October 31, 1981

That fateful night when Voldemort found the Potters and destroyed them, but one Harry James Potter survived. However it has yet to be seen if the Dark Lord is gone for good or just for a time, because all that is left of him is a pile of ashes.

The poor green eyed babe has yet to know the terrors of this world until this night which he will remember and dream of forever. What happened to the lady with red hair that he affectionately called mama, and will he ever see her again? Why has the man with the messy black hair not come up to help yet, isn't that what dada is supposed to do? Why is pa'foo here and why is pa'foo passing him to a giant of a man that is covered in hair and crying? Will Moo'y come and help him or maybe even the man that he didn't like Wo'mt'il? Where is everyone he knew and why aren't they here, he really just wants to cuddle with his mama, but she won't get up even with him crying his hardest? Why is he going in pa'foo's cycle with this man that isn't pa'foo? Oh here is someone he knows finally, Albu' will help him. Wait, why is he being left alone outside? Mama said never to go outside by himself, and always have an adult with him.

Minerva may say "They are the worst sort of Muggles imaginable." However, Albus believes the precious babe will win their hearts in the end and Petunia will not be able to project her jealousy of her sister onto him. The blood wards though are the real reason he is being kept here, because even if Voldemort is gone, the death eaters are not. The real question that raises all suspicion with one Albus Dumbledore is, how was a babe a little over a year old able to survive the killing curse when his magical core isn't even developed much past 10% yet. There is a reason children do not go to Hogwarts until they are 11, their magical core isn't fully developed until 10. However, they go to get a magical education to be able to use more of their magical core other than accidental magic.

Albus doesn't know what to expect from this little one, but he does believe that maybe he will have to take drastic measures to keep him under control. Ultimately if a babe with only 10% of his core is developed can take on the killing curse this child may be abundantly magical and Albus may just need to keep that under wraps.

~Quick Author Note~

Wow, so this is my very first Fanfic, let's hope it goes well. I am open to suggestions about corrections since I am my own beta at this point. We will see how it goes.

This will be a multi chapter work, I have no time frame for posting, it will be as my muse works, however I will post what I currently have and go from there.

The timeline is slightly different for some of the stuff with Twilight so that the ages can all match up appropriately. I will tag as I go if you notice one that needs added please let me know.

Thanks all!