, the Detective Conan time line is a mess.

Edit September 13, 2017: I added some stuff here and there including a little cameo! Can you figure it out? Let me know! And sorry for not posting a new chapter. I still don't really know how I want to end this. ^^' Anyway, I hope this edit gives a bit more life to the story. Enjoy!

Chapter one

The Fenton family was in Japan (Tokyo to be exact) for the summer, due to Jazz winning a free trip to the country of the rising sun for an essay on ghost psychology versus human psychology, and the similarities.

They were on a busy street with tall buildings every which way, however they were standing still on the sidewalk. People walked past the family. Some stared while others went on their way. A rather large child who looked to have a bald spot on the side of his head, from a group of children, pointed at them before being pulled away by what looked like the children's grandfather.

"Oh kids, isn't this exciting?" Maddie Fenton asked her children as a man in a suit side glanced them.

For what could have been the first time, Maddie was wearing something other than her hazmat suit. This wasn't actually the first time since the last time Danny remembered seeing her in other clothes had to be when he encountered Young Blood for the second time. In fact, it was the same outfit.

How many outfits did she have that isn't the jumpsuit?

"Yes! Just imagine all the different norms between the American culture and Japanese culture we can compare!" Jazz answered enthusiastically. In her hands were a book about Japanese norms, sanctions, mores, and folkways.

Jazz was wearing black tank top instead of her usual long sleeved shirt, but other than that, her choice of wear was the same.

Her eyes were shining at the possibility of learning more about the world. So much that once she learned about going to Japan, she began to learn how to speak it in order to communicate with the locals.

"Yay for worse sleep schedules than we already had, a bunch of people we can't talk to and food that is almost next to mutant hotdogs on the strangeness scale." Danny had made it clear that he wasn't happy about leaving after Jazz had coerced him into it, he didn't want to leave Amity without Phantom, which coincidentally, was him. After a lot of grumbling and Team Phantom convincing Danny they could handle Skulker from time to time, he got on the stupid plane with his luggage.

So here he was, in a land where next to no one can understand a word he says.

He was wearing what he always wore. It was better than the hazmat that his parents constantly wear. That and it gave him a small sense of normalcy. However skewed the meaning of normal is in his life.

"Think of all the ghosts we can catch!" Jack interrupted his son's thoughts with the loud cheer. This caused for multiple heads to turn. Those with their head turned decided that it was the tourists being tourists and continued to their destinations.

Jack, like his wife, was wearing the same clothes he wore when they went to the canyon. Except for the hat. He seemed to misplaced that hat.

Jazz and Maddie exchanged a look at what Jack said.

"Now dear," Maddie put a hand on her husband's arm, "we promised Jazz and Danny that we won't hunt for ghosts during this trip."

Jack looked down to his wife.

"Aww," he started sadly, "but what if a ghost interfered with our family bonding?"

"Then we can give it a good blast, but no more," Maddie suggested. She really wanted to have some bonding time with her children. The camping trip with Danny was fun and all, yet ghosts (and Vlad) kind of ruined it. She wanted something fun with her kids that didn't involved ghosts destroying the experience.

Hearing this made the large man smile. He, too, wanted to have bonding time with Jazz and Danny, however he was afraid that ghosts would butt in and try to hurt them. After all, this was a new place, and who knows how many ghosts were here to harm his family?

"I love you all, you know that right?" He asked his wife before going in for a kiss. She was his rock and his voice of reason. Maddie knew what to say to bring Jack back to reality. The kids were more important than ghosts.

Danny put his face into his hands in embarrassment while Jazz blushed. The teen boy wished to use his ghost powers to turn invisible, but that would draw more attention. So he settled on making himself smaller than he actually was.

"Mom! Dad! People are staring!" Jazz complained, trying to control the red in her face. "It says that it's inappropriate to kiss in public in Japan!" To make her point she smacked her book.

Quickly, people walked away, realizing that the family (or at least the kids) noticed that they were looking at the scene. Some people were embarrassed while other were glad to know that the couple loved each other deeply. Although they also thought that it was probably best that the couple should have done it somewhere private. The teens of the street sympathized with the Fenton kids. It was times like that they realized that no matter where you're from, parents can be embarrassing.

The couple went apart, yet they stayed in a loving embrace. If this were a cartoon, then hearts would be seen floating from them.

