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Sindragosa sighed as they flew through the sky. The battle had been taxing, and although she now had around 250 blue dragons under her command, and which compromised pretty much all of the flight with the exception of their missing Aspect.

She had only learnt that Malygos was missing when Ysondre had told her. Apparently, the 'Lord of Magic' had only briefly looked for survivors, before deciding they were all dead. Ysondre had only been able to learn that through the Emerald Dream, as although all the Aspects (excluding Ysera) were able to protect themselves from the influence of the Emerald Dream, Malygos had apparently given up, not caring about anything anymore. Even some of the weakest of the Green Dragon-flight could now see inside the Blue Aspect's head.

His lack of faith in his flight had simply aggravated Sindragosa, but had also allowed her to rally the flight underneath her banner. If Malygos was not going to protect his flight, then she would just have to protect it herself, and if that meant fighting Malygos for position as the Aspect of Magic, then she would do so, even if it would likely mean her demise.

But she would need help, and the Green Dragon-flight was definitely her ally in this. With their help, they had been able to save many blue dragon and Kaldorei lives after the battle, as well as Harry's. Thinking of what they had told her about Harry's injuries, she nearly shuddered, but managed to stop herself, as to not awaken or drop the sleeping wizard that rested on her back.

He had somehow ended up in a fist-fight with an unusually fat dragonspawn, which had left Harry with a damage. He had been bleeding internally, had broken a few ribs, and suffered a severe amount of bruising. Between Sindragosa, Merithra and Ysondre, they had managed to save his life, but he still needed to rest, which was why he was still sleeping. Dragons could quite easily go for around a week without sleep, although they did like to sleep regularly, but by what she knew of the humans in the far east, they tended to sleep every day.

But comparing Harry to the other, more primitive humans she had encountered felt wrong. She had always believed that the Human race were savages, uncivilised morons who were no better than the Trolls in any way, except they could apparently be trained, which was probably the reason the Highborne sometimes enslaved humans and forced them to tend to their every whim. But the truth was, Harry acted nothing like the savages, and simply resembled them greatly.

The humans had no organised civilisation in Eastern Kalimdor. Many hunted in packs, fighting with trolls and the demonic forces. Yet, by a couple of comments that Harry had made before they had arrived at Moonsong, he apparently came from a nation that was pretty powerful, that was called the United British Ministry ... or the British Union ... or the Kingdom of Magic ... okay, she hadn't really been paying attention when he told her the name, as they had been close to Moonsong at that point.

He hadn't been exactly forthcoming on the subject, and she had a feeling she was getting the name wrong, but that wasn't what was important. This 'British Kingdom of Ireland' was a place that she had never heard of, and had never visited. Merithra and Ysondre had also not heard of it. It caused her to wonder, where exactly was this mysterious kingdom that he came from? why had no one heard of it?

She had a feeling that Harry was lying to her, or maybe just being selective with what he told her. No matter what it was, she didn't like it, and neither did her green dragon companions.

Although the Blue Dragon-flight were following her, they were simply too few, especially with demonic armies and the Black Dragon-flight running around. They could have been taken down if a large enough force attacked, especially since many of them were still injured or tired. So, Merithra and some of the green dragons had accompanied them, and help them in their mission to find Korialstrasz, a red dragon who had been the one to free all four of the flights from Deathwing. To Sindragosa, that already seemed like a lifetime ago.

According to Merithra, another dragon named Thessera had accidentally come upon the information. The Emerald Dream was a replica of Azeroth, only without the demons, the settlements of the Kaldorei/Highborne, and whatever the Pandaren had done in Southern Kalimdor. Therefore, in the Dream, the Green dragons could view the world as nature intended it to be, but at the same time, they could also see glimpses into this world, and Thessera had seen a glimpse of Korialstrasz recovering the last surviving blue eggs.

Those eggs were the future of the flight, and so, the group was heading towards the Borean Tundra, where the red dragon had last been seen in the Dream.

