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Harry wondered what divine entity he had angered to always have the strange things happen to him.

Surviving a curse that always kills and having his own parents murderer accidentally put a piece of his soul in Harry's forehead; protecting the Philosopher's Stone from said murderer years later; Saving Ginny Weasley from the Chamber of Secrets, defeating a basilisk and surviving one of the deadliest venoms in the world; having his godfather turn out to be a wanted mass-murderer (even if he had been framed by Ron's rat, which in itself was less coincidence and more 'story of my life'); competing in a deadly tournament with a happy-go-lucky guy, a brooding celebrity and a really hot chick who would one day be the mother of his secret child …. His whole life seemed to be filled with these strange incidents which made Harry quite extraordinary.

But even despite all these things happening, and Harry having taken to heart the idea of 'expect the unexpected', he had never considered meeting a blue magic dragon who could turn into a sexy dragon-elf-human hybrid with large breasts.

Not that Harry was complaining.

He was pretty sure his response had been "What."

Harry was always making good first impressions like that.

Harry shook his head and stated "I have so many questions you would not believe it, such as what you did to me, how you can transform, how you can speak English, and how your half naked, but I think what I'd really like to know is how do you know my name?"

Hearing her speak English was a shock, especially in a posh British accent. Harry had never imagined a speaking dragon, but … well, he would have thought they would have sounded … more aggressive and nasty.

However, hearing her say his name raised alarm bells in his head, because Harry had never said his name (well, he didn't think he would be talking to a dragon, either). Now, Harry knew he was famous, and loads of people knew his name when he didn't know theirs … but seriously, there was a limit to where his fame went, and he was pretty sure dragons knowing his name was way past that limit.

Since Harry had never met this dragon before, he could easily rule out the idea that the dragon could have overheard him speaking to someone, and his name just so happened to be mentioned in the conversation.

But something he couldn't rule out was legilimency.

Harry hated legilimency (although why they called it that instead of mind reading, he would never know). Voldemort had used legilimency quite frequently on Harry during the war, and not even learning occlumency (a magical art of defending the mind) was able to help, as the piece of Voldemort's soul embedded in Harry's forehead made the defences absolutely useless (plus, Harry was not the best at occlumency to begin with. With years of dedicated practise, Harry could become good at it, but he hadn't had enough time to do all the practise and training).

But although Harry wasn't good at occlumency, he was able to detect when people used legilimency on him. He had enough experience with legilimency to at least be able to do that.

However, he hadn't felt her enter his mind at all. True, he couldn't rule out that when her magic entered his body, she might have been able to use legilimency at the same time, which Harry probably wouldn't have noticed.

Sindragosa, as she called herself, answered with "I … I'm not sure. In fact, I'm not sure how I can speak your language either, or, at least, I'm presuming its yours."

She looked genuinely confused, and although she was doing loads of things that no one had ever seen dragons do in the past, Harry was confident that she wasn't lying to him.

"Maybe you accidentally did it when you sent your magic into my body" he replied, in a guarded tone.

Just because she was not lying, didn't mean Harry was going to trust her.

After the life he had, and all the betrayals he (and his friends/allies) had suffered, Harry didn't trust easy. But that was the nature of war, and although Harry no longer trusted or even spoke to the likes of Mundungus Fletcher or Percy Weasley, he understood why they did what they did.

Sindragosa looked embarrassed, and said "Sorry. I was trying to heal myself by using your magic as a support, so I could draw in the magic around us … but for some reason, I've been unable to get my magic out of your core."

Harry winced at that. By what he knew, it was dangerous to mess with a magical core. They could implode, or create bonds, but generally, they were not understood that well.

Harry had a feeling that Sindragosa had accidentally bonded herself to him, although that would be pretty standard for Harry. Most people die from a killing curse, and bond accidentally with other humans; Harry reflects killing curses like a mirror and bonds with a dragon.

Luckily, what was known about bonds was written down in a book which Harry had. It was inside his watch, and although Harry could get it out, he was more worried about the snowstorm either damaging the book, or making Sindragosa cold, and so, Harry, whilst getting a wizarding tent out of his watch, admitted "I think you may have accidentally established a bond with me … I don't actually know much about bonds, but I have a book, so if you'd follow me into the tent, then we can talk without you freezing to death"

"Oh don't worry about me. I have a magical heat that will always keep me at a certain temperature, so I could be nude in this storm, and be absolutely fine." She assured.

Harry blushed, imagining the attractive female next to him naked, which, although lovely, was a bit distracting, especially when it prompted more ... risqué thoughts.

As Sindragosa walked into the tent (which was much bigger than a Kaldorei tent on the outside), she gasped in shock.

It was one thing to hear the human (who was surprisingly behaving quite well despite his race being quite savage) mention magic she had never heard of (which in itself confused her. How had a human come upon the information about this bond magic, when she herself had never even seen anything like it), and another to see new magic at work.

The tent was much bigger on the inside. In fact, Sindragosa could probably transform into her dragon form, and still be comfortable (provided the tent was cleared of the furniture inside).

There was a mixture of golds, reds and browns. On one of the 'walls' of the tent was a fireplace, (which was incredibly odd to see in a tent, especially since Sindragosa was pretty sure she didn't see a chimney on the tent when she was outside) and on the other side of the tent was some sort of area which, according to her nose (which, even in this form, had a superior sense of smell) was somewhere he prepared food, although it didn't look like the kitchens that the Kaldorei had. In the centre of the room was a large, fluffy bed, and around the room were bookcases, chairs and various other types of furniture.

Sindragosa more than anything wanted to learn about this strange, new magic, and it made her wonder exactly what else the human knew.

She watched him press his fingers on a metallic object on his arm, which he had summoned the tent from. She presumed the object was like a bag, only able to store things inside that were much bigger than the object.