"Sorry Jazzypants, but I can't help but give your mother a kiss. She's just so gorgeous, and wonderful and I'm just glad that I married someone as amazing as her," Jack apologized to his daughter while completing his wife at the same time. The enormous man's whole body language was screaming 'I know I found my romantic soul mate'.

"Awww, Jack," Maddie cooed. Her face was absolutely glowing.

"Er, aren't we supposed to go somewhere?" Danny asked before his parents could go sappy again.

"Oh! That's right!" Maddie exclaimed, "Jack, honey, we need to go to the hotel first. I don't think these tourist clothes would be appropriate for the restaurant we're going to."

"Alrighty Mads!" Her giant husband grinned at her with a hint of mischief before picking her up bridal style.

"Jack!" She shrieked with surprise.

Once again, many people began to stare.

"Let's go Fenton family!" Jack boomed with glee. It was obvious that he was having fun. Especially since he got to see his beloved wife blush so.

The two teens shook their heads at their parents antics. With a tilt into the direction their parents left and a nod, they followed.

The restaurant was, in a word, fancy. Fancy enough that the Fenton family had to wear the special occasion clothes. And somehow, Maddie managed Jack into a tux. Of course his usual jumpsuit, and boots, was underneath, without the gloves, but still. Jazz and Danny were impressed by this.

Maddie was wearing her teal sleeveless dress with black outlining and black gloves. She wanted something similar to her jumpsuit, and it looked lovely. She had her wedding ring on top of the glove, and black stud earrings. His mother ended up wearing black flats, not wanting to deal with any pain. She had mascara on as well as eyeliner, and dark red lipstick.

Jazz was wearing a simple slip on black dress with black dress shoes with a slight heel. Her hair was without her headband for once, and was put up into an elegant bun. Light blue eyeshadow graced her eyelids while mascara made her lashes pop.

Danny… he was wearing the tux that he wore when he took Paulina to the dance. He kept on his sneakers too.

Yes, the restaurant was fancy and had a waiting room.


"I don't get why we're here," Danny grumbled, slouched down in his seat, "we can't even read the menus."

Jazz sent him a look.

"They have a separate menu for English speaking customers," Jazz informed her little brother.

A raised eyebrow was the reply.

It was slow, waiting to get seated, so Danny began to observe his surroundings.

So far, they were the only ones in the waiting room. Either everyone had already gone in, or it was just busy enough that somehow they're the only ones that need to wait for a table.

The walls and ceiling were a dark cream, while the carpet was a mahogany. There was lamps that were in the shapes of roses on the walls, giving off a dim light, suggesting that this place was more for couples out on a date. The room itself wasn't that large, yet it wasn't small either. Just big enough to hold about twenty or so people at once. Perhaps more if room was made.

As for the corners of the room, there was pillars that looked like it was made from marble, but was probably painted to look like that. To Danny's right was the entrance. A small bell was attached to the door to inform the staff that customers had arrived. To his left was an open doorway that went into the dining portion of the restaurant with a podium that held the host.

A musical ding floated to the family's ears as the door opened. Their heads turn to see who walked in and saw what could possibly be another family.

The first one to come in was a woman of both European and Asian descent. Her eyes were brown while she had silver blonde hair. Round, but not unhealthily so, and slightly above Japanese standards of average height. She seemed to be rich due to her clothing choice of a dark purple dress with a few rhinestones around the neck, and very high heels that had rhinestones and almost every inch, but that might be a ruse. However her jewelry that hung down from her neck, ears, and upon her fingers suggested the rich theory as well as the way she held herself. However all the jewels did not make her look gaudy, no, it seemed to have enhanced her natural looks as she did not wear makeup. She looked to be in her fifties, but time did well to her.

The second one to come in could be a relative of sorts. He was an Asian male who appeared to be in his late thirties to early forties. His eyes were brown, so perhaps he may not be related to the woman by blood, as many people do have brown eyes, yet there is ye chance that they are related, however distant. He had his black hair slicked back and he had a mustache that looked like it was trimmed not long before. He wore a muted blue suit that could also be a purple depending on how one would look at it with a white dress shirt and a dark reddish brown tie. His shoes were brown dress shoes. He was relatively tall and looked to be fit.