She sighed, as they passed over Azjol-Nerub, and cursed the fact the Black Dragon-flight's Obsidian Dragonshrine, where their flight went to die, was directly in the path for them. They had been forced to go around, as they did not want to go and fight the Black dragon's that would be guarding their shrine, as although the Black Dragon-flight was now their enemy, they were holding to common courtesy in not attacking the other flight's dragonshrines.

However, in planning this, they had realise that the Azure Dragonshrine, which was where Blue dragons went to die, was literally undefended, as Malygos had diverted all members of the flight to Moonsong. In the end, this was resolved when Ysondre, a couple of the oldest surviving blue dragons, some of the greens, and the Kaldorei survivors agreed to defend the Azure Dragonshrine, which could easily be done considering its proximity to the Green Dragon-flights Emerald Dragonshrine.

The two groups however, had stayed together until they had reached the Ruby Dragonshrine, where the fallen of the Red Dragon-flight rested. Sindragosa had hoped to be able to get a meeting with the Dragonqueen, but unfortunately, she hadn't been there. The Red dragons there couldn't help much, besides promising to tell Alexstrasza about their situation.

Sindragosa felt Harry move on her back, and looked at Merithra, who was next to her.

"He's still asleep." the daughter of Ysera answered. Sindragosa nodded, and asked "What are you doing?"

Merithra's eyes were glowing green, so she was obviously using one of her abilities besides flying.

"I'm checking his mind, but for some reason, it's hard to see it. The defences are like those of a dragon ... or rather, a certain dragon." Merithra replied, pointedly looking at Sindragosa. She shrugged in response, as she still didn't entirely understand what the bond between herself and Harry was. He had assumed some sort of mental bond, and since he was the only one who actually knew of bonds (even if vaguely), she was willing to trust his judgement. What Merithra had found did fit with that idea, or at least, Sindragosa assumed it did.

The Emerald Dream was connected to the mind, after all. Most older dragons developed a way to keep the green's out of their dreams, not out of any suspicion or distrust, but simply because each of the five flights was equal, with the exception of the reds, since they had the Dragonqueen herself. The greens ability to see into the dreams of other dragons put a threat to the balance of the flights, and so, many dragons, including Sindragosa, had trained themselves to prevent this from happening.

However, this was something exclusive to dragons, a protection they had to master themselves. No other being, unless Ysera herself decreed it, should be able to protect their minds from entering the Dream as they slept.

Merithra broke through her thoughts, by saying "If I concentrate, I can see some of his dreams, but he shouldn't be able to do this. I can sense you whenever I try, yet I know I am in fact looking into his mind ..." she briefly paused, and Sindragosa had a feeling she was watching his ream right now "He is dreaming of his past. I see brief images ... a green light and a woman's scream ... a large cup that is on fire ... naked females ..."

At the last one, Merithra and Sindragosa both blushed slightly, although Sindragosa also felt uneasy at her companion dreaming of naked women.

Then Merithra gasped, and stated "But I can clearly see one memory. One that he keeps coming back to. There is the power of another dragon in this memory, and they wanted me to find this."

Sindragosa turned towards her, shocked. Harry hadn't mentioned meeting another dragon, although they hadn't discussed it, but this meant another dragon knew of the place where Harry came from, that United British Kingdom. So someone was hiding it from the rest of them, but wanting them to find a memory featuring them in it. Why?

"A place called Miami, which looks nothing like any city I have ever seen, even in people's dreams. It looks bigger than even Zin-Azshari itself!" she continued. Zin-Azshari was a very impressive city, which was the biggest city in all of Kalimdor. For a city to be bigger than that, and not be heard of, really disturbed Sindragosa.

Merithra breathed in, and carried on "The memory concerns Harry buying something called ... Felix Felicis ... which if I'm guessing correctly gives one luck. The memory is rushing, but within the next couple of hours of consuming this potion, he had saved an infant, won something called a lottery, and brought a ... cruise ship? I'm not sure what a cruise is, but the ship he brought was very big, bigger than even Deathwing ..."

