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Sadreen looked at the burned corpses with an expression of pure disgust upon his face, and inhaled slowly to stop himself from retching.

Boromir, on the other hand, grabbed a branch that was lying on the ground and poked between the burned Orc-limbs. He looked at Sadreen over his shoulder.

,,Why are you standing all the way down there?"

Sadreen coughed. ,,I don't feel that well. The look of those dead. . . things doesn't encourage me to feel better, actually."

Boromir shrugged and turned around again. But it was only a matter of seconds before he was distracted again, this time by the sound of whistling in a far distance. He looked up, just in time to hear the neighing of a horse.

Sadreen heard it too and stepped somewhat closer to Boromir.

,,Look! See that horse?" Boromir pointed to the white dot that appeared over a hill in the distance, but was coming closer very fast.

Sadreen nodded, and when the horse had come close enough for him to see, he told Boromir:

,,I believe that's one of the Maevas. . ."

The horse passed them without giving them much more than a glance.

Boromir turned to Sadreen when the horse had left his field of vision. ,,You know something of his kind? Can you tell me what sort of people the Maevas obey?"

Sadreen frowned and shrugged. ,,I don't really know. I only know them from the stories my guardian used to tell me."

Boromir slowly nodded. ,,I see. I didn't know that you had lost your parents."

Sadreen seemed to be slightly taken aback by this statement. Then gathered himself and answered:

,,I don't like to talk about my parents. It's quite a. . . difficult subject."

,,Alright then. Hey Sadreen, you know what? I think we should follow that white horse. Perhaps it brings us to reliable people."

Sadreen seemed to consider this for a moment, then nodded. ,,Alright. Besides, if it leads us to danger, we'll be able to defend ourselves anyway."

Boromir agreed and they ran the same way that the horse had done.

~ * ~

Later, on top of one of the many hills around, Boromir saw something that really made his heart do a backflip. He was just scanning the horizon, as he had done so many times before, when he saw something moving in the far distance. As he narrowed his eyes to take a better look, he noticed it were three riders, two on white horses and one on a brown one. Sadreen came standing on his side.

,,What do you see, Endreas?" He said without looking at Boromir.

Boromir concentrated some more and reported to Sadreen:

,,There are three riders over there in the far distance, two white horses and one brown. If I look more closer, I can see that two of the riders have blond or white hair."

He stopped looking at the tiny figures and turned to Sadreen.

,,Guess who I think they are?"

Sadreen smiled. ,,You must think that we managed to catch up with your friends?"

Boromir nodded wildly. ,,Yes! They must have travelled through that forest, while we travelled around it."

Sadreen looked around to Fangorn Forest. ,,Too bad we haven't been able to pay it a visit."

Boromir laughed and stared at his compagnon. ,,You can't be serious? That forest is very dangerous! What's worth visiting in there?"

Sadreen sighed and looked down at Boromir. This was the first time that he noticed that Sadreen was so much taller than he was. The man now looked dreamily at the sky and spoke:

,,I thought, being an Elf, you'd understand, Endreas. My whole life, I've dreamed of whispering with those trees, having conversations with the Ents. They're all so much wiser than most people I've ever known. Don't think of Fangorn Forest as dangerous, Endreas. There are places in this world that make you wish you were in Fangorn. Perhaps it's full of risks, but once you're trusted, you'll be safe forever. At least, that's what everyone has told me."

Sadreen seemed to wake up from his dream, and grabbed Boromir's arm.

,,But why are we lingering here while we could be running after your friends, Endreas? I know they ride on horses and we don't, but they will probably rest at Edoras. See, you can see it on the horizon right over there."

~ * ~

When they finally approached Edoras, Boromir and Sadreen saw a great amount of people coming out of the city.

Two men on horses came riding towards them.

,,I'm sorry, but Edoras is no longer safe. If you have business in Edoras, I must disappoint you."

The other man eyed Sadreen, then looked at Boromir.

,,Have I met you before?" He asked while the first people were passing them.

Boromir shrugged slowly. ,,I don't know. For some people, all Elves look the same."

The man on the horse nodded. ,,I might be wrong. But you look like the Elf that was with Gandalf very much."

,,Gandalf???" Boromir had the feeling that his jaw would fall off if it dropped any lower. Gandalf was here, in Edoras? But. . . he couldn't be! Wasn't Gandalf dead?

But then again, he was supposed to be dead too.

~ * ~

However Sadreen and Boromir tried, they couldn't get horses to ride on after such a long journey. The men that had talked to them before, had given them permission to travel with the people from Edoras.

Boromir and Sadreen were talking away about nothing, just to keep their legs going.

,,Did you have many friends back there in Lothlorien?" Sadreen asked Boromir.

,,Oh, well, I had a few good friends, yes." Boromir considered something. Should he tell Sadreen? Oh well, it couldn't hurt him, telling the truth for a change?

,,I had a girl there too, Isilien." Boromir stared at his feet, who were still walking. It was true. When he was staying in Lothlorien, he had met a very nice She-Elf. It had given him some trouble, but their time together had been worth it. He would probably never see her again. . . Boromir then promised himself that, if he would survive all this, he'd return to her.

Boromir was awoken from his daydream by Sadreen, who suddenly pulled him aside. A horse trotted past Boromir on hardly five inches. Boromir turned around to thank Sadreen, but the man ran after the horse, grabbed it by it's halter and forced it to stop. He pulled down the head of the horse, and whispered something in it's ear. The horse immediately calmed down.

Boromir, who had been watching this, felt a strong respect for Sadreen. The man sure knew how to handle horses! He walked towards Sadreen, but was stopped by a voice behind him, saying:

,,I didn't know there were more Elves here, who are you?"

Boromir turned around.

In front of him, on a white horse, was Legolas.

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