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Chapter two point five

There was something strange about the youngest Fenton.

Ever since Shinichi had walked into the restaurant, he had felt eyes on his child form. And as he locked eyes on the one who was staring at him so intensely, a teen boy who was younger than Conan's true form quickly looked away.

The detective deduced that this teen was the one who did the deed.

The boy was American (or the very least of European descent), blue eyes, black hair, pale skin (doesn't go out much? Perhaps burns easily or doesn't tan), hunched slightly, defensive (why is he defensive? Is it because of the restaurant? If so then he probably doesn't go to such fancy places such as this as much. Or is it because he had done something wrong?), and is what is most likely his family. Older sister, mother, father. He has his father's hair and eyes while his sister takes on more towards their mother.

He watched as his sister asked him a question and his response.

English. American accented. Perhaps the Midwest region?

Of course his attention was drawn away by a new person entering.

When he was questioning the new comer on his relations with the client, and got bopped on the head from one alcoholic, he was surprised to see the foreign father come up to him.

It was this instance that a series of events started to unfold.

Which he translated.

The shrunken detective was informed of the family.

There was the father, Fenton Jack. He was a giant of a man as he was rather large. Perhaps he had a love for sweets. Most likely the evidence was the fact the man had asked the pseudo child if he wanted some fudge. Fenton-san appeared to be in his forties, had black hair with the lower portion white, showing his growing age. His eyes were blue and shone with a light that showed that he retained some child like tendencies.

The mother was Fenton Madeline. Her dress showed off her arms which had muscles. This showed that she does, at the very least, quite a bit of upper body work. Yet it was more lean if anything. When he thought about it, he had realized that they were similar to Ran's arms. So perhaps she does some sort of martial arts. Her hair was brown yet she, curiously, had purple eyes. No, they were actually blue. It was the lightning that made them look purple. She looked to be about either her late thirties or early forties.

As he looked at the husband's and wife's hands, he noticed how they were scared, yet showed signs of protection. There were callous on them as well. It was similar to Agasa-hakase's which suggests that the two were inventors. But the other scaring suggests that they deal with weapons. Perhaps they were part of the FBI or the CIA? If they were, it wouldn't be the first time a FBI agent went under cover here.

When that thought crossed his mind he had to force himself to relax.

There was no way the couple were after Them.

Especially if they brought teens with them.

Fenton Jasmine reminded him of Ran. Possibly by the vibe she gave off or the way she treated her younger brother. Her hair was an orange, popping next to her mother's. Her eyes were a mix of a green and blue. Aqua, if you will. She was showing signs of muscle. Not as much as her mother, but it was there. Perhaps she had started working out or of the like not that long ago. Her hands had callouses which supported this theory. She looked to be not that much younger than Ran and him when he was normal. Perhaps she was a sixteen to their seventeen. She had introduced them in Japanese, yet her accent was still noticeable. She had spoke hesitantly, not wanting to stumble over any words or say something in the wrong order.

Now there was Fenton Daniel or "Danny" as he was so quick to correct. Finally there was a name to the face. The teen looked as if he fourteen to fifteen years old. Thirteen at the least. His tux hid the young boy's physique, so the once famous detective couldn't get a gauge on what this one does. His body language spoke of discomfort while his eyes gazed at who introduced themselves. It was interesting to see someone that young observe while looking awkward.

Idly, the small detective thought that this is what others think of him when they see him at a crime scene.

What caught his eye, however, was the scars and many callouses on the teen's hands. There was much more on his hand than his parents' and sister's.

Those hands suggests that he fights.

A lot.

When Eda-san came in, there was a lot of tension which led to everyone finding out the Fenton's occupation.

Ghost hunting.

It was completely and utterly ridiculous. Yet the way they explained it made it sound like it was possible. It was like hearing someone explain magic in a way that people of science could understand.

But of course magic isn't real and the only thing close the tiny detective had done to what they're doing was uncovering Kaitou KID's magic tricks.

When he saw Danny-kun comfort Ran, he couldn't help but smile. It was then that he decided to help make the teen as comfortable as he could.

Which means playing the part of a cute seven year old kid.

So he gave a crash course on Japanese.

As it turn out they had all to share a table with Eda-san and the woman he brought.

He heard how the Fenton's didn't have any English menus so he took it upon himself to ask for some.

After that was taken care of, it was Danny-kun who started a conversation with him.