Next came what appeared to be the man's daughter. She was light skinned and her figure was slim yet her build suggested some athletics were in her life. She looked to be about Jazz's age. Her eyes were a blue which suggests that perhaps that the woman may be her mother or of the like. Her brown hair was long enough to reach her hips. Her bangs were wavy to the point that it almost look like there was a triangle on her head. She wore a long, light yellow dress with straps, a clutch purse, and simple white flats.

What came next was something that Danny didn't ever expect in his half life. Something that put him on edge and made his hair raise to the edge.

It was a child that screamed death. At the most he looked to be seven but that feeling made Danny feel wry around the boy.

The child had huge glasses on his blue eyes. His dark brown hair had a cowlick stubbornly standing. The clothes were a blue suit, red bow tie, white shirt, grey shorts, and red sneakers. All in all, an ordinarily looking kid.

But Danny felt like the kid should be dead.

The kid turned his head and locked eyes with Danny. The halfa couldn't help but turn away.

There was a wrongness with that child. A wrongness not unlike Danny, yet his Ghost Sense never triggered. It was a wrongness that was new yet familiar.

Danny didn't know how to feel about this.

And Jazz saw that her younger brother was acting differently.

"Danny, are you ok?" She asked with concern.

"Yeah. Just peachy." He replied, not wanting to talk about the experience.

He ignored everyone, waiting for the moment they could go to their table.

Another musical ding rang as a new person walked into the waiting room.

This time an older man came in. He had brown eyes like most of the population, yet was relatively tall. Perhaps taller than the middle aged man from before. His silver hair is slicked back, and he has a square chin, and high cheekbones. Laugh lines drew on his face, showing that he was a happy man. His suit would be known as Italian silk to the trained eye. His shoes, were to, were of the expensive variety. This man looked good for his age. A lot like the woman who first came, time treated him well.

This newcomer reminded Danny of Vlad. It might be the hair.

Danny noticed that the older man walked up to the woman. The two started to chat when the strange child chirped a question.

'Man, even the kid's voice is making me uneasy,' Danny thought to himself.

The middle aged man bopped the kid on the head, yelling at him. Possibly because of the question. This made the teen girl go off in a reserved way as they were in a high class restaurant.

Danny, Jazz, and Maddie exchanged glances while Jack looked at the child in concern.

Seeing that the child was hurt, Jack couldn't help but get up and over to the family.

"Ah, Jack!" Maddie called out, causing all to look at the giant going their way.

They stiffened as the man drew closer. When the mountain of a man crouched down to the kid, the kid took a step back.

"Hello there! My name's Jack Fenton!" Jack grinned at the child.

"A-Ah. Hello," the child spoke back. This made Jack's grin wider.

"Do you want some fudge?" He asked, making the child say 'huh?'

"Jack!" Maddie exclaimed, scandalized.

Jack looked back to his wife and gave her a sheepish smile.

"But Mads," he whined, "he looks like he could use some fudge!"

Maddie sighed, stood up, and walked over to her husband.

"Honey, I don't think it's a good idea to spoil the dear's dinner," she pointed out, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"But Mads!" He stood back up, making Maddie's hand slide down to his arm. The family couldn't help but look on with a bit of awe at the size difference between the couple.

"Ah, it is ok. I do not need any fudge," the child spoke up. In English.

This made the couple look back down to the kid.

"Are you sure?" Jack asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Un!" The child nodded.

Jazz looked at her brother and said, "might as well do some damage control. Come on little brother."

Danny followed his sister to the now growing group. His thoughts where pretty much, might as well join the crazy.

"Ah, I am sorry for my parents behavior," Jazz apologized with a bow to the group in Japanese.

"Um, it is alright," the teen girl spoke to Jazz.

"Could someone tell me what just happened?" The middle aged man asked.

"This uncle here asked me if I wanted any fudge," the child explained.

"Fudge?" The middle aged man asked with disbelief.

The child only shrugged.

All this, of course, was not understood by a majority of the Fenton family, while Jazz understood a good majority of it.

It was then that Jazz decided to introduce her family to the group.

"Ah, my name is Fenton Jasmine. This is my father Fenton Jack, my mother Fenton Madeline, and this is my little brother, Fenton Daniel," Jazz held her hand out to each family member.

Danny heard the name Daniel and furrowed his eyebrows.

"Call me Danny," he said.

"Call him Danny," Jazz repeated.

"Hello," the old woman slightly bowed, "my name is Ihara Mayumi. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Jazz then started up playing translator for her family.

"Good evening," the old man nodded, "I am Hanabusa Eikichi."

