Sheldon and Leonard arrived at the hospital.

"So Gabriel is not Mimi's boyfriend, sweetheart, ex, nor husband-to-be?" Sheldon asked excitedly.

"No." Leonard replied, angrily.

"Why are you so grumpy today?" Sheldon asked. "Aren't you happy I'm back?"

"I'm not happy you ran away in the first place." Leonard said. They reached the floor where Mimi's ward was.

Leonard opened the door for Sheldon and Sheldon stepped inside. He saw someone lying on a bed by herself – her face was as white as paper, and her eyes were closed. Her cheekbones jutted out from her face, which was so small Sheldon felt it would fit in one of his palms.

And no. Why had Leonard brought him here?

Because it was not Mimi he was seeing, no. He knew Mimi, and she wasn't supposed to look like this.

Leonard went over to the bed and shook the girl awake. "Mimi, Sheldon is here."

The girl opened her eyes and saw Sheldon. "Sheldon…?" she asked, almost like a whisper.

Leonard turned to Sheldon. "Sheldon, this is Mimi." He said.

Sheldon went over to Mimi and looked at her again. She looked worn out, and she had lost a lot of weight.

"Oh my gosh, Mimi…" Sheldon gasped.

"Hey you." Mimi gave a weak smile. "You're back."

"Oh my, what happened?" Sheldon asked. "Are you fighting cancer?"

"No." Leonard said. "She was driven with guilt and worry about you she developed anorexia."

"Anorexia, but – ," Sheldon started. "Oh my gosh, Mimi…"

"I'll be ok." Mimi said. "You're here now."

Sheldon went over to hold Mimi, who looked so fragile that he was afraid he might crush her. All he felt were bones sticking out, and she did not feel like Mimi. Sheldon was so surprised when he saw her spine sticking out from the back of her neck.

"Mimi…" Sheldon whispered. He sank to the ground next to her bed, his hand clutching hers. He was so upset to see her in such a state.

Mimi rested her back against her bed. "It's ok." She said. She closed her eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Gabriel before you ran away, Sheldon."

"No, Mimi…" Sheldon said. "I – no."

Silence hung in the air.

Just then, a nurse brought in breakfast for Mimi.

"Breakfast for Mimi Edwards." She said. Leonard gestured towards Mimi.

Mimi was given a banana and a bowl of soup, soy milk for breakfast.

"Come on, eat up like a good girl." Sheldon instructed.

Mimi gave a small smile, and picked up her spoon, but she only took a few nibble before saying, "I think it's fine."

"What do you mean it's fine?" Sheldon asked. "You need to recover."

"I don't think I want to eat." Mimi said.

"But why?" Sheldon asked. "Just eat that portion, it's terribly small. You can finish that! Besides, it's good food!"

"No, Sheldon." Mimi said.

"Mimi just eat!" Sheldon said. He wasn't happy about having made Mimi the way she was right now, and he wasn't happy about her not eating!

"I'm sorry, Sheldon." Mimi said. "But you don't understand." Tears were welling in her eyes.

Sheldon looked at Mimi. He didn't understand. "But why not?" he asked. "It's a simple – eat and you'll be fine again."

"No, it's not how it works." Mimi cried. "I've been through it once – I know what I have to do – it's just not as easy as it sounds."

"I don't understand!" Sheldon exclaimed.

"I'm sorry." Mimi said.

"Don't say you're sorry, just eat up!" Sheldon raised his voice.

"Sheldon…" Leonard said.

"What?" Sheldon asked. "Did you bring me here to show me Mimi? Because I'm not happy with what I'm seeing!" He walked out of the ward without even saying goodbye.

Mimi covered her face with her hands. "Oh no…" she sobbed. "Not again…"

"Mimi, I think I have to go after Sheldon." Leonard said. "I promise I'll talk to him and take him back here soon." He said goodbye and ran to where Sheldon left.