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Boromir felt strange. Strange and free. What happened to him? What happened to the pain? He wondered. Tried to remember what happened. He was confused. Shot down by three arrows. Orc-arrows. Legolas would know how to recognize them. He remembered Aragorn.

Wait a minute. . . Was he dead? For the first time in the past five minutes, he looked around. He was still in the forest. He looked at the ground and gasped. He saw. . . his own body. Aragorn was there, too. The man had Boromir's head in his hands, kissing his forehead.

,,Rest in peace, son of Gondor."

Okay, so he was dead. That was for sure. But KISSING him on the forehead??? That went just a little TOO far. Boromir decided to speak up.

,,Hey Aragorn. . ."

Aragorn didn't respond. He completely ignored him. Boromir looked around desperetly. Look, there were Legolas and Gimli. Legolas would hear or see him, he was sure. He tried to walk up to the Elf, but. . . soon noticed he was. . . hovering??? Okay, so he flew to the Elf, waving like a maniac in front of his face.

,,Legolas, you got to hear me! PLEASE!!!"

But all was in vain. Legolas only stared to Boromir's body, deeply shocked.

Boromir got seriously desperate now. With all the power he had left in him, he tried to hit Legolas in the face with his fist. But it couldn't be. His fist went right through the Elf's face.

This was getting really annoying. So he was a ghost. That was just great. A ghost. . . Who could have imagined that? He looked up in shock as he saw how his three companions were picking up his body. He followed them as they carried his body to the river. What were they going to do? Oh, now he saw. They were going to send his body off the waterfall in one of the small Elven-boats. Great. So now he completely lost his own body. Oh well, he didn't need it anymore. Although he was pretty mad at Aragorn, just for doing all that. Eww. . . That man had KISSED him on the forehead??? That was perfectly discusting. He really felt like hitting Aragorn now.

Legolas was pulling one of the other Elven-boats to the water, saying that they had to hurry, Frodo and Sam would reach the eastern shore soon. When Boromir focused his sight on the eastern shore, he indeed saw two little persons stepping out of a boat. He no longer desired the Ring anymore, and Boromir felt no pressure to follow them. The next thing Aragorn said caught his attention. They were not going to follow Frodo and Sam? He listened concentrated as the conversation went on. Aragorn was still talking.

,,We do not leave Merry and Pippin to a fate of torture, pain and death in the hand of the Orcs. We will follow them untill we catch up with them. We travel light. Are you with me? Let's hunt some Orc."

And with that, Aragorn turned around, no longer caring if his friends would follow him. Legolas and Gimli exchanged looks for a second, then following their friend.

Boromir did not follow. He was sure he would meet them again. Untill then, he waited. He waited, untill the change came, the change of living.
Endreas was wandering outside the woods of Lothlorien. Again. And against the rules. His father had told him a thousand times now that he was doomed to death if he was going on like this. But still, he couldn't resist the call of the forest. He listened, hoping that his Elven-ears would track a wild deer, or something like that. He was in the mood to hunt.

He gasped when he suddenly heard a voice inside his head.


Then everything went black.

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