The way Mr. Hanabusa spoke had a tone of voice that Danny associated to Vlad. Yeah, he didn't like the guy. However, he probably shouldn't think that this guy was like Vlad. Danny shouldn't let the fruit loop affect how he sees people. Who knows? Mr. Hanabusa might be actually a nice guy.

"Hello there. I am the mighty Mouri Kogoro!" The middle aged man started to laugh in a really weird way. And that was saying something since Danny has seen a variety of laughter.

The girl gave a small laugh at the man's antics before introducing herself in English. "Nice to meet you. I'm his daughter, Ran Mouri."

Danny's eyes fell to the child, knowing that the kid would go next.

"Hello there! My name is Conan Edogawa! Nice to meet you!" The child chirped in perfect English.

This made Danny's eyebrows rise. The kid had an English name and spoke said language. So he wasn't related to anyone here. Why was he here if he wasn't related to anyone? Or was he related to someone here and they haven't arrived yet? But Ran spoke English so maybe the little guy is a cousin?

"We're taking care of this brat since his parents are over in America," the middle aged man, Kogoro Mouri, said once he noticed the questioning looks that were given. Which Jazz translated to, "we're taking care of this child because his parents are over in America".

'Ok, so his parents are American. Or at least his father is. Explains the name and the just about nonexistent accent,' Danny thought as he filed another fact away. The teen was not a detective, but the way this was going, he was trying to solve the case of the mysterious Conan Edogawa. Like why felt so unnatural like himself.

"Well it's nice to meet you Mr. Moorie!" Jack bellowed as he shook one of Mr. Mouri's hands up and down vigorously with both of his in a tight grip.

The Fenton children sighed at their father.

Once the shake was done, Mr. Mouri held his hand gently.

Ding, went the bell once more.

In came a middle aged man with his arm around a woman that looked to be in her twenties. The woman looked uncomfortable and her body language whispered that she would want to be anywhere but in the man's presence.

The man was a round man who had balding black hair, beady brown eyes, and a hook nose. He was clean shaven and looked to be 5"2'. He had pale skin. Smelt of smoke and as he grinned, he showed off yellow teeth. His suit was a classic black tux and shiny black shoes.

The woman had brown eyes. Her hair was black and reached to a little past her shoulders. Freckles scattered around her body like stars. Her dress was a black cocktail dress, so her freckles showed more than if she was wearing something a bit more modest. Her physic showed that she does more physical activity than Ran does. Perhaps she regularly worked out, and her tan suggested that she tended to go outside for quite an amount of time. The woman also was quite tall compared to the man, even more so with her black high heels, so his arm was around her waist.

"Well if it isn't the nutjobs," a gruff, accented voice called out from the round man.

Immediately did Jack and Maddie's demeanor grow dark. They stood stiff and defensive.

"Mr. Eda," Maddie nodded to the man in a tone that suggested indifference.

"Mrs. Fenton," the slimy man replied, "I see you have three children with you. Oops, sorry, that's your husband."

Danny definitely didn't like this guy. Nor did Jazz as she stiffen at the insult.

"I'll have you know that I am a capable man," Jack told Mr. Eda.

"Yeah right. I'll believe that when ghosts are found to be real," Mr. Eda joked with a sneer.

Jack and Maddie fumed.

"Ghosts are too real! We have scientific proof!" Jack yelled at the man, one arm raised.

Maddie was equally as mad as her husband, but was the more level headed of the two. So, she put her arm around her husband's arm to calm him down.

"Hey, it's not worth it dad," Danny started, putting his own hand on Jack's raised arm to pull it down.

"Yeah, you two proved to the town that ghosts are real," Jazz continued.

Mr. Eda just laughed as he walked the woman away from the group to some chairs.

There was a tense silence as Eda sat down with the woman.

"What do you mean by ghosts being real?" A childish voice asked out.

It was the young Conan.

This question seemed to brighten the Fenton couple up.

"Well, you see, ghosts are real. Only they're not from the soul of a dead person, but their mind," Maddie explained to the child.

"However not all ghosts come from people. Some come from animals or were never alive in the first place!" Jack added.

The rest of the group made a questioning face, so Conan ended up translating for them.

'Why is he the one translating when Ran can do that? Isn't he like what? Five?' Danny thought to himself. He knew he was over exaggerating Conan's age, but still.

