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Summary: Rinoa a well-known journalist is thrilled to receive the honour of writing the biography of a man greatly respected by people all over the world, but her hopes of a enjoyable time are cut short when she meet's the man's son. Rinoa finds herself disgusted by the way he treats others and starts to teach him that there's more to life than just being the president's son. After a while Rinoa soon realises that there maybe the prospect of fun after all.

Forget who you are

Chapter 1

By Renegade Seraph

Rinoa Heartilly parked her car in her usual spot and proceeded towards the tall building that stood many floors high against the Galbadian blue sky backdrop. 

"Well here we go again. I just love Monday's!" She mumbled sarcastically. Mondays were always the same, her supervisor Mr Phill's would be rushing around placing new bits of boring work on everybody's desks and the answer phone machine would be filled with pointless messages that no one wanted to deal with. Today she would be on coffee shift, which meant squeezing in all her regular jobs with making coffee for everyone in the office. That included 20 members of staff, which in Rinoa's opinion was a lot of milk and sugars to remember. Thank Hyne for her best friend Selphie who worked on the next desk and could always raise a smile to her face.

"Hey Rinny, I how've you been? I couldn't get hold of you at the weekend, where were you?" Was the greeting Rinoa received as she entered the building. The questions came from behind a huge stack of papers that would have appeared to have their own pair of legs, if it had not been for the eyes peering over the top. Rinoa took half of the heavy stack from her friend and sighed under the weight of it.

"Hey Selph." Rinoa replied about as lively that could be managed on a Monday morning, and leading the way to the elevator. "I was just busy that's all." Rinoa answered innocently. Selphie fixed her with a quizzical stare.

"Oh yeah, doing what?" She asked. Loving the way Rinoa would immediately put up a defence. Rinoa shrugged casually.

"Just this and that." Rinoa replied, trying to keep her face from revealing a blush. Selphie shook her head.

"You know Rin, you're a terrible liar. You saw him again didn't you!" Selphie pried. Rinoa blushed furiously and tried to shrug it off. "Aww man, Rin! I told you not to see him again, he's bad news you know. Anyway I thought you broke up?" Rinoa sighed, she hated answering questions like this, especially when she wasn't very sure of what her own feelings were.

"Well I guess were back together then, and he was really nice!" Rinoa defended. Selphie stepped aside so that Rinoa could exit first and quickly followed rolling her eyes.

"When will you understand Rin that Almasy is not 'really nice!'" Selphie said, imitating Rinoa. "He's a black sheep so to say, and he'll stay that way no matter what."   

"Well so I like the naughty boys!" Rinoa exclaimed, "I think I can take care of my self now. Hyne I'm 24 years old, cut me a break here." Rinoa said smiling, Selphie laughed in spite of herself.

"GIRLS!" Came a loud annoyed voice from in front of them. They both stopped giggling at once and snapped to attention.

"Erm we were just, err um." Selphie stammered.

"You were just about to get to work weren't you?" The pointy nosed man said with an authority that only a scary schoolteacher could manage.

"Yes Mr Phill's, I just had to um collect this paperwork you see and…" Selphie replied. Mr Phill's snatched the papers from her hands in anger.

"Miss Heartilly you are wanted in the boss's office." He said, after giving Selphie a long cold stare. Finally he looked away, and after taking a deep breath smoothed his hair and left them. Selphie and Rinoa exchanged worried glances, which were mixed with a humour of the situation that only best friends could communicate.

Rinoa walked past her fellow work colleagues until she reached her boss's door. She had only ever been in here once and that was when she had first started. She knocked on the door and waited to be told to come in.

"Ah Miss Heartilly, please sit down I'll be with you in just a tick." Said a friendly looking old man from across the room. Rinoa observed that he was chatting to somebody about golf on the phone. Rinoa smiled whenever he looked her way. She didn't want him to think her rude and sat down politely. Finally he set the phone down.

"You asked to see me sir, I hope I have done nothing wrong" Rinoa said nervously.

"Oh no no no. I was just wondering if maybe you would care to help me. Your standard of work her over the past years has been very high indeed, and so I have no worries about you not being able to handle a case such as this."

"Well if I can help sir I will be very happy too." Rinoa offered.

"Good! Well a few weeks ago I received a call from the president of Esther." He stated. Rinoa raised her eyebrows at this. "Yes you might well be surprised. What was he doing ringing Galbadia Newspapers? But if you will let me explain. He wishes for someone to write a biography for him, you know about his position as president and whatnot. Tell the truth of his life and the famous city. Think you're up for it?"  

Rinoa stared at him speechless.

"Me? You're asking me to go! But surely there's someone better!" Rinoa said finally.

"No I'm pretty confident that you're the one. Besides it's time for you to stretch your wings and write about life beyond Galbadia."

"I'll…um. Me? You're really sending me?" He nodded. Rinoa thought for a while, maybe this was her big break! "Then I'll do it, if you have faith in me." Rinoa said after a lengthy pause.

"I wouldn't send anyone else." He replied smiling. "But remember Rinoa this is a worth a lot of money to this company, so please make sure you close the deal. Our printing houses have long since desired something new to print."

"Yes Sir!" She answered almost in a soldiery fashion.  

"Well go on then, away with you. Oh and Rinoa…your train leaves at 8am tomorrow."

Rinoa could hardly believe her luck, neither had Selphie who had showered her with pretend jealousy and excited questions. They had decided to go out for pizza tonight to celebrate, even though Rinoa insisted she would have to pack and get some sleep before it got too late. As they waited for their pizza, Rinoa's and Selphie's conversation was becoming more colourful. 

"Oh gosh Selph, imagine just how many servants he must have!" Rinoa exclaimed. Selphie giggled.

"Imagine having servants that cleaned up for you and did all your washing. I bet they get to see his underpants! I don't think I would like people putting my underwear away." Selphie mused. Rinoa burst into a fit of laughter.

"Yeah, and I bet they go… 'Oh look! Master was wearing his red ones today. I wonder if he noticed that they have a hole in!'" Rinoa added. Selphie doubled up clasping her sides, her face twisted with laughter. "You know selph, I think I'll ask him if they wash his underpants when I get there." Rinoa said. Selphie looked shocked.

"You wouldn't dare!" She exclaimed.

"Oh yeah, wanna bet?" Rinoa asked feeling brave.

"No, coz if I do I'll lose. But I still think you won't" Selphie decided.

"Na, your right. I'd never." Rinoa replied calming down.

"But you could ask his son. I hear he's really hot!" Selphie said, her face breaking out into uncontrolled smiles once more.

"Selphie!" Rinoa said, pretending to scold her friend for such a statement. "Ooh but I wonder if he is hot though!" Rinoa said as though considering something. Rinoa caught the look on Selphie's face and they both burst out laughing, from that moment on everything there after was funny. From the mushrooms on the pizza, (where one Selphie claimed looked like her ex-boyfriend although Rinoa couldn't really see the resemblance,) to who was going to pay the bill.

After a very interesting evening, Rinoa arrived home finally with what was ample time to wash and pack for tomorrow. She wasn't sure how long she would be staying, but her boss had given her a small amount of credit for food and she had her saved money if she needed to buy things she'd forgotten. Tomorrow she would embark on something new, and was anxiously awaiting the buzz from her alarm clock tomorrow morning, (maybe for the first time ever). 

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