After their first mating Sam was able to go back to work along with Zarin and Aedus. They were all able to be apart for the day without any trouble it seems, which was quite the relief with school coming up for the vampire children and Harry. Harry was excited for the start of his junior year, and couldn't wait to be back and learn more of the muggle world. He was now a master in potions, beating his dad by a few years as the youngest potions master. He also has his masteries in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dark Arts, Elemental Magic, Dueling, Transfiguration, Charms, Legilimency, Occlumency, and Care of Magical Creatures. He had been working on self-studying after passing his OWLs and NEWTs during the summer when he turned 14. He decided to just request the tests for the masterships and passed them all as he just found out earlier that week.

He would need to find a tutor for Necromancy, Divinations, and Blood Magic so that he could be well versed in all magical knowledge. He decided to only take the OWL in History and Astronomy as he didn't find much excitement in it. Severus, after watching his son succeed so well, put ads in the magical papers again to find tutors for the last classes Harry asked to take. He gave himself a mental pat on the back for having Harry home-schooled with private tutors as Harry far surpassed any expectations Severus had for his son. It was definitely needed that Harry trained early with his mateship taking priority, so now he could keep adding to his knowledge as he saw fit. He had hired the three tutors for Harry so that they could work in the evenings and weekends they would just be commuting back and forth to the manor as they all had their own lives. These classes were luckily very straight forward and Necromancy was best done in the evenings so it was scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Blood Magic was done on Saturdays and Sundays, while Divinations was in the evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He was slightly concerned that Harry wouldn't have much time for his mates and muggle school, but Harry talked him into it saying that he rarely had more than an hour of homework for high school and the classes would only be two hours long in the evenings. As for Harry's mates he was content with them being with and around him while in evening classes and at night.

Today was the Friday before school started on Monday, so they were going shopping for school supplies. Luna was not going to be going to high school as she was going to be home schooled for her magical education, and start learning muggle education to hopefully be able to join Harry and the vampires next year. However, she wanted out of the house and needed her school books for her classes and Harry needed a few books as well for his new courses from Fine Alley, so they would both be shopping. Rosalie and Alice were also insisting on a new wardrobe for everyone for the new school year, so that was also in the works.

After an almost 9 hour long shopping excursion, they made it to the manor all intact. Harry was a little bummed as he hadn't run into the twins for the two hours they were in Fine Alley while having lunch with Sam, as everyone but Aedus and Zarin were tagging along for the full shopping journey. Luna was back at her house, and everyone at the manor was busy putting their things away. Dinner that night was a calm affair, and the evening led the mates to much more pleasurable activities.

Monday was finally upon them and as Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Harry were all piling into the SUV, Alice suddenly went rigid. Edward gasped and Alice groaned as she came out of the vision. "We are going to have a new student at school this year, her name is Bella Swan. She's Charlie's daughter from Arizona." Alice stated. Harry smiled but asked Edward, "What's wrong?" Edward glanced at Alice who shrugged and so he told Harry. "Apparently I am going to have troubles with her, as it seems her blood is going to call to me." Harry frowned at that, but figured they would deal with it when it arises. Luckily Harry and Edward had all the same classes, so it shouldn't be too hard to prevent an incident since Harry could calm Edward as he was his mate. He suddenly got a ding on his cell, stating he had a text, which was from Luna. It read simply, She will prove to be a challenge make sure to stay clear and keep Edward close. That was odd, but not the first time something like that happened, while Alice sees situations, Luna tended to have more of an intuition about what was going to happen with the visions she saw.

They all arrived 10 minutes before the bell and started walking towards their classes, the first one being English for Harry and Edward. It turns out Bella had that class too, and while eavesdropping on her conversation with Jessica they found out she has almost every class with Edward and Harry. This was frustrating as most of their classes had tables of three and Harry and Edward enjoyed being the only table of two, obviously that was about to change. Bella made her way to their table in English, and Edward like usual had put Harry next to the wall and himself next to the open seat for easier defense. However, this was going to prove difficult as when Bella sat next to him his eyes instantly went to black as the urge to drain her made itself known. He subtlety leaned into Harry to take in a large breath of his scent and held his breath for the class while looking like he was breathing.

Harry to help ease the tension in Edward, by grabbing his mating mark with his hand and rubbed it while transmitting all the relaxing calm energy he could into it. While it helped, it definitely wasn't perfect and of course there was a group discussion that they would be discussing how Romeo and Juliet would be different in modern times. It proved annoying for Harry watching Bella continuously try to flirt with Edward; luckily Edward kept his answers to one or two words to detract Bella from continuing. The rest of the morning periods went on like this, so that when lunch rolled around Harry found himself dragged to the SUV by Edward who immediately bit down on Harry's mating mark to drink eagerly from him. After that was finished Edward was extremely turned on, as was Harry, so they had a quick love making session as Harry replenished some of his strength by taking some blood from Edwards mating mark. Harry quickly called Pepper to bring him and Edward some lunch and a blood replenishing potion from home, which also helped so that he wasn't light headed. It also helped Edward that he was now completely full of blood, so there was no way he would have the temptation of drinking from Bella, who still smelled delicious. It wasn't nearly as overpowering as he had quite a bit of Harry's blood in his stomach and the rest filled with mountain lion. Although Harry looked quite pale the rest of the day, he made Edward now sit by the wall, and decided to be a living wall himself between Bella and Edward. The rest of first semester followed suite with their daily lunch rituals.

Soon November was here and poor Harry was experiencing the first time of his body preparing for his heat. To say he was cranky, snappy, frustrated, and annoyed most of the time would be an understatement according to his mates. They were at such a loss with their submissive as he was so miserable, they did everything in their power to help him, by keeping him as calm and relaxed as possible. The month was hard and finally Thanksgiving was here with a nice family dinner including Sirius, Remus, and Luna. It was perfect, but soon on Friday very early in the morning things started changing.

Sam and Itzal were the first to notice how Harry was tossing and turning and kicking off all his covers, then all the mates were hit with an immense wave of lust and longing. Soon it was a free for all with everyone intimately connect with another, Harry was passed from one mate to the next. For a total of an entire week no one saw Harry or his mates, except for the house elves that would pop in every few hours to put more water in the pitcher and finger foods on the platters on a table they set up in the room.

Finally by the second week in December things were calming down again while everyone was doing their Christmas shopping. Right around Christmas poor Harry came down with the flu and could not stop throwing up or even keep food in his system for almost an entire four days. It was Christmas Eve when he finally wanted something to eat and his mates were completely relieved as the only people he would allow to take care of him or be near him while sick was his mates. Luckily no one else seemed to have caught whatever Harry had. They all celebrated Christmas Eve with a nice relaxing dinner with the family, and got up bright and early on Christmas to the sounds of Harry puking again. Around noon he finally seemed to have stopped and was walking to the bed when he passed out, one minute he was upright the next he was trying to come out of the blackness and respond to Sam. No one seemed to notice that Harry's scent was slowly getting sweeter, but everyone was far too concerned with trying to figure out what was going on.

Next thing they know there is pounding on the door, Edward rushed to open it and Luna runs in with a scream and hugs Harry; Severus, Sirius, and Remus following behind her much more sedately. Luna laughs and can't help but announce, "Congrats on the new babies mommy!" Then threw herself at Harry again to hug him. That immediately caused all the mates to smile proudly at Harry, and Harry blushed bright red, soon everyone was exchanging hugs and well wishes. This would definitely be an interesting new year ahead.