It wasn't like he wanted to be cautious around the kid, it was just how he felt wrong. Danny himself knew how it felt to be a freak, how it was to be against nature. Thankfully Danny had his friends with him and eventually his sister. But who knew what was going on in this kid's life.

It was that moment that Danny decided to try to do his best to be friendly with Conan and let him know that he wasn't alone. And if this kid ends up being a halfa like Danny, who somehow doesn't make his ghost sense go off, then maybe Danny could be like a mentor to Conan.

But not like Vlad.

Never like Vlad.

As the parents went on about ghosts and explained how, scientifically, they existed, Jazz gave a small smile at the scene, glad that her parents were back to 'normal'.

Danny gave a light chuckle at the frightened look on Ran's face. He decided that it would be best to calm her down about the whole thing.

"Hey, if there's one thing my parents are wrong about ghosts, it's that they're all evil," he told her.

"Eh?" Ran turned to him.

"Not all ghosts are evil. There's good ghosts and there's ghosts that just want to be left alone," he elaborated. Hearing this eased Ran, if only a little bit.

"Thank you," she smiled at him.

They all chatted with various topics with Conan and Jazz as the middleman in order to get an understanding. Although there were parts where Jazz would stumble with her Japanese, yet thankfully Conan would help her out. There was even an impromptu course on Japanese and English for both parties.

Conan ended up as the teacher.

'Man this kid is good,' Danny thought, impressed.

"Since I am younger, you would call me Conan-kun," Conan explained to the Fentons, "and since Ran is older than me, I call her Ran-nee-chan. Onee-chan is what you call an older sister. So I would call Jazz, Jazz-nee-chan. Onii-chan is what you call an older brother. Danny is older than me so I would call him Danny-nii-chan. Oji-san is uncle so Jack, Jack-oji-san or Fenton-san since it's polite to call someone by their last name. Usually you would call someone from their first name if you are close to the person. Oba-san is what you call an aunt. Of course, Oba-san is also grandma, but the 'ba' in grandma is longer than the 'ba' in aunt. So I would call Maddie, Maddie-oba-san, the shorter 'ba'."

Of course Jazz and Maddie cooed at this.

"You don't have to do that, you can just call me Jack if you want!" Jack offered.

"Thank you for the offer, Jack-oji-san," Conan smiled, yet obviously did not take Jack up on the offer.

It was after that lesson that a large amount of customers from the restaurant left, showing that there was room for new customers. This caused the large group as well as Mr. Eda and the woman to go in. Well, more like Mr. Eda rushed himself and the woman into the restaurant, wanting to get a table as fast as possible. They were led to a large table.

"I am sorry, but this is the only table available for now. Is this alright?" The host asked the group. This was translated to the Fentons, who agreed. If a bit reluctantly due to the fact that they would have to eat by Mr. Eda.

The man himself was not pleased, but he wanted to eat as soon as he was able.

The seating arrangements were like this. On the head of left end of the table sat Mr. Hanabusa. To his left sat Jack. On Jack's left was his wife Maddie. On her left sat their daughter, Jazz. And on her left sat Danny.

On Mr. Hanabusa's right sat Mr. Eda. On Mr. Eda's right was the woman he brought with. On her right sat Ms. Ihara. On Ms. Ihara's right was Ran who squeezed Conan in.

On the head of the right end of the table sat one Mr. Mouri.

The restaurant looked like the waiting room in all aspects except, it had booths, tables scattered around in an orderly manner, people everywhere, a bathroom near the doors that lead to the kitchen, and a grand chandler hanging from the middle of the ceiling. It's soft light going through the crystals hanging from the fixture made small rainbows appear on surfaces.

"Ok, so you said that they have a menu in English?" Danny asked his sister with a side glance. In his hands were a menu in Japanese.

"Yes-" Jazz started.

"Excuse me!" Conan suddenly interrupted the American teen. A waiter appeared.

This waiter was, in a word, burly. He was a lot like Jack in that aspect. His brown eyes shown a twinkle in them as he gazed at the small child before him. A gentle smile peeked through a dark brown beard. His short dark brown hair suggested that he had got it recently cut.

"What can I do for you?" He asked in a soft, yet rough voice.

"These Oji-san, Oba-san, Onee-san, and Onii-san need a menu in English please," Conan told the waiter.

"Oh! I am so sorry!" The waiter exclaimed with an accent as he looked at the Fentons. "Let me go get you some right a way!"

