When Wally ceased in the Young Justice universe he ended up in the Justice League universe six years ago. He created a new life for himself and never once regretted it. That is until the day the past that he worked so hard to hide and forget comes back to haunt him.

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse and rape (non-graphic) If you feel like it goes over T let me know and I will fix it.

Couples: Spitfire, Graybat, some Aquarocket(maybe), Supermartian, BatCat in YJ, BMWW in JLU, ShayeraXJohn, DinahXOliver(in both), ClarkXLois(in both), HuntressXQuestion...I think that is it

Main FRIENDSHIPS: Original team(mostly birdflash and Traught), Bluepulse, TimKon(maybe), these are just the most dominate there will be a lot of friendships. I personally think that Kaldur's connection with Wally, Roy, and Dick is severely overlooked.

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The changes in the universe will be revealed at the beginning and in Flashbacks for more specifics.

It is of popular belief in the hero and villain community that Flash AKA Wally West had an amazing life and that everyone in his family loved him. Stories of his amazing life included fishing trips and amusement parks. The truth was a lot darker than that, however. When the young child was four years old his mother passed away from cancer. His father, Rudy, started to drink and get neglectful and abusive. When Wally turned eight he recreated an experiment that gave him speed after finding out that the uncle he adored was also his hero The Flash. Wally's healing made the beatings worse and more frequent. He found himself more often than not wishing away the powers he so desired. The worst hadn't happened yet, though. The worse didn't happen until Wally turned thirteen. That night Rudy was so drunk that he raped the young boy. One time was enough to send Wally into a downward spiral. IT didn't just happen once though it became a recurring thing and a fear that wrenched itself in the red heads stomach. The only people to talk to he couldn't out of fear that he really did deserve everything he got.

Wally never planned anything in his life but this was by far the biggest surprise he ever got. One night Wally had decided that since alcohol didn't affect him it wouldn't be a problem if he kicked back a few. So that's exactly what he did. It didn't affect him but the brunette that sat in the back of his math class didn't have that virtue. So in what was later dubbed Wally's night for bad decisions they slept together. A few weeks after the girl left school with no explanation. That is until nine months later when a little boy named Tyler Wallace West was left at Wally's doorstep. Wally quickly called in a favor from a hero he knew and had the DNA tested. It came back positive. Wally knew his dad never went down to the basement so that's where Wally kept his son. The son he never told anyone he had but knew in his heart that he had to keep. Somehow it worked, but only for a year. Soon his dad found out and after a beating and one final rape Wally was kicked out of the house with his son. Sent to live on the streets. He did at first but his Uncle Barry soon found out and dragged the teenager and his little boy to his home. There Wally lived and went to school, it was a nice change of pace and Rudy signed over the rights freely.

Time went on and the Team was formed. A group of teen heroes fighting for a place beside their mentors. Something Wally was familiar with. Wally still didn't tell anyone but his family and best friends Kaldur, Dick, and Roy about his son whom they loved with a passion. The kind of passion that only family can love you with, the kind that drives you to protect them at all costs. The same protection that the rest of the team developed once the met the red-haired, green-eyed, boy. Especially Artemis.

Wally still had night terrors but that changed soon enough. The first time Wally noticed the difference was when Artemis and him fell asleep on the couch together. Wally also noticed that the night terrors only stayed away when Arty was near by. Later he dubbed it the bad-ass effect. Joking that no one was quite bad ass enough to scare them off except Artemis. In truth, the blonde archers presence while he slept made him feel safe and protected in a way that no one else ever did. Artemis and Wally shared a special bond that no one could break no matter how hard they tried. Artemis was the first person Wally ever confessed his past too. Although the conversation was over heard by Connor and Dick who tackled their friend with a hug. When both Arty and Wally were out of high school he had made up his mind. He proposed and Artemis said yes. A year later they were married and Artemis had adopted Tyler(Now five). They discussed the situation and they deemed it unnecessary to tell the young boy that Artemis was not his mother. At least not yet. They moved to Palo Alto and got the begging toddler a dog named Brucely. They retired and went to college just living their lives like they wanted, together.

It was a year later when things went wrong. That's when Artemis got a call from Nightwing practically begging for help. In a moment she admittedly regretted later she agreed. Wally was pretty pissed about it and didn't have any problem letting that be known. Artemis hated to leave her husband and son but she felt that it was important that she do this. She can't tell you why she made that decision now but she can tell you that if she hadn't then maybe her husband would be in the bed beside her at night.

The night that she came back from the mission she will always remember. They had some time alone and the built up sexual tension snapped. It was a night of passion and after that, they read to their little boy who had been slowly developing super speed while his mommy was away. Artemis remembers getting the call that they weren't done yet the next morning. She remembers her moms face as she dropped Tyler off at her house. Artemis remembers hearing that the love of her life was dead. Telling Tyler his father was never coming back and feeling him crumple in her arms. As bad as the reality was for Artemis the reality for Wally was worse.

Wally woke up in the snow. Freezing his ass off he could barely make it to the city limits. Although when he took off he was surprised at how fast he went. It took him three hours to figure out that he had jumped universes with no way back. Wally expected it to be terrible and at first, it was but then something strange happened. He can't explain it and neither can she. Who is she you may ask well that's a long story?

Here's the short version her name is Nicole Grayson and she is the twin sister of one Richard Grayson. She had gone missing two months ago but now here she was standing in front of him with a smile that was undeniably hers. At first, Wally just thought it was another version of his friend but the more everything happened the more he realized that it had to be her. His arms were wrapped around the girl in a second a soft giggle escaped her lips. After comparing notes they both realized something that neither of them wanted to realize. One year for them was two months for everyone else. They didn't do the math further than that because they thought that was clear enough.

Now, here's an important thing to know about Nicole or rather Nikki. She hates labels. Nikki has a strong opinion that labels put you in a box and we should all just drop them. So if anyone were to ask her as Nikki or her alter ego Shadow if she is a hero or villain she will respond with 'I'm neither' or 'I'm neutral'. So that's what she was in the computer, neutral. Although it doesn't make much sense considering if Nikki was forced to choose hero would win. Well at least that was usually the case. The problem with Nikki is that she has a tendency to lean on her brother. When she is found without him her decisions become rash and poorly made. Well at least that is what the excuse was when Wally found out that she had become a villain. Wally never fought Nikki on it and just decided that it was her new life and she could live it however she damn well pleased. He wouldn't know her real reason for acting the way she did until later when he finally decided to confront her on it. Wally could probably quote what she had told him and frankly he couldn't blame her.


Nikki seemed upset, more upset than usual. Wally sat down next to her and they just stayed there in silence.

"I realize it's four years too late but why did you really become a villain?" Wally asked.

"I make a lot of mistakes, always have. So when ever I made a poor decision Bruce and I came up with a code so that no one else needed to know. I'd tell him that I was really tired and if he understood he'd say I know baby and we'd go somewhere and talk about it. And it was just for the two of us, no one else." Nikki said.

"Is there a point to this?" he asked.

"Yeah, there is. When I got here I realized I'm dead. I fell with my parents and so Bruce never met me. He doesn't know the code, I checked. I can't be a normal person because I'm me and I can't be a hero because I would see everyone, all of the time and I wouldn't...I wouldn't be able to handle that. So I'm working with people who I have despised most of my life because I don't miss them. I don't want to replace the memories of the people that I love with these people who don't even know what song they used to calm me down when I had night terrors or when the first time we connected was. I'm not you, I can't push the past in the past. I've tried, it doesn't work. This works." Nikki said. Wally took her hand and smiled.

"At least you have something that works." he said softly.

End Flashback

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