Sindragosa wondered where the dragon came into this, only to be answered seconds later "The dragon had sold him both the luck potion, and the ship, although with different forms, and I believe it was a bronze dragon that did so. Also, somehow the bronze dragon managed to bury part of the memory, so Harry didn't remember taking the potion, but I'm not sure why."

By what Sindragosa knew, the Bronze Dragon-flight only got themselves involved with past events if they truly needed to. Most likely, either Sindragosa or Merithra would end up telling the bronze dragon in question, and to preserve the timeline, the dragon would go and do it. But why would Harry need a ship?

After all, they weren't exactly very useful in Kalimdor, only being used on the rivers within the continent, and since those rivers weren't the largest, the boats tended to be small. One the size of Deathwing, however, would never fit on those waters ... maybe it was meant to explore beyond Kalimdor, across the open waters on all sides of the super-continent. It was the only idea that she could come up with.

However, since they were on the subject, Sindragosa decided to ask "What happened to the Bronze's after Deathwing?"

Merithra took a couple of seconds to reply. "They retreated, just like us and the red's. Some went to the Bronze Dragonshrine, although I assume many returned to Tanaris. Since Nozdormu didn't actually authorise Soridormi to give some of the flight's power to the Demon Soul, she'll probably be in trouble with him ... if he returns."

Nozdormu was the only Dragon Aspect that wasn't at Moonsong when Deathwing betrayed them, although he probably knew of the betrayal by now, considering he was the Timeless One. However, he hadn't been seen in a while, which was a regular occurrence, as he did often travel through the various timeways in the Caverns of Time (which was the Bronze Dragon-flight's home).

What worried Sindragosa was that if he didn't return soon, then much of the bronze's might turn against Soridormi, despite her being Nozdormu's Prime Consort and the leader of the flight in his absence. Some might support her, but some would oppose her, and the bronze's could quite easily descend into civil war.

The thought of the bronze's being at war with themselves, whilst the blue's had lost around 90% of the flight, and the black's had gone mad, was horrifying to Sindragosa, and she seriously hoped nothing happened to the green's and red's as well.

If all five Dragon-flights were in chaos at the same time, it could quite easily cause an untold amount of damage.

Suddenly however, Sindragosa saw one of the green drakes approach, and point towards the ground. Both Sindragosa and Merithra looked down, and saw a purplish-black dragon looking up at them.

However, Sindragosa recognised this dragon, as they had been friends.

It was Onyxia, the daughter of Deathwing.

Sindragosa looked over at Merithra, and told her "I'm going to talk to her. Be prepared to attack if necessary, but since she isn't trying to kill us, I'm hoping she hasn't followed her father and brother. Could you take Harry please? I know you're holding his weapon, but I don't want to potentially get him killed."

Merithra nodded, and hesitantly came closer, and put Harry on her back. It would have been easier if she wasn't carrying the red spike-thing that Harry liked to use, but they didn't know how to activate the metal bracelet-thing on his wrist, so someone had to carry it.

Once Harry was safely secured on Merithra, Sindragosa nodded to her emerald companion, and began descending towards the Princess of the Black Dragon-flight.

Once she reached the ground, Sindragosa transformed, deciding to give Onyxia the benefit of the doubt. In response, her old friend also transformed, and took her preferred form.

She had black and purple hair, with blood red eyes, and a Highborne elf form, but unlike Sindragosa herself, didn't have horns. She wore a golden bra to cover her large chest, and was wearing a mixture of gold and black metal to cover her legs, lower arms and shoulders.

Onyxia smiled at her, and greeted "Hello, Sindra. It's been a long time ..."

Sindragosa smiled slightly, but was still quite guarded. Deathwing had manipulated the other Aspects before revealing his treachery, and Onyxia might try to pull something similar, although Sindragosa hated to doubt her friend.