He quickly grabbed their menus with a grace that Jack unfortunately did not have. Once he had their menus, he left.

"Um, thanks," Danny smiled at Conan whist rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's no problem!" Conan chirped back.

'Yeah, getting used to this kid is going to be hard,' Danny moaned slightly in his mind as sweat dropped down the side of his face.

"Sooo, what do you want to do when you're older Conan?" Danny asked to the child. Might as well try to familiarize with the kid.

"I want to be a detective!" Conan grinned. This made Danny tilt his head.

"Why a detective?" He asked the younger one.

"Well, so I can put the bad guys behind bars! They think they can get away with bad stuff, but I would show them otherwise!" The child told the older one.

"But doesn't a policeman do the same thing?" Danny pointed out.

"That's true, but a detective is cooler!" The kid argued.

Danny shrugged. Can't exactly argue with kid logic.

"What do you want to be when you grow up, Danny-nii-chan?" Conan asked.

Hearing this made Danny smile wistfully.

"Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to be an astronaut," he started, "I always thought they were so cool, being so close to the stars."

Conan looked at the teen with curiosity.

"I was practically obsessed with it. Even when I found out how exactly dangerous it was to be an astronaut, I still wanted to be one. I even went to space camp and did multiple spaceship simulators," Danny paused, "I only crashed once, and that was on my first try." He boasted with a grin.

Conan's eyes widen and asked "really?"

"Yep," the halfa chuckled.

"So what happened?" Conan questioned.

Hearing this made Danny pause.

"What do you mean?" He questioned back.

"You were using past tense. That means you don't want to be an astronaut anymore, right?" Conan tilted his head slightly.

Danny blinked. This kid was good with observation skills so maybe he will one day be a detective.

"Well, NASA decided to stop sending people into space, or at least that's what I heard. Can't exactly be an astronaut when you can't go into space," the American teen explained with a bittersweet grin. That wasn't the only reason. Who knows what all the tests would find out if he took them.

"I see," Conan nodded. He paused for a moment then hesitantly asked, "what do you know about space?"

Now this was a question that Danny could answer with glee.

However before he could say a word, their waiter came back.

"Sorry that it took so long," he apologized.

"No, it's alright dearie. Thank you for getting us these menus," Maddie said as she was given her menu.

"It was no problem," he replied.

As Danny's family went on to look at the menu, he decided to see what the place had.

What he say made him stop.

Everything was Italian.

"Jazz, I thought we were going to a fancy Japanese restaurant," he said while turning to look at his sister.

"What do you mean little brother?" She turned to look at Danny.

"This is Italian," Danny said with a deadpan voice and face as he pointed at the menu.

"Well, yes. This is an Italian restaurant. In Japan. Did I not mention that?"


Jazz blushed, "oops. Sorry."

"It's fine," Danny sighed. If they wanted Italian, they could have stayed in the U.S. He took a quick glance and decided to go with the classic spaghetti.

There was idle chatter as the group waited for their waiter to reappear.

Once he did, Mr. Eda started.

"I will have the Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp, and a glass of Pinot Grigio," he said as he gave the waiter his menu.

The waiter turned to Mr. Hanabusa.

"I will have the Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe and Montefalco Rosso," Mr. Hanabusa said in a smooth voice.

The burly man nodded and turned to Jack.

"I think I will have the lasagna and Cannonana," he ordered.

"Cannonau?" The waiter corrected the man.

"Yes!" Jack grinned.

"I'll have the Orecchiette Kale Pesto and Fiano di Avellino please," Maddie asked.

"I will have the Cioppino La Scala with the peach flavored Italian soda please. Thank you," Jazz smiled at the waiter.

"I'll just have some spaghetti and the strawberry flavored Italian soda," Danny gave his menu to the man.

"I will have the Strozzapreti With Roasted Tomatoes and Primitivo," Mr. Mouri ordered.

"I will have the Butternut Gnocchi and strawberry Italian soda as well please!" Conan chirped.

"I will have the Pollo Ripieno and strawberry Italian soda please and thank you," Ran asked.

"I will have the Strozzapreti With Roasted Tomatoes and Primitivo," Ms. Ihara told the waiter.

Finally came the mystery woman.

"I will have the Rigatoni with Ragu Baresee and Salice Salentino," she said.

Once that was done, the waiter left.