Suddenly, a book appeared in his left hand, which, if Sindragosa was reading correctly (and presuming her newly-acquired knowledge of the English language was accurate), was called 'The Supreme Guide to Bonding' by Abercrombie Filch.

With his right hand, she watched him throw a red metal stick onto the bed. It appeared to have runes on it, which was also something Sindragosa found curious.

In fact, everything about Harry was a curiosity. His magic, his stick, the metal object on his arm, the tent, even his clothes were different. A large black jacket that went down to his knees, with what appeared to be another jacket and trousers on underneath (At that, Sindragosa wondered if trousers was another word she had gotten from this connection to Harry).

She watched Harry shake his head, and heard him mutter "What sort of name is Abercrombie?" He then looked her in the eyes, and told her "This book is probably the best work I have on bonding, although it's not widely understood."

He promptly opened the book, and Sindragosa asked "So what types of bonds are there?"

He replied with "Loads, and its theorised that we still haven't discovered over half of them. Most have functions we don't know, but the most well-known ones are life debts, Soul bonds, Marriage bonds, Slave bonds, Unbreakable bonds and Emotional bonds." He paused "This wouldn't be a life debt, and I don't think we have one of those since we technically worked together to save your life. Soul bonds are a joke, and a stupid ideal that idiots believe. If we somehow had a Soul bond, we would be the same person, so nope. Marriage bonds require a particular ritual, so we can rule that out."

Harry paused, and then continued "I don't think we have a Slave bond, or at least I hope we don't. I've encountered several variations of this bond in the past, and they are always bad. The slave tends to sense the bond all the time, but since I believe we can both sense this bond, I can rule out that one."

Sindragosa didn't like the sound of a Slave bond at all.

"Can't be an Unbreakable bond, as those require an Unbreakable Vow to be made, and finally, Emotional bonds ….. not them, either. They tie emotions together, and can really drive people nuts." He finished.

Sindragosa crossed her arms underneath her chest (which caused his focus to switch from her face to her breasts) and replied "Is there any other bonds you know off?"

Harry jerked, and blushed, having been caught staring at her chest. Sindragosa thought it was quite cute, personally, but although it was nice to be actually attracted to her instead of have her as a mate only due to her magical power, she was the Consort of the Spell-Weaver, so she would have to ignore it.

"There is mental bonds as well, but they're really not well known. I've been under the effect of one before, but that was a rather unique situation, and I doubt we accidentally traded pieces of our souls with each other."

Sindragosa looked at him in horror. The soul was a very precious part of any being, and to have a piece of your soul in another persons body ... that could drive anyone insane.

Harry saw her reaction, and admitted "But as I said, that was a unique situation. A guy named Voldemort wanted to be immortal, and split his soul several times. This caused him to become a bit ... mad. It did work however, if until I destroyed the objects containing his soul pieces. But mental bonds can exist without the influence of a soul, and by what information this book has, it can lead to information being transferred between the two beings involved. That would explain your new English skills. Since our bond seems to be more rooted in my magical core, it might be just a one way thing, or it might take me a bit longer to speak in your language ... I'm honestly just guessing."

Sindragosa nodded, and replied "If you do, you'll probably learn both Draconic and Darnassian. Draconic is my language, whilst Darnassian is the language of the Kaldorei, or ... Night Elves."

Harry nodded, and then asked "So ... why did you fall out of the sky then? ... because that's not something I associate with creatures that can fly, since they have wings and all."

This brought her up short, and Sindragosa realised, that in her curiosity about the new magic, she had forgotten about what had just happened.

Her flight had been annihilated by Deathwing. He had taken them all out with one single blow ...

She didn't realise she was crying until she felt Harry hug her, and she whimpered out "My ... my flight was betrayed. The black dragon aspect ... Neltharion ... h-he used a weapon on us ... it was meant to be used to fight the demons ... b-but ... he used it on us."

Harry hadn't expected that, and it sounded horrible.

However, beyond all that, the betrayal, and the fact of there being demons was that one single dragon had used a weapon which, if Harry was understanding correctly, had defeated Sindragosa's entire flight.

One weapon defeated a whole load of dragons.

Suddenly, Harry wondered how the wizarding world could compare to that. It took around a dozen wizards, sometimes even more, to take down a single dragon. Sindragosa was at least 5 or 6 times the size of any dragon Harry had met, and possibly hundreds of dragons of her size were taken down by ONE WEAPON.

The only weapon Harry had heard of that could do something like that (as in, kill a huge amount of people in one use) was a nuclear weapon, and Harry was pretty sure that it was not a nuclear bomb (although that was mainly because of the fact that Sindragosa was alive more than anything).

He felt her still, as she whispered "I might be the only blue dragon left ..."

Now, Harry couldn't allow that. No matter of the fact some evil dragon had a nuke-level superweapon that could take down dragons faster than anything Harry had ever seen, or that there was apparently a load of demons to the south of wherever he was (which Harry was starting to think was not Russia or Canada, which had been his original ideas). He was not going to let her give up, because she was making a conclusion, when they didn't know exactly how much damage the weapon had done.

That meant that she might not be alone, and thus, Harry told her just that.

Sindragosa looked at him, and wondered "What's the point? Even if some survive, they'd be dead before I could get there. I'm still too tired to flame travel there ..."

"But you won't know that until you try. Will you really abandon your flight? Will you abandon them when they need you? Will you go there, despite what you believe, and try to save them, or are you a coward?" retorted Harry.

Sindragosa looked up, and Harry was glad to see a fire was now lit in her eyes.

Now invigorated, she responded with "Then lets go then."

Harry nodded, and as they exited the tent, packing it back up into the watch, he wondered what exactly they would encounter when they arrived, and whether it would be friend, or foe.