"Hello, Onyxia. Let's cut the small talk, because right now, I seriously don't trust you." she replied, with a slightly cold demeanour, which caused Onyxia to frown, clearly hurt.

Onyxia, although unhappy, immediately started talking "Sindra, I understand .. I never thought my father would do that, but it wasn't his fault ... there's these whisperings, coming from deep beneath Kalimdor. The whisperings of three evil beings ... since the Black Dragon-flight share a close connection with the planet, we were vulnerable to them ..."

Sindragosa knew who she was speaking about. Many thousands of years ago, way before Sindragosa was born, the Titans, otherworldly beings of immense power, has waged in a war against the Black Empire, an evil 'nation' that controlled the whole of Kalimdor, and had enslaved the Elemental Lords. The Black Empire had been led by four beings known as the 'Old Gods' - C'Thun; N'Zoth; Yogg-Saron; and Y'Shaarj. All but one of them were imprisoned beneath the earth, at different points of the continent.

No one knew of the locations of any of them except Yogg-Saron, which had only accidentally been discovered, and whom was in the distant north of the Stormy Peaks. The other two, C'Thun and N'Zoth, were in unknown locations, and Sindragosa had been content in not knowing, as she, and the other older dragons who knew of them, had believed that if they didn't know, then they didn't risk telling anyone, even by accident, and could therefore avoid any of them escaping.

But it appeared that even when imprisoned, the Old Gods were trying to manipulate people.

"Why didn't you tell us? I'm sure that the Dragonqueen, or her sister, could have been able to help." she asked, wanting to understand why the blacks had kept this secret.

Onyxia sighed, and stated "This only started happening once the Legion began their invasion, my guess is that they were hoping that the Legion would free them. Since the war was much more important, father decided it was not worth mentioning. It was originally happening to the whole flight, but then Nefarian suggested that he and father use their power to block the whisperings for the rest of us, excluding mother and a few of the older dragons who could put up with it. Since Nefarian babied me, I was included in the protection."

Suddenly, Sindragosa started to wonder if Onyxia knew that she had killed Nefarian around four hours ago, and hesitantly told her about the battle. By the end, Onyxia was crying, something that Sindragosa had never seen her friend do before.

Onyxia looked her in the eyes, and told her "I don't blame you. Those insidious worms destroyed my families minds, and now threaten to do the same to the rest of us. The Nefarian I knew would have never acted like that, but at the same time, my father wouldn't slaughter fellow dragons either. I'm truly sorry about what they did, and about the portion of the flight which has already followed my father into madness. Even now, they are trying to turn me against you, and I fear the day that it works, but since mother is missing, I'm going to have to take charge of the flight, and I need your help to have any chance at saving us. Please."

Sindragosa nodded, and Onyxia hugged her. Clearly she was suffering more than anything, as she would never cry, or hug.

But now Sindragosa had two flights to save, and with Harry, Merithra and Onyxia at her side, she only hoped she could succeed.

Author's Note:

So, decided to set this a little later, since I actually want to complete the story, and some of the things that could have been covered after the battle, were covered here instead. I apologise for no Harry POV, but sometime later, Harry will get his own chapter without Sindragosa's POV.

To the guest who asked about magic affecting black dragons: Harry does still have his magic, he had just used too much over such a short period of time, without having trained to do that anytime in the few years prior, that he wore himself out. Also, black dragons are still dragons, and are inherently resistant to Earth-based magic. Azerothian magic is more effective, however.

As an added point to that, don't worry, the magical core won't be a limited supply of magic or whatever. It'll be more like muscles. You have to train with magic, over a long period of time, to improve how much magic your able to use without getting tired, and stay at that level of training to maintain that. Harry hasn't trained as often, thus, he is tired more easily. However, that's just a basic overview. I might find a way to give a more detailed explanation in the story, maybe.

Also, the cruise ship IS important. I originally had the idea of using when Harry could fight Deathwing, and accidentally summon it instead of Albion, sending a ship flying out of his watch, into Deathwing's face ... but decided not to, in the end. :D

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