This made him feel slightly proud of the teen.

They talked about jobs for a while, and he learned about Danny-kun's love for space. It was truly amazing how he only crashed once. However he looked sad when he spoke of not being able to be an astronaut, but that's to be expected. Not everyone can get their dream job.

Before they could exchange any more words, the menus came.

They ordered. Simple as that.

Conan decided to continue the conversation about space. Danny-kun spoke of the moon, and, of course, Conan played the part of clueless, yet curious, child. Although it was interesting to see Danny-kun speak so enthusiastically about the moon. Danny-kun then talked about a solar system outside of theirs that had three habitable planets.

This was news to him. Conan was absorbing the new information like a sponge. Danny-kun seemed to be up to date on what's going on outside of Earth. Now that he thought about it, Danny-kun was practically glowing as he spoke. There was even a light to his eyes that seemed to bring more life into them.

They were given their food, and it was simply delicious. The way the flavors complemented each other was wonderful. However, later on into the meal, he happened to look up at Danny-kun, and saw something… strange.

Danny-kun shivered, as if a cold wind passed through, and stiffened. Then, as if his body weren't his own, Danny-kun moved his head over towards Eda-san. The fake child observed how the movement looked almost robotic by how smooth the movement was that it couldn't have been natural.

Unfortunately the shrunken teen couldn't think about a reason why for this behavior since not even a second later did he hear a noise all too familiar in his line of work.

Eda-san had fell out of his chair not unlike a sack of bricks.

As the woman Eda-san brought screamed, he and the old man ran to the fallen man. The old man shook his head, confirming everyone's fears.

Conan told Ran to call the police, and it was official.

The dinner became a case.

The small detective observed everyone's reaction to this. They were all in some sort of shock or sorrow. However it was Danny-kun's reaction that pulled his attention. The young teen looked like he could be in shock by what had just happened. Yet there was an air of despair that surrounded him. It was strange. Danny-kun didn't know the man, but it was perhaps the fact that he had watch the man die that got to him.

There were other customers that were curious to what had happened, but he and the old man told them to stay away from the scene. There were children with some of the customers, and they didn't need to see something as terrible as this.

All waited for the police to come, and when they did, there was no disappointment.

Apparently now he's the death god.

The tiny detective watched all involved in the dinner with sharp eye, watching for anything suspicious as he gathered the story behind the man who had just departed from the mortal realm.

Hanabusa-san was questioned, and the false kid searched for any signs of lies. Then he decided to look at the Fenton's again… and saw Danny-kun staring at him again. Shinichi remembered that he was currently in the body of a child, so he put on the mask of a happy-go-lucky kid.

Except Danny-kun saw the shift of mood.

Not good.

He watched as Danny-kun shivered. The Fenton father noticed this and brought the rest of the Fenton family's attention to it. Not only that, but the inspector's attention as well.

They were questioned as well, eventually explaining the town's special condition.

Which, of course, Conan translated for while keeping away from Ran.

Of course, before they could find anymore information about the Fenton's home town, three more people came in.

One of them was the woman that the old man was hired for.

Now that he thought about it, it was a good thing that Ran convinced her father to bring her and Conan along. If they weren't, then who knows what innocent person could be arrested.

He watched how each person interacted, from the ex wife and the restaurant owner, to how the deceased's fiancée flinched at the chef's surname.


Forensics arrived, and Conan began to play detective. Of course, no one really paid attention to him since this was routine by now.

Eda-san's face was one of shock. His hands were on his throat, but that did not save him.

Eda-san's lips were blue… Conan went closer. He sniffed the mouth and noticed the many scents that made up the man's last meal. One of which was familiar.

"Almonds," he had muttered to himself. It was a definite. Eda-san was murdered by cyanide.

Danny-kun suddenly went up to him, spoke to get his attention, and grabbed his hand. The teen was most likely about to take Conan away from the dead body. The teen didn't know that everyone, except Ran, had given up on taking Conan away from a body/crime scene. However, Danny-kun immediately pulled away from him.

Conan watch in worry and concern as Danny-kun's eyes widen. He had paled significantly and his pupils were pinpricks. He had looked around, clearly terrified for some reason, and Shinichi was baffled.

Before Conan could say anything to the American teen, Danny-kun ran to their waiter, then to the bathroom.

Fenton Danny was a strange boy.