"What were you going to say?" Conan's sugary voice took Danny's attention.


"About space?" Conan encouraged. This made Danny smile.

"Well, did you know that the moon really does rotate?" He started.


"Yeah! But it's very slow so we can't see. It rotates once in about twenty seven days. As it turns out, that's the amount of time the moon makes an orbit around the Earth. Also when early astronomers first saw the dark spots on the moon, they called it Maria because they thought they were seas, when actually they're volcanic plains."

"Volcanic plains?" Conan tilted his head to the side.

"Yep. Made from basalt like in Hawaii. They cover about seventeen percent of the surface if I remember correctly. They have pits and channels but no actual volcanoes. Well, large volcanoes actually," Danny explained. At some point during his explanation, Jazz and Ran noticed what Danny was doing.

"Danny knows a lot about the moon," Ran commented to Jazz with a smile as she watched her pseudo little brother interact with the teen.

"He always did have a fascination with space in general. Danny's a smart kid," Jazz smiled at her own little brother. Truth be told, she was worried about Danny. This was a new environment, and he didn't have Sam and Tucker. So she was filled with joy at the fact that he was talking about something he loved.

"And did you know that recently we were able to identify not one but three habitable planets outside our solar system?"

"Really?" Conan asked in awe.

"Yep! It's in the Aquarius constellation. They orbit around a ultra-cool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1 which is smaller than our sun. Not only that, but there's four more planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1! And they're all about the same size as Earth!"

"Amazing!" Conan was practically entranced by Danny's words.

"And get this! Since TRAPPIST-1 is cooler than our sun and smaller, these planets are closer to the star than Mercury is to our sun!"

"No way!"

"Yes way! The coolest thing is that if you stand on one of those habitual planets, you could see the other planets in the sky! Now they're all locked so that means that one side of the planet is always day and the other is always night. So the weather would be very different from Earth's. Now the question is do they have liquid water."

"Liquid water?" Conan tilted his head in confusion.

"Yep. Since all life here needs liquid water to survive, scientists kinda all agreed that if there's a planet out there with liquid water, there could be life. So if there is liquid water on those planets, then life might just grow! So what we need to do is to get some photos or something that will come back to us to let us know what exactly is on those planets. This might take awhile, but that's ok. It would be very interesting to see if there is any life on that planet. Like, what do the plants look like? What about the animals? Their evolutionary train will be different from ours so it will be really cool to see what the life on those planets would look like. Although it would be very interesting if they somehow ended up similar to what we imagine aliens to look like."

At this moment Danny realized that he felt calm. Conan was a good listener and took in the information like a sponge. And that feeling of wrongness was dialed down quite a bit. It almost felt natural to be with Conan.


But still, this was probably as good as it was going to get for a while and Danny was going to take what he could get.

Not long after that did the food arrive. The waiter was a master at his job as not a drop of alcohol or soda was spilled. The sauces and cream were in place on the plate and Danny felt that he probably should have ordered something a little more fancy. However he didn't want to buy something only to hate it the moment he put it in his mouth. So he probably did the right thing and played it safe.

When he did put the spaghetti in his mouth, however, he knew he would never see spaghetti the same way again.

"This is delicious!" Danny exclaimed. He then turned to the waiter and said, "tell the cook who made this that this puts all of the other spaghetti into shame."

The waiter laughed good naturedly. Idly, Danny noticed that the man's laugh was hearty, much like his dad's.

"I will!" The water grinned.

"This really is delicious," Maddie complimented. Jack and Jazz both made hums in approval.

And just like that complements came from all round the table.

"Hmfph. This is rather good," Mr. Eda said as he put another fork full of pasta.

And with that, the waiter left.

It wasn't that far latter into the diner did Danny feel a large chill run down him not unlike eggs that were almost frozen, but not quite. Then, as if he were on autopilot, his head turned to Mr. Eda. He was unaware as Conan saw all this, and looked at Mr. Eda in a questioning manner.

Not even a second later did they all hear a noise that they would not forget.

All was in slow motion as Mr. Eda fell out of his chair and onto the floor.

The woman who sat next to Mr. Eda screamed as Mr. Mouri and Conan ran over to the fallen Mr. Eda. Mr. Mouri took the man's pulse and shook his head.

"Ran-nee-chan! Call all the police!" Conan demand the girl.

And Danny sat there. Mind blank as he saw for the first time in his half life someone die right in front of him.